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Chapter 1

Peter POV

I felt it was time. Sometimes I knew things. This was the time to find him. To end this. I tracked the bastard down. He wasn't exactly hiding. I saw him and his little mate driving off with the brown haired girl. Driving all the way to Phoenix Arizona with the pretty little human. I couldn't see her well enough. I watched the ball field. I saw she was with the pretty boy. I saw the nomads show up.

Jasper's coven outnumbered them seven to three. They should have ended it there. They had the numbers. But it appears Jasper Cullen has fallen in with a bunch of animal feeding pacifists. Poor girl. Let her in this life and then instead of taking care of a problem with strength, they drag her away from home to hide her.

Now Jasper was separated from his coven. Not that they would have done much good apparently. I heard from a nomad a few years ago that his mate could see the future. Apparently she couldn't see me coming.

Jasper Whitlock liked to brag that he had never lost a fight. He was almost right. But he lost one. I didn't light the match. There wasn't time. I had to get the blonde girl away. But there was time now. I would make sure there was time.

I sat outside the hotel thinking of how to approach him. When to attack. Where. My hunches weren't specific on details. I just knew I had to follow that bastard. I would get my chance.

My chance to avenge my family that he killed in front of me. My sister. My Mom and Dad. All because he wanted me for his army. His pathetic army.

I had waited over one hundred years, biding my time. I learned from other Nomads that he left. He had met someone. Good for him. Glad he was happy. I thought of tracking the coven down then. But…it wasn't the right time. I would wait. Let him fall in love. Let him start a new life. Then I was going to tear that bastard limb from limb for what he did to me and my family.

These thoughts were putting me in a killing mood. They nearly consumed me until I saw her running from the hotel and hopping into a cab. Jasper wasn't with her. Now another hunch hit me.


I needed to follow her. I didn't know why. I sat in my truck having only a few seconds to make a decision. I wanted to kill him. Tonight.

I had to follow her. Shit.

I pulled into traffic and kept the taxi in sight. The taxi stopped fifteen minutes from the hotel. A ballet studio. It was closed.

She paid the taxi and it left her there. This whole section of businesses seemed to be closed. I wonder what the hell she was doing.

She walked into the studio. To my surprise but apparently not hers, it was open.

Suddenly I was hit like a damn freight train. I had to get inside. Now.

Not one to normally question my instincts I ran across the street and into the studio. I smelt him as soon as I entered.

He was toying with her. I heard a voice in the background. Sounded like a recorded voice calling out to a Bella?

The pony tailed vampire was smiling. He was videotaping her. I recognized him instantly. The nomad from the field. I wondered where his mate was.

He was about to strike the girl. He didn't want to feed from her. He wanted to torture her. She ran and he jumped in front of her. She…sprayed him? Pepper spray? Who the hell was this kid?

He stepped towards her. He planned to hit her.

I never thought about it. I rushed him and had him pinned against the far wall before his hand could touch her. I saw the look of fear on his face. He knew instantly. He could sense my animal was greater than his. He knew in an instant that he was fucked. I flipped him into the ground causing a nice crater. I didn't have time to play. There was a girl here. He opened his mouth to scream or plead or beg. I didn't give a damn. Half a second later he couldn't talk because I had his throat in my mouth. Spitting it out. I lit a match and threw it on his body. He lit up quick. This was who Jasper's coven was afraid to fight? Jasper would be easier to take out than the last time we fought. Last time had been a near thing. He almost took me. Almost don't count for shit. I had him in pieces. I should have lit him up.

I turned and saw the girl hadn't ran. She was staring at me. I locked eyes with her and…damn. This was the first time I had really seen her. I walked up and grabbed her hand. I planned to tell her we needed to leave. The minute I touched her a spark of electricity shot through me. I assumed from her reaction it happened to her as well. I let go of her hand dazed.

I saw the fire was spreading. That damn burning vampire was going to take the whole place up with him.

Let her go back? No. I knew who she was now. I wouldn't let Whitlock near her again. The pretty boy would try to keep her. Whitlock would probably try to drain her. Eventually pretty boy would hurt her. I knew it. Just like I knew other things. The mate of this burning guy would never stop coming after her. The red head would go after her and the whole coven. I recognized crazy when I saw it and she was one crazy bitch. I made the decision that would eventually change the course of my existence.

"Come with me if you want to live."

She didn't say anything. She nodded though, still staring into my eyes. I picked her up and moved her to my truck in a second. Putting it in gear I sped out of there.

My feeling had nothing to do with killing Jasper. Not this time. I came here to take her. So take her I would. Consequences be damned.

We were twenty miles outside of Phoenix heading to my house fourteen hours away when she finally spoke.

"Do you really have to take me so far away?" she asked.


"Where are we going then? I need to call my father. He will be worried. So will the Cullens." she said looking out the window. She didn't seem afraid. More resigned. She expected that nomad to kill her. She was prepared to die. But I had a feeling if that happened my ass would be following her.

"I haven't decide what to do with you, but you cannot call anyone where you are. If you want to protect yourself and your family you need to be quiet and stay with me."

"Are you a friend of the Cullens?" she asked.

"Honey, do I look like I got friends?"

She looked up at me. She met my eyes again. I had to turn away before I got lost in them. No. If she was what I thought she was, it wouldn't matter. Not now. I wouldn't do that.

"How old are you?" I asked.



"Okay." I kept looking at the road. I wouldn't get lost in those eyes again. No. No matter what happened in the future I wouldn't be taking advantage of a girl who is the same age my sister was when Whitlock tore her throat out.

"Can I ask your name?" she asked in a strong voice.

"I'm Peter."

"I'm Bella. I need to get back to Edward."

"Edward? The pretty boy?"

"Yes. His name is Edward."

"Darlin that boy will wind up hurting you. I can't have that. If not him then the bastard you were sharing a hotel room with sure as hell would. All it would take was one little paper cut and Jasper would use that as an excuse to be on you like stink on shit. You can't be around those folks."

"They won't hurt me."

"Yeah, they did a hell of a job keeping you out of trouble then didn't they? What the fuck were you doing anyway?"

"I thought he had my mother." She looked annoyed. Good. It was a feeling I could relate to.

"Yeah well obviously he didn't. Why don't you turn the radio on? Relax. We got a hell of a long ride."

"You aren't going to let me go home?" she whispered.

"Honey, as far as your family is concerned you are dead."


"I'll explain everything when we get to my place."

I figured she would have argued some more but when I looked back at her five minutes later she was out like a light, head against the window, drooling a little. Gross. Still kind of cute. If I were the kind of man who liked cute things it would have pleased me. Instead I just thought about wiping that drool off my window. She slept for four hours. She talked in her sleep. Incoherent ramblings. She was definitely a talker. How the hell did she get wrapped up in this? Fucking pretty boy. He should have turned her or ran from her. Now here I was and I wouldn't turn her without her say so. I sure as fuck couldn't leave her. I didn't know her. But I was stuck with her. I had talked to enough vampires to know what the hell had happened when I saw her. When we touched each other.

This scrawny kid was my mate. I was stuck with her.

"Where are we now?"

"Ten hours from home." I told her.

"Home? Your home?"

"No. The fucking White House. Yes, my home."


"Somethin the matter?"

"I'm kind of hungry." She whispered.

I took a deep breath. Human. I needed to remember this crap. I needed to get food at my house. I could take her shopping. She may have been my mate but she was a kid. Kid or not, I took her and now she was my responsibility.


He pulled over twenty minutes later at a truck stop. There was a small dining area. I sat and he brought me…something. It seemed to be a fried tortilla with some sort of meet surrounded by melted cheese which had cooled.

"What is this? Does it taste good?"

"It's a taquito. How the fuck should I know how it tastes? I eat people for a living." He shrugged his shoulders. While we were escaping the studio I couldn't stop staring at his eyes and thinking about that electric shock that ran through my body when he touched me. I thought for a second afterward that maybe he had some vampire power but it didn't hurt. It felt…good.

Looking at him now I was able to get a better idea of what he looked like. Dark blonde hair. Medium length. Not shaggy but not short either. Dark red eyes. Strong jaw. Broad shoulders. Tall but not too tall. Maybe 6'1 or so. Muscular but lean.

He was a man. I wonder if he ever smiled.

"So you think you could explain to me what is going on and why you won't take me back home if you aren't going to eat me?"

"The guy I killed. He had a mate. The red head in the clearing."


"You were in the clearing?"

"Yeah. I'm still trying to figure out why the coven you were with didn't kill those three bastards then."

The thought had crossed my mind. But I was so worried about something happening to Edward I didn't give it too much thought.

"Why were you in the clearing?"

"Doesn't matter. I got my reasons. What were you doing with a bunch of fucking vampires?"

"Edward is my boyfriend. I love him." I told him. That hurt to say for some reason. Like a kick to my gut. What the hell did he do to me?

"You love him huh? That boy would wind up killing you."

I was starting to get a little angry. "He would never! He loves me. You don't know a thing about him! My blood calls to him more than anyone he has ever met and he hasn't attacked me. He loves me too much to hurt me."

"You are a dumb fucking kid, aren't you? What do you mean your blood calls to him?"

I didn't want to tell him anything. He didn't deserve to know about Edward and I. Still I found my mouth opening and the words spilling out.

"He said my blood was like his personal brand of heroin. He said he had never wanted to drink anyone's blood as much as he wanted mine. He fought that though. So don't sit there and tell me he doesn't love me." I was whispering by the end of my little speech.

"Does that make sense to you?" he asked.

"Does what make sense to me?"

"Do you know about vampire mating? Vampires have one mate in their existence. One person who they belong with. Some go thousands of years without meeting the one that completes them. Does it make sense if you were that person to him then you would also be the one person he wanted to kill more than anyone on Earth?"

"I…" I really hadn't thought about it. Vampire mating? What was he talking about? I remember Alice calling Jasper her mate once. I thought it was just a term of endearment.

"All vampires want to drink human blood. Are you saying if I cut my hand you wouldn't want to drink my blood?"

"No. I don't want your blood kid. I'd be the only one though."

"Why? What makes you different?" Who was this guy? What were we doing?

"Doesn't matter right now. Look vampire mates, if they were apart for long distances it would drive them crazy. They would be wrecks. Where was he?"

"He was trying to track James." I said, feeling like I needed to defend Edward.

"He did a hell of a fucking job. Eat your taquito."

"Are you sure it's safe?"

"Eat already. Then we hit the road." He wasn't much for small talk.

"Why can't I just go back to Forks?" Charlie was probably going crazy.

"We covered that." He responded staring out the window.

"We really haven't." I responded.

"The red head will come after you. She will try to kill anyone who gets in her way, especially your family. The Cullens can't protect you, obviously. Jasper will kill you if he gets the chance and a half way decent excuse. Plus the fact that I have to keep you alive or I go insane until I can find someone to end me. Which is exactly what is going to happen to that redhead. She knows by now that her mate is dead. Mates can't stay away from each other for long. She was near or coming to him."

Charlie. "If she is after me she will get my Dad! He will be alone. Unprotected. I have to go back."

"If you go back she will definitely go after him. If you are gone she won't know where to look but she will know the Cullens don't have you. That means she will focus on them. They are big vampires. They should be able to handle it. That's why you are with me."

That made a certain amount of sense…wait.

"Why do you have to keep me alive?"

"Because you are my mate."

I didn't say anything. That couldn't be. I loved Edward. I took a bite of my taquito. At least that took care of my hunger. That bite pretty much destroyed my appetite.

"I love Edward." I told him.

"Don't worry kid. I don't love you either. I ain't professin my undying love here. We are what we are."

"We can't be…mates. I don't even know you."

"You sure?" he asked. I remembered looking into his eyes. Like seeing someone you know after a long absence. They might look different but you would know them anywhere.

"We had never met." I told him. I definitely would have remembered.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe not in this life. I've only been around for a couple hundred years. Who knows what went on in the past? But our souls are tied, whether we like it or not."

"How do you know?" I was meant to be with Edward. This was impossible. He was playing a game.

"What did you feel the first time you looked in my eyes? Did you feel the same shock I did when we touched? I've talked to a few vampires over the years. I know what that was. You do too. We are stuck with each other. I have to keep you alive. I die, you die. You die, I go insane. We gonna keep coverin the same ground?"

"Let's say I believe you. What are we going to do about this? We don't even know each other. I love someone who is not you. I mean are we supposed to jump into a relationship? Are you going to change me into a vampire? I told you I love Edward."

"Good for you. He seems like he has great…hair. No. I won't turn you unless you ask me. I would never do anything like that to someone without their permission. And no, I don't expect us to hop into a relationship. Honestly anyone who is into a guy who looks like your boyfriend ain't someone I would be interested in. You're a fucking kid. You go a lot of growing up to do. So that's what you are going to do. You are going to grow up. Now I ain't gonna babysit you all the time. We got to come to an understanding right now. You can go. I will leave you here and you can call pretty boy and run back to him. Hope he doesn't eat you. Hope his family doesn't eat you. Hope they can protect your daddy from the crazy bitch who is soon going to be coming after you. Or you could keep us both sane and everyone safe by staying with me. Remember this. Now that we have touched, this compulsion to be near each other goes both ways. You are going to go crazy without me near. I ain't much for patience so I am going to give you five minutes to figure it out. I'm going to that truck. I am starting it up. In five minutes that truck is pulling out of this truck stop with or without you in it. Here is $500. You don't want to come out, take your chances and go back to your vampires. You come with me and we keep you hidden. Understand?"

He threw 5 one hundred dollar bills in front of me.

"You would leave me here? Knowing it would drive you crazy?" This had to be a trick.

"I've been crazy before, girl. Ain't nothin new." He said quietly.

"Alice will see us. She can see the future."

"I have a feelin she won't. Call it a hunch." He stood up and walked out, leaving me alone.

Damn. I left the hotel expecting to die. Now I was God knows where in a truck stop with some of the nastiest food substance I have ever tasted with a red eyed vampire telling me not only am I his soul mate, but that he doesn't even like me very much. Grow up? I raised my mother! Who the hell did he think he was talking to?

I should let him go. I should run to the phone and call Edward. He must be so worried. So was Charlie and I'm sure Renee was freaking out by now.

Would Charlie be safe if I went back? I got into this world. I figured out what Edward was and I didn't run. Now he could be in danger because of me.

As much of a jerk as Peter was he was right. If I was hiding with him my father would be safe. I hated the thought of the Cullens fighting but Peter was right. If it was just Victoria they should be okay. She wouldn't attack all of them. She would have come after me. The weak link. I took a deep breath and stared at the payphone on the wall.

Picking up the money I walked to the parking lot. I opened his door and sat.

Peter didn't look at me. I wasn't sure I liked him very much. But the way I felt when he looked at me…

"With me or without me?" He wasn't smiling. I wonder if he ever smiled.

"With you. Where are we going? Where is your home?"

"Outside of Austin Texas. I have a nice little place on the Lake Travis. Pretty much away from everyone but still close to the action."

"Okay." Nothing else was said. I fell asleep a few times. The last time was the strangest though. I dreamed of Peter. Edward was nowhere around. Peter had longer hair and a beard. He was dressed in armor. Not like a knight. Like a Roman Centurion. He was talking to me. I couldn't make out what he was saying. I couldn't hear. I saw myself reaching for him and I woke up when the engine stopped.

"We are home." He stepped out and I struggled to shake the sleep from my brain and stumbled out after him.

His house was beautiful. I walked in and couldn't believe what I saw. The house wasn't large but was stylish. One story brick home. Open large living room. Kitchen looked into the living room. Patio in the back porch with a hot tub and a flat screen TV mounted on a brick column. The house was well lit and very clean.

It was dark but I could see the lake right past his patio.

"C'mon. I'll show you your room. Tomorrow we will get your new ID. We have to go buy you clothes. You are going to have to get your hair cut and dyed blonde. I plan to get you some green contacts. You are going to become a different person. We also need to go get groceries. Whatever you want to eat."

"What am I supposed to do? Just hang out here until I decide to turn into a vampire or die of old age?"

"No. I told you that you got some growing up to do. You are going to go to high school and finish. You can start in a few months. Finish you senior year. You want to go to college, you go to college. You want to work, then work. I don't really give a shit. You want to hang out here all day, then do it. But first you finish high school. You stay low. You use your new ID. We will keep your first name but the last name changes. You stay here and play along and you will be safe. Your Daddy will be safe. I promise you."

"What are you…what do you do?"

"I mostly sit around and think about the one thing I want most in this world."

"What is that?" I didn't think I wanted to know.

"Tearing Jasper Whitlock into pieces again and this time, lighting the match that ends him."

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