Stefan gingerly walked in carry a small teddy bear that held a car. It read: GET WELL SOON! As a result of Stefan's appearance, Elena shoved her face into Damon's chest and he spoke quietly so Elena couldn't hear him, "Hey Stef, I don't know what to do she can't remember anyone but me."

"Well, I bet you like that!" Stefan retorted.

"What? You think I like that my girlfriend can't remember her own fucking family? You know what, brother go stab yourself with a sharpen shake over and over it's not like anyone would care." Damon roared and pointed to Elena, "She won't remember you anyways."

Elena started to cry, "Stop It! STOP IT" She screamed then she whispered, "Please, Damon."

Damon eyes softened and he hugged Elena tightly and muttered into her ear, "It's okay, shh. No one will ever hurt you."

Hours later, Elena had food delivered; Damon had to order it for her because she couldn't figure the phone out. After he called for a meal he tried to teach Elena what the buttons meant and how to use them. Eventually she became very frustrated and confused and threw the phone against the wall. Damon tried to teach her how to clothe herself, but she couldn't understand that either. It was as if a five year old was stuck in a woman's body. The nurse told Damon that Elena could be released but would have to sign some papers in order to leave.

Damon slipped a pen into Elena's clutched fist; he helped her move it and eventually they got a sloppy signature down.

Damon had Elena sit at the edge of the bed as he closed the blinds of their room and glided off her gown. He told Elena to reach for the sky as he slipped a bra and baggy shirt over her head. The jeans took a little longer, he had to do them one leg at a time, but he gave up and just put her in some sweat pants.

Elena smiled and giggled as Damon packed her bags, she reached for him and tried to kiss him but he shooed her off. He wouldn't take advantage of her while she is in a child-like state of mind. He command Elena to standup and hold his hand as he guided her out of the hospital.