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Chapter Sixteen


Somehow I doubt that this letter has found you in good health, that would have been too much to hope for.

Do you realize, my son, how angry and worried I am at the moment?! Do you know how many grey hairs I am soon to have because of all the trouble you cause my poor heart? Actually, if I had a grey hair for every time Lord Elrond has written to be about you then my hair would be greyer than Gandalf's! Thank the Valar, though, that Elrond is around. I dread to think would might have happened if he had decided NOT to become a healer.

I am quite sure, however, that even Elrond will not be able to spare you from my wrath when you get back to Mirkwood (which, by the way, will be as soon as you are able)! I am going to put locks on all the window and doors of your room and only allow you out to attened the most boring, dullest, counsel meetings that are available. It might help you think twice about tramping off into the wilderness and coming home more dead than alive. One would think that you actually enjoyed if if not for the fact that you, Legolas, cannot not stand being in bed long enough to completely recover. Your only goal in life must be to cause your Ada all the stress in the world!

In all seriousness, though Legolas, I beg for you to come home. With every beat of my heart my worry over the unknown grows. PLEASE consider sending your poor father something to know what is going on. You can never understand a father's love and concern over his child...when you do, I hope with all my heart that you are gifted with a child that has the same knack for getting into trouble that you do! Maybe then I will get a full apology for all the sleepless nights you have caused.

You had better write soon, Legolas, or face my growing anger when you get back. I would come collect you myself but I cannot leave Mirkwood at this time.


Legolas looked up from reading the letter, a slightly bemused expression on his face. "Next time, Hir Elrond, couldn't we just NOT tell him. Ignorance is bliss after all."

"Why, what is he going to do?" Elrohir teased, grinning from ear to ear. Elladan and Aragorn leaned forward eagerly, infuriating smiles on their faces. Legolas glared at all three of them, folding up the letter.

"You three seem to be enjoying this a little too much." The elf huffed, crossing his arms and leaning back against the pillows. "Maybe I just won't tell you anything."

"You wouldn't dare." Elladan said simply, reaching out and making a grab for the letter. Legolas leaned back, trying to keep the piece of paper out of the elder twin's reach. However, the dark haired elf had not trouble prying it from the weakened fingers.

Opening it with a flourish, he held it out for his brothers to read as well. Soon all three where laughing hysterically.

"It's not that funny!" The prince growled, reaching out and snatching it back.

"Should we be planning for your death by bordom... or an artist to capture Thranduil with grey hairs!"Aragorn chuckled clasping on his side on the bed. It wasn't quite funny as they where making it to be, but it felt good to laugh.

"Oh, shut up!" Legolas huffed, though the corner of his mouths where twitching upward. He sank back further into the bed, waiting for the laughter to come to a stop. He rolled his eyes, sighing loudly as he could which only made them laugh harder.


The days quickly passed and before they knew it, a whole week had passed (the prince of Mirkwood had quickly written back to his Ada, hoping to stave off any more anger). Legolas was much stronger, though still weak….much to his annoyance. The elf still chilled easily and his body stilled pained him occasionally. Currently, though, he was sitting next the fire, his slim shoulders wrapped in a warm blanket, upon the instance of his friends.

Aragorn watched him for a moment, noting the tired lines on his face before slipping down to join him. A small frown and worried look was on his face as he glanced at his companion. There was silence for a moment before Aragorn sighed.

"Do you think that the elf Ada sent out to find Rhavan will really work?" he asked, twisting around slightly so he could watch his friend's reaction. After it had be assured that Legolas would live, Elrond had commenced together some of his best warriors, sending them off to, hopefully, find Rhavan. They were following a map that Aragorn and Legolas had put together.

"Of course they will!" Legolas stated with a roll of his eyes. "If you can sneak in there, than the elves will have no problem." He teased, sliding down to sit on the floor next to the man. The blanket he had been wearing slide off one shoulder, and Aragorn protectively reached over and pulled it back up, much to the elf's annoyance.

Ever since they had found out about the poisoning, Aragorn had been extremely protective of his friend, feeling responsible for what happened. Legolas had tolerated it for the most part, but it was started to get on his nerves. He knew why the human was doing it…it always seemed to help the situation if you were able to help in some small way.

"Estel, please, I'm fine!" he pleaded, shaking his head with annoyance. Aragorn gave his friend a smile, backing off. "Thank you." Legolas said with appreciation clear. A comfortable silence stretched on for a few minutes, both friends gazing into the hypnotic dancing flames.

"Estel," Legolas finally said, glancing over at the man, "I just want to say hannon le, again, for all that you have done over the last few weeks."

Aragorn accepted that words with an esay smile on his face. "That's what friends are for, after all...besides, you are more than that; you are my brother."

"As you are mine." Legolas replied, clasping the man's shoulder firmly...much more firmly than he could have done a couple of days ago.

Suddenly the elf doubled over, his steady breahing changing to a low moan while his hand came to press against his chest. Aragorn was instantly in action, kneeling up and placing a hand on the prince's shoulder.

"Legolas, do you need more of the antidote?" Aragorn asked worriedly, one hand already reaching for the bottle. The elf shook his head, sitting back and letting out a pent up breath.

"It wasn't that bad." Legolas said quietly, rubbing his chest. The poison still occasionally attacked the elf as it put up a hard fight against the counter medicine.

"Are you sure?" Aragorn asked, his tone indicating that he wasn't as positive as the elf was.

"You hover too much." The prince complained, smacking the back of the man's head. Aragorn grunted, but glared Elrond's famous glare and raised the bottle.

"Drink." He ordered.


Legolas and Aragorn leisurely towards the dining room and breakfast, another week had pasted and Legolas had almost normal again. As they seated themselves around the table, they each offered their good mornings to the twins and Elrond.

"Good morning." Elrond offered as well, "and how are you feeling this morning, Legolas?" he asked, his sharp eyes studying Legolas carefully.

"Fantastic!" Legolas said, grinning for ear to ear as he dished food onto his plate.

"Just remember not to take things to difficultly quite yet." Elrond continued, knowing that the elf was still weak.

"That's right, we don't want you somehow hurting yourself yet again before you are fully healed!" Elrohir teased.

"None of this was my fault!" Legolas protested, turning to the twin. "I didn't ask to get poisoned!"

"Yet it is always you or Aragorn!" Elladan added, bringing up the age old argument.

"Hey, leave me out of this!" Aragorn cried, his eyes growing wide with mock horror.

"Why should we!" the oldest twin challenged. The brothers began to bicker back and brother, their voices rising as they attempted to be heard. Legolas chuckled, leaning back in his chair and watching peacefully. Turning he looked over at the elven lord.

"How in Middle-earth did you raise your sons to become like this?" the prince asked, gesturing at the fighting trio.

"I didn't." was all the lord said, raising his eyebrows at the prince. Legolas laughed again, causing Aragorn to turn his attention towards him..

"You're laughing at me aren't you…?" he said in a dark voice.

"Yup." Legolas said, going back to eating.

The rest of the meal passed in the usually way and the three elves and human vacated the room together, making their way down to the garden. Still laughing and joking, they found a sunny and snow free spot where they stopped.

Legolas sat down, watching his friend. He needed this, just to be here laughing with his friends and enjoying life. He didn't add much to the conversation, letting the others do that. Aragorn, ever the observant friend, noticed and turned to him asked softly,.

"Are are you feeling ok?"

"Yes, Estel, I'm fine. Stop worrying!" Legolas scolded. "You can be such a mother." Aragorn frowned indigently at that, making a face at the elf.

"It's true, Aragorn!" Elrohir joyful teased, catching onto their conversation.

"With good cause." Elladan defended. "Do you know how many times Legolas has hidden something form us!"

"Aragorn is just as bad, if not worse than I am!"the blonde elf cried, poking the man in the chest.

"Ouch…" the human mocked, backing away from the elf.

"Both of you are terrible great at this!" Elrohir's said, clapping his hands together and giving the two friends an angelic smile. All of the other three burst into laughter.

"We just get into too much trouble by ourselves, don't we Legolas." Aragorn joked turning on a serious face.

"It true…" Legolas played along.

"Maybe we should invite the twins to join us next time." the human suggested.

"NO WAY!" the twins both shouted, scrambling back at the very thought.

"We know what kind of trouble you two get into!" Elladan protested loudly.

"It's not the adventures we mind…in fact I like killing orcs― "

"―but with the two of you, it will be us― not the orcs ― that end up the worse for wear!"

"I think I should feel hurt." Legolas faked, lying hand across his heart as if he were in pain.

"Alas, my brothers, you have wounded our dear elven prince with your words!" All four snickered, slightly. Before long, laugher had erupted once again.

Everything was right, everything was the way it had been before Aragorn and Legolas fought. Everything was normal.

Far away, however, something dramatically life changing was happening.

Rhavan paced in front of his desk, frowning. The door opened soundlessly and a cloaked figure entered.

"What is it?" Rhavan snapped. He wasn't worried because this was was his fort, if someone wanted to attack him first they would have to he past his guards and other safety measures.

The figure didn't say anything, only kept moving forward.

"Stay back!" Rhavan ordered, suddenly wary. It was too late.

Faster than the man thought possible, the intruder flipped back his hood reveling his elven features along with a dangerously sharp knife clutched tightly in his hand.

Rhavan didn't even have time to call for help, he was dead before he could draw enough air too.


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