Okay, since I got such positive feedback, I was asked to continue this fanfic. Here it is but I must warn you, I was bored when I wrote it.


Scene: Where we last left off

Chandler knew he would have to ask the question, but was afraid of the answer. He wet his lips with his tongue and cleared his throat. He slowly opened his mouth and spoke the words he was regretting already.

"Monica, if Richard and you had the same future in mind and if he had asked you to marry him 3 years ago, would you have said yes?"

Monica sat, stunned, for she did not know the answer.

Chandler was terrified. He already knew that if Richard had asked her to marry him, she would have instantly said yes. But what surprised him was that she still didn't' answer him. He looked at his soul mate who was staring at her engagement ring with tears in her eyes. Chandler felt a pang in his heart.

Thousands of thoughts swirled in Monica's head. She knew that Chandler was waiting for an answer. The truth was that she didn't know. She had no idea if she had said yes or no. When she had been with Richard, she felt happy. She was safe and secure and in love. But here she was, with Chandler. Being with him made her heart ache with so much love. She had never felt this with Richard. When she was with Chandler, she felt… she felt… Monica shook her head. Words didn't describe what she had with Chandler. It was so much more than love. They had a solid foundation, a friendship. This was already more with what she had with Chandler, not Richard. Monica looked up at her best friend and smiled.

Chandler felt more and more nervous as he eagerly waited. What's wrong with you? He thought. Of course she would have said yes. Duh. But the more and more he thought about life before being with Monica made him sick to his stomach. How did I ever survive without her? I mean, today, I can't even imagine life without her, so how did I manage those years? Chandler knew the answer to that one. Even though him and Monica weren't together then, they were. Whenever she had another break-up, he was there in an instant. Whenever he messed up, she was there. Whenever they need help, they were there for each other. Whenever…

Chandler snapped out of his thoughts and saw Monica smiling at him.
She slowly opened her mouth and answered, "I honestly don't know Chandler." Chandler was surprised, "What?" Monica took a deep breath and looked at him. Monica started explaining.

"Chandler, you and I both know what my answer would have been. If he had proposed, of course I would have said yes." Chandler looked away, hurt. Monica got tears in her eyes and continued. "Right now, we would have been married and probably had a child. But don't you see? I would have never been happy as much as I am with you. Chandler, you are my life. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I can't possibly live without you. You are my sunshine, my fiancé, my best friend, my adviser, and my all. Chandler, you are my soul mate. In a way, I'm thankful. I'm thankful to Richard for breaking up, otherwise I would have never gotten together with YOU. I experienced things with you that I never had with Richard. We survived so much together, and not just as lovers, but as friends. BEST FRIENDS."

Monica finished and gazed at Chandler. He had gotten tears in his eyes, just by listening to her. He never knew she felt this way. Sure, she loved him, but he never knew she cared that much, willing to give her life away for him. At that moment, Chandler felt so much passion and love and gratitude to the person who was lying next to him on the chair. Chandler slowly turned his eyes toward her and whispered, "That was so beautiful, Monica. You have no idea how much relief I feel right now." He drew his face near hers and slowly kissed. Her lips were salty from crying, as his cheeks. He wiped them with his thumb as the kiss continued.

Monica was feeling so much joy that her heart could burst any minute. She was do glad that Chandler understood. A thought came to her as she broke away the kiss. "Chandler, do you believe in destiny? You know, fate?" Chandler didn't respond. Monica continued, "I think everything happens for a reason and "it was our destiny for being together" Chandler finished. She nodded. "Monica, I HAVE to believe that. Otherwise, where would you be right now? Where would I be right now? Where would we be right now? Yes, Monica, I believe. After all, we're soul mates." Monica snuggled against him again and they both closed their eyes. "Soul mates", she whispered as they nodded off to sleep.

Here are some lyrics that I thought were perfect for this moment.


Maybe it's intuition…
Something's you just don't question…
Like in your eyes, I see my future in an instant…
And there it goes; I think I've found my best friend…