"What? Do I have something on my face?"

Jane pulls the gummy worm out of her nose and promptly puts it in her mouth; a resounding "Eww" comes out of Maura and the little girl that sits on her lap.

Jane takes another out of the bag and hands it to Dylan, who in turn puts it up her nose, causing a throaty laugh to escape from Maura and Jane to fall back on the couch in hysterics.

The little brunette looks up at Maura with a toothy grin. And her heart melts as she brushes a few wild strands of hair away from her forehead; admiring her.

Until a nose worm is being shoved against her lips, and Maura is shaking her head firmly, her lip pursed together hard; "Mm mm" she hums in protest.

Jane sits up and leans in quickly, taking the gummy from Dylan's hand, much to her surprise, and brings it through her lips. Maura cringes; "Don't slurp worms."

Jane smiles and shrugs her shoulders innocently. Changing position, she sits closely beside Maura and places a soft kiss on her cheek and looks down at Dylan, who is playing with the buttons on Maura's shirt.

"We interview with DCF tomorrow." Jane nods, but her eyes are fixated on the little girl in her fiancee's lap. She runs her hand over little curls in a half hearted attempt to smooth them down. Dylan looks up at her and raises her arms. Jane happily picks her up and brings her into her own lap where she rests her head against her chest.

"It will be fine." Jane says, rocking the little girl back and forth against her.

And Maura knows she says it for her. And for herself.

But really she says it for Dylan.

And it is no matter if she doesn't understand the the depth of it comment, or how much it resonates between her would be parents. The point is that it is there. It always will be just that; fine; as long as she is with them.

Fine and blessed.
Strong and committed.
Protected and loved.
A family.

Better than fine.
Maura links her arms with Jane and rests her head on her shoulder.

And she smiles, because this is her family now. She leans up and places a tender kiss on her neck; causing a delighted hum from Jane.

"Yeah." Maura reaches out and takes little fingers into her hand and she settles her head back at home on Jane's shoulder; "It will be fine."