"I can only conclude that she believed the pen to be a sharp object, like a knife, perhaps."

"So, in her mind, she is dead?"


The crestfallen expression on Emmett's face betrayed all the love he held for his cousin. After her last session, the police had exhumed her grandfather's body. He was Rosalie's first and only victim and she was indicted. Seeing that she was unfit to stand trial, the process would be pending indefinitelyuntil the day when she would either wake up or die. For reasons unknown, the rest of the family cut all ties with Rosalie.

"Will she ever wake up?"

"I don't know."

"Why did she break down like this?"

"I can't know for sure. My best guess is that she couldn't handle the fact that she had taken a life."

"Can I have a moment of privacy?"

Patting the younger man's shoulder, Dr. Banner left with a heavy heart. The poor boy wasted hours of his time talking to Rosalie's unmoving form, but he wouldn't be dissuaded.

Carefully sitting himself on Rosalie's bed, Emmett started to brush her long hair. The weekly ritual was completed by the whispered litany with which he filled the long hours he spent in her company.

"You are loved. You are wanted. I love you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

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