Lily's POV

Lily gasped in horror as she watched Jason slip into unconsciousness; she didn't know that Lysander was capable of magic knocking someone out.
Lysander looked towards Lily, Deanna and Scorpius then nodded and ran towards his mum to undo the chains trapping her to the chair. Lily looked over at her father who was checking Jason's state, then looked at Lily with a grimace.
"He's dead..." Harry announced to the room.
Lily looked at Lysander who had frozen in mid-place, but then quickly carried on freeing Olivia, in a hurry to get out of there. Lily looked to her father.
"Some mess...huh dad?" Lily said to him as her father put her arm around her.
"The main thing is you're safe." Harry told her, and waited for Ginny as she helped Sirius up off the floor, and watched as he took in the scene. A deep look on his face.
"How?" Lily heard Sirius ask, pointing to Jason's limp for.
Lily watched as he father shook his head, mouthing the words 'Not now' and nodding his head in Lysander's direction. Lily followed his gaze in a daze of shock over everything that had happened, and watched as Lysander embraced his mother, who was crying in his arms. Lily smiled slightly at the reunion, and helped her cousin Deanna off the floor, trying to keep her stable from her wounds, almost knocking herself down at the same time.
Lily found herself and Deanna being caught by their Uncles Fred and George before they could both hit the ground. Lily sighed lightly, and turned around to hug each member of her family that was there, including Draco and Sirius.
"What was that for Lily?" Her father asked her.
"I realised that today, if we weren't acting quickly, or if no one got to us on time. We could be dead right now; I'm just relieved that I'm not. So I guess it was a thank you?" Lily told them all.
"Lily-Luna Potter. We are family. We will come after you no matter what." George told her.
Lily smiled, and glimpsed over at Lysander who had tears running down his eyes. Lily watched as Sirius went to join the group hug, happy that his sister was alive she thought.
"Let's go home" Ginny announced, coming to join them. Lily smiled at her mother, and took her hand as they apparated out of there.

~ One Week Later ~

Deanna's POV

Deanna sat down on the couch opposite Lily and her brother Teddy Lupin back at Grimmauld Place. Deanna watched as Teddy was watching Lily and teaching her all about dragons and filling her in on how James was doing since she hadn't heard from him in a while.
"I'm glad you two are okay." Teddy said, looking at them both.
Deanna smiled at her brother. It'd been a week since they were rescued from Transylvania. Turned out that Jason's allies were a group of vampires. Deanna shuddered at the memory. They had all come out with injuries, Scorpius, Lily and Olivia with the worst of them. Lily's head wound had finally healed, but she was still covered in bruises and the wound on her head left a crescent shaped scar. Deanna wasn't in as much of a bad shape as Lily was, but she still had the bruises and a couple of scars.
"I'm sorry I missed the break out. Seemed like it was fun." Teddy mused at them both. Lily snapped her head up at that. It had been a touchy subject for her ever since they got out.
"Lysander killed his father Teddy. I'd hardly call that fun." She said to him, narrowing her eyes slightly.
"It was self defence." Deanna reminded her. Lily rolled her eyes, to her, that wasn't exactly the point. And Lysander hadn't been himself since, but things were going to be ok she thought.
"Point taken." Teddy said to them both, lying down so his head was resting on Lily's lap.
Suddenly there was a loud 'whack' and Teddy let out a yelp. Deanna watched as he fell off the couch and Lily was giggling.
"What was that for Lils?" Teddy asked his cousin. Deanna burst into fits of giggles.
"Felt like it Teddy. Now never lay on me again." She said, smirking.
The laughter died down as Lysander and Scorpius entered the room. They'd all been staying at Grimmauld place ever since what had happened. At seeing as Christmas was coming up soon, it seemed to fit. Lysander sat down next to Deanna and Scorpius joined Lily and Teddy on the other couch, gently pulling Lily into his arms as she was still sore from the kidnapping and so was he.
Deanna smiled at the fact that everyone was here. She watched Lysander out the corner of her eye. He was smiling for once, and she was happy that he was happy.

"Dinners ready." Aunt Hermione said, interrupting their jokes and laughter that filled the room. Deanna smiled at her aunt and left the room, followed by the others.
"Hey Dee..." She heard Lysander say from beside her.
"Yes Ly?" She responded, both of them stopping in their tracks.
"I want to say thank you for everything you did back know where." He said with a slight smile. "You made it bearable." He told her.
"You're welcome." Deanna said, smiling. And with that, Lysander wrapped his arm around her waist, and gently pulled her against him, planting a gentle, but soft kiss on her lips.
Deanna felt herself blush, but smile at Lysander who was smiling back at her. They walked into the kitchen following the laughter and sat down at the table next to Lily and Scorpius who were in deep conversation laughing and joking. Deanna smiled at Lily and Scorp. They'd been in a relationship ever since they all go back from the dark, murky cell in Transylvania.
Deanna looked up as she heard plates smashing, and looked up to see Fred, George and Teddy standing in a line. Deanna looked at Lily, who looked at her, eyes widening slightly.
"Oh no." They both said in unison.
"Not again..." Deanna said. Lysander and Scorpius looking at them in confusion.
"They did this last year." Lily said.
"Someone stop them." Deanna followed.
"Too late." Lily said, pointing to George, Fred and Teddy.
Deanna looked at them. It was too late. Suddenly, Fred, George and Teddy put sunglasses on and started dancing to gangnam style by the muggle artist PSY.
Deanna and Lily launched a piece of chicken at all three of them. Everyone around the table laughed at them as they laughed too. Fred, George and Teddy were singing the song that annoyed Lily and Deanna the most, but for once, everyone was all laughing and no one was complaining about the food Deanna and Lily were wasting throwing it at them.

All was finally well. Deanna thought, smiling as she watched her family and friends, tuck into their dinner.

A/N: I feel so sad now that the story is over. Thank you to everyone that read it and for sticking with the story, I really hope you enjoyed it!
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