~Chapter 2: Friends and Trust~

As they ate breakfast in silence, Chung couldn't help, but wonder if Eve had remembered anything of the past. Like how they used to climb trees, Eve making flowery crowns, Chung hugging her from behind, comforting her when she's depressed. However, the more he thinks about their past with each other, the more depressing it is.

'I can't go and continue sulking over Eve's forgotten memories from back then.. If i hadn't been so weak and pathetic, i would have protected her and supported her. Our homelands, Altera and Hamel are at war, separating us from each other, but that didn't stop us from meeting up with each other until i made the decisions.. I'll rebuild this relationship, and i'll protect it.. I won't let this bond between us disappear...'

While Chung continues on with his deep thoughts of his lovely Eve, a certain red head kicked the doors with a cold look on his face. He glared at the students who were around the area before getting his breakfast.

The red head, Elsword of the Red Knights was known for his silent and coldness. He sat in front of Chung with his breakfast and ate in silence. Eve looked up as she sensed Elsword's presence. She couldn't help, but stare at Elsword wondering what he really was like. This attracted Elsword's attention who had noticed her staring at him.

He glared at her, making her give him a death glare back while Chung had finally looked up and noticed their glaring contest.

'Wow... Elsword of the Red Knights... From what i learned from my father, the Red Knights was a royal family with trained warriors. They were known for their swordsmanship, excelling in close range combat. However, the Red Knights was suddenly "erased" from existence. Surviving members of the royal family were all scattered, and no one really knew their locations. There was actually a Red Knight in the school...? That's pretty rare...'

"Stop staring at me, it's getting disturbing... I know that i'm a Red Knight, is there a problem with that?"

Elsword's voice brought Chung back to reality, and he had realized that he's been staring at Elsword while thinking about the Red Knights. Eve gave Elsword another glare before turning to Chung with a worried expression which made Chung smile softly.

"I'm sorry for staring at you. It's just that the royal family of the Red Knights is rare to be seen around here. The Red Knights... They were known for their swordsmanship and close range combat. They're an amazing group."

Elsword's eyes widened slightly with surprise. He would have never thought that anyone would praise his family like that, but then his eyes darkened the moment he thought of how this could be a trick as he held his silver pendent tightly .

'No one in this world is kind enough to say such words about my family. Ever since Elsa had disappeared, i realized that no one would recognize me. Once i warm up to someone, they'll betray me in the end. No one is like Elsa.. My sister is gone, but i'll find her once i get out of this damned school.'

"Nice words, but you won't fool me."

Elsword gave Chung a cold glare that sent shivers down his spine. He stood up and threw his half-eaten food away. His bright red hair swayed slightly as he walked away. At that moment, Chung suddenly realized that Elsword's hair had some parts that were dyed black.

'His hair... Some parts of it are black, but.. Why?'

"Chung... Let's go."


Chung hurriedly ate the remaining of his breakfast and caught up with Eve who was already leaving. While they both head off towards their classes, a soft giggle could be heard and there were hands who made a heart sign around Chung and Eve.

'Those two fits each other so well! I knew it! Although being enemies, they sure hit it off well. A forbidden love between two people. A forbidden love~ Hamel and Altera. Chung and Eve.. This is pretty amazing! If those two aren't together, they must be in love with each other. And of course, i'll make sure they get together before this year ends.'

She jumped off and her spring green colored hair flowed down her waist. Her sharp, yet gentle green eyes sparkled as she skipped down the hallway. Rena of the Night Savers, a mysterious group known for their stealth, close range combat, and archery skills.

"Chung and Eve Forever~ Hmm, i should nickname them... Cheve? Maybe.. Oh well, i'll think about it later. On the other hand, i should hurry and get to class."

She stopped skipping, running towards her class with a speed that no one can catch up to or notice. She slammed open the door to the her class and smiled brightly.

"Good morning!"

Everyone stopped what they're doing and turned to Rena. They smiled back and gave her their greetings. At that moment, she noticed that there were some people missing.

'There are at least 30 people in the class.. Who's missing..? Chung and Eve, they're already here. Talking to each other and laughing, or rather, Chung is the one who's laughing while Eve remained with her poker face~ Anyways, back on topic.. Let's see.. Elsword is here, sitting in his lonely corner, staring out the window with sad eyes unlike his usual cold eyes. I wonder if he's okay.. Aisha is not here... Raven is not here either... Ara is not here as well... I wonder where they are...'

"Where's our Class Rep? It's not like her to be absent."

"She's probably too busy with other stuff, like papers that needs to be sort out. After all, she is known for her big heart, willing to help anyone out."

"Then what abou-"

Before Rena could ask her classmates for the others' location, the door was opened and a black haired boy walked in. The class quiet down excluding Chung and Eve. They didn't care who walked in the class, they just continued on their conversation without a single care.

Raven of the Crow Mercenary Knights of Velder. Their skills in swordsmanship and their knowledge in technology. Raven was known as a traitor in Velder, but eventually everything was cleared up.

'All of them stayed silent the moment i walked in... Very interesting, not. This is stupid. I knew skipping was a better choice, but no... That Class Rep just had to burst my door open and forced me to get ready. The moment the damned bell rings, i'm getting out of here and head back to my dorm.'

Chung poked Eve's cheek softly and laughed as she pouts. Rena's eyes travels towards them as she smiles and makes a heart shape around them with her hands while screaming how cute they are in her head. Elsword ignored Raven's entrance and continued on looking out the window.

'Elsa... Where are you? I miss you.. I'll find you as soon as i get out of this place.'

Elsword sighed as he turned his attention towards the class with a bored look on his face, cold eyes replacing his sad ones. At that moment, Raven took his seat which is next to Elsword. Both of the silent people were seated next to each other, which made it seem a bit awkward.

Eventually, the bell rang and Ara came running in with her long black hair swaying. She took her seat next to Rena, breathing heavily. Chung took his seat which was right behind Eve as soon as their teacher Stella came in with Aisha talking and carrying some papers for her.

"Alright, class is starting!"

Everyone stood up and bowed before taking their seats and set up for notes. Eve couldn't help, but focus her mind on Chung. Her thoughts were full of Chung and the fact that there was something familiar about him only made her feel anxious.

'What are these feelings i have for Chung? The familiar feeling when he touches me.. My heart keeps on beating abnormally fast when i'm around him. Have i met Chung somewhere before? But then that's impossible.. Altera and Hamel are in war, so it's impossible, but... Why?'

~Author's Notes~

I introduced the main characters! :D Well, unfortunately, i need to start on Aisha and Ara's background story. Elsword is hard to imagine all serious, cold, and silent. -_-

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