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Dreams of Fear

Chapter 1: Blood Dream

It was a typical day in the Jade Palace. The Furious Five and Po were all training as usual. "Come on Viper thank you can go a bit faster", Crane joked as he dodged her attacks. In a blink of an eye Viper used the tip of her tail and tripped Crane then landed a hit on him.

"I am fast enough", she said with a smile. Mantis and Monkey were watching Po and Tigress spar and they already had a bet going.

"I'll bet you my portion of desert for a week that Tigress beats him within five minutes", Mantis.

"Make it two weeks and you are on", Monkey whispered. The two friends watched as Po and Tigress began to spar. Tigress lunged at Po full speed and Po was blocking her attacks with his paws. Then pushed her in the stomach sending her to go back a few steps and having her lunge at him again. So, far Po was doing fine but Tigress was noticing a change in the panda. Usually he would be smiling or saying something like "awesome lunge Tigress" or "feel the thunder" but instead he was quiet. Instead she noticed he wasn't even looking at her. He was concentrating alright but whatever it was it was not on the fight. She jumped on her front paws and used her back paws to knock Po to his feet. He fell flat on his back and the spar was over. Mantis smiled knowing he won the bet but even he noticed something was off. Normally Tigress didn't beat Po that fast at least not so easily anyway.

"Oh um good spar Tigress", Po mumbled as he got to his feet. He moved away from the three and went to the punching dummy. He made a few punches and the dummy didn't send him flying like usual but Po wasn't really into it. Tigress decided to ask Po if everything was alright for he seemed really jumpy.

"Po are you alright?" she asked. She was just a few inches away from him when she spoke he jumped two feet back.

"Hey Tigress you startled me", Po said in a joking tone but Tigress could sense fear.

"Just wanted to see if you were okay?" she asked. The others decided to go meditate leaving Po and Tigress alone.

"Yeah just fine", he said offering her a weak smile. He turned to leave but Tigress stopped him.

"Po, if something is bothering you please do tell us", Tigress said trying to keep her worry hidden.

"Yeah sure I'll do just that", Po said avoiding eye contact as he left the training room. Tigress knew something was up and she would find out. Later at dinner Po made soup again and Tigress was keeping a watchful eye on him. He was very quiet and focused on his soup. If someone spoke to him, he avoided eye contact and mumbled some response. Soon everyone began to feel like there was something wrong with Po. But whatever it was he was not saying a thing. Soon night fell and everyone went to their rooms.

"Good night Po, sweet dreams", Tigress said nicely trying to get a smile out of him.

"You too Tigress", was all he said before he shut the door. Tigress sighed and closed her door and went to sleep. Po lay in his bed too terrified to go to sleep. He tried walking around in his room or playing with his action figures. Anything but falling asleep but unfortunately his eyeballs drooped and he was fast asleep.

He saw all his friends in the hallway of the Jade Palace. Viper lay on the floor by the door blood oozing from her body. Mantis's legs were gone and he too was bleeding. Crane laid hunched over by a pillar wings broken and blood trickling from his side. Monkey laid face down with blood pouring from his head. Shifu had bruises all over him and like his students his chest was covered in blood. Tigress laid at his feet soaked in blood and he looked up at his paws and they were covered in blood. "This is my fault what have I done?" he asked himself.

Po woke up in a cold sweat as he breathed heavily. He couldn't believe what he just saw. For the past few days he had been dreaming about his friends and Master being attacked by someone and now he knew that he was the attacker. He killed his friends and Master in cold blood. But why would he do such a thing? Was he turning evil like Ti-Lung? Had the power gotten to his head? Was some evil force controlling him? Whatever the reason he could no longer stay in the Jade Palace nor the Valley of Peace. He must go far away to some place isolated until he figured out what was wrong with him. He packed whatever belongings he could and silently left unaware that two golden eyes saw him leave his room and that they were following him.

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