The Charmed Life

Summary: An arrow wielding assailant is discovered living in the Storybrooke Library. David tries to help and is met with another "friend" of his brother James as she tries to kill him. The bigger surprise is, when he meets her son. Characters David/Prince Charming, Jacqueline/Jack/Robin Hood, Emma Swan, Mary Margaret/Snow White

Ch 1

-The Enchanted Forest-

She barely made it to the cover of the forest before collapsing on the ground. She had used all her energy to climb down the beanstalk. Had she stayed the Giant would surely have killed her, not that she wasn't dying now anyway, but at least she'd die on her own terms. She crawled along the forest floor and flipped herself over to stare upwards, the sky was beginning to dim turning red to orange as the sun set. If this was her end at least she'd see something beautiful before it was over.

"It is a beauty" she heard a gleefully high pitched voice say right next to her. She turned her head slightly to see what looked like a man with a golden sheen on his face lying on his back next to her. Was she that far gone already? She didn't even hear him arrive. The man rolled over and stood over her. "You on the other hand my dear, look like death" he told her as his head tilted from side to side. "I can change that" he said almost dancing around her.

"You can save me?" Jack asked hoarsely, watching as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

His smile widened. "Not for free, of course. Magic always comes with a price!" he replied wagging his finger. "You have something I want, Jack"

"How do you know my name?" she asked as she cried out in pain. She did not remember giving her name but as it was she was starting to see two of him so maybe she had. She tried to concentrate on the Imp as he danced around the forest.

"I know everything" he told her. "You were given something by traveling merchant when you were young. Something that allowed you to travel to different worlds" He told her as he kneeled down beside her. "Magic beans!" he said gleefully.

Jack looked at him, the darkness coiled around him like a snake. Whoever he was, he wasn't one of the good guys. "I don't have any… I used them" she replied keeping her eyes locked on to his.

The golden man's eyes bored into hers as if studying her. She kept her gaze steady and saw the anger as it flashed across his face. He appeared to swallow it and stood up. "That's too bad. I guess we don't have a deal then. Ta Ta." he said with a bow and started skipping away.

"Wait, there has to be something else you want" she screamed out at his back. She didn't want to die, not like this.

Rumpelstiltskin stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes. He opened them and turned around to smile at her. "There may be something else you can give me" he said walking back to her. "The child growing inside of you"

"What?" Jack asked in shock. "I'm not…I don't…"

"You are dearie" He replied. "I will save your life for the child" he said to her.

Jack used all her strength to touch her stomach. She was with child, the Prince's child. She didn't have time to think about what it meant as the pain wrecked through her body again. She felt like her insides were on fire. She wanted to live more anything else.

"I do not have all day and both of you are fading fast" Rumpelstiltskin said dancing on his toes.

She made her decision she didn't want to die. "Fine" Jack croaked out.

He smiled wide. "We have a deal?"

"Yes" Jack replied. He stood over her and she finally turned her eyes from his. And just like that the pain was gone. She looked around, and then she sat up. She had never felt better, she even felt stronger than she had before.

"Remember dearie" He told her his voice coming out lower. "When the child is born, it's mine" Jack shook her head in understanding and the imp disappeared.


Ruby was walking down the street and saw the Library. She sighed; Belle would be in there if she hadn't lost her memory. She walked closer to the library when she picked up a scent. She sniffed the air; there were people in the library. She knew it wasn't Belle because she had just come from visiting her and Rumblestliskin was still in New York with Emma and Henry. So no one else should be in there. She was debating what she should do. Should she go in there and confront them or go and get the Prince. She decided on the later, she didn't know who was in there and what they were capable of.

A few minutes later, David slowly opened the door of the library. "Hello?" David called out while he held his gun in front of him. He wished he had his sword, he felt more comfortable with it then this piece of metal. Red followed in behind him sniffing the air for their whereabouts. She pointed in the direction of their scents.

Red then glanced at the table where a bunch of books were laid out and open. She walked over and flipped the first over to see the cover The Brothers Grimm Fairytales it said. The others were books on fairytales as well. David held up two fingers asking her if she was sure it was only two. She nodded her head yes.

"Hello?" he called out again. "We just want to know who you are and why you are here. We don't want to hurt anyone" he said holding his gun to the side and holding his other hand in the air.

Suddenly an arrow flew through the air knocking his gun to floor. David looked around alarmed. He took a deep breath to calm his beating heart and continued to hold up his hands. "We just want to talk, we don't want to hurt you"

"Now you don't want to hurt me when before you were just fine with leaving me to die" a raspy female voice said as she emerged from the shadows.

Red sighed with a little bit of relief. From the way she was dressed in a leather bodice and breeches she was from their world and not another stranger that stumbled across the line. However the relief was short lived because she held a bow with an arrow pointed right at the Prince and a face full of malice.

"I have nothing to say to you Prince, except that I have wished for you death many times" the dark haired woman said to him as she drew her bow.

David looked at the woman; he's never seen her in his life, which meant that it was another person his brother had made an enemy of. First the giant and now this woman. How many people had his brother hurt. "I am not James" David said to her. "He was my twin brother that I never met." He paused to let that sink in. "My name is David and I am truly sorry for whatever harm my brother has caused you"

"You're not James?" she asked as she walked closer to them.

David squinted as she neared, he didn't notice it when she was in the shadows, her face was an ashen color and her hair was matted to her face, she looked ill.

"What is your name, my lady" David asked her hoping she would lower the bow. She looked sickly but she had knocked the gun from his hand earlier so her aim was still spot on.

"Robin" she said as she lowered the bow. "Robin Hood"

Red and the Prince looked at each other after she told them her name. Red smiled, Robin Hood was a woman, she liked that. Red and David looked back at the woman and it was like all the energy had just suddenly left her body, she slummed to the floor. David made to run for her, he stopped when he saw a young boy no older than ten run to her first.

"Mother" the boy screamed and kneeled at her side.

David sucked in his breath as he looked at the blue eyed boy with a mop of brown hair; it was like he was looking at an image of himself at that age. And he knew he was staring at his brother's son.

The boy stood and pulled a sword from his scabbard and aimed it towards them. "Stay away from her!" he screamed as he swung the sword around as one who was trained to use it.

"We don't want to hurt you, we want to help" David told his nephew and held his hands in the air. They were family, he needed to help them.

"We have a doctor we can take your mother too" Red said to him holding her hands in the air as well. She didn't know why the Prince looked as if he'd seen a ghost. But these two were from their world and the woman looked like she was in serious need of medical attention. The boy lowered his sword. David went to Robin Hood and scooped her into his arms.


A/N: I don't think Rumple should be the only one allowed to be more than one character. So this is a story about the Charming family as well as the story of how Jack the giant slayer became Robin Hood.