Chapter 8.

Ella flew halfway to her room, before stopping. She had to find Aya and training with F'rethra would have to wait. Turning around, she flew back to the Interceptor. Who else could she contact about Aya? Remembering Hal said that he traveled with Kilowog too. Hoping she could find Kilowog at this hour, Ella flew off towards the training area.

She landed near the training area and began her search. "You there, what are you doing here?" A Green Lantern said.

"I'm looking for Sergeant Kilowog. I need to speak with him please," Ella replied.

"You're one of the new recruits aren't you? Come with me, I'll take you to him," the alien replied.

Ella followed him (or so she thought) through more hallways. "His quarters are here," the Green Lantern said pressing a com button. "Sergeant Kilowog, there's a recruit who needs to speak with you."

The door opened and Kilowog walked out. At first he scowled down at her. "What is it poozer?" He snarled. "You should be at rest. We have training tomorrow."

"I need to speak with you. It's-it's about the Interceptor," Ella said nervously.

Kilowog's eyes widened. "Come in, I'll speak with you in private."

Ella followed him inside, the door smoothly shutting. "It's about Aya," Ella said.

Kilowog spun around grabbing her shoulders. "What about Aya?" He snapped.

Ella shook in his strong grip. "I went to see her earlier and she's nowhere to be found. I contacted Hal, but he never showed up," Ella rushed. "I'm worried about her. Where could she be?"

Kilowog released her worry in his eyes. "I'll try contacting Hal. What is your name recruit?" He asked.

"Ella Jonson from Earth," Ella replied. "Will you let me know if you find anything?"

"Of course Ella. You should get some sleep, you have training tomorrow."

Kilowog was surprisingly gentle when he steered her out of his rooms. Ella left Kilowog's rooms and flew back to hers. She didn't know if Aya would be found, and worry still clung to her. She landed and slowly walked to her rooms. Guilt lay heavy on her chest. It might be her fault Aya was found out. If it was, Ella could never forgive herself. She curled up in bed and tried to get to sleep. Worry plagued her dreams, and Ella barely got any sleep that night.

The next morning, Ella stumbled out of bed, dark circles under her eyes. F'retha's eyes widened in surprise when she saw Ella. "You look like a d'rlannian. Did you get any sleep?" She said patting her friend's shoulder.

"I have no idea what that is, but thanks F'retha," Ella murmured rubbing her eyes tiredly.

A buzzer sounded letting the recruits know it was time to train. Ella groaned knowing it would be harder than ever. Especially knowing that Aya was still missing and she couldn't tell any of her friends about it. "Come Ella, time to train," F'retha said.

When they arrived at the training arena, Kilowog pulled her aside. "No news of Aya yet," he said softly as his deep voice could get. "Hal's been sent on a mission by the Guardians, that's why he didn't meet up with you."

Anger bubbled up in Ella's chest. "He could have told me," she snapped. "I'm sick of him treating me as a kid."

"Jordan gets in a rush about things and forgets to tell others," Kilowog said. "Get back in line.

Kilowog turned and bellowed out. "On your toes poozers!" He roared.

Ella fell in line. "What did Sergeant Kilowog want to talk to you about?" F'retha asked.

"Oh I had a question to ask him."

Before F'retha could open her mouth to speak, Kilowog had them all doing sprints. Ella tried to keep up, but her sleepless night made her slow. "Recruit, you're being sloppy. Either pick it up or go back to your rooms!" Kilowog bellowed.

Ella sighed and tried harder. She barely managed to keep up in the training, and felt exhaustion though her bones. Too tired to worry, Ella went back to her room to get some well rested sleep. She slumped down on her bed still in her Green Lantern uniform, her eyes shutting as she fell asleep, her lights automatically dimming.

Ella's eyes fluttered open as she regained consciousness. Still no word on Aya. Sitting up she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Going to her bathroom, Ella washed her face helping her wake up. She had to see if she could find Razer. He needed to know Aya was missing. She left her rooms and flew off heading towards the Red Lantern's rooms. Aya had explained he was given refuge after the Red Lanterns attack. She picked up speed and quickly landed near his rooms. She pressed the com. "Razer are you there?" She asked.

Razer didn't pick up. Ella pressed it again. "Razer?" She called out again.

Still he didn't pick up. Frustration bubbled up. "Aggh, Razer is missing too?" She snapped angrily.

Ella stormed out, taking off into the air. Hal was on a mission and Aya and Razer were missing. She missed the Team back on Earth. They didn't go missing and didn't tell her. She needed to speak with Kilowog and see if he knew anything more. Quickly she flew off to his location.

Once she arrived, Ella pressed the com to his rooms. "Sergeant Kilowog, I need to speak with you again."

His door smoothly opened. "Ella, good to see you again," Kilowog said.

"Uh, Sergeant, Razer's missing. I went to tell him about Aya, and he wasn't in his rooms," Ella explained. "I haven't seen him in a long time. Hal assured me he was alright, but both Aya and Razer missing I'm worried."

Ella wasn't very close to Razer, but she knew he cared for the AI. "Red's missing too," Kilowog said rubbing his chin. "I'll see if I can get into contact with Jordan."

Ella crossed her arms across her chest. "This is all crap. Aya's missing, Razer's missing. Hal's on a mission for the Guardians. Of course I'm left in the dark again," Ella grumbled.

"Cool it kid. We'll find Red and Aya," Kilowog said resting a hand on her shoulder.

Ella sighed knowing he was right. "Fine. What can I do?"

"Sit tight, keep up your training. You may be able to keep up with humans, but not Guardian space enemies," Kilowog explained. "Now go back to your room. You have training again tomorrow."

Ella nodded and left back to her rooms. She couldn't do anything now, Kilowog was the one who could help. Hopefully they found Aya soon, and Razer, wherever he was.

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