Hokay, be nice this is the first fanfiction I've written in like 8 years. It's just a random dream that came to me, probably cause I've been watching so much GL:TAS and YJ. Feel free to leave feedback. :D

Chapter 1.

"Ella wake up!" Mom called from downstairs. "You're going to be late for school!"

A tousled brown head of hair appeared from under the covers. Bleary green eyes blinked as a young girl tumbled out of bed. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes she pulled on a pair of dark blue jeans and a red t-shirt. Glancing at the clock her eyes widened. "Shit!" She whispered and scrambled to grab her backpack and a worn gray hoodie.

She thundered down the wooden stairs where her Mom was waiting. "I told you not to stay up so late!" Her Mom complained handing her a brown paper bag.

Taking it Ella slipped on a holey pair of Vans and shoved her lunch into her backpack. "I'm sorry, I have an English test today, had to study. See you Mom!"

"Hold up there, give your Mom a kiss goodbye," her Mom said.

Ella pecked her Mom's cheek and waved goodbye.

Ella's feet pounded on the pavement, breathing hard as she raced for the bus stop. Only to see it rumbling away. "Stop!" She cried racing after the yellow vehicle.

Ella managed to keep up for a few blocks, only to trip on an uneven part of the street and tumble to the ground. Cursing in between breaths she sat up frowning at the new tears in her favorite jeans. Limping slightly she settled on a the cold cement of the sidewalk to check the pain that was now throbbing through her knees.

Blood was slowly making its way through various cuts on her knees. Slipping her backpack off, she unzipped it and pulled out a small first aid kit. Her Mom insisted she carry it at all times and now she was glad. She winced when she used one of the alcohol pads to clean the cuts, the pain slowly subsiding after she applied two band aids. "I'm so going to be late," she grumbled under her breath as she stood.

It was a good three miles to school, which is why she took the bus. She was old enough to have her license, but cars cost money and she had neither. Ella sighed and pulled her backpack back on her shoulders. Slowly she began to trek the hike to school.

With only four blocks to go, Ella heard a soft whistling noise. Turning her head, she tried to figure out where it was coming from. "Hey what's that!" A stranger asked pointing to a tiny green light streaking across the sky.

Ella squinted trying to see what it was, when it turned and headed straight for her. The tiny green light turned out to be a bright green ring with a strange insignia carved on it. "What the...?" She said as it stopped right in front of her.

"You have been chosen to be a Green Lantern," a voice said from the ring.

"What?" Ella asked confused. "Me?"

The ring sighed. "Yes, now do you accept the responsibility of being a Green Lantern?" It asked.

"Y-yes?" Ella replied.

The moved forward and Ella held out her hand. It slid onto her finger only to engulf her in green light. It covered her clothes in black and green cloth. Black boots covered her feet and moved upwards seamlessly to a green leotard. The same symbol that was on the ring materialized above her chest, as black gloves covered her hands and green material grew along her arms. "Look it's Green Lantern!" a stranger called pointing at Ella.

"I thought Green Lantern was a guy?" Another asked. "Who are you?"

Ella panicked as strangers stepped forwards curious looks in their eyes. Without thinking she raised her ring hand towards the sky and her feet lifted off as she flew off.

Ella stopped in midair trying to brace herself against anything. "I-I'm a Green Lantern, and I can fly!" She exclaimed looking at herself in the reflective glass of a building.

Her brown hair was now pulled back into a high ponytail and a green mask covered her eyes and nose. The fabric felt smooth almost like a second skin and no matter how she tried she couldn't pull the gloves from her hands. "Now what?" She muttered. "I can't go to school like this."

Deciding to test out her newfound powers, Ella flew off.

The wind felt good on her skin and she marveled how quickly she could fly. It was much easier than she thought and it was fun. Ella remembered seeing Green Lantern on TV creating green light constructs and she wondered if she could too. Concentrating on creating a baseball bat, she watched as green light poured out of her ring and form a bright green bat construct. "Woah, I wonder what else I can create?" She wondered as the light went back into the ring.

"Help!" A young voice called breaking her thoughts.

Turning her head she saw smoke pouring out of a house, a little girl waving her hands out a window. Fire trucks were pouring water on the fire, but it was burning quickly. 'I can help!' Ella thought determined to use her newfound powers for good.

Flying towards the building she created a fire extinguisher construct determined to put the fire out. "Look it's Green Lantern!" One of the fire fighters yelled.

'I'm not the Green Lantern you're thinking of,' Ella thought as she used her construct to put the fire out.

Once the flames were extinguished, Ella helped the girl out of the house and onto the ground. "Thank you!" A woman cried running towards the little girl.

"Mommy! Green Lantern saved me!" She cried as her Mother engulfed the child in a hug.

"Good work there, but aren't you a little young to be a Green Lantern miss?" One of the firefighters asked when he saw Ella up close.

"The ring didn't think so," Ella replied.

"Doesn't matter miss, we'll have to contact the Justice League," one of the firefighters said.

Ella sighed knowing they were right. "I'll wait," she replied.

One of the firefighters went over to the truck and pulled a radio out. "This is Unit 4520 reporting the fire is extinguished, but we have a complication over," he radioed.

"What kind of complication over?" The voice crackled back.

"A new Green Lantern, I need to contact the Justice League over," he replied.

"Stay at your location I'll radio the League and let you know when they'll be sending someone out over."

"Sounds good to me over."

Not sure what to do now Ella sat down on the curb to wait. "Can I have your autograph?" The little girl asked shoving a scrap of paper and a pen in front of her face. "Please, since you saved me."

A smile crept on Ella's lips and she took the pen from her small hand. "Sure," she replied and signed 'Green Lantern.'

No one knew who Green Lantern really was and that was true for most of the Justice League. The little girl grinned and held the paper in one hand. "Mommy! I have Green Lantern's autograph!"

Ella couldn't help but smile. "Want some coffee while you wait?" One of the firefighters asked handing her a steaming foam cup.

"Thanks," she replied taking it.

"I didn't know there was a female Green Lantern," she said sitting down next to her, a matching cup in her hands.

"Well, I-I kinda only became a Green Lantern today," she replied staring at the coffee.

"You did a good job for your first day," she said smiling. "That little girl certainly appreciated it."

Ella couldn't help but smile in return. "She even asked for my autograph. That's a first."

The female firefighter laughed, then glanced up. "Here they come."

Ella looked up her eyes widening. Superman, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter were flying overhead. They all landed gracefully in front of the burnt building. Green Lantern stepped forward first as Ella rose to her feet. "H-hi," she said waving.

All three superheros stared at her making her fidget. Green Lantern stepped forward and stuck out his hand. "Hi! It's good to meet you. I'm assuming you know who we are. I have a few questions for you, but I think they would be better answered at the Hall of Justice," Green Lantern said.

Ella shook his hand. "Ok," she replied.

"Follow us," Martian Manhunter said gravely and the three rose into the air.

Ella followed keeping a distance from them. They were all Justice League members, powerful superheroes. 'You are a superhero now too,' Ella thought as they flew across the sky.

"Since we're out of range of normal people. I'm Hal Jordan, you'll meet my other Green Lantern Corps member John Stewart soon. You'll also get to meet Guy Gardner sometime soon," Hal said grimacing when he said Guy's name.

"I'm Ellanor Jonson, but I go as Ella for the most part," she replied. "I thought superheros were suppose to keep their identities secret?

"Well on Earth yes. When we go into Guardian space it doesn't matter."

"Guardian space?" Ella asked confused.

"You'll get the whole spiel when we arrive on Oa," Hal replied.

"Don't overwhelm the poor girl," Superman said.

"Alright alright Superman," Hal said. "Just make sure to call me Green Lantern."

"I will," Ella replied still unsure of the information he told her.

The four continued their flight to the Hall of Justice in silence.