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King Tut-When we get to the royal oil boiling room be sure to prepare some real boiling royal boiling oil to boil the boy wonder in…Royally (Batman's Waterloo) And now A Past to Remember. Remember the Narrator's lines will be in italics

When last we saw Dick Grayson, he was about to fall to his death on a 40ft platform. With Bruce Wayne watching below. Hold your breaths; the worst is yet to come.


Dick's platform was still rising and he was edging inches and inches to the edge. Bruce pulled and pulled as hard as he ever had in his entire life. He didn't know but this moment was as scary as his parents being murdered right in front of him.

"Zucco this is murder! Let the boy go now!" Bruce yelled.

"I'm going to enjoy this moment just as much as you Mr. Wayne." Zucco said. Finally one of the guards let go of his grip on Bruce a little, which was all he needed. Bruce finally broke free and ran at Zucco. But before he could do anything, Zucco pressed another button that caused Dick's platform to completely tip over all the way and then ran off!

Dick falling was like slow motion for Bruce. Quickly he reached into his emergency Utility-belt that he took everywhere and threw something that inflated into a bat-pillow just as Dick was about to hit the ground.

"Dick are you alright?"

"Holy heart attack Bruce that was the scariest thing I've ever felt." Then Dick saw the Bat-insignia on the pillow. "Holy giveaways Bruce you almost gave away our secret"

"You're more important than Batman Dick and would gladly give away my secret for you."

Ah golly Bruce, Dick said in embarrassment.

"Now, how would you like to come home now?"

"Thanks Bruce, But Zucco is out there and…

"It's too dangerous Dick."

"Please Bruce. He's the reason my parents are dead."

"He almost killed you."

"Please Bruce?"

"Alright Dick, but we must take extra precautions. Especially with that murderer."


"I can't tell you how good it is to see you home safe Master Robin."

"Thanks Alfred. But I can't relax until that creep is put behind bars."

"I really think you should go and reassure your aunt that you are home. She still thinks you are in the clutches of that criminal."

"Later Alfred, if Aunt Harriet saw me she'd never let me go after him"

"Robin are you sure he didn't say anything"

"I'm positive Batman. All he kept talking about was how it was going to be so exciting to hear Bruce Wayne mourn about Dick Grayson being killed."

"Old Chum, I think you done it again. Batman knows that Dick Grayson is safe, but Zucco never saw you fall on that bat-pillow. With a little help from Bruce Wayne think that we can go along with what he wants."

"How so Batman?" Robin asked

"Ok, here's what we're going to do."


"I truly am sorry for your loss Bruce. Dick was such a wonderful and caring person."

"I feel like this is my fault, Zucco's men held me so tight that I couldn't get loose, and then the platform went completely up, and…"

"I'm so sorry Bruce, I know this must be a difficult time for ye, said Chief O'Hara"

"Yes chief it is, when I first took Dick in, I swore to him and myself to always be there and protect him. I'd give anything if I could just…"Bruce sighed.

"It's alright Bruce; you don't have to tell us anymore. But I can promise you this; we won't stop until that mad man is put behind bars for a very long time."

"Thank you commissioner, if you'll excuse me I must get home and try to comfort Dick's aunt, she's been so upset since we heard the news."

"Of course Bruce. Goodbye and we'll keep in touch. Bruce then left the commissioner's office slowly."

"Poor man, first he loses his parents, then he loses the closest thing he has to a son." The Chief said.

"Yes chief, now we must catch that dastardly crock before he does any more harm."


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