Chapter 3

The Major seemed to have yielded to his desires. With a touch on his gauntlet, just as the Minor had, the Major's red armor clattered to the floor, accompanied by the plasma rifle. Like the Minor, what was left of his skinsuit rippled like that of water in a pond, dissociating into scales and collapsing into his gauntlets and shins. Like the Minor, the armor below the knees stayed attached.

And the Master Chief got a long, hard look at an erect specimen of Sangheili wood.

The member was gray, the same tone of the rest of the Major's skin. It was way larger than the Chief's, large enough for the Chief to start feeling the whispers of an inferiority complex. It was long and thick, enough so that it looked more like it belonged on a small horse rather than the Sangheili, and it was ribbed along the sides, with ridges rippling and jutting out down the length of the alien shaft. It didn't terminated in a cap-like head, much like the Chief's did, which was just a really large and long version of most other non-SPARTAN men. Rather, it tapered to a point, and the ending bit, where there were no ridges, was colored a deep purple instead of grey, which was probably an area much like the Chief's cockhead. It also didn't seemed to possess only 1 nutsack (albeit larger than 1 human testicle) attached in the same fashion as a human dick. In all, the Chief could only gawk (the Minor blushed) at the massive, throbbing meat, which still grew slightly as the rod was further engorged with blood. He could only imagine the Minor being violated by such a shaft, and he was thankful that she had met his penis first.

The Major took a tentative step towards the couple. The Minor rolled off the Chief, and off the bed, disappearing suddenly beyond the Chief's sight as the Major – now more confident – advanced on the Chief, who lay alone on the bed, his now-vertical and now stiffening cock his only companion. The Major took one look at the Chief's dick and sniggered, probably laughing at the size difference between the two. The Chief, indignant, subconsciously brought his hand up to gently stroke his manhood. Red and raw as his member felt from all that breathtaking sex he'd just experienced, he was sure it was erect and ready enough for any further… sexual escapades.

The Major, violent as was normal for his kind, grabbed the Chief by the ankles and roughly dragged him closer to the Major, who was standing at the foot of the bed. The Chief, caught off guard by the maneuver and not able to put up much of a fight, could only watch as he was pulled inexorably towards that monster of a cock. Too late, he realized what was about to happen. By then it was too late to struggle. The Major's mandibles split in a wide grin, and unlike the Minor, who smiled with genuine passion and lust, this grin was one overflowing with sadism and wrath. Here was the Demon, the bane of his kind, vulnerable and weak. The Major decided to take his chances.

The Chief gripped his hands to the bedsheets, a futile act of defense. He couldn't bring himself to close his eyes. He was forced to remain a spectator to the horror about to be wrought on his body. The Major grinned. His cock was so erect and blood-engorged that it curled upwards, and he rubbed his monstrous member against the Chief's. Obviously it was a show to boast about the Major's masculinity.

Then, the Major pulled back, and with a roll of his hips speared forward. The Minor chose this moment, reappearing with a stool that she had procured from somewhere. She put it down at the nearest corner of the room and sat down on it, evidently enraptured by the unfolding series of events. The Master Chief experienced a brief moment of clarity, where he noted how ridiculous she looked, almost-naked as she was as she sat on the stool, her marvelous breasts and wet snatch open to all who were present to see. Then the Major hit the bullseye.

His massive, throbbing shaft paused at entrance of the Chief's asshole, then shoved in, eliciting a scream from the Chief, a scream of pain rather than pleasure. The Major moaned, primarily because of the tightness of the Chief's back door, secondly because of the fact that he was defiling and dominating the scourge of his peoples. His spike inexorably pushed past the Chief's sphincter, the human groaning in pain as the Sangheili continued to push… Eventually the Major stopped, his dick lodged as far up the Chief's anus as it would go, essentially popping the Spartan's anal cherry, as some describe. The alien shaft was buried to the hilt, the gray alien testicle pulsing against the chief's ass cheeks.

Both were panting, holding still to let themselves get used to the sensation. Oddly, the Chief's pain slowly ebbed away as his rear end got used to the Major's presence. When the pain began to be replaced by pleasure he moaned, and that made his cock twitch, fully erect.

The Major began thrusting into the Chief, faster and faster, the alien's four mandibles splitting in pleasure as he rammed his way up into the tight, forbidden shaft. Both males were panting like tired beasts. Sweat, both alien and human, was soaking the bedsheets again.

The Major reached down to grab the Chief's dick and grasped it, jerking on it as he continued thrusting his hips. The Chief gasped as he felt the rough texture of the Major's hand on his shaft. Subconsciously he bucked his hips, feeling the foreign presence in his rear end, as well as the rhythmic pumping of his pole by the scaly hand of he Major.

With the Major tending his member, coupled with the simultaneous (somewhat pleasurable) violation of his asshole, it was no wonder that the Chief ejaculated first, his cock spasming as it released more spurts of his cum. The Sangheili Major, seeing the Chief's semen splattered all over his chest, came too, groaning and releasing his alien semen into the Chief's rear end. There was the brief sensation of the hot liquid filling up the Chief's sphincter, but it passed soon enough, leaving behind the sensation that the Chief was going to need to take a shit.

With the dicks of both men flaccid, the Major finally withdrew from the Chief. The Chief had never seen himself as homosexual, but hey, first time for everything. It hadn't been so bad, either.

It was then that both of them heard the panting.

They turned their heads, to see the Minor furiously masturbating. Evidently she'd taken some amount of pleasure from watching the two males in action. All 4 of her fingers slipped in and out of her throbbing pussy, as she tried to catch up to the two males. Her other hand grasped at the stool for support. At that moment she came, and the squirt caught both Major and the Chief unawares.

Her pinkish cream splattered onto the Chief, and this he wiped off with his fingers and licked it, and the action alone seemed to make both their dicks spring to attention. The Chief remembered his previous thoughts about Sangheili dick, and this caused him to approach the standing Major's dick.

The Minor watched as the Chief took the Major's massive member in his mouth and began to suck, bobbing his head just as the Minor's had. His hands began to fondle the nutsack beneath the gray alien member. Evidently the Major had had enough, as within a few minutes of the chief tasting the hot, stone-hard member the Major grunted and pulled out, only to ejaculate all over the Chief's face. Hot, steamy shots of alien semen erupted from the Major's shaft, splattering over the Chief's face. This cum, unlike the Chief's, was a deep purple, and when the Chief wiped some of it off of his face and brought his hand to his mouth he realized it had the texture of glue, and tasted sweet, much like the Minor had. And speaking of the Minor, both the Major and the Chief – as though they could read one another's mind – turned to look at the Minor, who was masturbating again, but stopped to stare back into their hungry eyes…

Minutes Later…

The Major and the Master Chief were beginning to establish a rhythm with the Minor. As she took the Major's meat in her mouth, the Chief positioned his cock at her asshole. Her little puckered hole seemed too inviting to resist. Then he pushed into her, causing her mandibles to splay in shock. The Chief moaned as he pushed into her tight tunnel, which was so much hotter, wetter and tighter than her pussy. Her hole opened for him slowly as he began thrusting, slowly at first, but building up speed as he worked and coaxed his way into the tube that clamped down on his shaft, instinctively trying to remove the foreign presence while still milking him for his juice. The two males quickly set their rhythm with the female, the Minor's voluptuous breasts swinging beneath her like ripe fruit as she bounced between her two lovers. Sangheili and Human alike moaned as they moved together. The bed, unaccustomed to so much weight, shook and creaked as the bed groaned under the weight.

The Chief pumped harder, and his hands reached forward to grip the smooth orbs that were the Minor's grey tits, squeezing them, molding them, making her moan into the Major's thrusts. The Major thrust even harder, occasionally causing the Minor to gag on the same sheer length that had violated the Chief. The Minor then lifted her arms to grasp the Major's buttocks, pulling his cock even further into her as she lay kneeling, supported in between the two males by her knees. Two fine specimens of masculinity.

The Minor came, her creamy woman juice squirting out and splattering in between the Chief's legs. As she did so she sucked even more and clamped down even harder on the Major's dick, causing the monstrous member to blast its sickly sweet fluids down her throat. The Major grabbed her head and held her down as he roared his pleasure to his gods. Their combined spasming as they climaxed eventually caused the Chief to reach the same result as he grunted and moaned, bucking his hips one last time as he rammed in as deep as was possible into the Minor's asshole, firing off his final salute of cum deep into her.

Expended, the males gingerly slipped their flaccid shafts out of their shared mate. The three of them lay on the bed together, exhausted and wet. The Chief wasn't sure of what the Sangheili were thinking, but he felt kind of guilty over his erotic attempt at sexual deviancy. He was a Spartan, he should've had better self-control than this. If the authorities found out that he'd consorted with the enemy, he could be tried for treason. Nonetheless, it still felt good to get laid, and the unique nature of his recent experience made the taste of this forbidden fruit even sweeter.

After a while, after all 3 of them basked in the afterglow of their therapeutic sex, the Major decided to make a move. After a brief dialogue in their alien tongue, the two aliens (reluctantly) got off the bed, recollecting their scattered armor pieces. Despite not wanting this moment to end, the Chief understood that he still had a job to do. He too, groaning and complaining, got off the bed. The Minor decided – much to their delight – to lick up the fluids coating their crotches, and after some moaning on the part of the Major and the Chief, all 3 soldiers stood in their full armor. Shields powered up; They were warriors again.

The Major motioned towards his plasma rifle, only to halt at the sight of the Chief's shotgun. It was the Chief who sat down on the bed, laying the gun across his lap. He raised both his arms in a sign of mock surrender. The Major understood this without the need for words, and bowed his head respectfully. He turned to leave the apartment.

The Spartan and the Minor remained in the room. He could see it in her eyes, the longing for him. She opened her mandibles as if to say something, but realizing her words would not be understood, closed her mouth again. The Chief stood up and stood closer to her. Raising an armored hand he stroked her cheek, lovingly, gently. She whimpered in sadness, looking away, and the Chief could've sworn that tears were glistening in her eyes. He lifted her head, so that she stared into his eyes as he memorized every detail of her face, and committing the image to memory, he kissed her.

They kissed deeply, passionately, and even though they didn't understand each other's words, and fought on opposite sides of a war, they knew then that they'd shared something unique, something special, and something unforgettable.

Eventually she broke the kiss – she had to – and after one last, sad look at the Chief's face, turned away. He wore his helmet as she strode off to look for the Major, once again a champion of the UNSC. He stole one last look at that beautiful ass, shifting ever so seductively in that skin-tight body suit.

He grabbed his shotgun and left the room, heading in the opposite direction of the aliens. He still had a job to do.

They'd spent the time in that room as friends, a union of two opposing factions; now, they parted as those same enemy sides, fighting their wars, always remembering that time in the room with the bombed-out windows.

They never saw one another again.

Author's Note: Well, this has been an interesting experience to write. For a first time sort of thing, I don't think this turned out too badly. Heh. Also, while this concludes the main story, I may put up a short Epilogue just to bring some closure to the story, while maybe setting up future sequels...? We'll see. Stay tuned for more!