~somewhere in Paris France, 4:00 a.m. ~

It was a beautiful night in Paris, except for the fact that there were 3 countries running amuck down the streets; one only in his boxers.

"AH! Angelterre, don't touch that! No, don't run away from me! "France cried as England ran down the streets of Paris, America and France chasing after him. They had all thought it would be fun to get some drinks, but unfortunately, they had forgotten Arthur's drinking problem, and so now, they were running after a half-naked England.

"God! I didn't he could run this fast! But we got to help him! I'm the hero after all!" Alfred yelled, somehow managing to yell while running at top speed.

"Oh, shut up already! You said that 5 minutes ago!" Francis grumbled.

"Awww, c'mon, I'm ju-"America was cut off by England's shouting.

"Bloody wankers! You'll all PAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!" England shouted as he brought out a wand.

"I thought we took that from him!" They shouted together, as Arthur began waving it around.

"YNAMREG ESREVER EMIT!KCAB OT DOOHDLIHC UOY OG!" Arthur said with a final brandish of his wand, a bright, white light engulfing them, then…..nothing.

"Artie…What….the hell…was that?" America said, sending England into a fit of giggles.

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough!" England was sent into another fit of giggles, leaving America and France with a look of shock and fear in their eyes. What the hell did England just do?

~4:35 a.m., Germany's house, Berlin, Germany's POV~

It was quiet at Germany's, except for his slight breathing noises. It was only him tonight; Italy had managed to stay in his own house, so it was just Germany and his brother Prussia, who slept in the basement, which was soundproof. So it was pretty calm, with Germany having his usual dream; the one about the girl (or at least he thought it was a girl) sweeping with a push broom, with a familiar looking curl of hair bouncing on "her" head. It was a strange occurrence and Germany could never understand it. The strange thing was, there was boy in the dream too, one in a strange looking cap and black cloak. He felt like he knew them, but he couldn't tell. This time, though, he couldn't see the boy, and he was running up to the girl, who was sitting by a stream.

"Oh, hello -, what's that?" she said, her light auburn hair glinting in the sunlight, a smile on her face. "Strange, her voice is muted when she said… name?" Germany thought, but pushed it aside.

"Oh, it's a-, a- umm, here!" Germany's dream self said, pushing a huge bouquet of-

"CORNFLOWERS! Thank you! Where did you get these?" "She" said, holding the blue flowers close to her chest, deeply inhaling their fragrance.

"Oh, um, do you want me to show you?" He said nervously, his blue eyes full of tension.

"Yes, of course! Show me!" the girl said, grabbing his hand, making him even jittery than he already felt.

"Ok, it's over here -, this way!" He shouted, feeling overjoyed, but he didn't know why. He couldn't hear her name either, but why? "It's right here. See?" Germany said (dream self), pointing to a meadow of cornflowers, swaying lightly in the breeze.

"Oh -, they're beautiful!" she cried, running towards him.

"What are you-"he didn't finish, because he was hit with a bear hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Thank you, Holy Rome!" Time stopped, a bright, white light was enveloping him, and he couldn't move. What did she just-, then it faded to black.

~Same place, an hour later, regular POV~

"GAH!" Germany yelled as he fell to the floor, which was farther from his bed than he remembered. "What the hell just- oh never mind, it's just a dream, it's not like its real." He said, holding his head. Wait, why did his hand seem smaller? Oh god, he was shorter than the door! Germany ran out of the room into the bathroom, looking into the mirror.

"Oh, someone's gonna have hell to pay when I find them." Germany said, with a strange Italian accent. Because the person looking back at him in the mirror, was a 9 year old boy, whose clothes did not even fit.