I do not own the idea of the world of Oz and its cities or inhabitants! Just my OCs.

Binks- Faery disguised as a long haired black cat, deep blue eyes. When his glamour is off he turns into a humanoid faery with black hair, black cat ears and a fluffy black tail and blue eyes.

Winnie- A girl transported to Oz. She is a Faery Doctor in-training. She has red Hair, lavender eyes

Vlad- Smartass faery with an eye patch over his right eye, he is of the Ex-Unseelie court. Dark blonde hair in a ponytail and blue eyes as a human. Dark brown and blonde hair in a side ponytail and icy blue eyes as faery with orange moth wings and a black eye patch and a piercing from his lip to his ear and an eyebrow piercing (both made from onyx)

Angeal- A human who works in the Emerald City. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes.

Grams- Winnie's Granma from Winnie's world who knows about Oz. She has silver hair and violet eyes.

Mom- Winnie's mom who was transported to Oz. She had brunette hair and hazel eyes

Pa- Winnie's grandfather who knows of Faeries transported to Oz with Granma and Mom. Bald with a scrunched face.

The Great and Powerful Oz- Ruler of Oz and the Emerald City asked for Winnie to come to the city.

Oz- the world Winnie was building with Faery Magic. Where the Seelie Court thrives.

Emerald City- A city built by Winnie and the Faeries that is backwards and has a portal to Limbo.

Limbo- another space between Heaven and Hell where the Unseelie Court thrives.

"Where did she come from?"

"Who is she?"

"I don't know I just found her on the ground."

A girl with red colored hair was awakening in a room made of flowers and twigs.

"Ahh, she's awake!"

"What's your name?"

"One question at a time, Winnie just woke up," a long haired black cat said climbing through a window.

"Oh, hello Binx!" the three voices were little sprites and the cat was a faery in disguise who was a companion of the red haired girl named Winnie who had just awoken. Like her grandmother Winnie had lavender eyes that allowed her to see through minor faeries' glamour. She was a Faery Doctor in-training. Binks was her cat and the first Faery she ever spoke to or saw. "Binks... Where are we?" Winnie asked rubbing a lavender eye. "We are in what will be known as Oz," Binx explained. "What?" Winnie asked.

"When the hurricane hit your house you were transported to a land that is full of life and is very fertile but has no buildings or inhabitants, Other than the sprites and faeries that live here. These three are Nimble, Nettle, and Thorn they helped me find this place," Binx gestured with his tail to the little winged creatures. Nimble had big doe eyes with spiked lashes, lips that looked like leaves, giant pointed ears, rose buds for hair and a petite nose. Her skin looked like it was made from vines and she wore a dress made of leaves. Nettle had tiny black bird eyes, slits where her nose should be, lips that looked like petals, green skin pulled tight making her look bony and sharp, nettles for hair and small round ears. Her outfit was a dress like Tinkerbelle's. Thorn had green hair, silver human eyes; purple but human lips, pointed elf ears, a normal but big nose, tree bark for skin, and his clothes were made from thorns. Winnie was used to see past glamour but she had never seen faeries or sprites like Thorn who had humanoid features. The sprites where she lived had animal and plant characteristics but never human characteristics. Most Faeries also at least attempted at glamour around her but these three didn't care. "We want to build on this land to attract people and other faeries of the Seelie court!" Nimble smiled a shark toothed smile. "Binks we're in the Seelie Court?!" Winnie exclaimed. The Seelie Faery Court was of the "good" fey who tolerated humans and helped them. (For a price!) This time they wanted Winnie's help as a Faery Doctor. "We need someone to channel our power through to help us build towns and cities! Someone like you, Binks has already promised your services," Thorn smiled with round human teeth. "Binks!" Winnie glared. He shrugged, "If I didn't agree to helping them they would've eaten you." He jumped into her lap. Winnie sighed and looked at the sprites. They were waiting to see her reaction to their request. "I'll help you, what do we do first?" The sprites clapped and giggled pulling Winnie out of the makeshift house and towards an empty field.

"We need to plant food first! So we need you to plow the fields and obtain seeds!" Nimble said. "What? But I'm not a farmer; I don't know how to plow fields!" Winnie retorted. Binks jumped off her shoulder and towards the open field. "It's not that hard Winnie," he rolled his icy blue cat eyes and then walked around the land in an 8x8 square. When he made it back to square one a plowed field took the space of his invisible square. "There but it's been a while since you fed me, and I'm out of calories, so you need to find the seeds on your own," Binks flicked his tail at Winnie. She frowned and walked off in the woods. Binks followed her in the trees and the sprites walked around her cheering and praising Binks. "We haven't had any power in a while but with the help of the Mighty Binks and the Fairy doctor we will have plenty of food in no time!" Thorn sang. Nimble and Nettle floated around him cheering and humming a tune.

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