Everything but the Rain

~A/N~ Just a little Story I thought of when I say BLEACH manga chapter 528 where in Ikumi basically pins Ichigo between herself and the wall.

Ichigo stood in the shower thinking over what had happened over the last day… two days maybe. He went to Hueco Mundo to save the espada Teir Harribel and in the end went to Soul Society to try and save it from a massive Quincy attack. Byakuya was nearly killed along with Renji, and Rukia, but where they survived thousands of others died. Captain-Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto was even killed by Juha Bach the leader of the Quincys. Ichigo tried to bring him down but failed and Tenza Zangestu suffered for it, his Ban-Kai was cut in two and rendered useless.

"The one time you come to visit me… You not only show up dripping wet but you just found out Santa Claus isn't real… I mean school girls with their hearts crushed were in better spirits than you," Ikumi said as she hung his coat to dry.

"My Bad," Ichigo said from inside the shower. Ichigo turned off the shower and started to dry himself.

Once fully dried he slipped on his boxers and threw the towel over his shoulder. "Thank you very much Ikumi-sa- AUGHHHH! Friggen Hot!" Ichigo yelled as he was hit in the face with a scalding bean bun.

"Fresh off the stove, it will warm you up chow down," Ikumu said biting into her own bun as she watched Ichigo start to dress.

"Your clothes are in the dryer. When you're ready you can put them on and go home," Ikumi said placing her bun on a plate that sat on her table.

"You know you're lucky Kaoru is asleep. If he knew I let you in here to use my shower-" Ikumi started.

"Ikumi-san. I know I'm really unreliable when it comes to my job… But even so I show up unannounced and you still-" Ichigo started to say before Ikumi's hand slammed against the wall next to him. Ichigo turned to see Ikumi inched from him, his eyes locked onto hers. Ichigo was about to speak when Ikumi smacked her forehead against his twice.

"Ouch, that really hurt," Ichigo said holding his forehead.

"Instead of apologizing just try harder. Besides I don't care what the reasons are, Loneliness, Depression, Coincidence. Whenever you need a shoulder to lean on," Ikumi paused for a moment. "I'll be here for you," Ikumi paused again hearing Ichigo stand.

"Thank you Ikumi-san," Ichigo said walking up behind her. Ikumu turned to say something but didn't expect Ichigo to be so close. Their bodies knocked into each other causing both of them to fall to the floor. Ichigo's enhanced physical power and speed allowed him to partially catch Ikumi and force her to land on him rather than the hard floor.

"Ow," Ikumi said opening her eyes to see she was on top of Ichigo and very provocatively. Ichigo's face was planted right in between her endowment. She could see his face was red and flushed yet he didn't move or try to push her off.

"Sorry," Ikumi said sitting up. She froze when she felt something pushing against her leg; she looked to see Ichigo had a rather large bulge in his pants.

"Sorry I couldn't help it," Ichigo said still blushing heavily. Ikumi leaned down her eyes on Ichigo.

"It's ok. It actually nice to see that I can get such a handsome young man hard," Ikumi said with a soft smile. Ichigo looked to her his eyes locking on her.

"You are very beautiful Ikumi. I just don't like my hormones running wild like this," Ichigo said his face still red.

"Are you saying I turn you on Ichigo?" Ikumi asked.

Ichigo looked away unable to keep eye contact any longer. After another moment he gave a slight nod. Ikumi didn't know quite what to do she was at a total loss.

Ichigo could feel his mind yelling at him to go for it. Just as Ikumi was going to get off him he placed a hand on her hip stopping her. Ikumi looked at Ichigo, his face was still heavily flushed but his eyes showed his true desires. Ikumi nodded and leaned back down her lips inches from his.

"I'm willing but I need to hear you ask," Ikumi said.

"Ask what?" Ichigo asked.

"Whatever you want to do to me," Ikumi replied.

Ichigo's face looked like it was going to burst from how much he was blushing, he was obliviously naïve and nervous to be doing this.

"I… I want…" Ichigo struggled to speak.

"What do you want?" Ikumi asked.

"I want to make love to you," Ichigo said quickly. Ikumi smiled and locked her lips against Ichigo's her hands started to pull off Ichigo's shirt. Ichigo lifted his arms allowing his shirt to be pulled off and forgotten. Ikumi sat up and pulled her shirt off showing her scantly covered breasts to Ichigo. She took Ichigo's hands and placed them on her breasts giving him free rein over her large ample breasts. Ichigo gentle squeezed the flesh in his hands not completely sure what to do to her. Ikumi gave a soft moan feeling her breasts getting toyed with, abet clumsily but still played with.

"They're so soft," Ichigo said caressing Ikumi's breasts. Ichigo grew bolder as his confidence went up. He ran a hand behind Ikumi's back unsnapping her bra. Ikumi gave a smile and let her bra fall away to be forgotten along with Ichigo's shirt.

"You can suck on them if you like," Ikumi said. Ichigo paused then sat up enough to lock his lips on to one of her breasts his tongue flicked over her hardened nipple. Ikumi moaned lightly again happily enjoying the teasing.

Ichigo started to jump between her breasts letting his instincts tell him what to do. After a short time of sucking her nipples an idea came to Ichigo. He stopped on one breast and as gently as he could he lightly bit her nipple making her cover her mouth to muffle a loud moan.

"Oh that felt good Ichigo," Ikumi said pushing Ichigo back down. He paused unsure if he did something wrong or she was planning something. Ikumi smiled again and began to kiss Ichigo's neck and move down his toned body. She stopped at his nipples and licked them for a few moments before she continued down. Ichigo watched as she kissed over his abs and down to his pants, his eyes widened when he finally figured out what she was planning. He had heard some of the other school kids, mainly keigo, talk about how they've gotten women to go down on them a few times and how it always felt good. Ichigo gulped as Ikumi unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure it feels good," Ikumi said pulling at ichigo's pants and boxers. Ichigo nodded and lifted his hips letting her pull of his pants leaving him naked before her. Ikumi stopped seeing Ichigo's size.

"Well aren't you a big boy," Ikumi said as she gently wrapped one of her hands around his manhood and slowly started to stroke him. Ichigo shivered slightly feeling his hardened cock getting rubbed by Ikumi.

"Wow, that feels good," Ichigo said dropping his head back to simply enjoy her hand. Ikumi on the other hand had more planned and lowered her head towards the young manhood before her. Her tongue slid over the head and brought and instant moan from Ichigo.

"It's going to get a lot better," Ikumi said with a smile. She continued to start licking and stroking Ichigo. Ichigo moaned and grunted feeling Ikumi's tongue and hand on him. Suddenly warmth overtook his hard on; he looked up to see she had placed his cock in between her large breasts and started to stroke him with them.

"Oh my god," Ichigo moaned trying to hold back a feeling he could feel coming.

"It's ok come when you want," Ikumi said still rubbing him over. Ichigo groaned and let himself go, he saw a white hot liquid shoot out from in between Ikumi's breasts. Most of it stayed on her breasts, but some managed to hit her face and into her mouth. Ikmui just laughed a little then cleaned herself off.

"Sorry," Ichigo said he face flushed once again.

"It's ok… do you want to continue?" Ikumi asked.

"Yes," Ichigo replied.

"I'm glad to hear that," Ikumi said as she removed her pants and panties. Ichigo froze seeing her womanhood, he wondered if she wanted him to return the favor or if she was just going to go to the main course. Ikumi looked to Ichigo a soft smile still on her face. I can't believe I'm this wet just from a hand and tit job. Ikumi thought as she pondered over what she would do next.

"Ikumi-san," Ichigo sat up placing his hands on her sides.

"Oh do you want to try me out?" Ikumi asked. Ichigo simply nodded in response. "Ok then," Ikumi sat down spreading her legs for him. Ichigo leaned in taking in her womanly scent before he ran his tongue over her lower lips. Ikumi gave and instant moan from the touch of his tongue.

"I'm not really sure what to do," Ichigo said slightly ashamed.

"It's ok I'll lead you through it," Ikumi said chuckling lightly. "Ok take one of your hands and spread me open then keep doing what you were doing first," Ikumi said deciding to keep it simple rather than complex. Ichigo did exactly that, one hand gently spread her pussy open showing him all of her. His tongue started to run up and down her lips sending light waves of pleasure into her. Ichigo remembered back to one of the conversations Keigo and Mizurio had when they thought he wasn't paying attention. How they had both been with women and how they 'ate them out' which he knew was what he was currently doing rather poorly. Ichigo slid his tongue into Ikumi's pussy once again letting his instincts take the reins.

"Oh don't stop," Ikumi moaned grabbing a hold of Ichigo's head her fingers intertwined into his hair as he continued to lick and penetrate her with his surprisingly skilled tongue. Ikumi could feel herself about to climax already. How long as it been? Ikumi tried to remember the last time she was with someone. The sudden feeling of one of Ichigo's fingers penetrating her shocked her and sent her over the edge. She rode the waves of euphoria Ichigo managed to give her.

"So… how did I do?" Ichigo asked licking some of her juices off his lips.

"Very good," Ikumi said panting slightly.

"Can… Can I put it in?" Ichigo asked shyly.

"Please do," Ikumi replied trying to spread her legs more for him. Ichigo crawled over his boss slightly his hardness rubbed over her womanhood. Ikumi wrapped her arms around Ichigo's neck pulling him into a second very passionate kiss. Ichigo managed to line himself up with Ikumi's wet pussy and started to push himself in. Ikumi moaned loudly into Ichigo's mouth feeling just his head spread her lips. Ichigo pushed his tongue passed Ikumi's lips letting it explore his mouth. Ikumi started to move her hands down Ichigo's body; her hands reached his ass and tightly squeezed him.

Ichigo took the hint and pushed more of his cock into her welcoming folds. Ikumi moaned again feeling herself have to stretch more than she thought she was going to have to accommodate Ichigo's size. Ichigo reached as far as he could inside of her his cock pushed against her cervix yet he had an inch or two still not in her.

"You're very big Ichigo," Ikumi said wrapping her legs around his waist as her arms hooked under his arms her nails ready to dig into his back. Ichigo started to slowly and gently move inside of Ikumi not wanting to hurt her.

"Let me know if it hurts. I'll slow down if it does," Ichigo said slowly thrusting into her.

"I'm an adult here Ichigo not some petite girl. You can go gun ho," Ikumi said. And as if she flipped a switch Ichigo obeyed and started to pump himself into her with almost everything he had. Ikumi nearly screamed out in pleasure.

Holy shit he's pounding me so fast. Ikumi's mind was started to go blank feeling Ichigo's cock slamming into her at ludicrous speeds. She dug her nails into his back as she continued to moan everything else other than Ichigo was started to fade and become forgotten. Ichigo started to slow his thrusting getting Ikumi's immediate attention.

"Why are you slowing down?" Ikumi asked.

"I'm gunna come," Ichigo replied nearly pulling himself out.

"That's fine I'm safe today so feel free to come inside and keep pounding me," Ikumi said not wanting to stop yet. Ichigo paused for a moment then accepted seeing how badly she wanted it.

"Ok," Ichigo replied and started to pump himself once more. He quickly felt himself coming to a head and just kept thrusting he was determined to give Ikumi all the pleasure she wanted.

"Oh god don't stop Ichigo!" Ikumi shouted. She let herself fall into a sea of ecstasy and heavenly euphoria and climaxed over and over. Ichigo felt himself burst inside of Ikumi his seed sprayed into her womb. Ichigo stopped abruptly feeling himself come he couldn't move his body locked up, luckly for him Ikumi seemed to be in the same situation her nails dug deep into his back and her legs tighten even more around his waist. Once the moment passed Ikumi dropped her arms to the ground her legs went limp around his waist. Ichigo on the other hand was still rock hard inside of her. He wasn't sure if he should keep going or stop.

"Are you ok Ikumi-san?" Ichigo asked. Ikumi simply nodded and placed a hand on his face.

"You think you have one more in you?" Ikumi asked.

"Easily," Ichigo said still far too turned on to really want to stop. Ikumi smiled and rolled Ichigo on to his back. She now sat on top of him again his cock still buried inside her. Ikumi's hips started to rise and lower on the manhood within her. Ichigo grabbed a hold of Ikumi's hips helping her bounce on him.

"Ugh you're getting tighter," Ichigo groaned. Ikumi moaned loudly again and again as she bounced. Ichigo ran his hands up her body stopping on her breasts squeezing them again as Ikumi's bouncing became faster and faster.

"So good!" Ikumi moaned loudly as she came again onto Ichigo's cock. She was started to go blank again the only thing that mattered at the moment was the young man underneath her.

"Ikumi-San I can take it anymore," Ichigo said as he erupted into Ikumi again. Ikumi gave a loud long moan as she dropped backwards she was completely exhausted. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat.

"Wow," Ikumi said hardly able to believe a virgin was so good. "Are you sure you're a virgin?"

"Not anymore," Ichigo said his chest still heaving from the rigorous fun they had.

"I hope we didn't wake Kaoru," Ikumi said looking to the door seeing it was still shut.

"I guess I should go before he wakes up and sees me huh?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah I'd rather explain this in a different light," Ikumi said seeing Ichigo clumsily stood and stared to dress again. Ikumi got up and dressed, just as she finished dressing she heard a knock come to the door.

"Oh a customer this late?" Ikumi asked walking towards the door. "Welcome… huh false alarm," Ikumi said.

"What kind of nut would come all the way here just to pull a prank?" Ikumi asked herself.

Ichigo froze seeing his father in his Shinigami form standing before him. "Ikumi-san… Thanks a bunch I'll be heading out now. I'm feeling a whole lot better," Ichigo said.

"Wait you can take my umbrella," Ikumi said. Ichigo showed the umbrella as he walked out the door following his father. Ikumi paused then looked to the towel and saw a small wooden skull emblem.

"Wait up Ichigo you forgot you," Ikumi started then saw he was gone already.

"I guess I'll give it to him tomorrow," Ikumi said as she closed her door and went to bed.

~A/N~ Hope you enjoyed the read, let me know what you think.