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It was early morning in the village of Konohagakure, a little after six thirty ante meridiem, and it was a rather pleasing morning. There was a slight breeze blowing, rustling the leaves of the nearby forests gently and the sound was soothing to those that heard it. Outside, the villagers were beginning to stir in the early morning light, with genins heading to the training grounds, store owners opening up their shops for the day, and the shinobi patrols for the night turning in for rest while the next shift gets ready.

And then, there was a scene within one of the village's many apartment buildings, an otherwise quiet apartment at this time of day was instead broken by the sounds of retching from the bathroom of the apartment. Leaning over the toilet was the crouched figure of a red-headed woman, face leaning down and throwing up whatever remained in her stomach after a night of sleep.

In a brief moment of calm, the woman raised her head and looked towards her husband that was by her side, rubbing her back as she heaved with a sympathetic and worried look on his face, "(Huff) Why is this happening? We both had the same thing for dinner last night so why aren't you sick?" Tayuya asked her husband.

"I don't know," Naruto answered truthfully, "My guess is that it has to do with Kyuubi and his healing factor. But that doesn't make much sense, I've been sick plenty of times over the years."

"What else could it be then!?" Snapped the woman, annoyed at how often she has been sick the past week, before feeling another wave of nausea hitting her and bent back to the toilet until it passed. Most mornings and sometimes afternoon she has been plagued by constant nausea and sickness, and her increasingly bad temper hasn't been helping the situation for either her or her husband.

Giving a weary sigh, Naruto continued to comfort his wife before giving a small suggestion, "I'm worried honey, why don't we go to the hospital to make sure it's not something dangerous?"

Bristling at that suggestion, Tayuya quickly turned to her husband with a defensive look on her face, "You know I hate hospitals." She said quickly, her hand subconsciously rubbing her damaged leg, before noticing what she was doing and flew the hand away from the cold metal brace. She always hated the stark white rooms and the weird smell and atmosphere of the buildings, death on the battlefield was one thing, and she was accustomed to it when she was younger, but to die alone in those rooms wasn't normal, but ever since she learned of her handicap she has had bad memories of the building and refused to enter it unless absolutely necessary.

"But Tayuya-chan," Naruto started, slightly flinching when Tayuya scowled at the suffix, "this is getting serious, from what you've told me, and from what I've seen, you've had nine of these attacks this week. I know you hate hospitals, hell everyone does, but this is more important than your bad memories of the place."

Getting slightly angered at her husband's persistence, Tayuya growled, "We are not going to the damn hospital and that's fi...", she stopped before she could finish. Quickly feeling yet another wave of nausea, Tayuya spent the next two minutes retching into the toilet, feeling the looks that her husband was giving her. After the heaving stopped, Tayuya grumbled in a defeated tone, "Maybe we should go to the hospital..."

Hearing this, Naruto gave another sympathetic glance as he squeezed his wife's shoulder, "I'll go set up an appointment with Sakura-chan for later today. I'll be back shortly." He said before shunshining out of the bathroom and headed towards the hospital.

It was about one thirty past master and the red-haired and blonde-haired couple were seen sitting in one of the rooms of the hospital, waiting for their doctor or nurse to come enter through the doorway to diagnose Tayuya. Their appointment was set for one but the doctor hasn't shown up during that time and, unfortunately, the more time that the two of them had to wait, the more nervous and agitated the two had started to become.

After about twenty more minutes the agitated couple began to think about simply leaving and going to Tsunade herself, not caring that she was likely more busy doing something else. Just as they were about to get up however, the door to the hospital room opened suddenly to their surprise. From the door entered a doctor there to treat whatever Tayuya may have, a young woman in a doctor's coat and pink hair that traced the collar of the coat greeted the two with a friendly smile.

"Hai Naruto, Tayuya." She quickly exchanged, feeling guilty at how late she was.

"Hai Kakashi-sensei." Naruto deadpanned, a slightly irritated look on his face, which was paired well with the one that was on his wife's face as well.

Quickly hitting Naruto on the top of his head with a chakra-less fist, Sakura exclaimed, "I'm not Kakashi-sensei, baka!" Earning a small smile from Tayuya as she saw Naruto's slightly scared look afterwards.

Shuffling backwards, Naruto responded, "With how late you were coming to this appointment, you shouldn't be surprised at how I mixed the two of you up!" He finished, mentally and physically preparing himself for her response. In other words, as both Tayuya and Sakura saw, Naruto was cowering in the corner.

Letting out a weary sigh to calm herself down, Sakura tried to explain herself, "Naruto, I was late because there was an emergency that came in about two hours ago. A hunter-nin arrived greatly wounded, and since it was a ninja matter, I was the one required to operate on her as well as using medical jutsus on her to repair and replace all of the torn and missing muscle and nerve endings. I only just left the operating room twenty minutes ago and I had to use that time in order to calm down and replenish the chakra that I used. Happy?"

"Sorry Sakura-chan, I'm just really wound up at the moment. I'm worried about what's wrong with Tayuya-chan." He finished with a heavy sigh.

"You do know I'm right here don't you?" Mumbled Tayuya as she leaned forward and jabbed a finger into her husband's forehead, "And what did I tell you about calling me 'Tayuya-chan'!?"

Seeing Naruto's slightly scared look, Sakura decided to jump in in order to save her former teammate, even though the sight brought back memories. Instead she turned to Tayuya. "So then, Tayuya, what is it that has Naruto so concerned?"

Leaning backwards out of her 'Threatening-Naruto-Position', the woman let off a small groan before she responded, "The brat's worried because I've been getting sick and throwing up for the past week. The best way to describe it is a lot of nausea hitting me all at once and constantly lingering afterwards. Truth be told, I'm a little worried too."

"If the vomiting was happening for a few days it could have been a case of food-poisoning, but a week seems unlikely. Are there any other symptoms that you noticed, Tayuya?" Sakura asked, her forehead creasing as she frowned.

Thinking back for the last few weeks, Tayuya began to try and remember any occurrences she saw as strange.

It was around noon one day and Tayuya was at the Academy teaching her assigned class. Even though she was renowned in the village as a genjutsu user and tutor Tayuya was still assigned by the Hokage to teach a class of hopeful future genins as an actual Academy sensei, sans for any taijutsu which was done by another teacher.

"... And that's the basics of fuuinjutsu. Even though it's a dying art it's still powerful nonetheless. Now then class, open up to page..." Feeling a sharp pain around her stomach Tayuya crouched forward and held her stomach with one hand while steadying herself with the other.

"Gahh, oh s..." She started before remembering all the lectures that the others had given her about swearing in front of the children, "Oh that's smarts!"

One of her students, a young girl with her hair in a side bun, stood up and asked, "Tayuya-sensei, are you okay?"

Letting out deep breaths, Tayuya straightened out of the crouch and responded, "Yeah, yeah I'm okay. The pains already gone." She lied as she still clutched her still sensitive stomach. "Now then, as I was saying, turn to page..."

Tayuya, Naruto, and their friends were all together for the night in one of their get togethers that they all had when they were available. That night it was Choji's choice of where they wanted to go, so of course they went to his favorite barbeque place when he was a genin that Asuma often brought his team to.

As she was talking to Naruto that was right next to her in the large booth that they all took up, Tayuya felt a quick jab to both her back and head that resulted in a throbbing pain that wouldn't stop. After suffering through it for a few minutes, Tayuya looked for anything that could help her get rid of it. To her luck though there was someone next to her that could help. Leaning to her side, Tayuya poked the person in the shoulder to get their attention.

Looking away from Sakura who she was just talking too, Ino turned to Tayuya and saw her slightly pained expression, "Yes Tayuya, what's wrong?"

Gritting her teeth against the throbbing, Tayuya asked, "Hey Ino, do you think you can help me?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Can you use any medical jutsus to help me? I have some serious pain in my back and head." Tayuya said, cursing whatever was going on with herself.

"Oh, sure..." Ino said, a small frown on her face as she healed her ailments before turning back to Sakura.

"Thanks." Tayuya said as she leaned back in relief, her head resting on Naruto's shoulder.

And then there were several times in the last week that Tayuya seemed to just shut down a little bit whenever she was alone. At times she would simply refuse to leave the bed before she could compose herself.

Today however she had just finished her shift at the Academy and had just returned home to the apartment. On the way home Tayuya was perfectly fine, she walked slowly due to her leg but she had always spent that time thinking, planning new lessons for her students.

Today however, when Tayuya placed her first foot down inside of the apartment, all she felt was a lack of control before she stumbled forward and collapsed on the sofa.

Realizing that she was still unable to move at the moment, Tayuya could only lay there before she regained her control. It was only when she looked at the kitchen and her stomach growled did Tayuya grow frustrated, "Son of an Inuzuka!"

Recalling all of this, Tayuya felt she could give Sakura enough information of what was going on and stammered, "Umm, there has been headaches, backaches, major fatigue, and cramping."

Hearing this, Sakura looked pensive for a few moments before reaching a small conclusion in her head, "Hey Tayuya, I'm going to have to ask for an urine sample okay?"

Giving each other slightly confused looks, Tayuya looked away from her husband to Sakura and nodded her head, "Okay..."

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Seeing Sakura and Tayuya entering back into the room, Naruto gave both a small nod as they returned to their previous positions in the room.
"So then, when should the results be coming back?" He asked, anxious for the news even if it was good or bad.

Shrugging her shoulders, Sakura responded as best as she could to the blonde, "Maybe thirty minutes to an hour. It depends on the day and sometimes the labs are either busy or on a slow day."

Seeing and hearing the married couple groan in unison, Sakura gave a small chuckle, "I know the hospital isn't your favorite place to be," She started before she heard a snort from Tayuya at that statement, "but we can spend that time talking if you want to?" The pinkette responded hopefully.

Hearing this, Tayuya had an evil gleam in her eye that the other two shuddered at. Turning her gaze towards Sakura, Tayuya gave a fake innocent smile and asked, "Why don't you tell us about the blonde I saw you kissing?" Seeing at how the other two blanched at hearing that, Tayuya gave off a full fledged laugh.

"Ho-how did you see that!?" Sakura asked quickly, her face turning a dark red while Naruto was still in shock.

"I saw you two after everyone else left the barbeque place after our last dinner with the others. I told Naruto to go ahead beforehand and I just happened to be walking down the street before I saw you two." She finished with a smirk, "So, how did it happen?"

Realizing that she couldn't escape from this after getting caught and admitting that it had happened, Sakura gave a defeated sigh before she started her story, leaving Naruto to quickly think 'How many blondes can there be in the village?' before he began listening to the story.

"... And that's how the two of us got together." Sakura finished, with a smile. Over time she grew less worried and embarrassed until the point that she was enjoying the story as much as Naruto and Tayuya were.

"I can't believe the two of you could hide a relationship for a year without any of us noticing." Naruto said while Tayuya gave a low whistle.

"I can't believe it either." Sakura said before there was a knock at the door. Turning to the doorway, Sakura took the results of the test from the nurse before closing the door. After reading the results, Sakura gave the couple a large smile before telling them the verdict.

"Hey Tayuya, Naruto, how do you feel about being parents?" She asked, awaiting their reactions.

"What!" Naruto exclaimed while Tayuya had a speechless look on her face.

"The results came back that Tayuya's pregnant, Naruto. I had thought so after hearing what Tayuya told us as other symptoms but I couldn't know for sure. So how do you two feel?" She asked, anxious for their response.

Leaning back with a smile on his face and a hand massaging his head, Naruto couldn't believe it, "Wow, a kid huh? Truthfully I never thought that would happen to us. How about you Tayuya-chan?" Naruto asked, excited about what she would say.

"Are you sure Sakura?" She asked, surprising the other two, "I thought that the curse-seal made females infertile. At least that's what Anko told me."

"Well, that was a prototype of the seal that Anko got from Orochimaru so it probably had more side effects." Sakura said, wondering why Tayuya didn't seem excited, "The tests came back positive, remember?"

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Letting out a shaky sigh, Tayuya looked up to Sakura, "Sakura, can you leave the room please so Naruto and I can talk?"

Taken aback by this, Sakura asked Tayuya in a surprised voice, "Are you sure Tayuya, is everything...?"

As Tayuya looked at Sakura, both she and Naruto saw something that they never thought that either of them would ever see from the red-haired woman. With the beginning of tears in the corners of her eyes, Tayuya asked again, stumbling over some of the words "S-Sakura, can you please l-leave so Naruto and I can... talk?"

Seeing the normally strong woman starting to break down, Sakura gave Naruto one last glance before she left the room and closed the door silently, leaving the couple alone.

Approaching cautiously towards his wife, Naruto sat down next to her before pulling her closer to him, "Tayuya-chan, I-I don't understand. I thought you would have been happy like I was when Sakura-chan told us, why are you acting the opposite?"

Not really hearing her husband speaking, Tayuya's mind was elsewhere.

"Gran'ma! Gran'ma! I found a pretty flower!" A petite three year old yelled out as she ran into the small cabin with her find in her outstretched hands, a big sunflower which was a rare plant in Earth Country.

Eyeing the red-haired girl, the girl's grandmother stared down for a few seconds before sneering, "I don't care brat, you see one flower you've seen them all damnit!"

Noticeably hurt about what her gran'ma had said, the young Tayuya looked down to hide just how much she was sad at that outburst before stammering, "B-but I found it for you..."

Quickly grabbing the flower from her granddaughter, the woman took the flower to the kitchen before she threw it in the garbage. Eyeing the look on Tayuya's face the woman frowned and then sneered again, "Why are you crying? Go outside and leave me alone!"


"I don't care, go outside." The woman growled before turning away from the crying girl.

Quickly exiting the cabin, the five year old girl sped off into the night hoping that no one would notice her figure in the faint moonlight. Quickly realizing that her gran'ma would never really appreciate her, Tayuya spent her nights away from the cabin while her gran'ma slept and spent her time by herself, either thinking or playing by herself.

Quickly approaching one of the sets of trees outside of the village and her gran'ma's cabin, Tayuya sped off to one dead tree with a knothole near its base. Putting her hand into the knothole, the young girl pulled out a simple flute that she had hid from her gran'ma. As she started to walk away, however, she felt a hand grasp the wrist that held the flute.

Turning her head quickly, the girl looked up into the livid face of her gran'ma, "What have I told you about sneaking out at night, running away from the cabin, and playing your stupid little flute and waking everyone up!?"

"Not too..." Mumbled the girl.

"And yet you disobeyed, give me the flute." She said.


"The flute!" The old woman replied, snatching the instrument from Tayuya and pocketing it, "Now then, get back to the cabin and go to bed now!"

Waking up one morning, Tayuya was greeted by the presence of her gran'ma by her bed, staring down at her.

"Gr-gran'ma, what's wrong?" Tayuya asked, scared at the look that she was getting.

The only response she got was her gran'ma throwing a rucksack onto the bed, crashing onto Tayuya's prone form with a small thud.

"What's this?" Tayuya said with a slightly scared and nervous voice.

"Pack up and go." The woman said simply.

"Wait, What!?" Tayuya exclaimed, noticeably in shock.

"Pack up your stuff and leave no later than noon, you're no longer welcome here." The woman said once again without emotion.

"But I have nowhere else to go!? Tayuya yelled with tears in her eyes, hoping that this was just a cruel joke.

But Tayuya never got a reply or another sign of acknowledgement from the woman. Packing up her few possessions, the young girl left the cabin by eleven ante meridiem, not trusting that she would be safe if she stayed and headed out into the morning.

"... ayuya? Tayuya? Tayuya!?" Sounded next to the woman's ears as she snapped out of her flashbacks, remembering where she was as she stared at the white walls of the hospital room and noticed her husband sitting next to her with a worried face.

"Sorry Naruto." She sniffed, wiping the few tears out of her eyes as she never did like others seeing her cry ever since she was little.

"What's wrong Tayuya-chan? Why don't you want to be a mother?" Naruto asked, afraid that Tayuya would want to get rid of the child even though he knew she wouldn't do such a thing.

Hearing a small mumble, Naruto asked her to repeat what she said.

"I said I'm scared." Tayuya said once again, a few tears escaping her eyes, "You know I never knew my parents, all I had was a gran'ma that I don't think ever loved me. I-I'm scared that I can't be a mom." She finished with another sniffle.

"Tayuya-chan," Naruto said while rubbing her back absentmindedly, "that doesn't mean you'll be a bad mother. Look at me, I never had any parents or legal guardians and I'm willing to try." Naruto whispered to his wife.

"But you've had some people who thought of you and cared for you. You had the Ichirakus and the Third. I was raised by a gran'ma with no parenting skills with me and then Orochimaru. I'm afraid that anything I do will harm the baby rather than help it." Tayuya said, afraid that Naruto would agree with her.

"But Tayuya, that's why I'm excited about the baby." Naruto said. Seeing the questioning look that his wife gave him, Naruto continued, "I think that if we knew what happened to us as children and growing up then we would know what not to do because it happened to us."

Giving a small smile, Tayuya muttered, "Idiot..." to the brat.

Seeing that he was winning his wife over, Naruto pressed on, "And you work with children at the Academy don't you? Don't you enjoy being around them even if they can be annoying at times." He asked with a smile on his face.

Letting off a shaky laugh, Tayuya gave a small nod, "Yeah, I love working with them. At first I saw it as a punishment but I've grown to love it over the years." Looking at her husband, Tayuya wanted to ask a question that she thought was important, "Naruto, do you think I'll be a good mother?" She finished, scared of what he would say even though she already knew the answer.

Looking Tayuya in the eyes, Naruto gave her a look of affection before answering, "Of course Tayuya-chan, you'll be a great mom. Now then how about me Tayuya-chan, how will I do as a dad?" He asked excitedly.

Seeing her husband's enthusiasm, Tayuya gave a sly grin before answering, "I don't know. You still act like a child yourself, how can you help me raise one?" She finished, giving off a full laugh at his fake defeated pout, "How about you go let Sakura back in, Naruto. I didn't like how afraid she was when I asked her to let us talk."

Leaning over to give his wife a kiss, Naruto muttered, "Sure thing Tayuya-chan." Before getting up and starting to walk toward the door before Tayuya called him over again.

"What is it honey?" He asked, wondering what else she had to say before crumpling down under the force of the fist that crashed down on his head.

"And what did I tell you about calling me 'Tayuya-chan', brat!?" She said with an annoyed look.

"Sorry honey." Naruto muttered, fearing the mood swings in the months to come.

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