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Chapter 2: The Vibrator

"Who said I was going to let you leave"

Those words continue to ring through Kurt's ears as he continues staring at Sebastian with wide eyes. Sebastian Smythe was going to kill him and he knew it, he was going to kill him to discompose the evidence of rape and kidnapping. There's no way he was serious about not letting Kurt go, right?

"Sebastian…" Kurt finally let out as he continues to gaze at the boy. "You're not serious right? Please tell me you're not serious….you're not serious." It sounded desperate; desperate for reassurance that it was all just a joke but Sebastian face stayed unfazed by Kurt's words instead his attention was on a vibrator he was currently holding.

"Well, Kurt would I ever lie to you?" Sebastian responds with a sinister smirk on his face as he came closer to Kurt with a black vibrator in hand.

Kurt body inch away as Sebastian came closer to him, wanting to jump off this bed now and run away but his hands were still bound by the handcuffs from earlier. So Kurt instead decides to fight, fight with all his might. Kurt begins to thrash around the bed, kicking Sebastian when he was off guard.

Kurt beams happily as he see Sebastian getting kick, his happiness was short lasted as Sebastian recovers just as quickly. Glaring down at Kurt angrily, Sebastian yanks Kurt's hair up above the bed earning a whimper from Kurt's lips.

"Hmm… so you still got energy left to resistance me? How about you use that damn energy to do something useful then…" Sebastian warns harshly as he threw Kurt's head back on to the bed.

Kurt body shudders at the warning as his body came in contact with the bed once more. Sebastian climbs onto the bed into his rightful spot, between Kurt's legs. He pushes the black vibrator into Kurt's flushed hole as it pleasingly ate it up. As the vibrator eased itself inside, Kurt lets out a scream feeling so full too quickly. The vibrator was thicker and rounder Sebastian's fingers. After the whole vibrator enters, Sebastian smiles approvingly at how dark the vibrator was in contrast to Kurt's pale skin. He once again gets off the bed and sits down onto a chair which gave him full accesses to Kurt's body.

Kurt was still panting after Sebastian placed the vibrator into him feeling so full made him unbearably hard until Sebastian decided to turn the vibrator on to max. Kurt was utterly surprised and shocked as the object started to move inside his body he never knew how a vibrator felt until now but did it felt good. Kurt was moaning and screaming as his whole body shocking in pleasure.

He then glances down the bed to see Sebastian sitting down leisurely on a chair with that disgusting smirk on his face. Remembering why he was here, Kurt stuffs his face down onto the pillow trying to muffle his loud moan only to be unsuccessful. The vibrator kept moving around until it sets itself in the worst areas… Kurt's prostate. It gave Kurt undeniably pleasure as his body began to thrust back into the vibrator needing more.

His body continues to thrust back as his back arch, he was so close to coming until he felt a hand gasp around his cock cutting his release. He glances up as he continues to moan and whimper.

"I don't want you coming yet Princess" Sebastian said as he placed a cock ring onto Kurt's cock. The ring was too tight and Kurt needed release soon.

"Se-b-bas-tian pl-leas-se…" Kurt whimpers as the vibrator fucks his prostate.

"Please what Kurt? What do you exactly want?" Sebastian says playfully as he wickedly looked at Kurt's flushed body, shacking furiously on the bed.

"I-I nee-ed y-you…too" Kurt tried to say until Sebastian pushed the vibrator deeper inside. Sebastian creates a rhythm of pulling the vibrator in-and-out, playing with Kurt as he turns to a whimper mess.

God did Sebastian love how Kurt looked right now. Eyes are full of tears; face flush into a dark shade of pink, sweat dripping down his body, and hair uncontrollably messy. A side of Kurt probably no one ever seen even that boyfriend of his, Blaine. Knowing that he, Sebastian, was the only one to see Kurt such a mess, made him want to see even more. To make Kurt yell out his name, to see Kurt's ivory skin marked with bites and bruises, and to see Kurt's hole full of his cum. Just imagining that made Sebastian cock twitch and looking at Kurt now made him want to fuck him hard.

Kurt was screaming out his name as Sebastian continues to pull the vibrator in and out of him, increasing his speed and he went. At last he pulls the vibrator out of Kurt deciding that Kurt needs something bigger to fill himself.

Kurt whimpers at the loss of the vibrator feeling empty until he felt the bed begin to shift. He moves his face away from the pillow to gaze up at Sebastian between his legs with his enormous twitching cock. Kurt's eyes flew wide open when he saw the size of Sebastian cock…it can't be that big. Sebastian smirks knowingly and positions his cock to Kurt's entrance.

"This is going to hurt." Sebastian warns and he thrust harshly into Kurt.

Kurt threw his head back while screaming, Sebastian was huge and it hurt even after all the preparation. Kurt was in a mixture of pain and pleasure not knowing which one he felt more.

Sebastian created a harsh pace but a rhythm none the less. Entering Kurt's harshly and pulling out just as quickly. Sebastian thrusts into different direction trying to find Kurt's prostate.

Kurt lets out a loud "AHH" and Sebastian knew where his sweet spot was now.

Smirking evilly he angles his thrust into Kurt's prostate as he held Kurt's legs with his hands. He widens Kurt's legs allowing him better access to thrust deeper.

When Kurt felt Sebastian's cock fully inside him he felt so full and content that he unconsciously began to thrust back to meet with Sebastian pleasing thrust.

Sebastian smirks as he felt Kurt thrust back into his cock that he bent down and bit Kurt's inner left leg earning a loud moan from Kurt. Sebastian continuous to thrust deep into cut as he bit Kurt's inner thigh knowing he was close he pumps Kurt cock.

"So-o close…." Sebastian moans out.


Knowing that he too wasn't going to last very long, he slowly takes the cock ring off of Kurt's cock. Immediately as it was off Kurt came spraying his cum all over his torso and face.

Sebastian felt Kurt walls tighten around him as he continues to thrust, he then release all of his cum inside of Kurt's hole. He pulls out as Kurt's hole continues to twitch furiously at the loss of Sebastian cock.

Sebastian was still panting as he looks down at Kurt tired out body, knowing that the boy already passed out he gets up and uncuffs the hand cuffs that held Kurt's hands. He then pulls a blanket over Kurt's body as Kurt lay there unresponsively. He cleans all the toys off the table and before he left, he gently caress Kurt's cheek.

Sebastian then got off the bed deciding it was probably time for him to sleep too.

He gently closed the door that held a decorative sign that said "Kurt's Room".