The Things I Do For You, Sherlock Holmes!

Chapter Eight: I Always Will

John's heart skipped a beat when Sherlock asked the question. Before he knew it, he was nodding eagerly, leaning in to reseal their lips and tug his flatmate closer against him. "I do, Sherlock…I really, truly do…" he breathed almost desperately against his lips, "…forget everything I've said in the past. I need you in my life, just you. You've saved me…healed me…and I love you so much!"

The detective smiled, running his fingers through John's hair as they kissed on the sofa. "Then I will be yours forever, John Watson. I love you too." After a few minutes, Sherlock pulled back, standing and lifting John bridal-style into his arms. He carried him to the window, and they looked out at the private firework displays shooting up into the sky above the blocks of flats in their street. "People really love New Years, don't they, 'Lock?" John grinned teasingly, cuddling into his new boyfriend's chest. It hardly felt like they had just become partners tonight. Sherlock smirked down at him, raising an eyebrow, "You know what, John Watson? I think I do too. And from now on, I always will."

And that's a wrap!

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