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~A Different Image


Chapter 1: Starting from where it ended

When lunch time happened, Tsuna and his friends (?) were called to go to the principal's office. As they left the school via limousine, Reboyama-sensei entered on cue.

"Ciaossu, I am Reboyama-sensei." An infant in a graduation outfit entered.

"Oh! Reboyama-sensei! It is rare of you to visit this class!" Nezu exclaimed.

"I will only be here for a brief moment. I am here to announce that class 2A is chosen to be an exclusive foreign class in Italy. You will leave tomorrow. All passports, expenses, rooms and transportations have been taken care of. All you need left is your clothes good for two months and formal attire. That is all no more complaints; give me back the parental consent on the day of departure with parent's signature which is tomorrow evening. I'll be going now and goodbye." Reboyama-sensei left with the pile of parental consent on the table.

The class took a few moments for the new information to sink.

"WE'RE GOING TO ITALY?!" They chorused.


"LAND!" Tsuna jumped out of the limo. He was grateful to be able to feel the land. Why you ask?


Tsuna and the rest entered the limo. Hibari was sitting as far as possible from the crowd with, he was reading a book while listening with his music with the use of his head set. Hana and Kyoko were sitting together. Ryohei was in front of them. Chrome was on a window seat. Tsuna was in between Gokudera and Yamamoto.

"I am Sebastian, your driver for today, Tsunayoshi-sama." The driver introduced.

"Don't be so formal, just call me Tsuna." The brunet said.

"Alright then, Tsuna-sama. Our next stop is Midori-chuu; we will pick up Miura-sama." The driver fastened his seat belt. "Please do hold tight. This will be a rough ride."

"EH? W-Wait! – "

The driver stepped on the pedal. The tires whirrs and screeches away from the school.

"HIIEEEE! SLOW DOWN! SLOW DOWN! AHHHHH~! IT'S A STOP LIGHT!" Tsuna screamed. His eyes popped out "WATCH OUT! THERE'S A PEDESTRIAN!" The limo swerved to the side so that it would avoid that pedestrian. The pedestrian had to clutch his heart from the almost sudden death.

The people inside had to cover their ears because of him… except for Hibari since he had his head set on and he was somehow grateful for that. I was a long ride… a VERY long ride…

The ride was filled with high pitch shrieks and shouts. The brunet had to scream at EVERY little thing the limo passes. The police officers didn't catch them because the AWFULLY familiar crest called 'Vongola' was embedded on the bumper and even if those police officers catch them; they have no choice but to let them go because of the position they're in.

After awhile they finally reached Haru's school. Tsuna was as white as a ghost and you can see that his soul was just at the tip of his mouth.

"Haru has come!" The said girl entered the limo. "HAHI?! TSUNA-SAN, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" The eccentric brunette rushed to his side. "TSUNA-SAN PLEASE WAKE UP DESU!" She kept on shaking the poor brunet "TSUNA-SAN~! WAKE UP DESU~!"

"OI! STOP SHAKING THE TENTH STUPID WOMAN!" His right hand man shouted.




"Maa, maa… How about we give it a rest for today?" Yamamoto calm down the two.

"Miura-sama, please take a seat. We are in a tight schedule today." The driver reminded.

"AH! HAI!" she immediately took a seat beside Kyoko and began to discuss about cakes.

And the ride continues… Then the shrieks, shouts, and demands to slow down happened again. After another while, they arrived at the airport.

When the brunet heard the limo stop, he quickly opened the door and jumped outside like an eager puppy. "LAND!"


"Ahahaha… It feels like we just got out of a roller coaster!" Yamamoto happily said.

"Tch. It all your fault hahi-onna for making the tenth this way." Gokudera bickered

"It is not Haru's fault! Driver-san said that we are on a tight schedule desu!" She retorted.

Kyoko and Hana giggled on their way out. Ryohei was doing some extreme stretches and Hibari went still reading the book and still has his head set on.


"AH! Okaa-san you're also here!" Tsuna waved at his mother. His eyes went to the side "… And I-pin, Lambo, Fuuta, Bianchi, and Dino-san is here…" He paused for awhile… "DINO-SAN?!"

"Yo Tsuna! How's my little brother doing?" Dino casually walk to him but tripped on thin air. "ITTE!"

"Dino-san… where are your subordinates?" The brunet glanced below him.

"My men?" Tsuna nodded. "I decided that they should take a day or two off…" The brunet looked at the blonde man skeptically. Dino looked like he was not aware that without his men he is a clumsy, useless person.

"Reborn-kun is so kind~!" Nana mused.


"Reborn-kun gave us tickets to Italy and best of all we get to see Otou-san at work!" Nana jumped in joy. "And we get to stay in the mansion where he temporarily stays in!" She added.

Tsuna could only laugh nervously. 'That's right… 'Kaa-san doesn't know that Otou-san works for the mafia…'

"You shouldn't worry too much, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn jumped on Tsuna's gravity defying hair.

"Reborn! Where did you come from?" the brunet asks. "I'm pretty sure you weren't here until just now…"

"I have my reasons… Now hurry up and board on the plane." Reborn ordered.

They boarded the plane, a very high-class plane. There were quality seats, fine wines on the side. If you go further inside, there is a grand ballroom. Going up to the staircase, there's an office room.

The kids were very excited when they entered the plane. They took the window seats while the others took any vacant seats… Lucky for Dino that someone was able to catch him before he falls or trips because of his so-called 'shoes' (which is really thin air).



"Go upstairs, you're assignment given by Nono is there… as well as some of the paperworks made by the Estraneo family."

"Come again?"

"Don't make me repeat myself. Now GO." Leon transformed into a gun. Tsuna flinches and runs away together with his famous shriek "HIIEEEE!"

As the brunet ran for his life he muttered a series of curses just for Reborn. There was 'stupid arcobaleno' 'sadistic tutor' 'reincarnation of Satan' and many more. When he reached the staircase he paused for a while to catch his breath. "Darn it Reborn. I am going to kill you if I get an opportunity…" He muttered under his breath. He went up, entered the room and felt even more annoyed and became far beyond pissed-off when he saw what was inside.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Take a deep breath Tsuna!" He reminded himself. "It's too early to let go of yourself! GET A FREAKIN' GRIP!" he shouted to himself. 'Wow I sound like Gokudera-kun!'

*inhale* *exhale* *inhale* *ex –


"Ciaossu!" A Reborn in a potted plant costume appeared. "You're being a foul mouth today, Tsuna." Reborn commented. "And it's rare for you to say those words out in the open." He added.

"Don't mess with me right now Reborn…" The brunet deepened his voice. "What's the meaning of this?" He asks, his left eye twitching non-stop in annoyance.

"Are you blind? Those are obviously paperworks waiting to be signed by a certain Decimo…" Reborn explained. "…Or maybe you forgot about your assignment from Nono?" the infant added.

"My… assignment..?" Tsuna took a few steps back, ready to run away from his paperwork. "From… Ojii-chan (Grandfather) ..?" Decimo took the momentum to run only to be caught by a green Leon-rope. "NOO!"

"You're not going anywhere until all of those papers are sorted and signed." Reborn dragged the poor brunet in the office, tied him to his chair and gave a pen so that he would start working on it.

Tsuna took one pile and started to scan them. There was 'destruction of property', 'weapon repair', 'hospital fee' and many more, but what the brunet realized the most is that they were all 'financial' related which means more money to pay. He carelessly signed them and piled it on one corner. The next pile consisted of 'transportation fee', 'passport fees', 'Ayuzawa Misaki'. 'Osamu Kaneda', 'Kiseki Shintarou' and more names of his classmates and more expenses. He wanted to know the reason behind that so he left it unsigned. Tsuna took another pile of papers and got lazy to read the papers. He continued to carelessly sign the papers until they reached Vongola HQ, Italy.

~Back to Namimori~

8:00 P.M.

The students gathered infront of the Namimori gate. Instead of Reborn fetching them, Shouichi Irie appeared instead. "Hello everyone, I am Shouichi Irie. I will be taking place for Rebor – uhh… Reboyama-sensei." He introduced. He signaled someone to come forward, it was Spanner. Spanner came in with a device covered by a cloth. The blonde one removed the cloth revealing a circular device. Removing his lollipop, he began explaining "This device is a teleportation device. To make it work, a high price it needed to make this work and that price is 400, 000 Fianma voltage."

Murmurs suddenly spread around.

"400, 00 Fianma voltage… is that even a currency?"

"Is that a new type of electricity?"

"How much is that in Yen currency?"

Shouichi sighed "Just get on the device so that we could start already. I'm pretty sure the person on the other side is pissed off right now and we don't want that." Spanner nodded at Shouichi's statement.

"Besides… Didn't that Reboyama-sensei told you that everything is already paid?" Spanner added. He was replied with 'oh's then stepped on the circular device. Spanner dialed something on his phone and spoke "Let's start…"

+End of Chapter+

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