A/N: It's Dylan's birthday! I'm sorry for neglecting this story for as long as I have! I'll be better. I promise.

Jane squeezes her eye shut to keep the tears that have built up from spilling over. Small hands pull and tangle into her hair as a mascara brush comes dangerously close to swooping in and taking out her remaining good eye.

"NO!" Jane raises her hand and all movement stills. Internally berating herself, Jane forces a smile as she turns towards the little girl beside her; "I meant no more mascara, I think that's good."

Relief floods Jane as the goopy brush moves away from her face but she can't stop her eye roll when a compact of pink eyeshadow is picked up instead. A firm tug on her hair sends Jane's neck craning to the side and almost topples her off the small seat she is on.

"you have alot'a tangles." a small voice says. Jane smiles at the genuine concern the little girl says it with, but the tangles in her hair probably have something more to do with the twenty-five gazillion barrettes clipped in it and less with her personal grooming habits.

Rubbing her eye, Jane opens it and blinks through a few tears before finally focusing on the woman in front of her.

"Are you here to save me?" Jane tries not to sound desperate.

Maura gives her wife a coy smile as she pull her phone out of her pocket. Her smile grows wider as she holds up her phone and begins snapping pictures.

"You're the worst." Jane rubs her eye in frustration and defeat as brush stroke after brush stroke of pink glitter eye shadow is applied to her against her will.

Kneeling in front of her wife, Maura gently pulls her hand away and taps Jane's eyebrow; "Open. Let me see."

Opening her eye, Jane does her best to focus. Even with two little wannabe beauticians pulling, tugging, and poking at her, Jane can't help the small smile that tugs at her lips as she watches Maura's face become concentrated and etched with concern.

"We are going to need to flush it."

"I love when you play doctor."

Maura rolls her eyes as she stands but barely has time to register the green flash moving between them and steps back, surprised. Jane reaches out and scoops up the dinosaur and pirate clad offender into her lap.

"Heyy! Whoa, put on the breaks there Captain Velociraptor. You almost sent your mother back on her butt."

A giggle erupts and Dylan clasps her hands over her mouth, but she silences herself quickly as she studies her mother's face.

"wha' happened?" she asks, pointing carefully at Jane's eye.

"Minor makeup mishap." Jane waves off the question; "Hey, can I borrow this?" she points to the eyepatch her daughter is wearing. Dylan nods happily and pulls it off.

"i do it."

A snort of laughter escapes from Maura, and she presses her fingers to her lips to suppress the 'awwww' inducing moment happening in front of her as she watches their daughter adjust the eyepatch over Jane's eye.

"How do I look? Can I be part of the crew?"

"yer'a wench."

Dylan quickly scoots down off her mother's lap and takes off towards the bouncy house. Jane's jaw drops as she watches her dino-onesie, bandanna clad, sword wielding daughter move across the yard with a purpose. Looking up at Maura, Jane doesn't register the firm tug on her hair as another barrette and tangle is added, but rather just her wife laughing as she lifts her phone again and begins to fill the camera roll.