Cortana sat silently in her virtual world, quietly contemplating life. With processing power like her's, coordinating the valiant defense efforts of the UNSC was a cakewalk.

So she'd turned to mulling over philosophy, and once she got bored of that she'd turned to fretting over the Chief's safety. She was anxious that she hadn't gone with him, hadn't been able to provide him with on-the-fly support. His vitals were still fine, though, so he was alive and kicking ass for sure.

Then, something caught her attention: A ping alerted her to a notification. The Chief's helmet camera had been recording in High Definition, and had recently concluded a short filming. It was mildly interesting as regular missions don't require special filming in HD. Recordings are made at a standard definition for the entire duration of the mission, or until the helmet gets destroyed.

Curious, and wanting to check up on her Chief – yes, her Chief – Cortana sent out a electronic probe, imbued with a subroutine to copy the recording and send it back to her. It took less than a minute, and when she received it she opened it to watch.

Her eyes widened.

Here was her Chief getting head from what looked like a female – yes, the mammary glands proved her right – Sangheili. An Elite having sex with a Human? Unthinkable

She continued watching in stunned silence as the Spartan got laid, and gasped when the Major arrived and literally fucked up the Chief. The HD recording concluded with the interspecies threesome, and ended with a last goodbye between the female Sangheili and the Chief. She was at a loss for words. This was wrong on so many levels, and violated innumerable rules in the UNSC. Her Chief, sleeping with both a female and male alien. And yet, somehow, the video seemed to… turn her on? Was that even possible?

Cortana felt algorithms and programmes surge, feeling her virtual avatar – her female figure (which was undeniably sexy) heat up in response to the video. This was an anomaly of an occurrence to Cortana, who, being virtual, was never experienced lust before.

The AI resolved to rectify this newfound emotion…

END (For now…)

Author's Note: So... well then. That's it, I suppose. Might result in a sequel if I had the time. Thank for reading, and keep on reviewing!