Dean and Castiel walked through the trees, hand in hand. Every so often Cas would stop, fascinated with something along the way, a bright outcropping of flowers, a hive of particularly busy bees, a furry little rabbit who had come out of his warren to investigate the strange presence passing through before ducking back inside after spotting Dean. Dean huffed and Castiel turned to smile at him, eyes crinkling happily at the corners. Dean felt his heart skip a beat and he felt warm at the idea that the angel still existed because of him, because of his love.

They stopped in a clearing, lying down in the grass and letting the sun warm them, birds singing in the trees. Clouds drifted overhead in the skies and Castiel beamed happily at nature, spellbound by everything they came across. He walked barefoot in the grass, letting the blades tickle his feet and the dirt squish between his toes. He flung his arms wide and turned in a circle, laughing happily while a few butterflies fluttered around his outstretched fingers. Dean rolled his eyes and smiled fondly. Cas caught the soft look and bounded over to Dean, launching into Dean's arms. Dean barely got his arms up in time to catch Cas but managed to spin him around happily, letting Cas' good mood infect him. He gently lowered Cas' feet to the ground and smiled, pulling the angel in for a kiss. Cas smiled against his lips, pulling back with a joyous laugh, grabbing Dean's hand and pulling him through the woods. Dean stumbled after him for a few steps before shaking his head and bounding along beside him, keeping pace.

They wandered in the woods until the sun started to retreat behind the trees and the nocturnal animals started shaking themselves awake for the evening. Dean wrapped an arm securely around Castiel's shoulder, pulling him close to press his lips to Cas' hair before leading him down a well-worn path through the trees. Up ahead, smoke wound against the sky and the dark outline of a homestead could be seen. A small grouping of buildings clustered together glowed with a warm light. The sound of a barking dogs cut through the trees before a dark shape came bounding excitedly towards the two men. The dog leapt up excitedly at the sight of Dean and Castiel, yipping happily and wiggling, trying to get the attention of the dark haired man. Cas laughed, slipping out of Dean's embrace and crouching down to allow his face to be mauled by Charger's overeager tongue. Dean scratched behind Impalas ears before continuing towards the buildings. Cas watched him walk away for a few moments before scrambling up to join him.

They broke through the trees, fingers intertwined and entered the cabin. Inside a warm fire glowed in the hearth. A dark haired woman was playing with a sleepy little girl by the fire and a large man was washing dishes in a bucket by the stove. The man turned around, placing the sudsy bowl on the counter with a beaming smile.

"Bout time you came home Dean."

Sam stepped forward, hand outstretched towards Castiel.

"And you must be Castiel, you look at little different than I remember."

Castiel smiled shyly, shaking the offered hand.

"As do you Sam."

Sam laughed heartily, deciding to pull Castiel in for a hug. Dean looked at the two men getting along and allowed a huge smile to crawl across his face. He caught Sarah's eye from her place on the hearth and she answered her smile with one of her own. She mouthed a "good to see you" at Dean and he inclined his head in acknowledgement. Sam pulled away from Cas and motioned at the dishes with a smirk.

"You're a little late for dinner"

Dean nodded at the little girl by the hearth.

"Looks like I'm a little late for more than just dinner."

Sarah picked herself up from the floor, gathering the little girl against her hip and moving over towards the two men in the doorway. The little girl looked up at them with wide eyes, a shy smile gracing her face when Dean waved at her. She tucked her face into her mother's side, chewing on a fist.

"She's beautiful Sammy. Must be all Sarah's genes huh?"

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Something like that."

Sam smirked at the two men, giving them an appraising look.

"So where you been all this time, little brother?"

Dean spluttered and gaped, mouth opening and closing. He blushed at the memories of the past few months spent with Cas in the cave, before letting his indignation at being called little brother win over his fond reminiscing on the fun they had gotten up to once Cas had a human body of his own to experience.

"Little brother?"

Sam shrugged.

"Far as I can tell I'm 24 and you're only 22… so I think that makes you the little brother"

Three hours and seven wrestling matches later, it was determined that Sam was indeed still the little brother.

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