Chapter 5: In The End

~A/N~ here is the Final Chapter of Everything but the Rain. I will try to tie it up into a nice little bow for everyone. I have updated Ichigo's soul reaper form to look more like he was at the end of the Royal Realm.

Ichigo stood in his shower the hot water ran down his back. His mind ran over the last few weeks. He and Ikumi had barely dodged a hell of a bullet. She wasn't pregnant, but hell if they didn't make them take it a lot safer… more like starting being safe. Ichigo chuckled lightly surprised he hadn't knocked her up with how he had yet to use a condom with her.

"That was too close… I can't believe I almost got Ikumi Pregnant," Ichigo said softly as he turned off the water. He ran his hands through his hair as the steam billowed out the window. He grabbed a towel and started to dry himself when the door nearly burst open.

"What was that son!?" Isshin shouted as he came into the bathroom.

"Later!" Ichigo shouted kicking his father out of the bathroom. Ichigo shook his head lightly as he finished drying off and started to dress.

Ichigo stopped when he reached the first floor. Yuzu and Karin where nowhere to be found and even more ominously his father sat at the table with a cup of coffee in front of him. "I sent Yuzu and Karin to a friend's… we need to talk," Isshin said looking at his son.

"I figured you'd want to," Ichigo said sitting down.

"I would have thought you would be safer than that," Isshin said bluntly.

"I made a mistake… she's not and we are being safe now ok," Ichigo explained.

"Ichigo this isn't a game," Isshin growled.

"It was an accident and she isn't so-" Ichigo started before his father's eyes froze him in spot.

"This isn't a game! You're mature for you age but you're still a child! Had she been pregnant what would you've done? What would you do?" Isshin's voice commanded the room.

"I would be by her side! Through thick and thin, hard times and soft, richer or poor no matter what happens. I. Love. Her," Ichigo stood staring his father down.

"I would move heaven, I'd raze the Soul Society, destroy Hueco Mundo, eliminate anything… everything that would keep her from me," Ichigo said nothing more and simply kept his eyes locked with his father's.

"Good answer… I would have done the same for Masaki… you show how deeply you love her," Isshin said sitting down. "Make sure you remind her of that every day," Isshin added

"I will," Ichigo said standing and leaving.

Ikumi stretched as she ascended the stairs of her house. The long work day was finally over and she wanted/needed a good long hot shower. She opened the door to see Kaoru sitting with two other boys playing video games.

"Hey mom," Kaoru said smiling.

"How was school today?" Ikumi asked.

"Same as always," Kaoru replied turning his attention back to his video game. Ikumi nodded and moved towards her bathroom still needing a shower. She stepped into her bathroom and stripped down; she locked the door the last thing she needed was a little pervert trying to sneak a peek at her. She turned the water on and stepped under the stream. She hadn't been under the water more than ten second when she heard a knock at the door.

"What?" Ikumi asked trying to wash up a little before having to stop already.

"Ichigo's on the phone… you want me to have him call back?" Kaoru asked.

"In ten or so please," Ikumi said.

"Yeah ten minutes or so she said… Ok," Kaoru paused for a moment. "He said he'll wait for your call he wants to talk to you about something,"

"Ok I'll be out in ten," Ikumi said grabbing her shampoo.

Ikumi stepped out of her bedroom fully clothed a towel over her head still drying her hair. "Where's the phone?" Ikumi asked see Kaoru still playing video games.

"No need he's in the kitchen," Kaoru said.

"Oh ok then," Ikumi smiled happily heading towards the kitchen.

"Who's the guy that came to see your mom?" Kaoru's friend asked.

"Her boyfriend," Kaoru replied.

"Dude he's not much older than us," Kaoru's other friend said.

"So? Mom likes them younger, he likes them older it works," Kaoru retorted.

"And you're ok with your mom dating him?" his friend asked.

"Not my choice. Sure I don't like him all that much but he makes her happy so I'm not gunna complain too much," Kaoru explained.

"Ichigo?" Ikumi asked stepping into the kitchen to see Ichigo at her stove wearing an apron and holding a spatula.

"Hey Ikumi… I was just making you some curry," Ichigo smiled returning to the food.

"I knew there was a reason I loved you," Ikumi said hugging him from behind.

"And here I thought it was the mind blowing sex," Ichigo replied turning the stove off.

"No that just makes it fun," Ikumi said kissing his shoulder.

"That it does," Ichigo scooped out a plate for himself and Ikumi. "Now would you like some? It's mild wasn't sure how you liked it," Ichigo said.

"Mild sounds good," Ikumi replied letting go of him to move to the table.

"I can make some more for Kaoru after we eat," Ichigo said.

"That's ok. I'll order him a pizza he has a couple of friends over after all," Ikumi said taking a spoon full of Ichigo's mild curry.

"Sorry if it's bad," Ichigo said scooping up some for himself.

"Bad? This is delicious," Ikumi said starting to devour the food.

"I'm glad you like it," Ichigo said clearing his plate just as fast. "Ikumi," Ikumi froze hearing the seriousness in his voice.

"What's wrong?" Ikumi asked.

"I love you… and I want to be with you forever… but there are a few things you should know," Ichigo said.

"What is it?" Ikumi asked.

"This is going to be hard to explain… you probably won't believe me," Ichigo said.

"I trust you wouldn't lie to me after being this serious," Ikumi said.

"There are things known as Soul Reapers or Shinigami, they travel through the world cleansing pluses and Hollows sending them to the Soul Society," Ichigo explained.

"Ok," Ikumi said starting to get confused by him.

"I am a Soul Reaper… my father Isshin is one as well," Ichigo said.

"You were right sort of. I'll believe you it's just hard to understand," Ikumi said giving her lover the benefit of the doubt. He had yet to lie to her why start now.

"I completely understand why you would have trouble," Ichigo said nodding.

"Is there a way you could show me?" Ikumi asked.

"That depends can you see spirits?" Ichigo asked.

"No," Ikumi replied.

"Then I would have to talk to Urahara about it… I'll see what I can do," Ichigo said putting his spoon down.

"Anything else?" Ikumi asked.

"A lot," Ichigo said looking into the eyes of his love.

Ikumi laid in her bed curled up beside Ichigo; her mind raced they had spent the whole night going over his life as a Shinigami. How he became a Vizard and found out he was half Quincy. She wasn't sure what she should think. But she knew she would stay with him and believe him either way.

Ichigo had woken up long before Ikumi and made his way to Urahara's shop. He opened the door and stepped in to see Urahara sitting as if he was awaiting Ichigo. "I was wondering when you would tell her," Urahara smiled behind his fan.

"How did you know I told her?" Ichigo asked.

"It's been how long since you've come to see me?" Urahara replied.

"Almost a year," Ichigo replied.

"Precisely, so then why would you come to me? Because you need to prove to her that you are what you say you are," Urahara smiled still.

"Ok so can you?" Ichigo asked.

"Of course… bring her by after school and I'll have everything set up," Urahara said with a smile.

"Thanks," Ichigo said as he left.

"Mr. Kurosaki," Misato Ochi's voice snapped Ichigo to attention.

"Sup?" Ichigo asked looking to his teatcher.

"If you're quite done daydreaming why don't you answer this question," Misato said.

"Sure… what was the question?" Ichigo asked with a grin.

"Just what do you do with your free time?" Misato asked.

"Oh that's easy. I gallivant through Karakura Town dressed in black with a large butcher's slicer upon my back and slay monstrous creatures that threaten to eat the souls of the innocent," Ichigo said standing and putting a foot on his desk. "I am the defender of the innocent," Ichigo then dropped back laughing causing the entire class to burst out. Since when did the strawberry have a sense of humor?

"How about a real answer Kurosaki," Misato asked.

"I work in my father's clinic. I'm training to be a small time doctor like him," Ichigo said leaning back. "So I really don't need to know why or how the fall of the Ming Dynasty affected the lives of China and its people," Ichigo added.

"I should send you to detention for that," Misato growled.

"But you haven't… and why I might ask?" Ichigo grinned.

"It's the end of the year just behave Kurosaki," Misato said rolling her eyes.

"Yes Ma'am," Ichigo said bowing his head lightly.

The rest of the school day was just as painfully slow. The only thing that made it worthwhile was knowing he would see Ikumi after school. He grabbed his books and made his way out. He booked it to Ikumi's place with all due haste. He wanted her to see everything he was; he did want a single secret between them.

Ichigo knocked on the door to Ikumi's home. "Hey Ichigo… mom's on a delivery she should be home soon," Kaoru said as he let Ichigo in.

"Ah I guess I'll have to wait a little while," Ichigo said as he moved to the couch.

"Wanna play a match or two?" Kaoru asked holding up a controller to him.

"Bring it on," Ichigo smiled and took the controller.

Ikumi walked up the steppes of her house and stopped at her door. She could hear voices inside. "Ha! Kicked your ass old man," Kaoru's voice echoed.

"Oi you're a little young to talk like that… and Boom! Headshot!" Ichigo's voice echoed out just as loud.

"Ah cheap shot," Kaoru shouted as Ikumi walked in to see Kaoru sitting on the couch and Ichigo on the floor.

"Why are you on the floor?" Ikumi asked looking at Ichigo.

"I don't get to sit on the couch until I win a match," Ichigo replied as he ran around a corner and head long into a shotgun shell.

"AH gotcha again," Kaoru shouted as the game ended.

"God you're crazy good at this," Ichigo said as he set the controller down and moved to his love.

"I know… now go be naughty with my mom you pervert," Kaoru rolled his eyes and entered online play.

"Oh don't worry about that," Ichigo grinned.

"So you said you had to talk to some Urahara guy?" Ikumi asked.

"Yes it's all taken care of… if you to see what I really am," Ichigo said cupping her cheek lightly.

"I would like to know but," Ikumi looked to Kaoru.

"Oh he's coming too," Ichigo said pulling Ikumi close to him. "Let's go Kaoru," the young boy nodded and ended his game.

"Oh my you brought the boy too?" Urahara smiled as the three stepped into Urahara's shop.

"Yes now what needs to be done?" Ichigo asked. Urahara smiled and popped open the floor board showing the latter.

"We head down," Urahara said dropping down the hole.

"Worry not just jump we've taken percautions… you won't get hurt," Tessai said as he followed Urahara. Ichigo leaned in and kissed Ikumi then followed them.

"Cannonball!" Kaoru jumped before Ikumi could say a word.

"Here goes nothing," Ikumi said as she followed suit and jumped down the hole. She fell for what seemed like forever; she watched the black walls fly by as she fell and fell. Her eyes stung as she was exposed to light; Ikumi blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted and she took in the seemingly endless landscape she now fell into. Her vision went down to see the ground fast approaching. Just as she was about to scream her descent slowed and she came to rest on her feet.

"Welcome Ikumi and Kaoru Unagiya," Urahara spoke as the two focused in on Ichigo whom stood a few feet away holding the medallion he had forgotten at her place. Ikumi was about to speak when Ichigo beat her to it.

"I don't want any secrets between us Ikumi… so now you can see the real me," Ichigo slammed the medallion into his chest and his body fell back. Ikumi felt her mouth go dry. There Ichigo stood in a white robe held shut by a black belt, over that he had a large white cloak that had a stripped collar than rested on his shoulders. The cloak itself draped over his shoulders and hung down to his knees. On his head he wore a black and white turban, and he wore a patterned scarf around his neck that ran down into his cloak. On his back rested a long black sword and a smaller black sword rested on his hip.

"So this is your Shinigami form?" Ikumi asked as she looked Ichigo over again and again.

"This is what I am… The soul reaper of Karakura Town," Ichigo said as he looked away expecting Ikumi to turn from him.

"It's amazing," Ikumi said moving towards him. She wondered if she could touch him or if she would fade through.

"You can touch him," Urahara smiled answering her unasked question. Ikumi's hand stopped when she hit his chest; even though he had said she could she still didn't believe she would be able to. Her hand slowly felt the robes he wore. They felt weird not like cotton or silk; Ichigo placed his hand over hers.

"Ichigo," Ikumi jumped into his arms. Their lips quickly found each other's as Ikumi wrapped her arms around his neck as his went to her hips. Their kiss lasted and lasted until Kaoru cleared his throat.

"Sorry," Ichigo grinned as he pulled away and phased back into his body.

"That was an interesting look," Kaoru said as Ichigo once again stood in front of them in his human body.

"Ok… I have no more secrets," Ichigo said looking to Ikumi. Ikumi smiled and slid her arm around his waist. Kaoru gave a nod then looked up.

"So how do we get out?" Kaoru asked looking to Urahara.

"We have an elevator," Urahara smiled.

"And we didn't use that first?" Ichigo asked.

"To slow," Urahara said leading them over to a platform.

"So now you know everything is true," Ichigo said as Ikumi looked to him.

"I believed you from the start," Ikumi said as their hands intertwined. Ikumi rested her head against his shoulder as they walked. Kaoru walked a few steps in front of them his hands behind his head as he lazily moved.

~One Year Later~

Ichigo stood adjusting his tie and coat. He never liked suit jackets they didn't feel right. A hand patted his shoulder getting him to calm slightly.

"Everything is fine son," Isshin spoke calming his son and getting him to nod.

"It's just a big day and all," Ichigo said trying to rationalize his nervous feeling. Isshin nodded as the priest walked up and stood a few feet from Ichigo. The music started to play as the bridal party started their way down the aisle. Chad walked with an older black haired woman, the Best man and Maiden of Honor. Renji walked with a shorter blonde haired woman, Keigo walked with another black haired woman and Mizuru walked with the youngest looking of the women.

Shortly after they had all gotten to their spots Karin and Yuzu made their way down the aisle sprinkling flowers, sure they were a little old to be flower girls but they wanted in on this day. A young boy followed them baring the rings to Ichigo's knowledge it was one of the kids of Ikumi's maiden of honor.

With everyone else in their spots the music continued and everyone stood for the bride. There in walked Ikumi in one of the most stunning silver dresses anyone had ever seen. Flashes of cameras went off as she walked down the aisle. Several people tried not to laugh as Ikumi was walking with Kaoru at her side. With her father having passed years before she met Ichigo he had demanded to be the one to give his mother to Ichigo.

Kaoru looked Ichigo dead in the eyes and shook his hand before pulling him in. "I don't care what you are. Hurt her I kill you," Kaoru whispered getting Ichigo to smile and nod.

The priest began his long speech about how today was bringing two families together and how love knew no boundaries; how it would conquer all and lead one to another. He gave a light pause then spoke again. "The bride and groom have written vows," he spoke as Ichigo nodded and smiled.

"Ikumi, my love, I fell for you before I knew it. There isn't a thing that I could buy, find, make or say to properly say how badly I need you. You are my heart and my soul, without you I am nothing anymore. I love everything about you. And I will always love you, from our first kiss on that rainy night when my world seemed to have shattered until the last breathe leaves my lungs and long after that," Ichigo rubbed his thumb over Ikumi's hand as he finished. Ikumi smiled and licked her lips reading to speak

"Ichigo… there isn't a word in the world that could describe how much I love you. You showed me you didn't care I was older; you showed me that age is just a number. You opened your heart for me and bore your soul. I loved you from our first night and I will continue to long after I die. You called me your heart and soul. You are as much my heart and soul as I am yours," Ikumi smiled having to adjust her last lines as they both had their same lines.

The priest finished his final verse and the rings were slid onto each other's fingers. Their lips touched and Ichigo spun dipping her down as they kissed gaining a loud cheer from the entire room. The wedding ended and the reception began. The night was danced away and a rather disturbing amount of Sake was drank by the party goers. Chad gave one hell of a Best man's speech and even managed to make Ichigo's face flush when he brought up how easily Ichigo would just run head long in to something without a plan.

Ichigo and Ikumi waved goodbye as they left the hall. It was their first night as husband and wife… and they both wanted one thing the most.

Ikumi dropped down onto the bed as Ichigo dropped over her. Her legs ran up the sides of his legs as her hands undid his white button up shirt. She was already naked having given him her best strip tease and even added in a little sexy lap dance. Her hands snaked their way into his shirt feeling his toned body.

Ichigo leaned in and gave a light kiss to Ikumi's forehead as he rolled his shoulders as Ikumi pulled at his shirt letting it fall away to be forgotten. It didn't matter how many times she saw his bare chest it still made her mouth water.

"Ikumi… my wife," Ichigo said for what seemed like the hundredth time. It never ceased to make him smile. She was his and he was hers. They would never be parted. Their bodies pressed together and Ikumi pulled off his belt and undid his pants. Ichigo felt her hands run into his pants as she tugged them down trying to strip off what little clothing her husband had left.

"Ichigo… my husband," Ikumi copied Ichigo loving to say it just as much as he did. Her eyes ran down Ichigo's body as she saw he was now naked before her. Ikumi laid back her hands still on his chest as he lined up and pushed into her. Ikumi moaned loudly feeling his member enter her.

Ichigo took a hold of Ikumi's wrists pinning them above her head as he started to kiss at her neck. Ikumi moaned as Ichigo started to thrust as he continued to kiss at her neck. Ichigo moved his free hand over his wife's body his hand found her more than ample breasts and started to grope the luscious mounds.

"I love you Ichigo," Ikumi moaned as their eyes met and a moment later their lips. Ichigo wrapped an arm around Ikumi and rolled her on top of him letting her dictate the riding pace. Ikumi licked her lips as she started to bounce on his member; her nails raked over his chest as he matched her bouncing with his hips.

"Your body fits like a perfect glove," Ichigo said as he grabbed onto her hips helping her bounce faster. Ikumi's moans started to echo louder and louder as her bouncing picked up pace. Ichigo watched as his wife moved and bounced completely lost in their euphoric ecstasy.

"Ichigo!" Ikumi cried out as she hit her first climax of the night. Ichigo followed suit and let himself lose into his wife. Ikumi placed her hands on his chest steadying herself as her hips started to move again. Ichigo ran his hands up his wife's body once again his hands groped at her breasts.

"Ikumi," Ichigo groaned as he started to thrust upwards again. Ikumi felt herself get rolled over again and felt Ichigo started to pound into her with everything he had. Each thrust caused her to cry out in pleasure; It was like Ichigo knew exactly where to thrust and how hard to thrust to throw her over the edge with each drive of his cock.

"Ichigo! I'm going to cum!" Ikumi cried out as she hit her second climax. Ichigo kissed at her neck again as he continued to pump into her. Their bodies pressed together as their lust over took their entire world and all else faded away.

It has been five years and Ikumi walked down a road with a small child in her arms and Ichigo beside her. He had a light scruff and wore a black suit. Their child smiled happily as his mother held him.

"Mom can I hold him?" Kaoru asked as he looked up at his mom.

"Of course," Ikumi said handing over the small child to the now nearly twenty year old Kaoru. He smiled as he held his three year old brother, William, the boy had his father's bright hair and his mother's strong eyes. he cheered happily as his brother carried him.

"Hey dad can we have pizza tonight?" Kaoru asked looking up to Ichigo.

"I don't see why not," Ichigo replied as his hand intertwined with his wife's. Ikumi gave a light nod in agreement. Ichigo looked up as he held Ikumi's hand. He had never been so thankful that it had rained that fateful night.


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