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Chapter 5: Love Hurts

Po woke up early the next morning, eager to see his Tigress again. He sprang out of bed and dashed across the hall. His heart was racing as he knocked on Tigress' door.

What is she going to say after last night? Has anything changed between us? Po wondered as he waited for her to answer. He was met by a door being flung open in his face and an angry looking feline staring at him. Tigress had her arms crossed in an irritated manner and her head was cocked to the side.

"What are you doing here?" She said sharply. Po was too nervous to even pick up on her irritated tone, and still thought that everything was alright with her.

"I'm just here to see the most beautiful girl in the-" Po was saying when a fist came out of nowhere and hit him directly in the jaw. He flew back against the opposite wall, crumpling to his knees. Tigress walked over to him, eyes full of ire as she now stood over the cowering panda.

"Don't EVER call me beautiful again!" She yelled at him, making the floor tremble beneath her feet. "I don't want to see you around here again, got it?" She said. Then, Po realized something.

Tigress isn't angry, there's definitely something wrong here. Whoever this is, it certainly isn't Tigress. Po thought pondering on why the feline was so emotionally unbalanced. What's going on with her?

He could see something was awry with the tiger. Her emotions were complex, bet he knew she wouldn't try hurting him twice now willingly. He had to save her from whatever was plaguing her, but how could he?

He looked directly into Tigress' eyes, stood up tall, and said

"Look, I don't know what's wrong with you, but I know it isn't the tiger I fell in love with. So I'm not going to leave. If you have a problem with that, then you'll have to fight me!"

She looked at him, obviously shocked at his words, but then the shock gave way to laughter. A cold, sinister laughter.

"You want to fight me? Fine, have it your way…" And then she lunged at him, and punched him in the face. She seemed more powerful now, and was easily beating Po black and blue. Po knew he couldn't win, so he did the only thing he could do. Tigress jumped up and was about to strike him again, but Po dodged the attack and turned around and ran. He ran as fast as he could through the halls, screaming

"Help! Shifu, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, Crane, help me!"

But unfortunately for Po today had been an off day for the five, and they were all down in the village milling about, leaving Po helpless with an angry Tigress on his tail.

The orange and black feline was now bounding after Po on all fours, narrowing the gap between her and her prey. Po got all the way outside before Tigress caught up to him. She tackled him, and then quickly got up and started punching him more. Po wanted to fight back, but he couldn't bring himself to hurt his precious Tigress, so he simply put his arms up in defense and let her beat him like a piñata.

Luckily, Shifu was up at the peach tree meditating and had heard Po's cries echo throughout the palace, and as soon as he found the source of the desperate calls, he was horrified. There, he saw Tigress rapidly punching Po all over. He quickly rushed over to pull Tigress off Po, but right before he was about to get to them, Tigress noticed him and landed a punch right in Shifu's mid-section, sending him flying and knocking him unconscious. While she had been busy dealing with her master, Po was able to take advantage of the opportunity and threw Tigress off of him. He got up slowly, and panting. He was covered in blood and bruises, and he couldn't stand up straight to face his opponent.

Tigress quickly recovered from being thrown off Po, and stood up to face him. She glared at him and then said,

"You know, you were never meant to be the Dragon Warrior. You're a stupid, fat, pathetic pile of garbage. I never loved you Po, and I never will. Who could possibly love someone like you?"

Po was hurt by the words, but he tried not to let it get to his head like it did the last time.

"Tigress, please. I love you so much. Please come back to me… please…"

Po! Tigress thought as she wrestled with the other force that had taken over her body.

Po, I love you too… she tried to say even though she knew the panda couldn't hear her.

Haha, he can't hear you! Said the other voice that shared Tigress' thoughts and feelings. Now you get to watch as your panda suffers a very slow, painful death by none other than his own love, Tigress!

Po watched now as Tigress got back into her fighting stance, teeth barred and eyes scorching with the urge to destroy.

"Tigress, you don't have to do this! Remember us? Remember all of the fun we had? This isn't you. This is a monster."

"Yes you're right" Tigress said coldly, "I guess I am a monster! Po, don't you realize who this is?" Said Tigress mentioning to herself. It isn't the sweet, and amazing Tigress anymore, it's me, Song!"

"What- SONG?!" Po shouted; dumbfounded at what Tigress, or Song, or whoever was saying. "What do you mean?"

"Yes, it's me Po. After we last saw each other, I realized how much I missed you. I needed to be with you but I saw how much you cared for the tiger, so I decided that in order to be with you, I'd have to get rid of her. So, I set out to find a way to take Tigress down and found a trick that could enable someone to control another's body so I took over your precious Tigress' body and tried to hurt you, so you wouldn't love her anymore. Then, I could have you for myself."

"You're- you're crazy!" Po said shakily, awed that Song would go to such lengths to make sure that he ended up with her. "Let Tigress go, NOW!"

"Po, you don't understand. If I leave her, you'd just go and fall in love with her, and I can't have that happen. Please Po, come with me. We could be together at last!"

Now Tigress (the real one) was furious. She sure didn't appreciate her body being taken over, but she especially didn't like the fact that she was only being taken over in order to get to Po.

"Song, we couldn't be together. I love Tigress, and my love will always belong to her. Please, just let her go and we can forget about all of this."

"Well then, if I can't have you then no one can!" she shouted as she took out a dagger and charged at Po. For some strange reason, Song was easily able to fight against him. She slashed Po on his paws and legs with the dagger, and then managed to get a shot and slammed the serrated dagger straight into Po's exposed chest. He crumpled over, bleeding out everywhere. Haha! I told you that you'd get to see him die! Song said.

NO! Tigress shouted as she saw her own paw drive the blade into Po. Song! You'll pay for this you coward! She shouted.

How will you make me pay when I control you? Song taunted back at Tigress. Finally, Tigress was at her boiling point. Her darling Po was dying in front of her, she was being controlled by a psychotic Song, and to make it all that much worse her favorite pair of training pants were now torn up and ruined. Get out of my head, NOW! She thought as she hashed out upon Song, slowly battling to get her out of her mind. Po is mine, got it? Now get out; I think you've overstayed your welcome.

Song kept on fighting back, but it was no use now. Somehow, she was gaining the upper hand in the mental battle. Tigress was regaining control of her body. How are you fighting me? I'm in control! Song screamed as she slowly faded away from Tigress' mind. She collapsed on the floor next to Po. He looked in pretty bad shape, as did she. She found enough strength to get up and kneel over Po, examining his injuries.

Po looked up and saw her crouching over him. He could tell that she was back to her normal self again. He smiled.

"Tigress… I love-" he mumbled before his vision went black.

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