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Meanwhile in the old abandon circus grounds.

"I definitely gave Mr. Wayne a scare." Zucco said.

"That really would have scared me if I heard that boss."

"Exactly how I want him to feel. He'll feel guilty about his ward's death for the rest of his life."

"Yeah, I don't think he still hasn't gotten over his parent's death."

"Yes, and that proves to you that nobody messes with Anthony F. Zucco."

Little did Zucco know that a certain bird was hovering on the top of the tent. "I'll get you Zucco." He whispered and a single tear slid down his face. Zucco then had his back turned away from Robin. (Ok, 1 2 3 JUMP!) Unfortunately Zucco was ready and caught Robin before he could knock him over.

"Well looks like I caught a little birdie. I hear Batman and Robin are good friends with Mr. Wayne and Richard. Trying to avenge little Dickie are we? Well looks like Richard won't be the only one dead. Say goodbye little bird." Zucco said holding a gun at Robin's head.

"ZUCCO NO!" Came a voice from behind.

"Not one step Batman or you lose him forever." Zucco said. Batman froze in his tracks.


"No no let me go! Please!" A seven year old Dick Grayson said.

"You're gonna die just like your parents kiddo." Zucco said holding a knife to Dick's throat.

"Bruce please help me! I promise I'll be good!" Dick whispered.

"Hold on Dickie. Just hold on." Bruce said. Suddenly Alfred came and with one of the fire tools and knocked the knife out of Zucco's hand giving Dick enough time to run for Bruce.

"Alfred be careful, Zucco could hurt you." Dick said as Alfred started fencing with Zucco who grabbed another fire tool.

"Don't worry sir. I was in her majesty's secret service and this man is a terrible fencer as well." Alfred said. Finally Alfred knocked the weapon out of Zucco's hand and knocked him unconscious. "I hope you learn never to mess with my employer or the young master ever again." Alfred looked over to see Bruce and Dick hugging.

"It's ok Dickie, it's ok. He's never going to hurt you ever again. I promise." Bruce said hugging him tightly.

"Let the boy go Zucco." Batman said

"Never, get him boys!"

Bat-fight scene

During the fighting, Robin had managed to get free and help Batman. After finally defeating all the henchmen, Batman let Robin deliver the final blow to knock Zucco out.

"You did it chum, you did it."

"Holy relief, he can't bother me anymore. I'll be right back." Robin went out of the room just as the police came in.

"Good of ye to call us in case you needed backup, and here you have Zucco already knocked out. Well done Batman."

"Batman, Chief O'Hara?"

"What-Richard! What…How?"

"We had it all planed Chief. I wanted to catch Zucco so he could be put away for good, so I hid in the secret-Bat cave. Of course I still don't know where it is because Batman and Robin put me under unharmfull Bat-gas. I heard Zucco say if I died, he was going to torcher Millionaire Bruce Wayne with how it was his fault that I died. So we played right into his plot and turn the tables on Zucco."

"Well thank heavens you're safe. Bruce Wayne was heartbroken when he thought ye had died."

"I'm ok Chief; I really would like to go home now."

"We can take care of Zucco. If you have time to take him home Batman."

"I can take Richard home Chief."


"…And even though I thought I'd never be happy again, a man came up to me and accepted me into his family and so far has been one of the happiest memories in my life. Thank you."

An auditorium of Woodrow Roosevelt High school students clapping could be heard all through the school.

"That was an excellent speech Dick. I'm so happy that you're safe and unharmed." Aunt Harriet said

"Thanks Aunt Harriet, it's good to be home."

"I couldn't agree more Dick." Bruce said

"What an extraordinary speech sir," Alfred said.

"Thank you Alfred, sometime the happiest moments are the ones that you don't want to remember. But in my case, I'm glad to be a Wayne."


Meanwhile in the Gotham City Jail

"Stupid kid, I kill you if it's the last thing I do."

"Yo, you T. Zucco? Heard you almost killed that Grayson kid."

"Yeah, we may be criminals but in here, you mess with a kid you just placed in a living nightmare." (Quack Quack) {Suppose to be the Penguin}

"Hey, what kind of criminal do you not want to mess with? A child abuser." Said the Joker

"You need to take lessons from me Joker." Zucco suddenly was surrounded.

"Get him!" {Meow} Said Catwomen.


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