A/N: You count the medals, 1, 2, and 3! Life goes on! Anything goes, coming up, OOO! That's right, NarutoxKamen Rider OOO :D OOO is my favorite Kamen Rider, right up there with Kabuto, and I've read some good fics where Naruto has the OOO Driver (and/or the Birth Driver) and I decided to do my own.

Now, when I first wrote this story, I intended for this to be a Dark Naruto story, but they way I wrote it made that a non-option, and I'm not going to completely rewrite it just to fit that, so that idea is just gone. However, there might be dark moments, as Naruto will still go after bijuu when the opportunity arises, even if their respective jinchuriki are pals, like... most of them, actually. Are Naruto and Gaara so special that they got douche-nozzle bijuu? Anyway, Naruto will still take them, and I might not do the alternate bijuu, unless I can think of some way for them to show up.

"Human/Rider speech"

'Human/Rider thought'

"Jutsu/Demon/Driver/Bijuu Form speech"

'Demon thought'

Let's begin.

Naruto was sailing through the Forest of Death, his body numb and the seal on his stomach burning from whatever-the-hell that snake-pedo did to him. Something called Gogyo Fuin; whatever it was, his stomach burned, and he couldn't use his chakra at all.

Naruto burst through a weak wall in an abandoned shed, tumbling on the ground until he hit another wall. He managed to sit up, holding his side and groaning in pain. He banged his fist on the wall in rage at being so easily tossed aside. Unfortunately, the wall was weak, so his minor temper-tantrum broke the wall open, the crack tracing a hole in the structure behind the shed, Naruto falling in, sliding on the rotten piece of wood. He screamed the whole way down the tunnel, until he finally stopped, his head acting as a brake by slamming into a large stone box. His head exploded in pain and he clutched the top of his noggin, rolling onto his side. When the pain faded, he slowly got up, using the box as a crutch to help him stand. Looking over the box, he saw it had a carving of a man lying down, clad in ornate armor with various animals carved throughout the design, an empty slot where a belt buckle would be.

Curiosity got the better of him and he attempted to push the lid off, only for the heavy slab to fly off the box, which he realized was a tomb. Looking inside, instead of a corpse, he found… coins. A massive cache of coins, silver with a ridged edge, the same animal symbols on the man's armor individually on each coin. On top of the pile was an ostentatious belt buckle, black with blue circuit lines, three empty slots that might fit these coins. Before Naruto could do anything further, an unknown force pushed him into the pile, which suddenly swallowed him up, and the lid slid back on, closing him in. He was caught up in a storm of the coins as the belt buckle latched onto his waist and all the coins funneled into it, even though there should be no way it could hold them all. Naruto was engulfed in a blinding light as he finally passed out.


Shooting up from lying on the ground, Naruto found himself in an extravagant castle, specifically the throne room. Atop a pile of the silver coins from the tomb was a golden and black throne, the armored man from the lid sitting within the throne, leaning his head against his fist. Looking him over, Naruto could see the finer details of the armor.

Red compound eyes framed with golden wing designs along the curve of the helmet, a crest atop the forehead with a red gem. Within the gem, and the eyes for that matter now that he concentrated, he could see the symbols for a hawk, a peacock, and a condor. On his shoulder was a pair of golden pauldrons with a silver plate running from front to back, three gems in each; grey on the left, blue on the right. The grey gems had the symbols of a rhino, a gorilla, and an elephant, the blue an orca, an eel, and an octopus. A black plate of armor with blue trim rested over his right bicep, a golden ring attaching it to the arm, a golden gauntlet with a white lighting design on the forearm, the wristguard having an extension outwards for a white tube to plug in from the pauldron to the wrist, golden armor on his hand. The left armor followed a similar design, but the bicep trim was grey, there was no tube, and the gauntlet was twice as large as the forearm, concentric hexagons on top of it. The man wore armor on his hips following a similar design to the pauldrons, green gems on the right, yellow on the left. They held a Hercules beetle, a praying mantis, a grasshopper, a lion, a tiger, and a cheetah all respectively. They had the same armor on the kneecaps but the right shin had black, plated armor with gold trim, a large blade attached to the back of the calf, a black ankleguard with green trim on top of a black boot with gold arm and insectoid spikes facing forward. The left shinguard had a central angular plate, black with gold trim, and symmetrically-placed black circles around the calf, three fur-like spikes to the side, a yellow variant of the ankleguard, and the boot had three feline claws on the front. On his waist was a wheel with one colored gem from the five groups.

"Hello, human." The man greeted after a sufficient amount of silence. "You should be honored that you are the new vessel for me, King OOO, the first OOO." He commented snidely, standing up from his throne, stepping down to stand before Naruto.

After getting over his shock at the sheer power this 'King OOO's' voice commanded, Naruto growled at him. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to?! You're human, too! And whaddya mean vessel? And what the hell kinda name is OOO?!" He pointed an accusing finger at his armored visage, ignorant of the enraged scowl under the helmet. His bravado was short-lived when the armored man grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up in the air with one hand.

"Stay your tongue, worm! I am the perfect being! I have achieved a state of power that has ascended me from this mortal plane! And due to your special circumstances, holding this fox demon within you, you won't be overtaken by my presence, but merely hold it. As such, I can only be blessed onto this world through your death, but I can't exactly do that myself." King OOO dropped Naruto, kicking him in the stomach when he landed, sending him tumbling away. "Another method for me to be revived is flooding your system with my power, turning your weak body into a shell fit for a king, but the same seal that held the demon is keeping that from happening. I can only give you power in small increments, but I shall live again in time." The King announced with finality.

Holding his stomach, Naruto glared up at OOO, slowly standing up. "You're fucking insane! Why should I do anything you say?! And what's up with all these fucking coins?! You have some kind of fetish?!" Naruto insulted, standing defiantly. "And what do you mean 'held' the Kyuubi? You haven't let the furball out, have you?" Naruto asked fearfully afterwards, knowing the power the Kyuubi held.

OOO appeared before him again, backhanding him across the face, sending him crashing against a pillar. "I said hold your tongue, worm! Allow me to explain. Your 'Kyuubi' has been compacted into this." Holding up a blood-red coin, the King turned it slightly to show the symbol of the Kyuubi no Kitsune on it. "His consciousness is gone, his soul eradicated, he is now just another facet of my power. And soon, yours, because you will do what I say, or you'll never escape my tomb, and you'll die all the more easily, letting me escape quicker. And these Medals are the main component of my power; they are my lifeblood, my sustenance." Walking over to him, the first Kamen Rider OOO kept Naruto's head down with his foot. "Now be quiet while I spin you a tale; the story of me, OOO, and the Medals.

"In the before-time, I ruled over a large part of the world, but I desired more power! I had my alchemists create five sets of Core Medals, and when they outlived their usefulness, I turned them into Cell Medals. When I began to take some of the Cores, one each, the remaining nine used the Cell Medals to live, becoming Greeed, living desire. With their remaining parts in my control, they served me as my generals, but soon they turned on me, but one of their own worked for me the entire time. Only in the last moment did I betray him, his usefulness at an end, and sealed them all up as their Core Medals, which I scanned in order to become a living god. And I succeeded." The King laughed menacingly and triumphantly, as he flexed his power, enjoying the sensation of, indeed, becoming a god. "The power was too much for my human body, and I turned into my own tomb, sealing my generals with me. Centuries later, a human happened upon my tomb and unsealed the Medals, reviving the Greeed and using my power for his own selfless path of atonement. Along the way, he discovered lost Core Medals, and his story faded into obscurity. Now I live again, if only in the body of a child. So whether you like it or not, you will be imbued with this power, and your body will transform as such to accommodate it. Until the day comes when we must fight to the death over who lives and who dies, I will be training you in this power. I wouldn't want to win too easily." The King remarked, smirking maliciously under his helmet. Holding his hand up in the air, various Core Medals flew into his grasp. "You will automatically have all my Medals, but I will train you to their full potential, becoming stronger than your predecessor could even dream. I have also acquired the Medals he received outside of my Driver." Holding them up, he showed the foreign Medals; a cobra, a turtle, a crocodile, a Pterodactyl, a Triceratops, a T-Rex, a horned monster known as an Imagin, and a gold and black version of the Condor Medal, Shocker. He dropped them on Naruto, and his body absorbed the Medals. "One final thing: like me, you are filled with the epitome of desire, but because of those Purple Medals, emptiness counteracts it, so you are a half-breed, human and Greeed." Taking his foot off Naruto's head and kneeling down to him, he made eye... compound-eye contact with the scowling boy. "I would suggest you collect these other 'Tailed Beasts', for they can be turned into Medals as well." Grabbing Naruto's chin, he forced him to look directly at him. "Do we understand each other?" He asked.

Shaking his hand off his face, Naruto actually punched OOO in the face, sending him stumbling back slightly at the force behind it. The boy apparently was taking to his eventual new body faster than he thought. "Fine, whatever you say, you crazy fuck! But when the day comes, I'm gonna kick your fucking ass and then you're gone!" Naruto proclaimed defiantly.

OOO actually chuckled at his bravado. "I look forward to the day when I crush you underneath my boot." With that, Naruto was cast out of his mind to suffer the process of his body changing.

(Waking world)

Naruto groaned as he slowly sat up, then winced as the familiar burning sent another wave of pain through his body, and he held his stomach, gritting his teeth. He toughened through the process until it was finished an hour later, and he was on his hands and knees, panting heavily, sweat dripping down his face as he finally started to catch his breath.

Over the hour wait, his body went through many changes, chief of which being his favorite: he grew in height! Before, he was a hilariously short 4' 3", now he was almost six feet tall! He also seemed to lose any body fat and his muscles became leaner, his body toned.

In terms of his mind, he found that the basic knowledge of each of his new Forms was now his.

With his new height came a torn jumpsuit. It was way too small for his body now, and he had to remedy that. Thankfully, his boxers were okay; that would have been embarrassing. After crawling back through the tunnel, with some difficulty, he was in the shed again. Looking around the old shed for some clothing, Naruto found a black muscle shirt and baggy shorts. After he put the pants on, the belt buckle from the tomb appeared on his waist, shrinking to a normal size, the OOO Scanner becoming a seal on his palm. Naruto smirked and jumped out the hole his crash created in the shed, a weight lifted off his shoulders with the disappearance of the Kyuubi forever, even if it was replaced with the asshole presence of King OOO. He wondered about the Kyuubi Medal the bijuu became and what it could do. He decided to use it in his next fight, hoping that would be soon.

And Kami says yes, because a huge snake appeared and seemed intent on making him a snack. Smirking at the prospect of a fight, Naruto held his seal-bearing hand over the shrunken OOO Driver until a Ting! went off. One large blood-red ring appeared in front of him.

"Kurama! HARD! CORE!"

With the voice from the Driver done, Naruto's transformation began. He was consumed in a burst of fire as the circle launched at him.

Naruto wore a black bodysuit of armor, as the image of the Kyuubi appeared on the O Lung that forms on the chests of all combos of OOO, divided into three parts; the first part its smirking grin, the second its claws about to grab some black orb, the last its legs, sitting on its haunches, and its nine tails. For his helmet, two large crimson compound eyes appeared, surrounded by orange armor, its toothy grin forming a stylized pattern under it where Naruto's mouth would be, as black streaks lead from his eyes down the fox ears that swept back. For the Arms forms, dark orange trim formed on his shoulders and down his arms, into his gauntlets. Dark-orange, almost red, cylindrical gauntlets leading to armored clawed fingers, a glowing 'vein' forming down the gauntlet and hand and down each finger. For his legs, dark orange armor formed from the knees down, leading to clawed toes on an armored foot, another vein down the legs. He actually wore a skirt of the same color behind him, divided into nine segments.

He roared to the sky as he attained his new form, the common sense in the snake's mind telling it to run away from the demonically oppressive force exploding from the boy, but its orders from its master overrode that, and it lunged at the human.

Naruto stopped its rush with a lift of his hand, grabbing its maw and slamming it shut. "Did you really think that would work?" Naruto asked, smirking under his helmet. Willing his power over the Kyuubi to form, the nine segments of his back-skirt split apart and grew into the nine fox tails of the bijuu and slammed on the head of the snake summon.

As it was dazed and tried to retaliate, Naruto hefted it over his head with both arms and, with some difficulty, threw the thing high into the air. Sliding his hand across the Driver, it let out a cry of 'Scanning Charge!' and the same ring from before appeared over Naruto, creating a spyglass at the snake.

Foul red chakra flowed from the veins on his gauntlets and greaves to the space his nine tails pointed to in front of his helmet, quickly turning into an incredibly dense black orb that Naruto's helmet swallowed, as the maw on it came to life for a second to do so.

"Kyuubi Hisatsuu!" Naruto roared to the sky, unleashing the faux Bijuudama towards the giant snake, obliterating it from existence before it could return to the summon realm.

Naruto smirked to the sky and reverted to himself in his arguably-civilian clothing. He jumped through the trees towards where he was thrown from, intent on bringing the pain to Orochimaru.

(Ten minutes later)

Naruto arrived to the battlefield, only to find a bedraggled Sasuke and Sakura barely holding their own against the Sannin. Already sliding his hand across the Driver buckle, Naruto began a new combo transformation as Orochimaru summoned another giant snake.

"Lion! Tora! Cheetah! La-Tah Ra-Tah! Latoraaaatar!"

With a mighty roar of a lion, Naruto appeared in the all-yellow combo, Latorartar. Blue compound eyes surrounded by a golden mane of sharp armor shaped to look like a lion's mane, yellow gauntlets with long claws folded back at the wrist, and pale yellow greaves with black spots gave way to Naruto as he rocketed towards intercepting the snake, his claws already flipping out.

Sasuke stared death in the face as the snake neared, and closed his eyes for his imminent end. When he heard the snake halt its rush and felt no pain, he dared to open his eyes. When he did, he saw a yellow and black figure, long claws from his wrists buried in the snout of the snake, facing him, stopping the snake with sheer force.

"What's wrong, Sasuke-teme? Ya scared?" Naruto teased as he ripped out his claws and did a spin kick towards the snake, the blade of his Cheetah legs popping out mid-swing, stabbing into the snake's eyes. As it recoiled and hissed/roared to the sky, it disappeared in a puff of smoke, returning to the summoning realm.

Naruto smirked under his mask and turned towards Orochimaru. "Hey there, Pedo-teme." He greeted the snake Sannin, smirking at the minuscule vein popping on said pale man's forehead.

"Kukukuku… I see you survived my seal, Naruto-kun. And this strange power… What is it?" Orochimaru asked, eyeing him curiously.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Naruto asked in return, switching out of Latorartar and swiping his hand across the buckle, this time purple rings appearing before him.

From the information OOO flooded his mind with after their meeting, he knew Putotyranno was the strongest form, and Naruto wouldn't have to worry about making a conscious effort to not lose himself to the power, since due to his new physiology, he had perfect control over the Purple Medals.

"Ptera! Tricera! Tyranno! Pu-To-Tyrannosaurus!"

Naruto appeared in his purple combo, green compound eyes accented by the purple wings sweeping across his head and the gold horn of the tiny pterodactyl's beak on his forehead, his shoulder armor bearing gold spikes pointing forward, his gauntlets have an add-on like a triceratops' clawed foot, purple lines down his white bodysuit under the armor, large purple sideskirts at his hips, purple greaves and boots finishing it off. Rearing his head to the sky, Naruto screamed a feral roar in his new form, shaking the entire Forest of Death, and unnerving Orochimaru ever so slightly.

Looking at the ground and thrusting his hand into it, Naruto pulled out the Medagabryu, a hand-axe with the purple blade held in the jaws of a T. Rex, a small cylinder under where he gripped it. As a half-human, half-Greeed, he was made of Cell Medals, and thus could use them at his leisure; as such, he was able to fill the weapon with Cell Medals from a cut on his palm, overloading it for the Axe Mode Hissatsu, the blade glowing purple and crackling with electricity. With a quick clamp of the T. Rex's jaws, along with the trademark Gokkun, Naruto lunged at Orochumaru and swung, the Sannin dodging. But he didn't jump back far enough, as the sheer energy from the attack formed a huge energy blade that reached far pass how far Orochimaru jumped, and spun around Naruto three times, hitting the pale man every time, ending with a great explosion on the final contact.

Orochimaru yelled as the explosion rocked his entire body and threw him deep into the forest. Once he stopped tumbling, he shed his skin to a completely undamaged form, but knew not to mess with how Naruto was now. 'I guess I'll have to give Sasuke-kun my gift later.' He mused and sunk into the ground.

Naruto stood in his hunched state, still standing with his final strike down, growling breaths escaping his mouth. While he didn't have to worry about the Purple Medals corrupting him, they drained a great deal of his strength, so he couldn't use them for long.

Turning to his teammates, he clapped his hands loudly to get their attention. "Uh, guys? We still have a test to do." Naruto reminded them.

They snapped out of their stupors and barraged Naruto with questions, Sasuke demanding to have that power, Sakura backing him up that 'Sasuke-kun can be the only strong one on this team!' This earned them both a chop to the neck, knocking them out. "God, can't believe I tried to be friends with him. And I had a crush on her? It's like crushing on a howler monkey! I'm surprised I'm not deaf! Maybe Kyuubi healed my ears every time they should have busted." Naruto mused. Shrugging his shoulders, Naruto hefted his teammates into a nearby tree hollow, letting them rest until they woke up.

(One hour later)

"You can come out, now." Naruto yelled to the forest beyond them.

An Oto team walked out, that team that attacked Kabuto when he talked down on Otogakure, the mummy-man with the… thing on his back, the face-brace dude with tubes in his hands, and the cute girl with really long hair.

Naruto blushed at that thought. 'Where'd that come from?' He asked himself. Shaking his head from those thoughts, Naruto smirked at the Oto team.

"Move aside; we just want the Uchiha." The black haired boy said; Zaku, if he remembered.

"As much as I'd like to let you have your way with him, just to teach him a lesson, I need his emo ass, so I can't let you get to him." Naruto commented. Seeing the Oto team prepare for a fight, Naruto swiped his hand across his buckle.

"Taka! Tora! Bata! Ta-To-Ba! TaToBa, Ta-To-Ba!"

Naruto appeared in the primary combo OOO had before he attained his so-called 'god form', Tatoba. A helmet of a red Eagle, green compound eyes, leading to the same arms he had as Latorartar, and legs covered in green segmented armor, the toes ending with two sharp points. Thrusting his hand to the sky, a black sword with blue circuitry detail and a clear slot on the side of the blade fell from the sky, and he caught it as it almost hit the ground. This sword was the Medajalibur, the trademark sword of Tatoba.

"What the fuck?!" Zaku swore at Naruto's transformation. While they had never seen someone do something like this before, they found it in that strange Uncanny Valley between stupid and moderately cool. Unfortunately, Naruto seemed to be able to read their thoughts, and didn't take that first part well, as he charged forward with a roar, taking a swipe at Zaku, who dodged only barely, then followed up with a nasty left hook to the jaw, which connected, sending the black haired Oto genin flying into a tree, knocking him out almost immediately.

Turning to Dosu, Tatoba swung, only to be blocked by the Oto genin's Melody Arm, but his blade dug in to the gauntlet a bit. Not letting up on the assault, Tatoba kept swinging at Dosu, who had no room or time to use his Melody Arm, only to block, as the gauntlet took more and more hits. Soon, it was completely broken, and the blade bit into his bare arm, making him grit his teeth to bite back a scream, as Tatoba snapped his right foot up, right in Dosu's chin, throwing him back, knocking him out on contact with a tree.

Turning to Kin, he found she didn't seem to want to fight, so he use his Bata legs to jump up and land behind her faster than she could react and struck her in the back of the neck with his hand, knocking her out. Catching her before she fell, Tatoba reverted to Naruto, who carried Kin bridal style towards his sleeping teammates, feeling she wouldn't be safe around her teammates, especially after they lost.

As he set her down, Naruto thought over his new destiny: master this power King OOO granted him and prepare for the day when he would fight for his life. When the day came, he was going to kick that bastard's ass, 'perfect being' or not. That was a promise, and you know Naruto and his promises.

End Ch. 1

Hope you like what I did with the Kyuubi turning into a Core Medal. With the bijuu turned into a medal, Naruto has full control of his chakra, but he has to train in it, and it will only become harder as he obtains more bijuu.

Ja ne!