Hi Guys! The Red Riolu here! This is my first shot at a fanfiction so please don't flame me. This story will be about Ash's son titled Champion's Legacies. So if you want to read this story here is the timeline.

Ash eventually became Kanto's Champion at the age of 22.

Iris was Unova's champion like in the game.

She marries Ash at the age of 24 and gives up the Champion title to Trip.

Ash makes the new Kanto Elite 4 when Agatha retires and Bruno and Lance go to Johto.

Kanto Elite Four is now built with

1st- Lorelei (Ice)

2nd- Cameron (Fighting)

3rd- Morrison (Steel)

4th- Iris (Dragon)

Ash and Iris move into Pallet town where they live with their kids.

So yeah they now live in Pallet Town and we see Ash's son Daniel (or Dan) go on with his journey.



Daniel- 10

Cleo- 7




Champion's Legacies

Daniel Ketchum woke up to the sound of his Dodrio alarm clock buzzing and yelling. His eyes shot open remembering that today was a special day. A few weeks ago he had just turned 10 and that meant he would soon start his Pokemon journey.

He pressed the alarm clock, sat up his bed and said "Yes! Today is the day to start my journey."

Dan got up, showered and put on his clothes which consisted of a black shirt, a red vest with a pokeball design on it, black jeans and a pair of blue sneakers. He then approached the mirror where he attempted to tame his wild purple hair, but after several minutes, he decided to give up.

He picked up the bag that he had prepared the night before; it was filled with extra clothing, pokemon food, human food, some travelling necessities and several pokemon books that he enjoyed reading.

Dan looked at his clock and it read 7:25 am, Dan yelped and said "Oh man, I've got to get to Professor Oak's lab by 8:30!"

Dan opened his room and rushed downstairs to see his little sister Cleo play with his Dad's Pikachu.

Cleo was 7 years old and she had long black hair like their father, today it was tied in a ponytail. Her eyes were brown like his, and she was wearing her pajamas.

Cleo looked at him and said giddily "Hi Dan! Are you ready to become a trainer?"

Dan slung the backpack on his back and said "Yep! Of course I am Cleo!"

The little girl smiled and said "So which Pokemon do you think will be your starter?"

Dan furrowed his brow and said "Come to think of it, I really don't know."

Dan then heard a voice come from the kitchen saying "Dan! Cleo! Breakfast time!"

Dan and Cleo walked into the dining room where they saw their mother Iris was preparing breakfast with their grandmother Delia. Pikachu scurried out of Cleo's arms and ran to the living room.

Their mother was wearing a yellow blouse and white jeans; her purple hair was in a large ponytail. His grandmother on the other hand was wearing a white shirt and some shorts, her red hair was let down while her eyes looked warmly at her two grandchildren.

Dan removed his back and placed it at the back of his chair and sat down as his grandmother's Mr. Mime prepared the table. The Mime Pokemon placed sets of plates, spoons and forks on the table while Dan's mother brought them their breakfast which was a great amount of pancakes, bacon and toast.

Dan smiled as he rubbed his hands together preparing to eat; he looked at Cleo and saw that she also was eager to eat. As he was about to dig in, he saw his father's Pikachu, which he called Uncle Pika come in with its mate which he calls Aunt Kachu, enter the room and stop where their mother put down bowls of Pokemon food.

Dan looked at them and decided he should dig in as well, he grabbed a fork with one hand and a bottle of maple syrup in another and started to eat the vast amount of pancakes, his mother sat down in front of them to eat while his grandmother sat down and ate as well.

After a few minutes Dan put a hand on his belly and burped loudly and said "Wow grandma that was great."

His grandmother giggled and said "Their appetites are as big as their father's"

Their mother then said "Yeah I guess" She smiled warmly at Dan and said "So Danny, what Pokemon will you choose as a starter?"

Dan looked at his mother and said "I don't know mom. I might pick Bulbasaur since grass types are easy to train and they are very friendly. I might also choose Squirtle since I read that they have high defence and good offence. Then again, I could also pick Charmander, but I remember you telling me a story where dad's Charmander was once kind and playful, but when it evolved, it stopped listening to dad for a while. So im not sure on who I am going to pick."

Iris smiled at Dan and said "Well you have to make up your mind." She said pointing at the clock. "Because you might be late to get your starter with your father."

Dan looked up and saw that it was 8:10 his eyes widened and he picked up his bag and said dashed to the door saying "Bye guys! I'll be back!" Pikachu then stopped eating and followed Dan out of the door on the way to the Oak Lab.

Iris sighed and smiled saying "He is such a little kid, just like his father."

Dan ran down the path with his Uncle Pika at his side, he made several turns on the way to the lab. When he got there he was already out of breath, the Pikachu looked at him and said "Pi Pikachu Chu Chu Pi Ka Chu Pi (Hey Dan I guess we made it)" Dan smiled and said "That's right uncle, I guess we did make it in time."

Dan straightened himself up and knocked at the door where after a few seconds his Uncle Tracey opened the door and said "Hey Dan! Hi Pikachu! Looks like you made it just in time, come on in." he said gesturing the boy to come inside.

Dan went in the lab and saw several people in lab coats studying several Pokemon, he saw a man taking notes of a Braviary which was standing on a table, and he saw another scientist observing a Geodude crawl on the ground."

He then turned and said "Uncle Tracey, where is dad? Mom said he would be here?"

Tracey then turned around and said "Oh yeah, your father is here, he is outside battling with your Uncle Morrison."

Dan's eyes shone with excitement and said "Why didn't you say so! Come on Pika!" he said running to the back door that leads into the reserve.

Dan opened the door and saw several Pokemon grazing ang strolling around. One of these Pokemon was his father's Serperior. Dan looked at her and said "Hey, have you seen dad anywhere?"

The grass type shook its head and pointed to a big green lizard; Dan smiled and said "Thanks!"

Dan approached the lizard that was laying its back in a tree with a twig on its mouth, Dan looked at it and said "Hi Sceptile, do you know where dad is?"

The gecko smiled and pointed at a patch of trees while saying "Tile Sceptile Scep Sceptile Tile Sceptile (Through there, there is clearing where the battle is happening.)"

Dan nodded and replied "Thanks Sceptile, your awesome."

The green lizrd nodded as Dan rushed to the top of the gill and saw a clearing where he saw his Dad; the Champion of Kanto was going against the Elite Four member Morrison (Yes, Morrison from Hoen), and it looked like the referee was the professor, Gary Oak.

Ash was wearing a red shirt with a black vest, jeans and his league cap, his messy black hair was barley contained and his brown eyes showed a fire of determination. While Morrison was wearing a brown polo with matching brown pants, he had lost weight over the years and is now quite thin and tall.

Morrison had his Metagross out while Ash had Infernape out on the field, both Pokemon were battered and bruised but it looked like none were giving an inch.

"Metagross Meteor Mash" Morrison yelled, Ash then said "Infernape Flare Blitz"

Both Pokemon rushed at each other with attacks ready, the two attacks collided and a explosion occurred, as the smoke cleared Dan saw that Infernape was victoriously standing over a Metagross that had swirls in its eyes."

Gary raised his hands and said while grinning "Metagross is unable to battle! The winner is Ash!"

Morrison recalled his Metagross and said "Nice job buddy." Ash them approached Infernape and said "Excellent work my friend." The fire type nodded and was zapped back into its Pokeball.

Dan yelled "Dad! Uncle!" He ran down the hill with Pikachu and approached his father, he stopped in front of his dad because his father caught his head and ruffled his hair while smiling warmly at him, and Pikachu then climbed up his shoulders and said "Pika Pi! (Ash!)"

Ash smiled and said "Hey Danny. Looks like you're all set." He then petted Pikachu's head and said "How've you been buddy?"

Morrison then approached Ash and said "Damn Ash, you win again."

Ash held Dan close and said "Of course, I'm not the champion for nothing." Morrison then eyed Dan and said "Looks like little Daniel is gonna start his journey too huh?"

Ash replied "Yeah, he is." Gary then approached and said "Well then let's go get him a starter and a Pokedex."

Dan smiled and said "Thanks professor!" Gary replied "No problem kiddo, now come on."

Dan accompanied by the three men went back to the lab, on the way back, he saw his father's Charizard practicing with a large red reptile that was wearing a pair of black shades. Daniel also saw his mother's Haxorus and Dragonite training with each other, throwing attacks, and dodging them as well.

When they got back into the lab, Gary brought Dan to a table where three pokeballs were placed, Gary picked up the first pokeball and opened it, out came a small green dinosaur like Pokemon that looked like it was carrying a unbloomed flower on its back. Next, Gary sent out a small blue turtle Pokemon that had a blue tail. Finally Gary sent out a small orange Pokemon that had a fire for a tail.

Gary then said "This is, Bulbasaur , Squirtle and Charmander. The three Kanto starters now have your pick."

Dan the put a hand to his chin took off his cap and then violently messed up his hair saying "Waaah! They're all so cool! I don't know who to pick!"

Pikachu then appeared from the nearby room with a pokeball in his arms, Ash noticed this and picked up the pokeball and said "Are you sure buddy?" The yellow mouse nodded and Ash approached his son saying "Well Dan if you can't decide, I guess Pikachu chose for you. Just consider this as his gift to you; if I gave you your cap, and your mother gave you her necklace, Pikachu gives you this." He said handing the ball to Dan.

Dan then starred at the ball in his hand and said "Thanks Pikachu, but what's this?" The mouse replied "Pika Pi Pikachu (Just open it Dan)"

Dan raised an eyebrow, pressed the button and said "Alright! Come on out whoever you are!" The sphere opened and a flash of light appeared out of the ball and it landed on the floor next to the three starters, the light materialized into a small mouse that resembled Pikachu, but this one was smaller. The little mouse rubbed its eyes and blinked at the people starring at it.

Morrison then said "Hey, isn't that a Pichu?"

Ash nodded and said "Yeah, Daniel, say hello to Pichu."

Dan looked at the little mouse and said "Hi little guy, my name is Dan, do you want to go with me on a journey?" The little mouse smiled and nodded its head. Dan grinned and picked up Pichu and said "Well then, it's settled, I guess you're going to be my partner buddy, and from now on, you name is Jordan."


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