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Chapter 1: I'm Sorry

Of course she loved him. She had loved him for months now.

Tigress sat on the moist, spongy ground at the foot of the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom as she thought about her one true love, her soul mate, Po.

Po has always been there for me; has always comforted me in my time of need. He makes me feel so secure, happy, and confident. Whenever I look into those eyes I see nothing but happiness. But we are both Kung Fu warriors. We could never be together.

She cried out in frustration at her romantic dilemma. She got up, and landed a solid blow to the massive hunk of twisted bark next to her. The tree shuddered, dropping a few of its peaches and leaves. A large crack appeared at the point of impact, and spread like a plague across the tree's old, worn frame. Old memories of punching ironwood trees suddenly conjured up in her mind. She felt the need to destroy. So instead of taking out her anger on the poor tree, she instead proceeded to tear up the grass around her. Claws became dangerous knives as they slashed through grass and earth, spewing up a spray of nature. …you can never be together. He will never love you… the voices in her head chanted, only fueling her rage-induced assault.

She quickly stopped her rampage as soon as she heard footsteps echoing off the ground. She wiped her tears and sat down at the tree again, looking out upon the valley she strove so hard to protect.

The footsteps became louder and louder as they approached the grief-stricken tiger, who now had her head buried in her hands. Speak of the devil. She thought as she looked over and sawPo come running up the hill, wheezing as he ran. He came up to Tigress, completely out of breath. While the tired panda took his 'rest break', Tigress just stared at him, giving a glare that could kill. Finally, he regained his stamina as he looked around at the carnage around the cat and the large gash in the tree. There was dirt and chewed up earth all around them. Most likely a byproduct of the claws, Po deduced. He then shifted his gaze as he looked deeply into Tigress' flaming eyes. He could tell that she had been crying, but decided not to mention anything.

"Hey, I heard yelling, are you ok?" the quivering Dragon Warrior squeaked out. He closed his eyes for a moment expecting a fist to slam straight into his face, but no fist came. Instead, she threw daggers at him. Daggers in the form of words.

"It is none of your concern, panda! Stop eavesdropping and go back to the palace and do what you do best… eat."

The words stung like bitter tea as they struck Po. He felt hurt by her aggressiveness, especially the comment about eating, but instead of backing down like she wanted him to, he decided to lash back.

"No." he said defiantly

"What did you just say to me?" Tigress growled at him. She curled her hands into fists and clenched her teeth.

"Umm… Um," Po wavered at first, but then spoke in a firm tone. "I said I'm not leaving until you tell me what's bothering you."

She made a deep, loud growl that shook the earth and echoed off the walls of the valley.

"Panda, it is none of your business!" she said rigidly. "Now I suggest you leave, right now!"

"Tigress… just tell me…"

"Stop asking me that!"

"I care. I only want to help…"

"I warned you, Po!" she shouted as she slammed her rock solid fist into the poor pandas skull, and ran off down the mountain, tears once again forcing themselves down her cheeks. That was the last thing Po remembered before he hit the ground.

Po woke up two days later in his bed. He rubbed his head and felt a bolt of pain shoot out of it, the waves of pain traveling down his entire body. He noticed that there were cards on his nightstand. He read through each one, mostly they said things like 'get better soon' and 'hope you feel better'. Viper, Crane, Mantis, Monkey… no Tigress though. He thought as he read through the cards. Of course, it wouldn't be hardcore of Tigress to give him a 'get well soon' card.

He was wondering as to what had exactly happened when Shifu and the five walked into his room. All of them were dressed in expressions of empathy. Even Tigress managed to make an appearance. Po thought he was seeing things, but he could have sworn that she looked very worried for him.

"Hello, Po." Shifu said, "I see you're feeling better! I was afraid you wouldn't wake up for a few more days."

"Ugh, Master Shifu, what happened?" Po said, the pain in his head still throbbing.

"Ahh, well you see Po, we were hoping you could fill us in on that part. All we know is that you suffered a concussion and some other extensive head damage. So, what happened to you Po, and why is there a huge crack in the peach tree?"

Images of the incident came flooding back to him now. He remembered how Tigress had become enraged and punched him in the face. He took a quick look at the feline, and then looked back at Shifu.

"You see, I was up at the peach tree… and suddenly I slipped and I guess I rammed my head into the tree, which explains the crack."

Tigress' eyes widened at the lie Po had just told everyone. How could he lie for her like that? Why didn't he just tell them the truth?

"Of course, clumsiness! I should have known!" Shifu exclaimed. "Try not to be so foolish next time, Po. And you will be doing extra training from now on for the damage you inflicted upon the peach tree!"

Po sighed, "Yes, master"

Everyone left to allow the panda some more time to rest. Tigress, however, remained behind. She just stared at Po. He couldn't tell what those eyes were trying to tell him. She had been staring at him now for the longer part of a minute, and she could tell that Po was getting nervous.

"You were foolish to cover for me. Why didn't you just tell them that it was me who hit you, and that it was me who made that gash in the tree?" she said as she crossed her arms and continued to stare at him.

"Well you see… I just didn't want to see you get punished. I really care for you, and I couldn't bear it if you got the blame. You were angry and I just kept on pushing you further and further. I'm sorry."

Tigress just stood there, astonished that he would actually apologize for something that was clearly her fault. She had never felt so ashamed at herself in all her life.

"Po…" was all she said as she quickly bent over and gave him a quick hug. She held the surprised the panda tightly for a split-second then quickly released him and left the room, slightly embarrassed at herself for using such compassion toward him. She didn't care if she had feelings for him or not, she shouldn't have done that. She was supposed to be a hardcore leader. And the hardcore don't hug, or show any emotion such as affection at all for that matter. But Po just gave her such a feeling. She just couldn't control herself around him.

But right now she didn't care about controlling herself. She had to make things right with Po…

That night…

Po woke at the sound of a door being slowly forced open. A miniscule sliver of light penetrated the creamy darkness of the room. Soft, padded footsteps approached his bead. The worn floorboards protested the movement with creaks and groans as the figure's feet slid over them. Po's back was to the door, but he didn't dare turn around. The footsteps stopped and he could now feel the hot breath of another on the back of his neck. A paw was placed delicately on his shoulder as a soft voice came from the figure. Po quickly identified the voice, to his utter surprise, as Tigress'.

"I am so sorry for what I did Po. Please… please forgive me." and with that she got up, and placed a white lily on his bed. She stood there for a moment, turned, and left him again without saying another word; disappearing into the cold, empty night. As soon as she was gone, Po picked up the delicate flower and held it as if it were a precious gem.

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