Well, I keep deleting the original so that I can re-do it and hope for a miracle to pass by and review my story. Who knows, maybe this'll work! Although, by doing this I'm neglecting the stories that actually get reviewed... But I want to share my ideas so badly.

This dream again...

A girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, golden eyes, yellow t-shirt, orange jacket which only reached to the waist yet covered the arms, sky-blue jeans and orange shoes stood on a platform. A glass platform. The surroundings were light, light everywhere. The platform showed a picture of a daisy, stretching out. The rest of the platform, other than the daisy, was clear glass.

Being in this light, it showed her pleasant memories.


Dancing, singing, eating the strange yet delicious fruit from the tree on top of the cliff. Asking why does the fruit coming from the tree come in many different colours. Playing hopscotch and jumprope. Skating. Funny times. Beating her elder ashen-haired 12-year-old friend in DDR every single time he's confident that he'll beat her for once in his life. Competing with a boy with black hair to see if skateboards or roller skates are better. Smiling. Having fun.

However, this pleasant feeling did not last long.

Above her, a little bit of darkness suddenly started to show.

This darkness, it quickly spread, each passing second showing her more memories. Unpleasant ones.

A war.

Blood. Blood. Lots of blood. Airships with military logos painted on it came through the dozens. Cannons. Seeing her own parents get killed. Seeing her pink-haired friend's parents get killed. Witnessing her older brother kill two soldiers.

Getting shot.

A blonde-haired 8-year-old woke up from her afternoon map, shrieking.

"Rika, what's wrong?!"

She woke her friend up from her nap too.

"Oh, sorry Shirma," Rika, the blonde haired, said sheepishly.

The pink-haired known as Shirma sighed.

"What woke you up, Rika?" she asked.

"Nothing," Rika said.

"Don't lie."

"You don't want to know."

"Dudes, you woke me up from my nap too!" a black-haired boy said.

"Sorry, Kurei," Rika apologized.

Kurei looked at her sternly.

"Were you dreaming about that horrible war again?" he asked.

Rika looked surprised.

"I take that as a yes." Kurei sighed. "Rika, the war was 3 years ago."

"I'm sorry. It's just... I can't forget about it, after what it took away from us."

Shirma and Kurei looked at her.

"Rika, we're not bothered about it. Because they wouldn't like it if we were sad," Shirma said. "We've got to keep going."

"... You're right."

Rika looked at Kurei. Kurei had black, messy hair, dark blue eyes, red hoodie, dark blue jeans and black sneakers. Kurei was a 10 year old. He was going to be eleven next month.

"So! Since we've wokenup from our nap, let's go to the market! We need the veggies," Shirma said, standing up with Rika and Kurei following. They all stretched.

"Should we make the chocobos extra food just in case?" Kurei asked.

"You know, the chocobos on this island all have human intelligence..." Shirma said, stomping on his foot.

"Owww!" Kurei moaned.

Rika chuckled. Then, she noticed something.

"Uh, guys... We have three unconscious teenagers on the field."