Omake is a go! Enjoy!

~A while after the incident, Paris, France, Normal POV~

"What do you think I should get Germany for his birthday Big Brother France?" Italy said, his voice oh so very cute. France thought for a moment, and had a very perverted, and evil thought.

"How about a few pictures? I'll even help you." He said with a suave smile.

"Thank you Big Brother France! That's perfect!" Italy cried, and France left to go get his camera and, other, things.

~Germany's Birthday, Berlin, Germany, Normal POV~

"Happy birthday West!" Prussia said, handing him a box, which contained a beer mug, and a picture of Gilbert. Just then, Italy raced in with his package.

"Germany! Germany, look what I got you! France helped me!" He cried as he shoved the box in Germany's hands.

"Er, Danke Italy." He said, and began to open it. He just thought it was a bottle of wine, but oh, was he wrong. Inside the box, contained many, many, many photos of Italy in costumes, ranging from cute, to….erotic. Well, it was France who helped him. Germany couldn't stop the nosebleed from gushing out.

"Kesesesese~ Oi West, this is just perfect! Italy got you something you can-" Before Prussia could finish, he was punched in the face by his brother.

Narr/Me: To this day, Germany can't get rid of any of the pictures. Infact, he looks at them, a lot, and each time, gets a nosebleed, and many many dirty thoughts, and wet dreams. Just don't tell him I told you that, please. I will be murdered for it, so don't.

Thank you all for reading the story! I hope it didn't suck too much!