Trainer and the Princess 3: Battle for Unova

Episode 42: The new road ahead.

I was going to make this the last chapter of the previous arc but i think it would have definitly suited this new arc, This episode was written well in advance, I felt that this episode would play an important part to the last three regions of the story. The new arc will start off in Johto but the action will kick off in the next once.

Disclaimer:I don't own pokemon or the characters, I make no money from this story

Summary: A new battle front has just opened up with the Unova Region, War is now an unavoidable course that history must take, it now falls to Ash and Salvia to search for powerful new allies to bring an end to the chaos, while powerful new enemies do their best to stop them, all the while facing off against four of the toughest pin masters in the Master's challenge, finding a way to rescue Ash's mother in order to stop Chris. Ash X Salvia. This part of the story will take an (M) rating due to more violence and maybe a little more language than the last story.

Ash was pounding the ground of the church, feeling that he came so close to saving his mother from Chris, witnessing the wedding between his mother and Chris, ignoring the words of Brian, Colin and Salvia he continued to bash the ground, he stood up with anger and ran outside feeling that his life had been shattered by this event, "your brother will pay for this!" Ash yelled out as he forced open the door and left the scene on his own with Raichu following close behind, Ash pulled out his master ball containing Reshiram and called out the legendary pokemon, "Raichu we are going to chase after Chris and get my mother back," Ash declared before he was pulled aside by Colin, "Colin let me go now!" Ash hollered in rage before being punched by the royal guard.

Brian walked up to Ash with a frown, "Ash, there is one way we can prevent my brother from getting what he wants," Brian decreed as he pulled out two small boxes from his pockets.

Ash looked at the small boxes before turning away from the king, "what do you have in mind?" Ash asked the king as the princess walked out of the church while looking up to Reshiram.

"Ash, my kingdom has a law, one that is a last resort, one we made up incase something like this occurs," Brian explained while Ash started to calm down from his fit of rage, "as long as I have an heir that marries, my brother will lose all rights to the throne." Brian pointed out with a smile as he handed over a small black box to Ash, "yes my daughter is still only sixteen but at the moment we don't have any choice, you must marry my daughter to save my kingdom from my brother's corruption," Brian pleaded with Ash as he looked over his shoulder to see the shocked expression on his daughter's face, "this would in turn strip my brother of every right to the throne thus protecting it," Brian stated with a grin while walking over to his daughter.

"But dad, what if that puts both of us in danger?" Salvia asked her dad while being handed the small box, "you are now asking me to marry someone I have only known for just over three months," Salvia stated nervously as she looked away to see her Mew hovering next to her.

"But Brian isn't Salvia now my cousin?" Ash asked with uncertainty as looked over to the princess who was looking at the box with determined eyes.

"Ash, you mother didn't willingly marry Chris," Colin pointed out as he looked over to his friend, "she was put in a trance by Darkrai and was kept under Chris'control through a device created to enhance the power of Darkrai," Colin stated with a frown as the trainer listened in anger, "think about this Ash, it really didn't count, he was only doing this to make you hand over the princess and to gain control over the thrown, but if you were to marry Lady Salvia," Colin started with a confident grin.

"What he did would be for nothing," Brian stated with a smirk, "so get ready, in three hours from now, you will become the crown prince of my kingdom," Brian issued his decree before he walked into the church with his friend and closed the door.

Ash turned his gaze to Salvia and looked to the ground in anger, "what are we going to do?" Ash asked the bluenette as tears started to flow from his eyes and down his cheeks, "I failed my mother and now your kingdom is in danger leaving us with only one choice," Ash said while kneeling down onto his knees, "I was so certain that my road would lead me to where ever it may take me, I even answered your question," Ash said while letting out a faint smile. The princess knelt down and placed her hand on Ash's face to wipe away his tears, "Salvia, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, after finishing my masters challenge I want to settle down and spend more time with you without any interference," Ash explained while placing his hand on the young royal's.

Salvia lifted the trainers head up and looked into his eyes, "no matter what Ash, I still love you, nothing will ever change that not even my uncle's actions will change that fact," Salvia said with pride as she pressed her lips against the trainers, 'you even gave me the answer to my question, I am so happy to be involved in the future you desire most,' Salvia thought as she continued to kiss the crying trainer with her hands holding his face.

Ash tried to pull back but his resistance was starting to weaken, 'you're right Salvia,' Ash thought as the electric mouse watched with Mew. After a short amount of time had passed the princess pulled back with a smile, "so we need to take the vows even at this early age," Ash said while looking down at the box, Salvia placed her hand over the trainers and looked into his eyes, "are you sure this is what you want?" Ash asked the bluennette with a frown while using his left hand to remove the remainder of his tears.

Salvia nodded and placed her arms around the trainer, "yes Ash, it's the only thing we can do to prevent my uncle from taking the kingdom," Salvia said as she stood up and walked away, "plus, I made my choice a while ago, to stand by your side no matter what" Salvia said with a smile as she left for the Pokemon Center followed by her legendary pokemon Mew.

Ash looked towards the large white pokemon and pulled out his master ball again, "you know Reshiram, maybe I need to think about not only looking after the princess but her kingdom," Ash said while recalling his legendary pokemon. Ash stood up and looked at the horizon, he smirked for a moment and started to think about what he was going to do next, "I was hoping to go through my journey as Salvia's boyfriend not her husband," Ash said while laughing at himself as he opened the box. Ash looked at the golden ring with a pearl on top, 'seems like I have little choice,' Ash wondered quietly as he turned around to see his friend standing there.

"Ash, there is one condition that you need to follow," Colin stated calmly as he walked towards the trainer, "you need to keep this top secret, even from your friends, this marriage would in effectively make you give you greater responsibility of the Sinnoh Kingdom as well," Colin told Ash quietly as he turned his gaze to the setting sun, "I will be heading off to Hoenn to find the leaders of Teams Aqua and Magma," Colin stated while looking over to Salvia who was playing with her legendary pokemon, "I know keeping this quiet from your friends is something you're against, but it will be for their own good until you two choose to renew those vows in front of all your friends," Colin explained quietly while hearing the waves crashing on the shores of Olivine City.

"That's right Ash, I will make sure that Darkrai is found, I have a score to settle with Darkrai," Mewtwo told Ash before appearing in front to the duo while looking at the royal playing with the small pink pokemon, "I am heading to the Unova Region and don't worry I will keep this secret safe," Mewtwo told Ash before teleporting away.

"Ash, there are only five that know of this union, you, the king, Lady Salvia, Mewtwo and me," Colin stated while turning around, "the king is placing his trust in you, to defend our kingdom and the world, because if Chris does become king he would use his new found power to wage a war against the other regions," Colin said with concern while walking away silently to leave Ash to ponder about what to do next, 'sorry for putting this much pressure on you Ash, never thought we needed to take this course of action,' Colin thought while looking over his shoulder to see Ash picking up some sand from the beach and dropping the sand as the wind picked up movng the grains of sand away from him.

Meanwhile Salvia was playing with the legendary pokemon as her nerves started to reach its peak, "never thought I would marry someone under these circumstances," Salvia said as she feel back on to the soft sand to watch the sky changing color, "what does Ash think of this? Is he still hurting about what happened to Lady Delia? And what does he intend to do with his journey?" Salvia asked herself as she turned her head to see Ash approaching her.

Ash sat down and watched the night sky starting to fill up with small white dots and a large half-moon dominate the sky, "Salvia, I have decided on what to do next," Ash proclaimed as he pulled out the small box containing the wedding ring, he looked at the ring and smiled, "I will do whatever it takes to keep our kingdom safe," Ash said calmly as he turned his gaze to the princess who was shocked to hear Ash silently make a declaration, "I will marry you," Ash told the princess quietly as he fell back onto he sand looked up to the darkening sky.

Ash and Salvia watched the night sky lighten up as the stars twinkled and the moon move across the pitch black sky slowly, "Ash, I am still uncertain myself," Salvia confessed as she took a hold of the trainers arm.

"Nothing to worry about Salvia, I will look after you and defend the kingdom," Ash said in an assuring tone, he turned his head and grinned at the princess, "we also need to keep this top secret, only five of us know about it," Ash said quietly while moving the princess in closer to him, "your dad, Colin, Mewtwo, you and me," Ash told the royal quietly while stroking her long blue hair, "plus princess….."Ash started before being pushed aside.

Salvia smirked at the trainer and hit his arm three times, "I have told you Ash, no formalities with me," Salvia instructed the trainer before standing up and stepping on his fingers causing the trainer to wince in pain, "call me that one more time and I will kick you," Salvia said while walking away this time laughing at the pain of the trainer.

Ash closed his eyes and started to laugh while shaking his hand to relieve it from the pain, "she got me the best birthday present I could ever hope to ask for, but for Christmas she got me a special present, and then there was this small gift." Ash said while pulling out the small box with a red ribbon tying it down, "I wonder what's inside," Ash enquired as he pulled the ribbon off with a note falling off the box.

Ash opened the note to read the letter, 'Dear Ash, I would like to thank you for everything, the journey has been most enjoyable and being with you I have learned to enjoy life a whole lot more,' Ash read though the note as he began to smile proudly, he looked further down to, 'contained inside this small box is my promise to you, never to leave your side ever, never to fall in love with another man ever, always to remain loyal to you,' Ash read though as he looked at the small box.

Ash opened the box to see a ring with two Luvdiscs kissing, "oh man, I never got her anything for Christmas that would match this gift, the reason why I never opened this was because she told me not to open this until she instructed me to," Ash told himself while placing the box containing the ring back in his pocket, "Raichu, when we reach the Hoenn region we need to get Salvia a Luvdisc," Ash told his pokemon as he sat up and watched the waves crashing in.

The hours passed and Salvia was getting ready for the event, she was feeling very nervous as her legendary pokemon hovered in the room, "you know Mew, I have to keep this quiet even from my friends," Salvia told her pokemon as she walked out of the room in a long white dress and a bouquet of flower, she picked up her head and opened her sparkling blue eyes to show the new species pokemon the wedding gown, "this is far too early for my liking, but I am doing this to prevent Uncle Chris from achieving his goals," Salvia explained quietly as she walked towards the window to see Ash dressed in a suit running towards the church with Raichu following him, "I am also doing this because he means more to me than anything else," Salvia stated while turning around happily and walked up to the small pink pokemon, "Mew, teleport me to the church," Salvia instructed the legendary pokemon, a sudden blur appeared causing the two to disappear.

Ash stood at the alter shaking with uncertainty, the door opened with the king walking his daughter up to Ash, he smirked at the trainer as he got closer, "Salvia, I am sorry for putting you through all of this," King Brian whispered to his daughter while slowly escorting her, "I never wanted this to happen so early, but I am desperate to defend our kingdom," he continued to whisper while the trainer waited for the princess.

"You had to do what you needed to do for the defense our kingdom dad," Salvia interrupted her father as the king started to chuckle, "plus what choice did we have? This is the only way you can save the kingdom," Salvia pointed out as she walked up to Ash and nodded to her father.

Colin in his royal suit looked down to see his friends waiting to take their vows, "luckily for us the king has given me permission to preside over this union," Colin stated with a smile as Salvia called out the small pink pokemon to hold the rings, "good you both have the rings, now we can proceed," Colin stated with a grin as he pulled out a special book for the ceremony and opened it up to start things off. "We are gather here today to witness the union between Lady Salvia and her love Ash Ketchum," Colin started as the king stood at next to his friend and smiled at the nervous duo.

"Keep going old friend," the king instructed while Ash and Salvia stood there holding eachothers hands.

"Ash, do you promise to look after Lady Salvia, in sickness and in health, promise to stay loyal only to her and never choose another woman?" Colin queried the trainer as while the trainer as he hesitated for a moment.

Ash looked into the bright blue eyes of Salvia and smiled at her, "I do," Ash promised promptly while placing his ring on Salvia left ring finger.

Salvia gulped and looked at the royal ring on her finger and smiled at the trainer, "Lady Salvia, do you promise to look after Sir Ash? In sickness and in health? Never wavering from your loyalty to him?" Colin asked his friend while waiting for the answer to the question.

Salvia closed her eyes and smiled for a moment, she grabbed for the ring and moved to put it on Ash's finger, "I do," Salvia replied as she pushed the ring on his left ring finger.

Colin smiled at the duo while the wedding ring was placed on the trainers finger, "buy the powers, invested in me by the might of Arceus, I now pronounce you man and wife," Colin declared before closing the book, "The union between Sir Ash and Lady Salvia can only be bound by a kiss, Ash Ketchum you may kiss the bride," Colin instructed the trainer with a smirk.

Ash looked up to the king and nodded at him, the king smiled proudly and nodded in approval, "take care of my daughter," the king instructed the trainer as he watched Ash remove the veil away from Salvia's face and moved closer to Salvia, 'I am proud to have you in my family Ash, one day we will have a true reception and you can invite all your friends,' the king thought as he watched the trainer and his daughter seal their vows with a kiss.

The king walked down the aisle proudly knowing that his daughter was forever safe and his kingdom was in safe hands, "King Brian, what are you going to do?" Ash asked his father in law. The king turned around and looked up at the altar as his daughter and her new husband standing there side by side, "we are heading to Unova," Ash said with a smile while holding his wife's hand.

"I am heading there to; I want to make up for what happened to your mother and put a stop to my older brother," Brian stated with a smile before making it to the door of the church, "Ash, Salvia when this is all over, I promise you two will get a real wedding, you can invite all your friends and family, but please keep this union a secret," Brian requested as he walked out leaving Ash and Salvia to ponder about their next move.

Ash pulled of his ring and placed it in his pocket, "the best way we can do this is by hiding our rings," Ash told his wife calmly before placing it in his pocket, "Salvia my promise to look after you hasn't altered," Ash stated while walking down the aisle with the princess, "Colin, you and the king have nothing to worry about," Ash said happily while looking over to his friend.

"Ash and Salvia, your new clothes are in separate rooms, please change up, I will tell you need to do in the Unova region in a secret location on the outskirts of the city," Colin told Ash and Salvia while watching them walk out of the church.

After walking through the town Ash and Salvia made it to the Pokemon Center, the snuck in to make sure no one knew what was going on, they walked through the main foyer breathing a sigh of relief to find that no one was awake, "Salvia, I will go to my room," Ash said as he made it to the main hallway.

The two walked through the hallway and to their respective rooms, Ash opened the door and looked on the bed to see a new outfit, it was close to the outfit he first wore on his first journey but it was more of a black jacket with a white shirt, with blue jeans, white sneakers and a red and blue hat with a green pokeball design on the front, "seems like they have been preparing for this in case this was going to happen," Ash told himself as he looked over to Raichu, "there seems to be a new road ahead," Ash stated with a smirk while taking his wedding ring from his pocket and placed it on the bedside table.

Salvia walked into her room and switched on her light to see a new outfit on her bed, she looked at the black jeans with a cream colored skirt with a white and light blue jumper with a white and blue shoes and a pink and white visor, she smiled as she looked at her ring, she closed her eyes and pictured the moment she met Ash again, how far they have gotten in their journey, the arguments they had and all the great moments they shared together, "now we are married, seems like I need to get stronger, for Ash and for the kingdom," Salvia told herself as she removed her ring from her finger, she placed it on the bedside desk and got ready to face her next journey with Ash.

After a while the two trainers emerged from the Pokemon Center with Colin waiting outside, "good seems like the rings are put in a safe place," Colin stated while looking at their hands. "We need to get to a secret location, I still don't feel right about talking here, meet me at the outskirts of this city, then we will talk," Colin told the newlyweds as he left them there in shock.

Ash walked to the exit of the town while holding Salvia's hand, "you know Salvia, I want to thank you for the Christmas present," Ash said thankfully as he pulled out the box and opened it up to show Salvia the gorgeous ring, he looked up to the night sky again to think about what he wanted to give Salvia for her birthday, "Salvia, you gave me more than I had hoped," Ash said while placing his arm around the bluenette, "you gave me your love," Ash said with a proud smile.

Salvia smiled at her husband while resting her head on the trainer, "I am happy to hear that from you Ash," Salvia said sweetly as she as the two walked to a seaside cave, Salvia lifted her head up and pointed to the cave, "Ash that place seems perfect for the meeting," Salvia stated while running up to the cave entrance.

Ash watched his young wife enter the cave before running up to it, "she seems more positive than before," Ash said with a smirk as he made it to the cave entrance, he looked up to the night sky to see the moon still hanging in the sky, "mom, I will rescue you, so please be patient," Ash said while listening to the waves rolling in.

Ash walked into the cave and stood by the princess's side, "Ash, Colin has been waiting for us," Salvia said while her friend walked up to them happily, "Sir Colin, sorry we took so long," Salvia apologized quietly.

Colin, Ash and Salvia stood there in silence as the sound of the crashing waves resonated through the cave, Ash looked to the ground and thought about the recent events, 'everything is happening so quickly,' Ash thought while clenching his fists in rage.

"I know you're still angry Ash, but we can't dwell on that at this stage," Colin pointed out while sitting on a rock in front of the two royals, "Ash, you need to catch a pokemon that can eat dreams, it is colored pink with a floral pattern," Colin told Ash and Salvia calmly. "not only that we need to get that device off your mother," Colin explained while Ash and Salvia nodded quietly.

Ash closed his eyes and pictured the pokemon in his thoughts of the pokemon, "you want me to capture a Munna?" Ash questioned solemnly as he looked up to see his friend jump off the rock, "to eat the dreams of my mother and to save her," Ash explained as the royal guard nodded positively, "we need to keep my wedding with Salvia a secret," Ash said while looking over to the princess quietly who was starting to feel uncertain about what was going on, "don't worry Salvia, I will make sure you stay safe with me," Ash said quietly as he placed his hand over the princess's left hand gripping it tightly causing the princess to smile at him, "I guess we have no time for a honeymoon," Ash said with a slight chuckle while getting up to listen to more of Colin's words.

"Ash, keeping it quiet will only serve to bring Chris into a false sense of security, you also need to sign these papers as well to make the marriage official," Colin stated while handing over the pen to Ash. Ash looked at the paper and signed his name at the bottom on the sheet, he handed the pen to Salvia allowing her to sign her name on the dotted line. Colin looked at the sheet and smiled, "since I am the witness and presider I will have to sign as well to make it legally binding," Colin said happily as he signed his name at the far bottom of the sheet, "now, everything is done, the future of the Sinnoh Kingdom is safe, please continue to journey together and become stronger to prevent Chris from doing any more damage," Colin pleaded with a frown as he walked out of the cave leaving the newlyweds there to think about their respective futures.

"Come on Salvia, let's go to the Unova region together," Ash declared as he took his wife's hand. The two walked out of the cave to the starry sky, the trainer called out his legendary pokemon and got ready to leave for the next region, Ash called out his large white pokemon and climbed aboard, Ash looked down and smiled at the young royal before taking her hand again this time helping her up the large white pokemon, "Reshiram, time to go to the Unova region," Ash told the vast white pokemon confidently, Salvia wrapped her arms around Ash and held on tightly as the dragon type flew off towards the next region.

'Ash, one day we will have a real wedding, all our friends will be invited,' Salvia thought as she rested her head on her husband's back, 'no secrets, something everyone can see,' Salvia thought as she closed her eyes and smiled while holding onto the trainer while flying off towards the Unova region on Reshirams back.

The begining of this Saga starts of a little differently, with the important event that will change everything between Ash and Salvia.

How will they keep it quiet from their friends? Will Ash find a way to save his mother? And what does Unova have in store for Ash and Salvia?

Next time: Trainer and the Princess 3 episode 44, Black Thunder.