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The Long Way Back Home Chapter 28:

Inclement and self-righteous, Rosalie didn't dwell on what she was about to do—she simply pushed the syringe's content into the central venous catheter.

"Goodbye, Grandpapa. See you in Hell."

This is where Rosalie's story begins.

Her confident stride didn't betray the nervousness pulsing through her veins. Giving an air of belonging was the key to escape unnoticed—nobody would question her presence if they believed her a part of the staff. Heart pounding, she hurried her steps and burst out of the hospital into the warm, bright sun.

A vicious smile on her face, she felt a surge of satisfaction at what she had accomplished. For the first time, she thanked the hours she had been forced to sit through the boring nurse training. She never understood why she couldn't sleep through that, as she always did when beat into submission, but now she was happy she didn't.

The syringe had been brilliant, and she wasn't above congratulating herself on a job well done. Of course, the old goat deserved way worse than dying on a comfortable bed, but it would have to do. At least, she hadn't been subjected to any pleas for mercy—that would have been truly pathetic.

And Rosalie really couldn't stand pathetic people.