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Quincy 3rd Person POV

"The Queen of the Cameron Palace is your mother?!" asked Quincy with a look of surprise that the outsider trio shared,

"That's right," said Connor giving a nervous chuckle as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly,

Dan had a mystified expression on his face as he said "So that means…"

The purple haired boy then jabbed a finger at Connor and said in a loud brash manner "You're a prince?!"

"Yup," said Connor flatly as Quincy and Liz sweat dropped as that was already given by the queen a few seconds ago,

"How come you never told us Connor?" asked Liz,

The brunette teen removed his shades and put them inside a pocket in his vest as he looked at the trio with a pair of sapphire blue eyes and said "It never crossed my mind and besides you never asked who I really was."

The three were taken aback and it was true. They never delved on who Connor was since he was always so childish and care free that he never garnered any attention to look into his life.

Connor put on both hands on his waist and took a deep breath as he looked up victoriously and said "I love being right"

Malcolm gave him a small slap to the back of the head as Connor stumbled forward and said "But seriously, I didn't think it was worth mentioning. I mean look at Liz, we only found out a few months ago."

"Don't point at me!" said Liz,

"Does it really matter though?" asked Connor, "I'm still me! You know the cool, awesome and incredibly hot trainer you travelled with for the past half year?"

Cassie chuckled and said "Don't forget arrogant,"

Queen Illene then pinched Connor's cheek and said "That's my son, still the same but I'm glad he had made friends on his journey. Care to introduce me young man?"

The prince bowed and gestured to his friends and said "Mother this is Elizabeth Carterina, you must recognize her being Lord Chester and Lady Emily's daughter."

The queen gave a gentle smile and nodded as she said "I remember you Elizabeth, Emily brought you here years ago to watch the Aura Festival."

A playful glint in her eyes shimmered as she said "I remember Connor performing in the little children's play! The little suit he wore was far too adorable!"

Connor sweat dropped as Queen Illene said "I think I may have a picture of him back in the throne room!"

She smiled at the three and said "This is no place for introductions, please, head to the library, we'll speak there."

The Queen looked at Malcolm and Cassie who stood ready and said "Lead them there you two and I'll catch up. Cera and I have some things to discuss."

The said Guard Captain flicked her long black hair and nodded as she faced the class of trainees and said "Get back to the routine!"

They followed as Connor gave a wide smile at the three of his friends and said "Come on, the library is one of my favorite places in the castle."

Malcolm silently pressed his glasses up as Cassie adjusted her aviator goggles and said "Follow me!"

Dan let Jordan hop onto his shoulder and Luke walked beside him as Liz followed with a flick of her hair. Quincy still couldn't believe it, Connor was too childish, immature and silly to be a prince but then again all the signs pointed to it.

He acted like one for starters. The gentleman thing to Quincy was just a ploy but in reality it was how Connor was raised and she didn't see it worth to notice. There was Connor being a momma's boy since he always gave frequent teachings that his mother taught him and he gives his mom calls once every week. Finally there was his stuff, sure trainers can afford whatever they want with enough wins but Connor was no league participant to her knowledge and you couldn't afford everything he had on what you earned during battling, that was just insane.

As they entered the castle, Quincy had to say that she was impressed. The floor was paved by a massive scarlet rug that stretched on for what seemed like miles. The high ceiling was held up by remarkable marble columns while the windows were elegantly shaped with lush violet curtains hanging near them. Antiques of all sorts placed on marble pedestals were on the sides as they walked on and paintings hung on the walls as well.

Connor walked ahead with Cassie was the two entertained Dan and Liz on questions about spontaneous things. Quincy put a hand around the pendant on her neck as Malcolm stood next to her and said "Miss are you well?"

She looked at the glasses wearing teen as he gave her a curious look and said "My name is Quincy, not Miss and yeah I'm good."

Malcolm gave a scoff and said "I don't believe so"

Quincy narrowed her eyes pushing her red hair out of her face and said "You and your friend over there love putting their noses in other people's business."

"Must be how we grew up," said Malcolm with a shrug, "You're surprised aren't you? Figuring out something as big as that?"

Sighing, Quincy nodded and said "Yeah, I am a bit surprised I mean look at him."

She gestured to Connor who was laughing like a child with Liz as Cassie ran around with Dan, Luke and Jordan with their arms up to their sides as if they were plane wings in the castle's massive halls.

Malcolm grew a tick mark on his head and said "Apparently he acquired Cassie's childishness."

His head grew anime style and said "Darn it Cassie I said no running in the halls!"

"You're no fun Malcy!" said the merry blonde as she ran in a zigzag manner with Dan behind her laughing,

Malcolm scoffed as Quincy said "I can't even see him as he was anymore without thinking he's on the same class as that witch Vivian."

The dark haired teen raised a brow and said "Would that be Miss Westwood of Hoen?"

"Know her?" asked Quincy,

"Horrid lady," said Malcolm with a shiver, "Cassie and Connor think so too, she's been gunning for my friend ever since they met."

Quincy chuckled as Malcolm said "You may not act like it but I know you're fond of him already."

"What?" asked Quincy,

"You two danced," said Malcolm with a grin, "I may have never met you before but Connor and you worked well together. Better than any team I have seen in a while."

"You're crazy," said Quincy,

Pressing his glasses up he said "That may be true considering how my sister acts but I'm not blind."

A red hue crept up her face as Malcolm snickered and muttered "The prince strikes again."

Soon, Cassie stopped in front of a great set of oak doors and she pushed it open as their little group entered. Beyond the doors was a massive library that caught the attention of whoever was new to it. Long aisles of books on wooden shelves were lined through the room. Ladders to climb the massive area were perched on the racks. In the center was a massive fireplace that had a elegant glass mosaic of Sir Aaron with a blue humanoid Pokemon above it that reflected the sunlight behind showing its impressive design.

There were sets of couches, seats and a long lounge table that had several ready hot or cold drinks on it and a tray of biscuits to go along. Cassie took a careless drop on the couch as she swiped a ice cold cup of juice from the table and said "Well here we are! The library! AKA Malcolm's Room."

Connor laughed as the said teen grumbled something about 'Troublesome sisters' and said "Please, take a seat."

Quincy, Dan and Liz did as they were told and several people in maid outfits or suits came in and delivered some more snacks. Connor dropped his bag near the table and so did the others as Dan said "Wow Connor, this library is huge!"

Liz nodded and said "We have one back at home but it wasn't this big!"

Jordan and Luke looked left and right in awe as Malcolm sipped some tea and said "This is one of the largest libraries in Kanto."

Connor smirked and said "So as we wait for mother, I'd like to know how it was here when I was gone."

"Pretty peaceful," admitted Malcolm, "Cassie was with Miss Winona while I just gathered the badges and stayed at home as an officer during the Aura Festival in a few months."

"What's the Aura Festival?" asked Dan curiously,

Cassie munched on a biscuit and said "It's that time every year where we remember Sir Aaron's heroic sacrifice of using his own life force to restore the World Tree and Mew during their weakened state at the cost of his life."

Malcolm put his cup down and said "We also remember how his faithful companion Lucario sacrificed himself years ago after being freed from Sir Aaron's scepter in the same manner his master did."

The glasses donned teen pointed at the mosaic and said "That's them over there, we have the festival once every year and there is a tournament, a party and other events."

Connor crossed his arms and said "The Castle gates open for anyone to join in and it is a much awaited event since it isn't everyday where a castle opens for anyone to enter."

"Sounds like fun!" said Dan, "You think I could join the tournament there?"

"You can try," said Malcolm, "but there's no minors division. Only one tournament and I'm betting last year's winner is still joining."

"Who is it?" asked Liz,

The glasses wearing teen jabbed a finger at Connor who said "Eight years running."

"Must be an easy competition," said Quincy,

Cassie giggled and said "Nope, for one thing Malcolm and I join it and even Miss Cera. Trainers from all around come to since the prize is quite a sum of money along with the privilege of the Hero's Chair and holding of Sir Aaron's staff."

"What's the Hero's Chair?" asked Quincy,

"Its meaning whoever wins will be treated as if he was Sir Aaron himself," said Connor,

Suddenly the doors creaked open and Queen Illene with Cera by her side entered the library. The Queen gracefully made her way to a single seat and took a gentle drop into the chair and said "Greetings everyone, allow me to formally introduce myself. I am Queen Illene Auroris of the Cameron Palace; Connor here is my son and heir while his two friends there are Cassie and Malcolm Cuomo who are two knights in my ranks. Here is Cera Kasami our Royal Guard Captain and Connor's mentor."

The Queen gave a small nod as Connor said "Mother as you know, this is Elizabeth Carterina while the young man here is Dan Ketchum. These two are my protégés."

"Protégées hm?" asked Cera, "You must be keeping what I taught you to heart. Knowledge is not to be preserved but-"

"Passed on," said Connor with a grin,

"Ketchum?" asked the Queen with a raised brow, "You're Ash Ketchum's son?"

Dan nodded politely as the Queen said "Oh I'm glad to meet that man's son. He participated in the tournament years ago and he and his friends had quite an adventure."

"Really!?" asked Dan, "Can you tell me ma'am?"

"Another time maybe," said the Queen with a chuckle,

Dan sank into his seat with a thought of asking his dad about it. Connor gestured to Quincy and said "Finally this is Quincy Gracedia. Her parents, I don't know who they are since she never talks to anyone."

"I'm sorry if my son has given you a hard time he's just playing around," said the Queen,

Connor grew a red tint on his face and said "Mother!"

"Really he doesn't mean to be a bother but I assure you he's a darling boyfriend," said the Queen happily,

"Excuse me?!" said Quincy in surprise as Connor choked on his drink causing him to violently cough,

The Queen squealed and said "You two must look adorable together! How long have you two been going out?"

Connor was being patted on the back by Malcolm as he wheezed and said "Mother! I have no relationship with this woman besides being acquaintances!"

"But that can lead to something more right?" asked the Queen hopefully,

Quincy shook her head and said "Sorry ma'am but no."

"We shall see," said the Queen with a sly smirk as a small kind smile formed on her face as she continued "Penelope,"

Taken aback, Quincy asked "What did you call me?"

"You're real name," said the Queen gently, "Honestly, Quincy may have been your father and you have his looks but you must agree with me it's a boy's name."

"My father?" asked Quincy with a raised brow, "Ma'am what are you talking about?"

Connor, Dan, Liz and the Cuomo siblings were also confused to what the Queen was saying until she said "Where are you from Quincy?"

"I'm from Fallarbor Town," said the red head, "I grew up there."

"Who are your parents?" asked the Queen once again,

"John and Medina Gracedia." Replied Quincy, "I don't see where this is going."

"But you do Penelope," said the Queen, "I know you do…"

Connor broke the conversation and said "Mother what do you mean?"

"It means I'm adopted!" said Quincy angrily, "But how could you know that!"

"Watch your tone!" said Malcolm, "This is Queen Illene you're speaking to."

"Its fine Malcolm," said the Queen flatly, "but do you know who you're speaking to?"

Malcolm raised a brow as she said "She is Penelope Calestia Delphina Iris Illene Solane. The only daughter of Shannon Sloane of the Unova Region and Quincy Sloane, a former friend of mine and the former Royal Guard Captain."

"WHAT?!" said Cassie, Connor and Malcolm and Quincy,

Dan and Liz blinked as he raised a hand and said "Excuse but did we miss something?"

Cera swept her cape and said "Quincy here is ironically named after her father Quincy Sloane who was my senpai (LOL) who had retired from his duties years ago. He moved to Unova with his wife."

"Where is he?" asked Quincy hopefully, "Are they still there?"

The Queen stood and said "They moved to the Village of Dragons Penelope and lived there peacefully."

Suddenly, everyone remembered how the place was destroyed by some group in a massacre killing everyone there. The Queen sadly said "I'm sorry Penelope but they're both dead."

"W-What…" said Quincy,

The Queen sat next to her, put a hand on hers and said "Your father was a close friend to me Penelope, he said you were going to be special and I believed him. Cera can also tell you have another gift with you."

The Captain removed her glove to reveal an infinity symbol on her palm. Quincy gasped as Connor and Dan did as well. The prince looked at his mentor and said "Cera, why did you reveal it?"

"Show yours Connor," said the Captain,

The brunette teen removed his gloves and pulled his sleeves back to reveal a white bracelet that wrapped around his right arm. It was a peculiar looking bracelet that looked like it was made of metal. The design was of white flames wrapping around Connor's arm and a blue gem was in the middle but it kept changing to green, red and yellow.

An identical infinity symbol was on Connor's palm and he said "Well? Might as well, Dan you do it as well."

"W-What?" asked Dan,

"I know you have one," said Connor, "it's pretty obvious."

"What's happening?" asked Liz to Malcolm and Cassie,

Dan held out his palms and removed his trainer gloves to reveal an identical mark. Luke looked forward and saw the four marks as he gave a small mutter of his name and gave a telepathic thought "Impossible, there are others?"

"So he was the one who gave it to you," said Cera,

"What is happening?" asked Malcolm,

"Can someone explain this to me?" asked Cassie,

"That Cassie are the Marks of Aura," said Cera,

"It appears we have two new Aura Knights with us," said Queen Illene,

"What are Aura Knights?" asked Liz,

Cera coughed and said "Aura Knights are people who are once put in a death like situation but is saved by the synthesis of a Pokemon with an affinity to harness their Aura and infusing their Aura together giving them what you call an Instinctual Link."

Connor cleared his throat and said "This is very rare and the only ones I know are myself, Dan and Cera but Stonecold having one is surprising."

Quicy held out her palm and true to word, she had the same mark. The Queen nodded and said "The Mark is special; it allows a person to speak with Pokemon and understand whatever they mean to say."

Liz was awe struck as she said "No wonder you and your Pokemon talk a lot! You can actually understand them!"

Dan nodded as Liz said "You never told me?"

"I'm sorry," said Dan with his head down, "Luke told me to never speak of it."

The princess gave her friends a slow shake of the head since she was kept in the dark among this. Cera nodded and said "He is right; there are…people who wish to see what we can be capable of."

Connor crossed his arms and said "Liz don't feel bad, this wasn't something to be easily said anyway."

The girl just sighed as Quincy was still frozen at the revelation and Queen Illene said "Cera, these two need a bracer to unlock their talent."

"A bracer?" asked Dan,

Connor gestured to his white bracelet which caught their eyes. Connor then said "When Animus saved me back then, Cera gave me a bracer which turned into this. It signifies my aura and it gave me an ability which is absolute mind control to a degree when looking at my eyes."

The captain disappeared into the depths of the library for a few moments and came back with a small two foot long box. Approaching them, she opened it to reveal two wooden looking bracers which looked plain and nothing like Connor's.

Cera took one and said "Dan and Penelope must each take one of these and put it on your arm."

"It doesn't look like Connor's" said Liz,

"No one's aura is the same," said Connor, "Mine just looks like this."

Dan took a bracer and put it on his right arm as Queen Illene said "Each bracer make take time to activate. It depends on how much you have accepted your gift."

Immediately, Dan's bracer glowed bright that Jordan fell off his shoulder and it looked like the accessory was evolving. The wooden bracer shrank into a inch thick green bracelet with yellow patterns as it wrapped around Dan's wrist. A single red gem was in the tip and it shone a bit before dying down.

"Wow…" breathed Dan as Luke looked at the bracelet in awe and Connor said "Amazing, this is the first time I've seen someone else do it."

"Now for you Penelope," said the Queen,

Suddenly, the red head blinked tears in her eyes as she said "No! First you tell me who my real parents are only to say they're gone! Now you want me to do this?!"

"Young lady!" said Cera, "Your father said you were special and he was right, you have something very important and you must be protected with this."

Quincy dashed off, out of the library as Malcolm rose and said "I'll alert the guards!"

"No!" said Connor firmly, "I'll speak with her"

The Queen nodded as Cera sighed and said "Your protégés will be here waiting."

Connor nodded and ran off as well running after Quincy. Exiting the library, he scanned the area and thought "Where can she be?"

Suddenly, a thought came to his mind as he gave a small smile and ran down the hall. Eventually, he made his way outside to the garden where by the fountain; Quincy sat with her hands on her lap as she firmly looked down with tears dripping down her face.

The sun was setting as the garden was illuminated by a orange light that made the area's beauty seem more natural and serene. Slowly, the prince walked up to Quincy with his hands in his pockets and as he approached her, she faced him with fire in her eyes saying "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm here to talk," said Connor, "Looks like you need someone to talk to, someone who understands."

"I don't need anyone!" said Quincy, "I never did!"

The male teen sat on the fountain beside her as the ornament continued to spew water. Quincy blinked her tears back as she said "You don't know what it's like! I already had an okay life! Sure my parents are divorced and I knew I was adopted but inside me there was this hope alright!"

She clutched her chest with her right hand and said "A hope where somewhere, out there, my real parents are still alive waiting for me to find them."

She glared at Connor in the eyes as she punched the fountain's marble base and said "But no! That hope died today! My parents, my real parents, they're dead!"

Tears were now streaming down her face as she kept eye contact with her friend and said "I wont know how you'll understand! You were raised in a castle! Raised as royalty! Your parents were there with you and you had friends! You won't understand!"

"But I do," said Connor as he held her hand gently,

He peered into her ocean blue eyes as the horizon's orange lights seemed to make them sparkle as he said "I may have had all those things but I have lost much as well. I lost a dear friend at a young age and I can't help but blame myself and also, I know what it's like not knowing your parents because I'm not Queen Illene's true son."

"W-What?" asked Quincy suddenly,

Connor gave her a sad smile as he said "I never knew my parents, I was adopted by Queen Illene when she found me and I am eternally grateful for it but even though I have all this, I also have that hope and feeling on finding where I was from and who I am really. At least you now know while I have been searching for years to no avail."

The prince held her hand tight as he said "You can mourn but you are still you Quincy. I'm sure mother can tell you about your father and mother. Remember this Quincy, you're never alone now. You have Dan, Liz, your Pokemon, our Pokemon and me, we are your friends and we are here not to just be here but to understand."

She wiped her eyes as she said "You're a noble freak you know that?"

"So I've heard," said Connor with a roll of his eyes,

The two then noticed they were holding each other's exposed hands and the two broke away from the contact with their faces a bit red in hue. Connor cleared his throat and said "Best we get back, we don't want to worry everyone."

"Sure Connor," said Quincy, "and thank you."

As they walked back to the palace side by side, the two didn't notice their hands creeping to each other and interlocking once more.


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