See Joy Ride and Obsolete Components for Vega and Bit's POVs.

"Hey Bit can I come in? Well I'm coming in anyway!" Jamie used his override code to force open the Zoid Champion's bedroom door. Though it was ten in the evening, Jamie the 'Wild Eagle' was wide awake, this was pretty normal for the team strategist but there was an urgency in the pilot's voice that was normally only there during a grievous arena battle.

"Bit there's something I need to talk to with everyone and that includes you!" Ever since a strange communication with Vega Obscura, former Back Draft Syndicate top rank pilot, Bit had stopped piloting Ligar. It was bizarre. Thankfully they still had a shield Ligar in cold storage from a year or two back and Doc had finally got around to fixing the stupid thing.

However, Bit's entire style had changed, it was like he wasn't even trying to win anymore, Jamie and Leena had to pick up the slack, especially since Brade had up and joined Team Fugal, the Blitz team, was now reduced to three. Thankfully Leena was slowly learning how to aim, and Jamie was learning to use his piloting skills without lapsing into his Wild Eagle persona. Bit however . . .

"Whatever." The former junk dealer mumbled.

"Bit!" Jamie snarled. "It's about Ligar!"

Five minutes later . . ..

Bit's face was the same uncharacteristic solemnest it had shown for months now, but at least now he was actually looking at something instead of staring into space.

"I'll get to the point." Jamie started, everyone was dress haphazardly Jamie saying it was important they talked right away. Of course, for Leena weather it was a nightie or a dress it was always form fitting, and doc well . . . he kept falling asleep.

Jamie remained standing the storage base's discussion room. "I was checking out the new an hour ago when I saw a report that someone had hacked into the ZBC's main computer and stolen two Zoid designs. As you know, while stats ARE allowed as public knowledge the inner workings of a Zoid are kept private. Apparently they . . ."

Leena mumbled. "Can you get to the point so I can get back to my beauty sleep?"

Jamie flushed. "Fine! The point? The schematics stolen from the archives were the Berserk Fury! And the Ligar Zero!"

Now everyone was paying attention.

"I think everyone here can do the math. There's only one reason anyone would want data on the insides of the only two registered Ultimate X's on Zebus."

Jamie thought on the bright side this might be good for Bit, he actually took part in the conversation. "Jamie I DO know what you're implying! But think for a minute." Bit said THAT?! "The Organoid System is a black box design. Even the ZBC and main Zoid producers were never able to figure it out. Whoever did this wasted their time."

"Maybe . . . maybe not, but YOU think for a minute Bit, if they can't figure out the Organoid System just from data they stole from the ZBC . . . what do you think they're going to do next?"

Bit was silent, and Leena saw inside his head the hamster running so fast it broke the wheel. "We need to find Vega! He'll be a target too!"

Doc spoke in his knowing voice. "There's no way to know who we're dealing with. It's not Back Draft that's clear, they already have the Fury, they wouldn't need the Ligar, even if 90% of their top officers weren't in prison and they were still trying to pull themselves together after the disaster for them at the Royal Cup."

"Your point?" Jamie asked.

"They might need two Ultimate X just to figure out what similarities they have. Who knows, maybe they plan to just take the black boxes apart and figure out their insides. But anyway, we have no way of knowing how long it's going to take them to realize they'll need a live model."

"And . . ."

"We should all get some sleep and picked this up in the morning!" Everyone else in the room fell over. "It might be a few days before they make their move."

"Doc you can't be serious!" Jamie pleaded.

Bit wasn't hearing any of this, he was at the vid-phone, he scrolled down the list of calls, thankful that Doc was too lazy to clear out the log and make more room for memory. Finally he found it. Where Vega had called him from. The boy might not even be there anymore. But it was better than nothing.

"I'll be out for a while, don't wait up."

Leena stood up indignant. "And where do you think you're going?"

"I have to warn Vega! Fury means the world to him! And these guys might be killers! Vega is in serious danger!"

"You taking Ligar?" Leena asked.

"Of course I'm taking shield!"

"I meant Zero! You'll need to get there as fast as you can. Though have you ever considered going off on your own is suicide?! And we'd just let you go off and make yourself a giant target?"

Jamie went between them. "And did either of you consider just hitting '*' '8' '2' on the key pad after loading up the date with Bit and Vega in the vid-phone?"

Both sweat dropped. They hadn't.

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