The Charmed Life

Summary: An arrow wielding assailant is discovered living in the Storybrooke Library. David tries to help and is met with another "friend" of his brother James as she tries to kill him. The bigger surprise though is, when he meets her son. Characters David/Prince Charming, Jacqueline/Jack/Robin Hood, Emma Swan, Mary Margaret/Snow White, Neal/Baelfire, Maid Marion

Ch 5


Marion sighed as she sat in her throne. Her father was ever the multitasker, this Ball wasn't only for trading. He had invited three suitors for her to choose from to marry. None of them interested her. Prince Sebastian was the tall blond one that seemed more interested in talking about himself then he did to her, the second was a complete bore named Lord Julian and the third Lord Tristan she was afraid was a mute until he managed to squeak out a greeting.

She glanced around the room again until her eyes came to the grand staircase where a beautiful woman with auburn hair that fell in perfect ringlets slightly past her shoulders stood. Her dress was a rich emerald green that was a striking contrast against her pale skin. She also had on white gloves that went up to her elbows. The boys that were supposed to be her suitors didn't even hide the fact they were practically drooling as they gaped at her. She even saw that her father had inched forward from his throne to get a better look.

Marion looked at the woman again, there was something familiar about her, and she gasped when she recognized her. She had never seen her in anything but that ratty old hood and her face covered in dirt and blood. Marion had to smile, only she would be bold enough to show up in green.

She continued down the stairs as Marion heard her father whisper to one of his guards. She watched him walk briskly across the floor to meet Robin at the staircase. Robin leaned forward as the Knight said something to her. She held her hand out daintily and the Knight took it and walked her back towards them and presented her to the King.

"I do not believe I have seen you here before" her father said to her.

"I am Lady Jacqueline of Avalon" she introduced herself as and curtsied for him.

"I am not familiar with Avalon" The King said to her.

"It is a far off land, your Grace. And I'm afraid it's not much to hear off. I have traveled far to find a better place and I have heard this is the grandest Kingdom in all the land" she told him and curtsied again.

Marion was trying to hide her shock, not that she needed to no one was looking at her. It was amazing how much she could transform herself. She was nothing like the woman she met or the man that everyone thought she was. She had also never once looked her way; her eyes had stayed glued to the King's. And where did she even come up with these names? She had heard her talk about another land at the church. How many lands had she been too?

"You have heard correctly, my Lady" Her father said, not at all ashamed of his vanity. "Would you please do me the honor of a dance?"

"It is me who would be honored to dance with you, your majesty." she replied with a smile.

She watched as her father took her arm and walked onto the floor. Her father didn't even know he was being charmed by the very person whose head he wanted on a pike. She wanted to be able to see them as she moved around the dance floor. So she went up to Prince vapid and asked him for a dance, she figured he'd talk about himself so she wouldn't have to say anything.

A little while later the scholarly suitor cut in. She continued to dance with him as she lost sight of her father and Robin. She craned her head around and moved him around the dance floor looking for them. He resisted a little since the man was supposed to lead. But she got him to move with her. She finally spotted them walking up the staircase towards her father's bed chambers. She shivered in disgust at the thought of why there headed there. Was that her plan? Was she here to seduce her father?

She didn't know why that bothered her. It wasn't anything to her what Robin did. She was still upset that Robin didn't even bother to acknowledger her existence. She knew she was undercover, but still a quick glance in her direction would've sufficed.

Now she needed air so she dragged Lord of the bores with her outside to walk along the castle walls. He started talking about the stars and how they had names; she was only half paying attention while also trying to not think about what her father and Robin were doing. She walked over to a bench and sat down while he continued to talk.

She heard some rustling and whispering underneath them. She peered over the wall to see men in dark hoods emerge from a place inside the castle that she didn't know was there. They were followed by children. The orphans, so that was her plan. Distract the King while her men rescued the children.

She must've been staring to long because out of the corner of her eye she saw Lord Julian turn to try to look over the edge. "Let us take a walk" she said gently grabbing his arm and turning him away from the wall and walking him in the other direction.

She walked him back inside the castle and moaned softly and touched her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Princess?" he asked worried.

"Suddenly I am not feeling well. I think I shall go to my room and lay down" she told him.

"Should I notify your father?" he asked still looking at her with worry.

"No, I do want to disturb him. I just need to lie down for a little while. Please go back and enjoy the ball. I do not want to ruin it for you either" she told him, but he wasn't moving to leave, she needed to try another tactic. "Really, I am fine. Perhaps tomorrow I can show you the Library" She smiled to show him she was fine,

Now his face lit up. "I would like that very much, Maid Marion" he said and turned to go.

She hated it when people called her that, but she kept the smile plastered on her face until she couldn't hear his footsteps any longer. Then she sprinted off towards the place she saw them coming from. She wasn't quite sure where, she didn't even know there was an exit where they were.

She found them just as statue of a Knight slid across the floor hiding an entrance to a tunnel. She ran up and tried to stop it from closing but it was too heavy. How had they moved it or made it close? Marion studied the statue wondering what she should do. She slowly reached up and touched the sword he was holding pointed downwards in front of him. She grabbed the hilt and was surprised that it moved. She gripped it tighter and pulled. She jumped back as the statue began to move to the side revealing the tunnel. She walked inside carefully and saw there a Knight statue on this side as well. She pulled on the hilt of the sword again closing off the entrance once again. She then ran through the dimly lit tunnel until she saw the outside.

When she got there she saw Robin's green dress lying in the dirt. She looked up and saw them helping the children onto their horses. She ran up to Robin who was back in her green hood. "Who is Lady Jacqueline?" She asked her as she walked over to her horse.

Robin pulled the reins and turned her horse to look at her. "That is my real name, minus the Lady" she told her. "I was a farmer's daughter"

"And my father, did…you…?" she could barely get the question out without wanting to vomit.

Robin smiled at her. "No. I put something in his wine that helps him sleep. He'll wake up tomorrow remembering nothing"

Marion stared at her. "Another one your magic mushrooms from your land of wonders?"

"It is not my land, just one I've traveled too" she replied.

Marion looked away then back at Robin. "Take me with you" she all but begged.

"Our way of life is no place for a Princess" she told her.

"I cannot stay here, my father is forcing me to marry" she told her. "This is not the place for me either. I would rather go with you."

"You do not even know me" Robin told her. "I am not one you want to follow"

"Your men follow you" she told her.

"They follow me because I keep them well fed" she told her. Then she sighed. "I am here in your land because I am hiding from a very powerful being, a being that can kill an entire army with the snap of his fingers. So you do not want to associate with me, it's too dangerous"


Rumpelstiltskin stared at his son, then looked in the room he was pointing towards. He hobbled over to the doorway and sucked in his breath slowly as he saw who was lying in the hospital bed. How had she survived?

"Do you know her?" Emma asked him as she walked up and stood next to him. "Did you do this to her?"

Rumbelstiltskin turned his head to look at Emma, and then he looked up at Bae. His son just stared at him. He slowly made his way to her bedside where a kid sat by her on the other side. "Take him out of here" he said through gritted teeth. That boy with his mop of brown hair should've been his; instead she managed to escape with him.

"You must've been a great father" Emma said to him and glanced sadly at Neal and walked over to the boy. Then Henry ran in front of her.

"I'm Henry" he told the boy and held out his hand.

"And I am Will" the boy replied staring at his outstretched hand.

"You put your arm out and grab my hand" Henry explained to him and reached out and grabbed his hand gently shaking it. "This is how we greet people here" the boy nodded. "Come on; let's go get something out of the vending machine"

"What is a...bending machine?" Will asked confused.

"No, vending machine. It's a…box with food in it…that you pay for." Henry told him and walked over to his mother with a smile. Emma reached in jacket, pulled out her wallet and handed Henry a few dollars. She watched them run out of the room.

He stood over her and stared at her. He could count on one hand the number people that managed to trick him. Even while she lie there dying she knew exactly what he was about. I guess that's why they say it's hard to con a con. She had also somehow managed to survive what he had done to her.

-Sherwood Forest-

She sat at the end of the table with her hood up drinking her ale, most of her men had gone home for the night there were only a few stragglers. They had another successful heist. The rich were slowly beginning to see what it was like to be poor.

The door of the tavern swung open and slammed against the wall. Robin shivered from the sudden draft. "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick" a tittering voice said as her heart started racing. She closed her eyes and slowly looked up through her hood to see the glimmering gold man standing at the other hand of her table.

"Can Jack jump over a candlestick. Hee hee" he said as the table caught fire.

Robin's chair clattered to the ground as she jumped back from the flames. She saw the remaining men make a move to defend her. "No!" She screamed. "Just leave" She told them. They looked at her with their weapons still in the air. "It's nothing; it's just a matter between me and him"

They moved towards the door and it slammed shut. She saw them pull on it and they couldn't open it. The imp tilted his head with a wide smile on his face.

"Let them go, your quarrel is with me, Rumbelstiltskin" she told him.

His brows furrowed. "You know my name?" then he shrugged, he supposed he was quite famous, just like she would be. Statues would be constructed in her name, only they would all think she was a he.

"Let them go, they owe you nothing" she replied.

"Clever girl" he said to her as he waved his hand in the air and the door opened. "I didn't pick up on that at first." Robin noticed the tittering imp voice was gone and he was talking in what she assumed was his real voice. "It took me a long time to find you and I'm not used to that. You are a lot more intelligent than I thought." "However" He held his finger up and waved it at her. "You broke our deal" he told her. "I do not like when people break deals with me"

"You can't have my son" Robin replied strongly.

"I do not want your son anymore, he'd be too old" Rumbelstiltskin responded. "I gave you your life back and now you must pay me back…" he told her grinning widely at her.

Robin lurched over in pain and fell to her knees. "…with your life" he said standing over her.


Rumbelstiltskin stood over, leaned on his cane with one hand and held the other over her. A blue light started in her chest and spread outward in her veins covering her head down to her feet. He brought his fingers together and the light was sucked back into his hand.

They all watched in silence as that happened. Then without warning, Robin leapt from the bed, swung her leg out and kicked Rumbelstiltskin's cane out from him and grabbed it in mid air. She pushed him up against the wall and twisted the metal part and pulled from it an intricately designed dagger and held it to his throat. "I figured you'd never keep this far from your person" she told him bitterly.