Egoraptor and JonTron Go To Subway

A Game Grumps Fanfiction Novelette

By Smash the Ecchidna


"Hey I'm Grump / I'm Not So Grump / And we're the Game Grumps!" Egoraptor and JonTron, the Game Grumps, screamed one morning. They were about to yell at video games when suddenly JonTron's stomach grumbled loudly.

"Haha, looks like my stummy's grump too!" JonTron said. Egoraptor giggled and waved his hand toward JonTron as if to say "Oh, you!"

"Alright, we should go grab something to eat then," Egoraptor said. "Where do you wanna go?"

"I dunno... This is quite a pickle!" JonTron replied. Making decisions was not JonTron's strong point, but making food puns certainly was.

The two ruminated over their quandary for a moment, considering all possibilities available to them but never reaching a conclusion. They might have remained stuck in this situation for all eternity were it not for the train passing over their house giving Egoraptor an idea. "How about we go to Subway?" he posited.

"That sounds grumptious! Let's do it," JonTron gleefully responded. So they quickly put their clothes on, stepped outside, and got into the Grumpmobile.

"Hey, where are the keys?" Egoraptor anxiously asked. His head darted in multiple directions, frantically searching for the car keys as he began to become hot and bothered.

"Right here, pal," JonTron smirked as he gingerly pulled the keys out of his pants pocket. Egoraptor playfully slapped JonTron's chest as he grasped the keys and plunged them into the ignition hole.

The Grumpmobile started up smoothly and the two dudes buckled up. Egoraptor made sure to check that they still had plenty of gas, that their signals were functional, and, most importantly, that their fuzzy dice were still funky fresh. Everything was clear for them to start driving. Thus, the Grumps drove themselves to Subway, making sure to obey all traffic safety laws on the way.