"Rebelling zanpactou?" Ichigo blinked.

"How I that even possible?" Said the Quincy.

Rukia had escaped the soul Society found her way to being unconscious at urahara's. Yoruichi was reporting what she found while investigating.

"Most are taking refuge in squad 4. All lieutenants and captain are accounted for...but one."

"Who?" Orihime glanced up from healing.

"Captain kuchiki." She told them.

"Byakuya is probably fine." Ichigo shrugged.

They didn't know Rukia had heard that ad the found out too late that she left for the soul society. Without hesitation Ichigo followed.

Hyorinmaru had ditched the other 3 zanpactou as soon as he could. They were annoying. Tobeume and hienekos constant bickering and Zabimaru arguing with itself. He had to wonder if that counted as a form of split personality disorder.

Either way he hid his presents when leaving so as far as the soul society knew he was still in his tower. He knew where his other half would be and knew it wasn't a good idea to go after him now when there was other captains for the cud to cower behind.

He smirked.

Now he couldn't cower behind him that was. Now that he was forced out of his inner world to face the reality he forced on his zanpactou. He looked in the direction of squad 4.

"Revenge is sweet." He muttered, "though I wish I could go watch."

He watched a number of battles where zanpactou found their shinigami and began to fight. He did have to wonder what this was to achieve. Hyorinmaru doubted the strength of an army built on personal vendetta. Few zanpactou truly believed the fighting for their freedom. Most like him where in for pay back.

Eventually though the dragon felt the reatsu of the one he wanted to speak to. One of the few zanpactou he respected. He was confused though, by the time he found him in a Forest part of the soul society zangetsu was still working with his shinigami.

"Toushiro?" Ichigo jumped down to meet what he thought was the young captain.

His snake-like eyes narrowed.

"Try again." He hissed

"..." Ichigo stared at him only realising when his own zanpactou told him, "no way, Hyorinmaru?!"

"An idot as always, Kurosaki." The dragon crossed his arms, "why are you still listening to him, Zangetsu!?"

Ichigo flinched when he said that. He may have had a small form but that still felt that the equivalent of a dragon rawring in your face.

"Because I broke him free of muramasas' mind control," Ichigo answered him simply beginning to tense as he felt the dragon get angry.

And Hyorinmaru was angry. Angry he didn't get to talk to the zanpactou he actually liked. Angry he couldn't get to his master to beat him. Angry angry angry angry.

"Why haven't Toushiro come to get you yet?" Ichigo asked trying to calm him down.

"Ha!" The dragon laughed, "like he has the guts. He is probably going to sit there and cower behind the other captains and let one of them deal with me."

"Not got the guts?" Ichigo repeated, "are we talking about the same kid?"

"No" the dragon stated simply, "you've never met him. I'm the only Toushiro Hitsugaya you've met"

"What do you- " before he could finish the sentence the dragon was walking away, "Hey!"

"This is a waist of time," he hissed, "I wanted to talk to zangetsu not you."

"I'll call him up if you want. I know he wouldn't mind." Ichigo called and Hyorinmaru stopped.

The dragon glanced over his shoulder surprised.

"You'd do that? What if I convinced him against you?"

"I trust him" Ichigo shrugged, "and he might even be able to talk some sense into you."

"I doubt that." He glared.

Ichigo ignored him pulling his zanpactou off his back and in a few minuets it dissapeared and out of the shadows walked with windsweapt figure that was zangetsu.

"Zangetsu," finally Ichigo could feel the dragon calm and felt a bit forgotten about when his zanpactou walked over.

"Lost and confused again, Hyorinmaru?" Zangetsu asked calmly.

"Shut up." The small zanpactou crossed his arms, "I just..."

"Your after something, that's how Muramasa's powers work," zangetsu stated, "so, what is it?"

"I would have thought considering what you know that would be obvious," the dragon sighed, "I want to b accepted. I don't want to be negelcted anymore."

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked.

A cold sadness washed over the area as the dragon began to speak, "After what happened with Kusaka my master didn't want to face the world for a little while. It was my fault what happened, it was my mistake that put him through that horrible event so I swapped places with him. I let him rest away from the world in my world while I took on the trials of reality. He never spoke to me after that. I tried many times to talk to him, to try get him to face the world again but I was ignored." The dragon grit his fangs holding back emotion, "in the end I guessed it was my fault. He had all rights to be angry at me. I thought this was my punishment, my mistake got Kusaka killed. I thought maybe I was unworthy of a master."

"But still you became captain?" Ichigo asked.

"I hoped that maybe one day my master would talk to me again. I knew he had to potential to do all this so I did it in his sted. I thought maybe he would consider talking to me if he saw how amazing my power was."

"But still the child ignored you," the three froze at the new voice, "Negelected you and forced you to live his life.

"Muramasa" Ichigo glared zangetsu quickly turning back into a sword.

The sadness started to fade to anger again.

"Come Hyorinmaru, there is someone I want you to meet." The rebellion leader turned away.

"Get back here!" Ichigo went to run after him but got a boot to the stomach.

He stumbled back winded looking at Hyorinmaru surprised, he'd forgotten the dragon was still under Muramasa's power.

"Come after us and I'll kill you." He hissed before flash stepping after Muramasa.

Perhaps we should talk with the real Hitsugaya. Zangetsu suggested, if he can be convinced to accept Hyorinmaru then it gives us back a powerful ally

"And good friend." Ichigo nodded turning to leave.