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Chapter 16: It was you


"JUUDAIME!" Gokudera shouted with all his might. He turned around, now facing the whole class. A dark scowl formed on his face, and a dark glare to match. "WHO THE FUCKING HELL IS REPONSIBLE FOR THIS?!"

"Oi, Oi! Gokudera! We need to tend to Tsuna first!" Yamamoto shouted back.

The intensity of Tsuna's flame never faltered—in fact, it grew greater. Great worry revolved around the whole class.

"What are we going to do..?" Chrome worriedly asked, her grip around her trident tightening. Her only eye flashed great concern for the boss. "B-Bossu is going to die if we don't do something..!"

It was a desperate situation. Tsuna was left only able to scream with no voice left. He was in pain. That's for sure.

"WE NEED AN EXTREME DOCTOR!" Ryohei shouted in the air. He surveyed the room with determined eyes. He walked round and round in hopes for achieving an idea of some sort.

"You better get a grip of yourself, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn muttered. The sun arcobaleno leaped up and landed on Yamamoto's shoulder. "Oi, Yamamoto, call your group. I have a plan." The infant ordered.

Yamamoto just nodded and called the rain group. They gathered in a small circle with reborn in the middle. He explained what was going to happen next and what would happen if it would fail. They seemed to get the point of calling them. The rain is used for tranquilizing.

The rain group, consisting of Yamamoto, Saotome, Yuki, Rumi, Gakupo, Toshiro, and Gray, joined together, and Colonello volunteered to help. They surrounded the flaming brunet. Tsuna was in great pain. "Ready?" The baseball player shouted.

The rest nodded.

"DON'T!" Tsuna voice echoed.

They stood in awe as Tsuna's sky flames slowly resided. It was surely Tsuna's voice, yet his mouth never moved. He slowly stood up. Tsuna was in HDW mode, and his authority loomed around. The people around felt like freezing stiff because of the intimidating look the brunet was giving.

"Don't you dare fire this body with any flames." He said, eyes turning to a glare.

"What are you trying to say, kora?!"

Tsuna opened his palms, eyes still not leaving the class. His palms produced a very unstable flame. "This flame is circulating wildly around the host's body. If you try and make the host lose consciousness, it will run around his system, and soon enough, his body will explode. Sawada Tsunayoshi is fighting it from the inside. Bear in mind that he has three sides: a positive, a neutral, and a negative. I am the positive side, Tsunayoshi is the neutral side, and his negative side is still sleeping." He abruptly closed his palm and suppressed an incoming cough. "T-The wild flame is—!"

Blood spilled out of his mouth, and he let out a cry of pain. He went into a fetal position.

"Listen! The wild flame can be put out if the antidote is given!" He suddenly strangled himself. "I can't hold on much longer! Tsunayoshi is in need of assistance! Just hurry and—" Flame once again engulfed his body.

"JUUDAIME!" Gokudera shouted as he came near his boss. He wasn't able to be as close as he wanted to be when the flame hissed at him.

"That aside, we need to know who's the culprit." Reborn informed, eyes hidden under his fedora. Leon transformed into an infamous green gun, and used it to tip his fedora slightly—enough to make a dangerous look despite his wide onyx eyes.

"Oi, Yamamoto, who was last near Tsuna?"

"It was… Saotome. She gave a glass of water and Tsuna exploded into flames right after…"

The gun glinted dangerously as the infant pointed it at the said girl. "Do you have the antidote?" It never sounded as a question.

Saotome furiously shook her head, "I-I-I don't! I don't even know what you're talking about!"

Good thing Maman and the girls boarded on the other plane. Reborn thought.

"I got that water by the dispenser! Please do not just assume that I am responsible!"

"Ne, ne, is Tsuna going to die?" Lambo interjected.

"Damn it you stupid cow, why can't you fucking read to situation for once?!" Gokudera snapped.

"Oi, Oi, don't go saying foul languages to a child." This time, Tsuyoshi.

"Maa, maa, how about we think it over?" Yamamoto.


A bullet was shot up in the air, finally gaining some silence. Gokudera was near to shoving a dynamite to everyone present (with an exception to some, of course), Yamamoto was just as tense as the others inside, Lambo was on the verge of crying and throwing something, Mukuro held Chrome tightly, and Hibari was getting pissed of the crowd.

"All of you. Shut your mouths or I'll zip it forever." Reborn threatened. He pointed it back at the accused. "Now, where were we?"



Smoke filled the place. It was like inside Daemon's illusionary space again, but it wasn't. This was real, and he was fighting against himself—like the one he did during Daemon's trail—but this time, it wasn't! Another painful punch to the face was delivered to Tsuna's face. In front of him was another Tsuna. The other Tsuna kept calling himself Zero, though. Tsuna couldn't understand why.

'I can't go into HDW mode! Why?!' Tsuna mentally shouted. His gloves were rendered useless in this situation.

"What's wrong, Tsunayoshi?! Why can't you fight back?!" Said the other Tsuna, or Zero as he'd like to be called. Zero had a very pale complexion, eyes were light orange, but his hair was darker than the usual Tsuna would have. He landed another punch to Tsuna, and sent him flying at a distance.

Zero jumped and ALMOST landed a lethal kick on Tsuna if he didn't roll in time. Zero clicked his tongue and ran after the brunet.

Tsuna saw Zero hot on his heels by the corner of his eyes. 'Why can't I enter my mode?!' he continued to wonder. 'I need to fight back!' With that, he turned his heels around and evaded an incoming punch, and then he took the chance to take Zero's wrist into a vice-grip. "Who are you? Why do you look like me? Where is this place?"

"Too much questions." Zero replied, followed by Tsuna's right hand being engulfed in ice. A smirk came upon him as Tsuna forcefully withdrew his now frozen hand. He stood up, soothing his aching wrist, "That was a sly move, Dame-Tsuna. Never knew you could do moves like that!" He commended.

"Oi..! E-to, Zero… uhh... san, what's this..? Why does this look like—!" Tsuna stared at his other self.

"Zero point breakthrough, yeah, I know. I am responsible for all ice thingy-s. You know… the negative something." Zero explained. "There is a reason that I am asleep. I am only used when this technique is triggered. Nothing more, nothing less." His eyes turned to a full on glare. "Do you have any idea what I felt in here?!— trapped in this useless body!" Zero dashed at Tsuna, grabbing his collar in the process. "How about we switch places?" he hissed.

The two Tsuna-s felt another presence entering. Zero dropped Tsuna unceremoniously to the ground. He placed his palms at the ground and ice started to formed and charged at the source of presence.

It was countered by hard bound flames.

'Why can I see another me?!'

"Nice to see you, Hyper!"

"Why can't I say the same thing, Zero..?"


-Back in the plane…-


Pink smoke engulfed the flame. Apparently, Lambo lost it and threw a tantrum. In the end, Gokudera and Yamamoto were swallowed by the pink bazooka. The ten year Gokudera had spiky hair—spikier, and was in the middle of smoking. He wore a black suit with a red undershirt. His eyes had dark circles underneath, and he looked restless. The ten year Yamamoto retained his spiky hair, he had the same outfit like Gokudera but his undershirt was bleu instead of red. He had the same face as Gokudera though.

The older Gokudera finally realized that he was not in the place he was supposed to be, Yamamoto followed right after.

"Where is this place..?" He muttered. His eyes landed on the familiar faces of his classmates, and his eyes widened in fear when he saw his boss on fire. "JUUDAIME! WHAT'S THIS?! IS THIS AN ILLUSION?!"

"Oi, Oi, calm down—TSUNA!" Yamamoto shouted. "What's the meaning of this?!"

"As you can see, Tsuna's life is on the line. He's been on fire for an hour now." Reborn said, landing on Yamamoto's shoulder. "Ah, Tsuyoshi, this is your son ten years from now."

"Oh! So I can see!" Was all Yamamoto's father said.

"I can't bear to see this!" Gokudera shouted. His eyes were watering up. It was like a nightmare coming back to haunt him. He glared at the whole class,. Then, he saw the two faces of the traitors. "YOU!"

He stalked over to them, "The two of you are responsible for this!" He slammed his fist against the nearest wall, scaring the hell out of the two traitors. "Thanks to the two of you… We got to see boss… sleep..! In that fucking coffin! TEN YEARS EARLIER!" He uncharacteristically said, tears poured out. "And that wasn't the worst part..! Juudaime… hehe… JUUDAIME WASN'T SLEEPING THIS TIME! Do you have any fucking idea that his death caused a great change in the goddamn future?!"

That was then Yamamoto restrained him with all his might, hushing him with calming words. He assisted Gokudera to the nearest couch to recollect himself. Meanwhile, Yamamoto went to his two underlings. "You know, Gokudera is right. In our world, Tsuna died because he wasn't able to get the antidote in time, and I guess he lost to the internal battle… I didn't want to admit that though. But if you don't want to suffer in the nearing future, you better hand it over, or else… it would become hell."

Yuki and Saotome stared in horror. What have they done..?



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