"Hey... I think she's waking up!"


Xion's vision was a little blurred at first. Then it became a little clearer. It was clear enough to see two pairs of eyes looking down at her.

"H-huh? Where..."

"We found you on the field," one of the girls, a pink-haired one said.

"And by any chance, so you know those two?" the blonde one asked, pointing at two very familiar bodies. Her eyes widened.

"Ven! Roxas!" The effect was immediate; she jumped out of the bed she was on and went towards Roxas, then checked Ven. They woke up too.

"Xion?" they both asked simultaneously.

"Well, that answers our question," a boy with messy black hair said.

"Um... What happened?" Ven asked.

"We found you on the field. Rika here was the first to notice it though," the black haired said.

"You talk very maturely for someone that looks like a 10 year old," Ven remarked.

"Oh, really?" The latter gave out a toothy grin. "And also, I'm 10 turning 11."

"Anyways, we should know your names," Roxas said.

"I'm Rika! Hikarine Rika!" The blonde said.

"Hanarin Shirma," the pink said.

"Rokujin Kurei!" said the black.

"I'm Xion, and these two are Roxas and Ventus," Xion gestured to her two friends.

"So we should call you Hika, Roku and Hana for short?" Ven asked.

The trio laughed at this.

"What? No! Just Rika, Kurei and Shirma!" 'Hana' corrected.

"What?" Roxas was confused.

"Oh, wait. You must be from the mainland," Kurei noticed.

"Er... What would the mainland be exactly?" Ven asked.

"Why, Radiant Garden of course!" Rika said as if it was the most obvious thing in the worl.