Episode 62: New turn of events.

This one was written sometime before the previous one, well I did have something intended but, a change of plans was required.

Brendan: 17

"Impressive Ash, you are only six pins short of being in the Master's Tournament," the elderly professor commented with a proud grin on his face, he looked over to the royal and nodded at her, "it seems like you both are getting more pokemon to, but it seems like you both have a request," Oak stated while looking over to the princess and Ash.

"Yes Professor, I want an Eevee," Salvia requested quietly.

"Hm an Eevee, I don't think there is one here at the moment, the only thing I have is an Eevee egg I got from the Kalos region by my old friend Professor Sycamore," Professor Oak replied with a smile while showing off the egg, "it would be best if one of you two had it, so where are you off to next?" the Professor enquired.

"We're heading to Hoenn Professor Oak, we will be taking off in three days from the Castelia City port," Ash replied with certainty, "also I am going to let Salvia have the egg," Ash decreed happily as he looked over to the young woman with a smile, 'it will be my late birthday present for you,' Ash thought while looking back towards the professor quietly.

"Will you two hurry up, I want to get those papers signed before we get on the ship," Madeline complained, she crossed her arms with Tepig and Raichu standing next to her.

"Alright Professor, I have a lot I need to do today, I will see you soon," Ash told the professor before ending the call, 'well I better make it official or Madeline and Salvia are going to kill me,' Ash thought with a chuckle.

"You have nothing to worry about, we still have until we board the ship," Salvia assured Ash with a serene smile, she walked a head and led the girl out of the building, "Madeline why do want to rush this so much?" Salvia questioned the little girl softly.

"I cannot wait any longer, I want it done now," Madeline replied angrily while looking over her left shoulder to find Ash taking forever walking out of the red roofed building, "you idiot Ash, I want this to happen now!" Madeline yelled at Ash with a slight tone of disrespect towards him.

"I guess you have waited long enough, alright let's get it over and done with," Ash said submissively, he followed the two girls to the place where they could make the adoption official. After a short time walking through the parts of the city that were repaired the trio finally made it to a large building. Ash looked towards the main counter and thought about the journey through the Unova region, remembering the times he had spent with Salvia and Madeline who had joined them in unfortunate circumstances, remembering the time he rescued her from a sinking plane and failing to save her parents, the times she prevented the trainer from getting into trouble, "I guess this is the start of something new," Ash proudly stated while watching the girl walk proudly into the building.

"Hurry up, please," Madeline called to Ash and Salvia.

Salvia extended her hand out to Ash and smiled at him, "I guess, this is how it's meant to be," Salvia said sweetly as the prince took her hand, they walked into the building knowing that once they walked out it would be a new beginning for the two.

Ash and Salvia walked to the counter brimming with happiness, the little girl in front of them ready to take the next step, the trio looked over the counter to see a woman with long red hair wearing a white blouse with a black blazer and dress, "excuse me we require a service," Ash requested quietly.

The woman looked up and smiled, "how may I be of service?" she asked calmly.

"I wish to adopt this little girl," Ash replied with a smile, "her parents died in a plane crash so my wife and I have decided to take her into our care," Ash commented while the princess nodded.

"Alright I will need your names so we can process it quickly," the woman replied with a smile, she handed over the paper and pens to Ash and the royal, "just fill in the paperwork, it shouldn't take too long," she reminded the duo before getting back to an important task.

Ash turned around and to see a table, "come on we need to get this done now," Ash commented while thinking about the royal's eighteenth birthday as well. The royals sat down and started to write down the information on the paper, "remember Salvia, your last name is now Ketchum too," Ash reminded his wife with a smile.

The two continued to write down everything while Madeline waited impatiently for the married couple to finish, 'how long must this take?' Madeline wondered while tapping her foot on the floor and her arms crossed.

"Done," Ash and Salvia called out in unison, the two walked up to the front counter to hand the paperwork in.

Ash placed his hand on the girls head and messed up her hair, "not much longer Madeline," Ash told the girl with a proud smile.

The woman inspected the papers and nodded, "alright, I will put it through the system and it should all be done," she stated while typing in all the information, she looked over to the royal couple, "so you were recently married I guess," the woman assumed while looking at the age of the princess.

"No, we were married two years ago, her father gave special permission for it to happen," Ash replied quietly as he looked over to his wife.

"I see, so just hold on, a few more minutes and I can also print the certificate off as well," she stated with a warm smile.

Madeline continued to tap her right foot on the ground, "hurry up please," Madeline tried to rush the woman.

"Hey Madeline, we have plenty of time, maybe after this we can get an ice cream," Salvia promised the girl with a bright grin.

"Yeah, I have been wanting an ice cream for a while," Ash replied happily.

"Alright, it's all done, Madeline, you are now the foster daughter of Ash Ketchum and Salvia Ketchum, I will just get the certificate to prove everything," the woman said while running off to get the item to make everything official.

Madeline jumped up and down in celebration, crying and laughing at the same time, "thank you Ash and Salvia," Madeline said after settling down, "I mean mom and dad," Madeline laughed as she hugged her new parents.

"Madeline, please remember, we aren't really you real parents, we are doing this so we can take of you, to help you have a second chance, but you also need to remember, you're now a princess," Ash reminded the black haired girl with pride. Madeline nodded joyfully as she looked over to the crown princess, "so it's about time you started acting like one too," Ash instructed the girl with a wink.

"Yeah right, really hard to believe you're next in line for the Sinnoh throne with mom here," Madeline retorted causing Salvia to giggle in reply, "if anyone needs to start acting like a royal it's you," Madeline pointed to Ash with a cheeky grin.

"I have to agree Ash, you haven't been very princely," Salvia agreed with her foster daughter, "from now on, you have to read more books and learn how to behave yourself," Salvia instructed her husband with a broad smile, the trainer looked away in dismay knowing now that he was in more trouble, "now you really have to a good influence on Madeline," the bluenette winked at Ash with a cheeky grin.

"I guess, winning will be much harder," Ash sighed while the two girls started laughing at him, 'the next thing those two will want to do next is go shopping,' Ash thought with a frown.

"That's not such a bad idea Ash, I have never been shopping before, so Madeline and I can let our hair down for a while," Salvia stated in a playful tone as she walked out with Madeline behind her.

"Oh crap, I guess, those two really want to celebrate, well it would give me some time to get Salvia's eighteenth birthday present," Ash told himself while grabbing the certificate, he walked out of the building with Raichu and Madeline's Tepig. The prince walked through the city which was being rebuilt; it was starting to look much better than it was a few months prior to coming back here, he knew that Madeline and Salvia were going to take some time, but also knew it would work to his advantage.

The prince walked around the city searching for birthday present for the woman, he looked around to see the shop that had some bread stolen from the owner months prior to him returning, he walked up to it and noticed the business booming, "ah, it's good to see you Ash, is there something I can help you out with?" the owner enquired with a smirk.

"Yes, I am after a birthday cake for my wife's eighteenth," Ash replied with a nervous smile.

"Ah so you want to give her something nice, well I made this one and you can take it as thanks, these kids are really helpful, I might end up giving them my business when I retire, some of them are really talented too," the man replied with a proud smile, he led Ash to the cake and gave it to Ash not wanting to take any money from him he shook his head and smiled, "take it, it's on the house, plus you're the prince that saved Unova, so I would be happy to let you have my best creation," the man said happily while pushing Ash towards the door, "let her have the best birthday possible," the man ordered Ash quietly.

"I am no hero, I just did the right thing, not wanting the hero status," Ash confessed while remembering his mother who was still too far from his rescue, "I am no hero, I can't even save the people important to me, I lost a friend, and my father-in-law was ambushed by the Shadow Triad, then there is my mother, the person I have failed to save on four different occasion," Ash remarked with sadness as he looked at the heart shaped cake, 'but then again, the person I love the most wants to be my rival for a short time, so she can get stronger, maybe I am just that weak,' Ash thought to himself while one of the kids looked up to him.

"The kids think you're a hero, a shining light that helped them out of a dark time," the man stated with a proud grin, the raven haired trainer looked around him to see himself surrounded by children, "you gave them guidance, you influenced them on a path that they all want to follow, they all want to be trainers as strong as you, so there is no need to be down on yourself," the man humbly told Ash as the kids walked back smiling at the trainer.

"Please don't give up, we are all looking up to you," the kids told Ash in unison, this moment caused him to shed a tear, feeling like he had caused the children to change.

"Well guys I guess, this is where I say goodbye for now, I will visit again and you will meet my wife the princess of Sinnoh, she is a really beautiful woman," Ash stated while turning around to see Salvia and Madeline standing behind him, "Oh Salvia, happy birthday," Ash said while trying to hide the cake from the princess.

The trainer looked at all the bags that were gather and noticed an ice cream cone in her hands, "here Ash, this is for you, Madeline insisted," Salvia stated while handing over the ice cream cone to Ash.

"Wow the princess of Sinnoh is really pretty," one of the girls stated with a bright smile, she walked up to the royal, "you're a real life princess, I never thought I would end up meeting one," she stated in a joyful manner.

"Thank you, I guess you all met my husband Ash, he has a bit of a mouth on him, but he means well," Salvia replied much to Ash's annoyance.

After meeting with the kids Ash, Salvia and Madeline walked towards the medical facility to celebrate Salvia's birthday, Ash walked towards the Pokemon Center thinking about the war and the chances he had of saving his mother from Chris, feeling guilty for letting the royal family down, 'guess I have a lot to learn,' Ash thought to himself while see Salvia walking a head of him. Making it to the empty pokemon center Ash placed the cake on the table, "it might not be the best present Salvia, but I still hope you enjoy it," Ash requested while pushing the pink cake towards the royal, he watched as she stared at it for a moment happy to see that Ash had remembered her birthday.

"Thank you Ash, I am happy that you didn't get me something massive, I have only wanted one thing from you Ash," Salvia commented with a upbeat grin, she walked over to Ash and placed her hands on his face, "I want you around, I want to be happy with you, all I seek is your love," Salvia commented while pressing her lips onto Ash's while ignoring Madeline who was watching the scene unfolding.

"I still don't get it, what is so special about this?" Madeline asked while crossing her arms in frustration, she turned away not wanting to keep watching the royal's kissing in public.

"Something you will find out when you get older," Ash replied after Salvia pulled back.

It had been three hours since the trio finished their cake, Salvia was a mess and decided to get cleaned up before going to bed, it was after her shower that she heard a knock on the door, wrapped in a towel she walked up to the door and opened it to see Ash standing at the entrance, "mind if I have a word with you for a moment?" Ash asked the princess quietly, Salvia allowed her husband in and he walked towards the desk, "you want to travel on your own right?" Ash asked the royal wanting to confirm what she had said a while ago.

"Ash, I want to get stronger, but I just don't feel that I can if you keep sheltering me," Salvia replied with a saddened expression, she walked over to Ash and embraced him, she hugged him tightly, "nothing to worry about Ash, the Master's challenge will not finish for a while, so please don't worry too much about it," Salvia requested with a smile. "Was there another reason why you come to talk to me? I know there is," Salvia enquired leaving Ash with a slight grin at the royal's question.

"You know now, that since you're eighteen, it makes you an adult, it would be nice if we start sleeping in the same bed now," Ash bluntly told the princess who was shocked to hear Ash say such a thing. "After all we are married, so it would be fitting," Ash commented with a cheeky grin.

"Geez Ash, you make it so obvious," Salvia sarcastically told Ash before walking to her bed, she looked back and smile, she signalled Ash to follow her into the bed, "well what are you waiting for? An invitation? It was your suggestion after all."

Ash climbed into the bed with Salvia taking the other pillow, "I guess we are both still new to this," Ash remarked with a chuckle.

The blue haired princess placed her arm around Ash and kissed him on the cheek, "I love you Ash," Salvia stated for the countless time.

(8 Hours later)

Ash had woken up to discover the princess was no longer in the bed, he got up and looked around, "good morning, Salvia?" Ash called out but no response came from the young woman, he got out of bed and got dressed with a small pack falling out of his pocket, 'oh shit I forgot to put it on,' Ash thought while picking it up and looking at the unopened pack in disbelief.

Salvia walked out of the bathroom feeling dazed and unsure of what was going on, "Ash, I am not feeling well, I think I need to see a doctor," Salvia complained while walking towards the entrance of the room.

"Salvia, I will help you out, this is my fault after all," Ash replied to Salvia's last comment before going to sleep, Ash looked at the unopened pack that contained the condom and started to chuckle, "I wonder what the odds are," Ash whispered while escorting Salvia to the main foyer, he looked around to see Nurse Joy approaching them, "Nurse Joy, is there a doctor around that can tend to Salvia? She isn't feeling so well," Ash asked the nurse while trying to keep calm.

"Yes there is, he is in the room next to the main counter," the nurse retorted with a smile.

Ash helped the princess towards the room and knocked on it, "come in," the doctor called back. Ash opened the door and helped Salvia towards a seat in the middle of the room, the doctor turned around to see the couple sitting down nervously; "is there anything I can help you out with?" the man dressed in white asked the couple.

"Yes doctor, I am not feeling well, my stomach is really…" Salvia started before taking a bucket to throw up in.

"Morning sickness, well I have a simple reply to this," the doctor stated with a grin. Ash started to feel uneasy about what the doctor was say, he started to shake while thinking about what had happened last night, Salvia had finished vomiting before looking up to the doctor.

Salvia held the container and gulped for a moment, "what's matter with me doctor?" Salvia asked while.

"There is no problem, but you are showing the early signs of pregnancy," the doctor replied with a humble smile, "I would require some tests in the next few days," the doctor explained calmly.

"But doctor we are leaving for the Hoenn region, we are going with our foster daughter tonight," Ash explained while the doctor placed his hand on his chin to think about what to do next.

"Alright, I will send a message to someone in Petalburg City, she is a doctor who would be able to help you out," the medical expert replied with a smile, "but I am certain that there is a doctor on board the ship, so she will be able to help you out with the tests as well," the doctor explained while giving Salvia an envelope with all the information the doctor on the ship needed to have.

The young woman walked towards the door with Ash following her quietly, "Salvia, I am sorry, I forgot to wear protection last night," Ash apologetically told the princess.

Ash looked up to see Madeline approaching the duo with an angered expression, "where were you two? I had just finished having breakfast, Raichu and Tepig were looking for you," Madeline berated the duo with her fists clenched in a near rage.

"Sorry Madeline, Salvia was just feeling sick and she had to see a doctor to….."Ash started before being interrupted by the bluenette.

"To find you might be having either a little brother or sister," Salvia finished much to the shock of Madeline, she stepped back with her mouth agape not knowing what to do, whether to react happily or to feel angry, "come on we still have some time before the ship leaves, Ash wants to leave as soon as possible," Salvia said while walking back to the room quietly leaving Ash and Madeline in a state of shock.

(3 days later on the ship)

Salvia sat in the room alone playing with her fingers feeling nervous, the doctor had finished the tests and re-entered the room with the results, "well the doctor in Castelia City has been proven right, you are indeed pregnant," the doctor said with a smile as the princess sat in shock feeling a little unsure about their plans now.

"Thank you doctor, I will tell my husband the news," Salvia said quietly, she silently walked out of the room and looked up to see Ash sitting in the waiting room with Madeline next to him with Riachu and Tepig.

"Salvia, what's going on?" Ash asked with hopes that the royal will be fine. The princess leapt into the trainer's embrace and started to cry in fear.

She buried her head in his chest, "Ash, I am going to be a mother," Salvia replied with a hundred per cent certainty, she pulled back and stared into his eyes, "what will we do?" Salvia asked the prince while trembling with fear.

"All will be fine Salvia, I will be there for you, it means that I need to change the plans for the Kalos region," Ash remarked quietly while placing his fingers through Salvia's long blue hair of the crying princess, "oh come on, even though I made a mistake, we really should be excited, because we get to have a new member added to our family," Ash commented with great optimism, he pushed Salvia back and smiled at her, "no more tears, we have work to do," Ash instructed the royal with a proud look in his eyes.

"Yeah, all Ash needs to do is learn about how to be a good influence," Madeline joked causing Salvia to giggle at the trainer's expense.

"Gee thanks for the vote of confidence Madeline," Ash countered with disdain as Salvia watched the two starting to argue, she smiled knowing that she had the best support she could imagine, she knew that everything was going to be just fine, knowing that Ash was around, "as my friend would say Salvia, no need to worry," Ash assured the princess, pounding his chest and smiling smugly.

"That's when I worry the most," Madeline returned with a cynical smile.

Suddenly the speakers started going off with the message of the next leg of their journey starting, "we have just arrived in the Hoenn region, please disembark the ship," the male voice echoed loudly.

Ash looked over to the two girls and nodded, "alright, with six more pins to go, time to start traveling in the Hoenn region," Ash stated while extending out his hand towards the princess.

"Home, for me, I haven't been here in over a year," Madeline stated while she looked up to the married couple, 'with my new family, I know I will be happy,' Madeline told herself while picking up her fire type pig pokemon happily following the royal couple.

After walking off the ship Ash, Salvia and Madeline looked around to see the Littleroot Town up ahead, "it has been so long since I was here last," Ash stated with great enthusiasm.

"I haven't been here in years either," Salvia commented much to the surprise of her husband, "yes I was here five years ago, but I only got to see the Palace and nothing else," Salvia replied to Ash's shocked expression.

"I know this will take some getting used to, but hurry up mom and dad," Madeline waved while running ahead of the royal couple.

(Lilycove City)

"It has been two years since I first came here, I guess, my sister-in-law will be helping me out sooner than I expected," Chris stated with a smirk as he walked around the bustling city, with Delia following closely, he remembered the lost battle and clenched his fists, 'soon her usefulness will be over and I will also make sure that the Shadow Triad deal with my niece and her prince, I will get what I want,' Chris thought as he saw a familiar face, "so the Prince of Hoenn is walking around the city on his own," Chris whispered with a smirk.

The prince looked over to Chris, "Ah Chris, it has been a while," the boy stated with a proud smile. The teen who was wearing black pants, blazer and a white shirt, "so what brings you here?" he asked with a grin.

"Brendan, it seems like everything has gone to plan," Chris stated with confidence.

"Not quite, Alex isn't exactly on your side, he has been talking to my mother and it seems like Alex has been on your brother's side this entire time," Brendan explained much to Chris' anger, he looked towards the brunette, "and she is?" Brendan asked calmly.

"A bargaining tool, you see the set-up we've had requires a change," Chris replied quietly as he clicked his fingers on his right hand.

"What do you mean we have a change of plan?" Brendan asked harshly.

"The son of this woman has already married the Princess of Hoenn, and it was her father that allowed for it," Chris replied with anger, "but we have nothing to worry about when it comes to my brother, I have already had him killed," Chris remarked not knowing that his former ally was watching from the distance.

"Then I will deal with her son, our families plans will not be stopped," the prince of Hoenn decreed with his fists clenched in anger.

"No, I better warn Ash and Salvia," Alex whispered to himself, he quickly left the scene knowing that everything has changed, "they are in danger, and I know my brother wouldn't be able to make to Hoenn anytime soon," Alex reminded himself while calling out his Rapidash, he looked back to see Delia standing next to Chris, thinking about a way to save the woman, "what is he planning with her?" Alex asked himself before riding off towards another destination.

"Stop right there traitor!" A man wearing military uniform holding out his pokeball.

"A traitor ha? Well you better see what your prince is doing, conversing with the real traitor," Alex replied with a serious expression.

"No, we know exactly what's going on, the queen's brother-in-law has been helping her, wanting to get rid of her sister so she can rule both Hoenn and Sinnoh," the guard explained much to the shock of Alex.

"What so she intended her son to marry his cousin, that's wrong, and she knew nothing of it, you hid the truth from her, now I know what was intended, you intended to use Lady Salvia, threaten her mother and father, to make her hand the Sinnoh Kingdom over to the queen of Hoenn," Alex stated with a frown knowing what was really going on.

"Exactly, Salvia was nothing but a pawn," A woman stated with a grin walking up to the guard, wearing her red royal dress and long brown hair.

"So what do you intend to do with the princess?" Alex asked while glaring at the queen.

"Simple take everything that is precious to her away," the queen replied with a dark grin.

"Even the one she has married," Alex remarked with anger, he glared at the Hoenn royal family and nodded at his pokemon, "then it falls to me to make sure nothing happens to them!" Alex decreed with confidence while letting his pokemon charge pass them not flinching, the fire horse ran away from the scene after hearing the all the information that was given to him, 'now it's time to return to the SInnoh ranks,' Alex told himself while looking back to see that he wasn't being chased.

"Ma'am, should we chase after him?" the guard asked with concern.

"No, even if he does get away, he will not be a problem," the queen replied with a smirk.

"That's right the real problem is Salvia's husband, and I will deal with him personally," Brendan stated while approaching his mother with Chris standing behind him, "the games have just begun," Brendan remarked with a smile as he watched the Sinnoh Royal guard running off into the distance.

(Littleroot Town)

"I hope my new Eevee will be here," Salvia stated with a hopeful smile as she walked further into the town seeing the small houses and eventually a lab that dominated the scenery.

"It has been a while since I was here last, time to continue our journey," Ash said happily as he turned his attention to his wife, a concerned look plastered over his face, knowing that Chris was still at large.

"Don't worry Ash, I will be fine, plus I have a reason to not put myself in danger," Salvia commented quietly with a bright smile gracing her face, she turned her attention to the lab and thought about her travels so far, "I guess by the end of the year, I have a new challenge, just like you," Salvia remarked while placing her hands on her stomach.

"So when will I learn to capture a pokemon, just wondering, because all I have is Tepig," Madeline question the duo. As she walked towards the door of the pokemon lab in the small town, she looked back to see the duo following her, "come on Tepig, we need to see if we can get another pokemon in our team, maybe if I ask nicely enough I could get myself a Mudkip," Madeline told her starter pokemon quietly while Ash and Salvia continued to watch her talking to her pokemon.

"Let's go Salvia, time to show you what Hoenn has to offer," Ash stated while walking into the lab.

The Unova Saga is over and done with, now we are heading into the last parts of the Master's Challenge, new surprises will arrive. Oh and in case you all want to know, Salvia's Eevee will eventually become Sylveon.

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