*Three weeks later* *Cassie's Diary entry 12/9/05*
Dear Diary,

My mom and my shrink are making me writing in this Fucking journal once a day for a whole week. FUCK THEM! God they just wont leave me alone.

It's been three weeks since mom's brought this new guy into the house. This is just like her, bring in a new guy every time she gets stressed. Like this ones any difference. The last one was a Fucking bastard and so is this one. He keeps wanting to talk to me, he acts like he knows me.

Fuck him.

Fuck Victor.


They keep making me go to this stupid shrink they act like it will make it hurt less. It all started with this one argument. I told Victor I didn't want to clean my room, (What Fucking 9 year old wants to clean their Fucking room!) So he hit me. I had no idea what to do all I could do was sit there and cry. I WAS 9! By the time I was 12 he was throwing me down the stairwell every week. At first it was hard to hide the cuts and bruises from my mom, but it got easier with time. I could hide a broken rib from her for weeks and she wouldn't even notice. It's not like I was being weak or anything but I didn't want her to know because I knew that she loved Victor. I wanted her to be happy for once and I hate messing up her happiness but I was having a horrible day and I knew that if I went home after school Victor would be there. Alone. Waiting for me to come home. He was probably drunk and angry about some SHIT.

I knew this super hot senior from my school. His name was Jaye. (I doubt that's his real name) He invited me to a party, I said yes and then I hoped onto his bike and we went to his friends house. I got drunk. REALLY REALLY drunk. He offered me some pills, I liked him so I said yes. Then I took them 2 black pearls. He called then black beauties, I don't remember much after that but something I do make out is the feeling. The high was amazing. I'm still craving it. I took some yesterday. I snuck out of bed and hopped into Jaye's bedroom. I think we're dating? I'm not sure? We've hooked up like three times. I doubt that he wants to date me though. I'm just some messed up freshman covered in bruises and cuts. The best part about this whole relationship is the pills. I sleep with him, he gives me more. It's like heaven in a capsule. When I'm on them it feels like I'm finally happy. I don't give a FLYING FUCK what that John guy or my mom thinks about my "behavior'. They can go fuck off.

OH! I almost forgot. Tomorrow mom said that John's idiot kids are coming over. They sound like dicks to me. One's like 20 and the other's like 16. I bet they're just some stuck up pricks that try to hard to be my friend. I don't give a Fuck about them or their Dad. I hate them already. I pretty much thinking of ditching them and going over to Jaye's house. This time I'm going to ask him for a whole bottle of pills, if I have to deal with the Winchesters for a whole week then I'm gonna need them.