Oops. I wrote a fanfic. Please tell me what you think. I just did it on a whim.

"Unhhhh….." The small bit of light coming in the windows seemed to sear Yata's eyes as he tried to open them. Raising a hand to his head to try to still the throbbing, he lifted himself up on his elbow. He could hear the faint sound of someone cooking behind him. "What….?"

"Ah. You're awake. There's water on the table for you…..You really should build up your tolerance before you drink like that, Misaki~."

It took Yata a few moments to figure out who the voice belonged to, but the singsong way he said his name -his FIRST name- identified it instantly. He squinted at the light in the room as he looked around. Blue curtains he wished were closed, blue glass of water on the table, blue couch he was laying on…..He was in Saruhiko's room. The realization made him jump up from the couch as if it had been on fire. "Saru! What did you do to me- ungh." The sudden movement made him feel sick and he sunk down to the floor, the throbbing in his head even worse now.

An exasperated sigh was heard from the kitchen. "I didn't do anything to you, Misaki. This was all you. Is accusing the person who took care of you how you thank them? Seems HOMRA's rubbing off on you even more than I thought." Saruhiko scooped a bit of the oatmeal he had made into a bowl and took it into him. He stopped for a moment when he saw him, curled up on the ground and holding his head.

"Tch…..This is your first hangover, isn't it?"

Yata suddenly lifted his head to yell at the rude boy, that fighting spirit in his eyes. "WHAT DO YOU THINK-ah…!" And just as quickly it faded, the pain from the light and sudden flare of emotion drove his head back down. "….I'm underage. Kusanagi-san would kill me if I-" Another groan escaped Yata's lips. I hadn't thought about him. If he knows I drank last night….

Saruhiko smirked as he set down the oatmeal on the table near the water. "If you know that much, than don't challenge me to a drinking match. You never did think before you did anything, Misaki. I see that hasn't changed."

Yata pulled himself off the floor and sat down on the couch, still nursing his head. "Argh! Shut up! I couldn't just let you drink in that bar! You're underage too! And why don't you have a hangover?!"

Saruhiko stood near the end of the couch and stared down at Yata, a knowing smile spread across his features. "Misaki…..I'm a member of SCEPTER4 now. I can't break the law so frivolously. My drink didn't have any alcohol in it."

A few seconds passed as Yata's throbbing head took in the new information. "…What?"

"Didn't you hear me? My drink was non-alcoholic. Still, I didn't think that you would be angry enough with me for me to trick you into a drinking match. The bartender was so scared from your aura that he just handed you what you asked for, completely forgetting your age." Saruhiko hung his head to the side as he thought aloud to himself. "Tch…..I really should report him. He can't go around giving alcohol to minors just 'cause they're scary."

"So you…"

"Yes, Misaki. While you were busy downing your Sherry Cocktail, I was just drinking a regular juice blend…..I admit I was surprised that one glass was enough to get you that drunk. Must be your size…."

"You bastard! You should have told-agh!"

"You shouldn't yell, Misaki~. It will only make it worse." Saru let out another sigh and walked off the kitchen again. "I'll get you something for the pain."

He returned a few moments to later with some aspirin to see Yata angrily staring down the oatmeal. "I didn't poison it, if that's what you're thinking. Here." He tossed the pills onto the table next to the water.

A small mumble was heard a few moments later.

"Huh? You will have to speak up, Misaki~"

"…Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what? Ah, you're probably still angry about last night. Misaki, I thought you knew by now how fun it is to mess-"

"That's not it! Why are you taking care of me?!" Yata turned to glare at him, his hands curled into fists.

Saruhiko was surprised that the smaller boy wasn't angry about his little trick last night. It took him a few moments to recover and return to his usual sarcastic self. "You said yourself that Kusanagi would kill you. Don't think that I've forgotten about his temper. Besides, who knows if you could have found your way back in the state you were in and even if you did, there's no telling what sort of pranks those punks would have pulled. It seemed best if I cleaned up my little mess."

"…Why do care what they do to me? Didn't you leave? It doesn't matter to you anymore, so why bother?"

Because you're the only one who does matter, Misaki.

"I thought it would be fun. You were so cute as you mixed up your words. You tried to leave and fell off your skateboard! I haven't seen you do that since you were first learning. Taking you home with me seemed the gentlemanly thing to do."

"For fun?! That's it?!"

Saruhiko's smile slipped for a brief moment. "…..That's it….You really should take those or the headache will only get worse. Try to eat something if you can."

Saruhiko started to walk away to the kitchen as the grinning facade he always used was starting to slip. No, Misaki. I'm taking care of you because I want to. Because right now, you need me. Right now, I'm the only one you're thinking of. No Mikoto-san. Just me.

Yata fought with himself over whether to do as Saru said or not, but the pounding in his head demanded attention. He took the pills and started to eat the oatmeal when he noticed a clock on the wall…..It was almost noon. Didn't Saru have work? He was important, right? He called after him before he got too far away.

"Oi, Saru! What are you still doing here?! Aren't you some hotshot Blue leader now?! Won't that lady get mad at you for being late?!"

And why should you care about that, Misaki? Don't pretend like you care about me after you threw me away for that band of punks. He gritted his teeth as that familiar anger at his abandonment rose up. "Tch….."

Yata's face shifted from one of smugness to one of confusion. Saru only clicked his tongue like that when he was annoyed…..Did he really just blow her off?

"I told them I was sick. There hasn't been anything going on lately anyways. I doubt they'll miss me."


Saruhiko's smile returned as he thought of his day off….with Misaki, no less.

"Looks like I'll be playing nurse today. You can't go back to HOMRA until you recover after all. Don't want to face Kusanagi's wrath, do you?"

Yata jumped up again to yell at the boy who mocked him "Hah? I don't need you to-" And once again, sank down onto the couch with a groan as the dizziness hit him.

Saruhiko sighed with a chuckle and walked back over to the couch. He sat down on the arm of the couch and ruffled Yata's hair. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Urgh…..Leave me alone, Saru."

"Misaki~, that's the last thing I should do." Saruhiko slid down the side of the couch to sit next to Yata. He sighed and let himself rest his head on Yata's shoulder, amused at the way he stiffened from the sudden gentleness.

"Oi, Saru, what are you-"

"Just for now. Let me take care of you just for today, Misaki."

Yata was stunned and confused from the sudden change in Saruhiko's mood. He wanted to say no, his pride demanded that he say no, but Saru was right. Kusanagi would know if he had a hangover and Saru was helping him. It wouldn't hurt to put aside the fight for one day….right? Maybe they could just forget everything for today…

"O-OK, but I'm still gonna kick your ass for that trick you pulled."


Just one more day, Misaki. Let it be just us. No Mikoto-san. No HOMRA. Just like the old days. Just you and me.

Well look at that. I wrote a drabble. It was supposed to just be a paragraph or two, but I think it turned out well. YAY.