AN: Hey guys! This is more of an introduction before the real college set in so bear with me, haha. The rating will probably change as the story continues, since it is college and I wouldn't say college is especially Rated G. Thanks for checking this story out! I've always wanted to write a 'A Goofy Movie' fanfic... So much of my childhood, you feel me? Please review so I know what you think, and I hope you enjoy it!

Crisp and cool, the fall morning made excellent weather for the three best friends and their skateboarding hobby. Sometime during their senior year of high school, Max, PJ, and Bobby heard of the X-Games, a college-wide competition held at their local university every year. Immediately they got to work on creating a half-pipe to hone their skills in PJ's backyard. It wasn't long before Max and PJ were almost remarkably impressive on their boards and Bobby with his rollerblades; and here, on their crisp and cool fall morning, they found themselves defying gravity for a few hours straight as the parental figures, Goofy and Pete, grilled lunch beside the teens.

"Nice one, Bobby!" Max called from his seated position on one of the half-pipe's lips, admiring his friend's tricks and maneuvers with wide, surprised eyes. Quite a bit had changed since his wild escapade to Los Angeles. Bobby and Stacey, the class president, dabbled in a little romance after the Powerline concert, but ultimately the very driven girl believed Bobby would slow her down—she ended the relationship after a solid seven months. Though he went through a phase shortly after, cutting easy-cheese from his diet and completely shaving off his mohawk, Bobby seemed completely back to his chill, nonchalant self. PJ finally discovered his passion: film. His father believed he was attending college for business, but the once spineless boy decided college determined his own future, not Pete's. Naturally, PJ was too terrified to tell his father, but he figured, "Hey, I can just let him figure it out for himself when I graduate."

Max, on the other hand, was still in a steady relationship with Roxanne. Despite going through their ups and downs, the two complimented each other perfectly. Roxanne had high hopes to going to the west coast for college, but she only received waitlisting and rejection letters. It was terrible to see his girlfriend so saddened, it's true—however, there was a small shimmer of selfishness Max hid behind a concerned countenance that was relieved she wouldn't leave him. He hadn't had the guts to tell his high school sweetheart that he loved her yet. And after everything he went through to rope her in, Max sure as heck didn't want to lose her, now. Maybe the teen became too clingy with his dream come true.

As if on cue, an abrupt buzzing shot up Max's thigh while he sat, watching his friends shred. He flipped his phone open, quipped a quick 'hello' before a familiar voice flooded his senses.

Max? Roxanne voice was soft in his ear.

"Heya, Roxanne. What's up?" Are you busy today? I know you were practicing with PJ and Bobby, but I really need to talk to you.

Max felt a lump in his throat. It was something he saw on television, read in books and heard from his friends: the talk. Max?

"Huh? Oh, yeah, no-" The teen stammered relentlessly, a habit he still couldn't shake since his childhood when he became nervous. "I'm totally free. I-is everything okay?"

Oh! Of course! I just have some really great news and I wanted to share it with my boyfriend. There was a pause and Max found a small smile playing idly on his lips. …Were you worried?

"Nah," He lied, running a relieved hand through his messy hair. "Just wondering."

Hearing her chuckle amusedly into the receiver, the teen allowed the silly grin to expand over his face. Okay! I'll stop by in a bit, okay? Max promptly agreed, shutting his phone and shoving it into his back pocket. Both PJ and Bobby were taking a brief break from skating, and the larger friend threw the pack of gum he had in his pocket straight into Max's forehead.

"Earth to Max-i-muu-um!" Bobby called, waving his hand over.

Max playfully picked up the gum and hurled it back at PJ before approaching them both. "That was Roxanne."

"We know." PJ stated with a smirk as he rolled his shoulders back as if stiff from all the practice. "So can we eat, or what? I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."

"I'm sure you could, son." The deep voice of Pete rattled over the teenagers' ears, summoning them over to the barbeque. He nonchalantly threw meat onto some paper plates and handed them over.

Max and PJ stared curiously at the plain burger patties, but Bobby had already started munching on it before Max's eyes pulled to his father. He seemed crestfallen, his back hunching more than usual. Had Pete and Goofy talked about something serious while they skated? "Dad, you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, sure. I've just been thinkin', is all."

Max raised his brows in feigned interest as his fingers found the patty and played with it. PJ's father was such a cheapskate. It made complete sense that he'd left the burgers completely plain because 'food was food', though Max was never one to complain. Pete seemed like a great dad; he thought with his brain, acted intelligently and always seemed to have the right words to say, despite whatever PJ had to say about it. They were a particularly well-off family due to Pete's thriving electronics business. On occasion, Max found himself slightly jealous of the high lifestyle PJ seemed to live, though he'd be first to admit he didn't know much about it.

The sun began to set, so Max decidedly left to his home to meet Roxanne. Sometimes he forgot graduation was a few months ago. Seeing his room cleared out of the posters, drawers ajar and two suitcases filled to the brim with clothes reminded him that he left for college in a few days. College. He was finally an adult, a budding eighteen year old with so much promise. The thought was a little daunting, but Max tried not to think about it. He entered his major as 'undeclared', giving him some time to figure himself out—however, his future past the X-Games and Roxanne never graced his mind. It was simpler. His brown eyes drifted toward the cardboard cutout of Powerline, shadowed by the setting sun save for the bent nose that hung out in the light. He sighed.

There was a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" Goofy sang from downstairs. Max grumbled, hurrying out of his room, down the stairs and ultimately pushing his father from the doorframe. He waved him off, and Goofy uncharacteristically caught the hint and returned to the kitchen where he was cooking… though they already had dinner. That was more like him. Max opened the door to Roxanne, who stood with a paper in one hand and her fist clenched in the other, a large smile plastered on her beautiful features.

"I got in!"

Max blinked for a moment, but Roxanne continued, waving the paper in his face excitedly. "They waitlisted me, and I just got the acceptance letter today! I'm going to California!" She let out a conservative shriek before wrapping her arms around her boyfriend. The redhead squeezed him enthusiastically, seemingly unable to stop bouncing or flailing. "I already booked my flight! I'm leaving tomorrow! I can't believe it!"

"Wait," Max found himself saying, as her words sunk in like an avid anchor in the ocean. "Tomorrow? You leave tomorrow?!" Roxanne's light chocolate eyes lit up at his question, nodding eagerly in response. "Didn't you… didn't you want to talk about this or something?" Max attempted to hide the dejection in his words, his voice lowering anxiously.

Roxanne took a beat as she stared at him. She seemed confused at his lack of interest, her expression dulling. When she finally realized what her boyfriend was implying, her overflowing happiness twisted into a sudden disappointment. "What do you mean? I thought you would be happy for me."

"I am happy, Roxanne—I mean, I know how much this meant to you, but-" Max's brows furrowed as he tried to carefully handpick his words around his usually sensitive girlfriend.

She lived up to the expectation, tears welling up slightly at the corners of her eyes before she aggressively pushed them away with her palm. "But… what, Max?" The question was poised pointedly, and Max gulped.

"You're going thousands of miles away… How are we going to do this?" The young man gestured between the two teens. "I want you to be happy, but what about us?"

A heavy silence weighted itself down between him and Roxanne. He watched her push some of her orange hair behind an ear as she considered his question. It had been a conflict in the past where she just assumed Max knew what she wanted, what she was thinking—instead of bursting with aggressive questions, the girl placed her hand on Max's arm with a concerned veil over her browns. "What would you like to do about us?" She copied his previous gesture with a weak smile.

"I don't know. I don't want to lose you, Roxanne."

There was a flash of something over her face, but he couldn't read it. It was disappointment, was it? It couldn't be. Relief flushed over his reddening face as her thin, cool fingers found his hand. "I don't want to lose you either, Max."

"Roxanne, I…" Drawing his gaze to the floor, he gulped hard before forcing the words out of his mouth. "I love you." His adrenaline pumped eagerly through his veins, and though he wanted to save the expression for a romantic, meaningful night between them, he might as well have used it in an effort to get his girlfriend to stay with him.

The redhead's mouth turned into a thin line; Max imagined he could hear cogs turning in her complex mind, but the room was so eerily silent and dark that he felt beyond nervous. Before the feeling became too overwhelming however, Roxanne brought her hands up to his cheeks and kissed him, passionately. It wasn't like the usual peck, or polite, sensual makeout session like they usually shared. She kept her lips there, surging with electricity and shocking all of his senses senseless until she finally pulled away, years too soon. "I will call you every night, okay?" Her words leaked with genuine intention, rendering Max unable to garner any disbelief.

"You promise?"

"I promise."

After another quick kiss, Roxanne lifted up the acceptance letter that had slipped through her fingers and turned on her heel to leave, finally releasing her boyfriend's hand. His arm followed her until she completely exited. The door shutting left a hollow hole in the living room, and Max's eyes drilled another in equal size into the wood in front of him. Why didn't he feel reassured? His feet dragged up the stairs leading to his room, a low voice finding the energy to ward off the questions from his father. The teenager turned left into his messy bathroom as he immediately turned on the sink and dumped his face into his large hands and the pool that formed within them. When he lifted, he watched the water slide off his cheeks, chin, and nose, crawling down his neck. The boy—no, the young man—that gazed back at him was a stranger, a stranger to this memory, this feeling. It may have been the water droplets that collected at the collar of his t-shirt that made him uncomfortable, but Max quickly dug his head into a nearby towel. He felt it now, the hot tears that escaped his lower lids. He didn't want any evidence to remind him of Roxanne, but there was a piece of undeniable evidence that stung at his lips.

That kiss, there was something about that kiss so unlike the others. It almost felt like… a goodbye.