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Chapter 30

Jasper POV

Aro fell into the trap. They only had twenty vampires. I had the same number. The numbers would be even. The Irish and the Japanese were flanking them through the trees. My newborns were in front of me. Mountains on each side. Stephan, Vlad and I stood behind the newborns. Aro thought he found us.

"Aro. You and Caius aren't looking so well. Are you certain you don't want to lie down and die? Even if you destroy me you will become as lifeless as Marcus. Perhaps even more insane than the two of you already are. It would be easy."

I sent feelings of passiveness towards the assembled guard. It didn't work though. They were angry. Aro and Caius were half insane already.

Neither said a word. I saw the smoke begin to slowly drift from Alec's hands. Jane glared at me. Before she could take me down I gave the order.


My newborns charged. A few managed to avoid the smoke and tackled Jane. One fell in pain. The other got through and was engaged by a gentleman I believe was Diego. I suppose he was the muscle since Felix was dead. Jane rose up and tried to take his throat. She was too weak to fight him on her own. Diego and Jane continued to wrestle with the newborn. Aro growled and charged. Jumping over the newborns who were in a daze thanks to Alec. He landed and continued to run for me.

He and Caius should have attacked together. They may have had a chance. A slim one but a chance. Too bad. This war was over for them when they returned home and found their castle in ruins and their mates' piles of ashes.

Aro was screaming. I give him credit. He wasn't a coward. He jumped for me and I met him in the air. He swung and I grabbed and twisted.

His headless body hit the ground while his head was in my grip.

Caius began to walk forward. I tossed Aro's head to the Romanians. Caius was smarter. He was the better fighter. Even half insane he would not rush in. The poor fool thought he could beat me.

He stopped when he heard my army rushing from behind. Alec looked confused. He had a hoard of newborns in front of him and vampires rushing from the back. Confusion led him to drop his guard on both and the trap closed on the Volturi.

With Aro gone we had the numbers. Alice fell at Jane's feet. I told her to stay back. I needed the little bitch I was mated with to stay alive.

I ran past Caius and hit Jane in the head. She fell to the ground and Maggie and Alice grabbed her. I ran back to the outskirt of the battle, taking Caius feet out from under him. Stephan and Vladimir rushed to Marcus who simply stood their smiling.


I circled Caius.

"You know you can't take me Caius. The Volturi is done. Aro and Marcus are done. Jane is having her head chewed off. Alec is under three newborns. Every valuable vampire you have and your scrubs are being torn to pieces. It's over."

"You think this is about power, Whitlock? You think I care? I have only one reason to exist and that is to destroy you."

"Perfect. I wouldn't have it any other way Caius." A man driven by anger is a man prone to mistakes. Peter would be learning that soon. I would find him after this. The Denali's, Benjamin, Garrett. I would find them all. I may even show Bella Swan a good time before I did away with her. Sending lust towards a newborn shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Caius charged and I side stepped him, planting a fist in his ribs. He fell but was on his feet instantly. I felt his blow to my jaw.

That son of a bitch hits hard. He came at me again but slid at the last second. My feet came out from under me. He grabbed my throat and raised his fist and I blasted him with fear.

He jumped for a split second. The second was all I needed. I gouged his throat, feeling my fingers break his skin. He nearly jerked back helping me rip it open. Instead he grabbed my wrist and twisted.

Fuck that hurt. He nearly ripped my damn hand off. I lost contact with his throat and he jumped back.

He tried to talk but only a whistle came out. Hard to talk without air. At least I shut him up.

"You know Caius, you are a pretty boy. I bet your wife really loved those golden locks on your head, didn't she? If it makes you feel better I gave Maria orders to bring her back to me so I could put her to use. Maria gets a bit carried away though."

The anger he felt radiated off of him. I had to be careful not to be affected. Peter did that to me once. I wouldn't make the same mistake again.

He swung and connected before I could dodge. I countered with a hook and a kick. He was in the air and I grabbed him by the throat and guided him down, causing a nice crater. The hole in his throat had not closed up yet. I reached in and pulled.

The front of his throat ripped off. I reached into his mouth and stretched his jaws. They popped and the top of his skull came off from his jaw bone. I twisted the ruined remains of his head and threw it to the ground.

Looking back at the battle I saw my Mate was safe. She was at the edge of the battle. She had been bitten but was in one piece. Part of me was sad. I would have to continue to put up with her. Another part was happy. She was my Mate. If something happened to that bitch I may become insane. I prefer to be cold and calculating. Not criminally insane.

My newborns were nearly gone. A few nomads had been destroyed. Jane, Renata, Diego and Alec were in pieces. Siobhan was in pieces. Liam could put her back together later. We only had eleven fighters left. The Japanese went down quick. Ninjas huh? Overrated. Allistair was still alive. His arm was torn and he had been bitten but he was alive.

"Stop!" I yelled.

The fighting stopped. I talk, people listen.

"The kings and Jane and Alec are dead. Swear allegiance to me and the rest of you may live. This is your only chance."

The Volturi knew they were over. A few dropped to their knees. A few others stood in defiance. It was time to finish them. This fight was over. I had won. Like I always do.

"Kill those still standing." I ordered. My time had come.

What the hell? I looked up at the source of the rumbling. Trees and rocks from both mountains on my side were falling. The ground was shaking.


No. This was Benjamin.


Okay. So that looked bad. I counted 16 still down there. A few Volturi were on their knees. A few others were standing in defiance. Good for them. Not that it would make much of a difference. It was time.

Benjamin brought down both sides of the mountains. It was making a mess below us. The vampires however were not fast enough after fighting to get out of the way. The avalanche settled.

"So I guess we should go introduce ourselves when they crawl out." Peter said calmly.

"I'd like to say a prayer first." I mentioned. Garrett groaned.

"Problem Garrett?"

"A prayer. I mean really Bella?"

"Why are you wearing that overcoat? Are you cold?"

"No. I just like it." Garrett mumbled.

"It's only going to get in the way. Do you see any of us wearing coats? We are going into a fight and you are wearing a damn overcoat." I pointed out.

"I like my coat! It makes me feel more confident."

"Well it looks idiotic. That's all I'm saying. Who wears a coat to a fight?"

"I wore this when I fought Peter." He countered.

"Yeah and Peter handed your ass to you. The overcoat probably gave him extra confidence." I rolled my eyes. He could be so stupid.

"It wasn't the coat's fault. That was you distracting me. The coat in no way deterred my ability to fight."

I waved my hand to the others. "Look. We are all dressed in jeans and shirts. Fighting clothes. You have a damn overcoat on looking like you are going to a Marilyn Manson concert."

"Bella you think we could focus? Why don't you say your prayer?" Peter suggested. Fine.

I dropped my head and saw the others do the same.

"Lord we thank you for the opportunity to kill these pieces of shit today. We ask for strength and for You to be with us on the field of battle. We ask that you keep us safe and unharmed. If Garrett gets injured or maimed because he doesn't have full mobility due to his insistence on wearing an overcoat, I ask that he just be disabled and not dead because that would cause Kate to go insane and I love her.

Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, because You are with us Lord and You have made us the baddest motherfuckers in the valley. In Your name. Amen."

I looked up and saw my family staring at me. I couldn't quite decipher the looks on their faces.


"Darlin maybe we need to get Father Francis to work with you on your language during prayers." Peter said quietly.

"He said cursing was still okay as long as I was doing well on the whole not killing or fucking 24/7 thing. So I'm good." I explained. Nobody said I was going for Sainthood here.

Kate laughed and the others smiled.

"So you guys ready to kick some ass?" I grinned. We all looked at the bottom. We heard the shuffling of vampires trying to dig themselves out.

It was time to have some fun.

We reached the bottom as the first vampire crawled out. Tanya kicked his head off before the rest of his body could rise. This was fun. An explosion of rocks and vampires started crawling out looking like zombies rising from the earth. Peter took off. He knew where he needed to be. I would be joining him shortly. We were faced with 7 vampires so far. One threw a fallen tree trunk at us. We all jumped in different directions and attacked. It was on.


I ran to the end of the valley. I knew Bella would protect the others. They understood if things got bad they were to retreat and Bella would fry the enemy. I trusted her. I had other work to perform. I reached the end of the valley. He would be here soon.

Almost as if he was reading my mind he burst out of a pile of rock and limbs.

He saw me and stopped.

"Hello Jasper."

"Peter. You have come for your revenge finally." He actually smiled.


"No? Are you going to let me go again? Then why are you here?"

"You are not going anywhere today Jasper. But I am not here for revenge."

"Have you forgotten your poor sister already? The poor girl really didn't deserve what I did to her. But she looked too sweet to resist."

"You can't touch her. She is in a place you will never be. But you have to go down Jasper. You are to evil and twisted to let you roam this world."

"So you are the policeman of the world? Is that it Peter?"

"Yeah. Somethin like that."

"If I am gone who will assure vampires stay concealed from humans, Peter? You?"


"Then who?"

"Don't give a shit." I told him honestly.

"I see. So this is it. You were lucky last time. I just killed Aro and Caius. You really want to try your luck? What if I kill you? You have to admit it is possible. You gonna leave sweet Bella slowly going insane whimpering in a corner somewhere?"

He was trying to send doubt my way. He must think that since Bella isn't next to me his powers can affect me. He doesn't understand. Bella and I are always connected. No matter the distance we are always connected. I heard breaking marble in the valley. My family was kicking ass. I knew it in my gut.

"Jasper. You aren't going to talk your way out of this."

"Then I suppose we should fight to the death." He said grinning.

"No. To the pain."

"I…I don't believe I am familiar with that one."

"Don't worry. You will be soon." I attacked him and he stepped away. He tried to hit me as I passed but I blocked him with my elbow, stopped and roundhouse kicked him in the jaw. He swung. I dodge and jabbed him in the face. He continued swinging and I continued hitting him. I would be lying if I said I didn't get a certain glee every time my fist contacted his face. After the tenth strike his nose crumbled and he backed up.

I followed.

"I'm faster than you Jasper. I'm stronger than you. I am quite simply the baddest motherfucker in this valley. I won't ask you to lay down and die. I wouldn't let you."

Jasper charged and I kicked him sending him back where he came from. He tried a roundhouse and I flipped him over, ripping his arm off. He screamed.

I tossed his arm away. I was about to reach for him when she landed on my back. I was so engrossed with Whitlock that I never heard her. I tried to flip her off but she stuck to me. She had her legs around my waist and her hands in my hair. She wasn't strong enough to pull my head but damn if she wasn't a pest.

Jasper stood up and hit me in the gut. I flew back with Alice wrapped around me screaming like a fucking banshee. I stood up and felt her try to get her teeth on my neck. I reached around and grabbed her hair. Throwing her towards Jasper, she never made it. A flash of auburn brown shot by and grabbed her, throwing her to the ground.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up darlin."

"Sorry baby. I saw her run but got held up by a couple of vampires. They are pieces of vampires now."

Jasper ran towards me again. I stepped to the side, grabbed his arm at shoulder height and kicked him in the ribs. His shoulder popped out.

"You startin to figure out what the pain is now, boy?"


Alice tried to run. She hit my wall.

"What the hell!"

"Welcome to Bella's terror dome. Want to guess what the main event is?"

"Let me out or I will …"

"What? Do my nails?"

"Bella…please. I had to do what he wanted. He is my Mate."

"Yep. He is. Looks like my Mate is kicking the shit out of your Mate. It's over Alice."

She stood still. I suppose I should end this. I reached for her and she jumped. I tried to grab her when I turned around and she moved to the front.

Quick little bitch.

She hit me.

That didn't hurt.

"You hit like a child Alice. That's the best you got?"

She swung again and I caught her fist. I squeezed and watched her fist begin to crack. I looked in her eyes. There is that look Garrett was talking about. It's over. She knows she cannot win.

I released her and she dropped back to the edge of my shield.

"You can't hold me forever Bella. You have to catch me. I'm faster than you."

"Yeah, you are good at running. It's your gift I suppose. Too bad your other gift doesn't work on me. You might have seen this coming."

I began drawing my shield in. She saw it and moved up not wanting to touch it. Smart girl. I drew it in slowly. Soon she was inches from me. The shield wrapped around the two of us.

"I'm going to make this quick Alice." I whispered. I ripped her head off with both my hands. I brought my shield back into myself and stood back to watch the show.



"Yep. Looks like fun size over there done gone and got her head torn off."

He said nothing but I saw it. His eyes told me the whole story. He knew he was over. It pissed him off. He charged like a rabid animal teeth bared.

I hit him in the face knocking his front teeth out. He fell and I ripped his right foot off, followed by his left. I straddled him and began hitting him. I kept hitting him. He wasn't even resisting any longer. His face was unrecognizable. But he was still in one piece.



"It's over baby. End him and lets go home." She whispered in my ear. I nodded. I wanted to say some great line. Something witty. But I didn't have it in me. This wasn't about revenge. Okay maybe a small part of it was about revenge. But we did this because it needed to be done. I had family still fighting. It was time to end this.

I ripped his head off and stood above him. Bella dropped Alice's body next to his. I tossed his arm and his feet on his chest. Then we lit them both at the same time.

It was over. Time to go check on the others.


We ran back to silence. I saw my family. A quick inspection showed everyone was okay. The battlefield that had been rough ground covered in boulders and trees now looked like gravel covered with wood chips.

Everyone was smiling except Garrett. Oh…

"Not a word Bella."

"Hey, wouldn't dream of it buddy." I threw my hands up. Garrett's coat was in shreds. It sort of resembled a half cape now. The under arms were ripped too. Kate was holding in a smile.

"You know I have had this coat for nearly fifty years?" He groused.

"Look at as an opportunity to update your wardrobe." Peter suggested.

"Fuck you Peter. Tell me you killed Whitlock."


"Thank God. I was getting tired off all this traveling."

"You're a nomad." I pointed out.

"I was. Now I am a mated veggie vamp thanks to you Swan."

Kate shocked him in the ass and smiled.

"So I guess we should start lighting fires." I lit a Cuban cigar and passed out lighter. It was time to go home.


"So Whitlock is dead?" Father Francis asked.

"Yes Father."

"You got your revenge Peter. Congratulations." He grinned.

"I didn't do it for revenge."


"Maybe a small part of me did. But mostly I did it because it needed to be done."

"Good for you Peter. Now about the wedding. How does a month from now sound?"

"A month?" Bella asked. I was kinda hopin for now.

"Yes. I think that will be perfect. Your parents will be here of course Bella?"

"Yes Father." Bella said.

"Good. One month. We will continue classes until then."

Oh good. Great. Fabulous.

"Oh and Isabella, why don't we have Confession before you leave?"

"I've been good Father. I haven't had sex or even gone down…I mean I haven't had sex and I haven't killed anybody." Bella was panicked. I figured Father Francis would narc me out.

"Yes, but I believe we need to have a conversation about your language when speaking to God." He frowned.

"You told me cursing was alright for now!" Bella said defensively.

"Isabella. Confession. Now."

"Yes Father."

Bella walked off towards the confessional. Father Francis sat grinning.

"She is going to know I told you that." I pointed out.

"Yes. Oh well. You can work on those conflict resolution skills. Baddest motherfucker in the valley huh? Do you have any idea how many times I wanted to use that in a sermon? If I don't get to say it she sure as hell isn't going to. Any other sins I should be aware of so she doesn't catch me by surprise?"

"Like I would tell you."

"Good point Peter. Relax. I can hear your Confession after hers."

"Me? What the hell did I do?"

Father Francis laughed. "I'm sure you can think of something."

Yeah, I probably could. Most of them centering around lustful thoughts which he is mostly to blame for. Wouldn't be lusting if I could just have it.

BPOV 4 weeks later

I kneeled before the Altar with Peter kneeling beside me. Father Francis's words had me in tears. Peter held my hand while he blessed us. We both lit the unity candle. We said I do. My Mom was wailing in the back. I'm surprised Dad wasn't as well. Then Father Francis had a surprise for us. We stood before him after I kissed my husband. My husband who I was planning on doing obscene things with tonight.

"I look out in the audience and see the strangest gathering of people. Seven vampires who came together to become a family and two human parents. I am a big believer in fate. God has given me the privilege and joy of meeting Bella and Peter and spending time with them. At the risk of sounding condescending I am proud of both of them. I have seen them grow together from two people deeply in love and trying to find themselves to a married couple completely in sync with one another who know exactly who they are. I have to say the World is a better place for them being here. Isabella has told me each of you know about the past lives Peter and Isabella have shared. They have a love that is rare. They have a gift of remembering their love throughout time. The first time Isabella and Peter were married was at a place called Stonehenge. The ceremony was a simple hand fasting. I do not even pretend to know how to do this heresy…I mean ceremony… but I have read a bit on it. So Peter and Bella if you would please stick out your hands that are next to each other."

We did. Father Francis wrapped our hands in a blue silk ribbon.

"Just as your souls are bonded forever, keep these bonds as a remembrance for times you want to kill each other. You may disagree, you may argue. Isabella may whine and Peter may stare out the window and be sarcastic. But the two of you are bound no matter what. Nothing will ever pull you asunder. Thank God every day for that and for each other.

I now present you with Peter and Isabella Locke."

My girlfriends were crying. I was crying. Peter Benjamin and Randall were smiling and clapping. Garrett was…crying. Mom was crying. Dad was smiling a bit and getting misty eyed. Everyone hugged me.

We all went to the ranch. Even Father Francis. Garrett gave him a ride on his back through Big Bend. He was still smiling. My parents got to know him. He bragged about me. Dad was happy to see my eyes and Peter's were turning gold. After a few hours we were ready to go. Father Francis walked up and asked to speak to us alone.

"Yes Father?"

"Bella, Peter…it has been a pleasure getting to know you. However, I have been transferred to another church. This one is in Houston. I will be leaving at the end of the week."


"Houston? What Church?"

"St. Thomas downtown. Why? Are you going to make the drive?" He laughed.

"Actually I own property in Houston. We weren't planning on living here anyway now that the threat is over. Houston sounds like a hell of a place to start your plan, don't it darlin?"

"Yes. Yes it does." I whispered.

"So I can count on the two of you continuing to be my parishioners?"

"I don't know Father." I told him seriously.

"Why not Isabella?"

"Houston is a big city. I am betting there are a lot of Churches around. What if there are better priests?"

"Yeah, plus what if some Priests give less penance than others? We should probably commit some sins and shop around for who is the easiest." Peter agreed. Father Francis was not amused.

"St. Thomas, downtown Houston, two weeks. Be there. There is a Saturday night service so Isabella won't have to dress like a grieving mobster's wife. Its starts at 7:30. Have a nice night and Isabella? Try to watch your language tonight."

"Yes Father." I smiled. Like that was going to happen.

We said goodbye to our friends. The Denalis and Garrett were heading to Alaska. Benjamin and Tia had pretty much given up on Amun and Kebi and planned to roam the States. Randall was going back to his nomad lifestyle. We would keep in touch. We were family. We would visit and hang out. But right now I needed alone time with my man.

"Did I hear you tell Father Francis that you were moving to Houston, Bella?"


"Yeah Mom. Looks like it."

"Great. Your father and I want to come to the States. Maybe we could get houses next to each other."


"Hawaii is a State." Peter pointed out, thankfully.

"Yes but we want to be on the mainland. It would be so helpful. Bella you could babysit."

"Sure uh…wait what?" I listened closely. It was faint but it was there.

"I'm pregnant!" Mom shouted practically jumping up and down.

I plastered a smile on my face. Peter shook Charlie's hand and congratulated him.

Great. Another kid to raise.

Charlie and Renee didn't move in next to us. They moved in three floors below. We were living in a large luxury apartment with a balcony that included a hot tub so we could soak and look out over Downtown at night. The apartment took up the entire top floor. I bought the floor below me too so we didn't have to listen to people below us. It was nice. Just the two of us hanging out during the day holding each other and reading or fucking our damn brains out while Bella came up with new curse words. We spent the hours of five to ten at night downtown at the Sarah Locke Natatorium and Community Center. It was named after my sister. We planned to expand these to other cities but thought we would start here first. Bella and I bought the land and built a natatorium. It had classrooms and two giant swimming pools. She started a mentoring program and swim team for who she called underprivileged youth. I called them mean little shits. She was working with social workers and juvenile probation departments to enroll kids who were interested. She only had 20 right now. She hoped to have a hundred by the end of the first year. Most had never swam but she was convinced she could turn them into a winning team. Or at least teach them a few things about themselves while trying.

I was watching her now with her twenty charges who were swimming laps. Most of them were Black or Hispanic kids ranging from 5 to 15, who made fun of her paleness, but you could tell they loved her. She had a way about her. People were drawn to her. They sure as hell didn't make fun of me. I watched her walk up and down the lanes with a stop watch hollering instructions. I was working on the mentoring program she wanted to start out of here.

A lady walked in with a pissed off kid who looked to be about twelve.

"Can I help you ma'am?"

"This is Donovan. I heard you all take in kids who get in trouble? Give them some direction? I tried to take him to the basketball program but there ain't nothing but damn gangbangers down there. This is swimming right?"

"I don't swim momma. This is dumb!"

"Hey kid? Shut up. Don't talk to your momma that way." I had gold eyes though but they could still scare the hell out of this little punk.

"If you want to leave him here ma'am we will get him a suit and get to know him a bit. Why don't you come back in two hours?" Bella said, walking into the office.

"Thank you. Donovan if you try any of your little gangster shit I am letting these people throw your ass in jail. You got me?"

Donovan was about to respond sarcastically but he looked at me first.

"Yes ma'am." He mumbled.

"So your name is Donovan?" Bella asked.


"I'm Bella. I'm the swim coach. You know how to swim?"

"Yeah. Kinda."

"Good. Not drowning is a start. The rest you can learn."

"I don't want to swim. Least not in a race."

"You too scared to try something?" Bella asked, no longer smiling.

"I ain't scared of shit."

"I'm curious. You a winner or a loser?" Bella asked.

"I'm a winner." He responded.

"Show me."

"Fine. I got to be here, I may as well swim."

"Only winners get in my pool Donovan. You get in there you will follow my instructions and work hard. We understand each other?"

"What if I don't?" the little shit retorted.

"You don't want to see my bad side. Trust me. It isn't pretty. Peter get him a suit. See you in lane 8 Donovan. Ten minutes."

Bella walked out and went back downstairs to the pools.

"She is kinda crazy ain't she?"

"Kid you don't know the half of it. C'mon. Let's get you ready. You got a lot of growing up to do."


We had gotten home and were relaxing. Actually relaxing meant Peter sat in the hot tub and looked out over the city while I rode his cock. I was giving him a break. We were going slow tonight because I was in the mood for slow. We could do this until 5 PM tomorrow. Not a bad way to spend the time. We went inside during daylight. The thing about being a vampire in Texas is you have to live like a vampire in Texas. It was worth it though. I loved working with the kids. Donovan was going to be a challenge but I knew between Peter and I we could get him straightened out. He had fire. As long as you have fire you can do anything. You just have to focus the fire in the right direction.

I was about to tell Peter for the fifth time tonight how much I loved him and then make him eat my pussy when we heard the knock on the door.

"Kinda late for your parents' darlin." Peter said casually. We ran to the bedroom and threw robes on. His long hair looked so good wet.

We walked to the door and Peter opened it quickly while I prepared to strike if needed.

"Garrett? Kate?"

"Peter, Bella! How great to see you. I have wonderful news. Kate and I were absolutely bored to death in Alaska and decided to move in the floor below you. Life was just too boring without you two in it."

"Garrett? Kate?" I repeated myself.

"I actually own the floor below us Garrett." Peter said in a monotone voice.

"I know. I commend you on thinking ahead Peter. I came to pick up the keys. The moving company is being nice enough to move our things at night and I don't want to keep them. We really need to at least get the boxes inside. So the keys…?"

I watched Peter walk slowly over to the butler's cabinet and pull out the keys to the floor we never use. Those were our keys. My keys. I wanted to stop Peter but I couldn't move. He handed the keys to Garrett.

"Excellent. I found a thrift store that is open 24 hours. I believe I saw a few overcoats in the window. Perhaps you two could accompany Kate and me while I shop? Show us the downtown area? Great. Well I am happy to once again be your neighbors and very excited to see you two have a hot tub. Aren't you excited Kate?"

"Very excited Garrett." Kate grinned and winked at me. I gave a half smile back.

"Okay. Let me get the boxes in and let's say…an hour? Great. We will be up in an hour to collect the two of you. Then maybe we could watch a movie or play charades? Oh what am I thinking? You have a hot tub with a view of the city. We will get our suits ready. See you in an hour!"

Garrett was gone. Kate winked at me again and followed him.

"You should have let me kill him." Peter whispered.

I nodded my head. God is laughing at me.

The end

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