Malphas sat across from Jenny in her office at Rosie Daycare; he twisted the binding on his wrist. "Take this off before you regret it."

Jenny drummed her fingers on the desk, "If I take it off then I will regret it…so what have you done so far?"

The demon stretched out his long legs and put them up on her desk then kicked a pile of papers on the floor, "Dean got the feather, it was meant for Sam. Don't worry I'm still planning on doing something to Sam. I really want to take him back with me but there is that damn tattoo of his and all the protection around that property."

The demon gave a laugh that even made the witches skin crawl, "Dean is really messed up, I have to say I enjoy watching his downward spiral, I'm almost glad he was the one that got jabbed. That man is so broken inside it's amazing how he's even alive."

"If you want your legions back carrion eater then I suggest you get with the program and figure it out, I have my own problems. The Nephilim are gifted, Tristan was a cake walk for my poor sister but these two are different. Then of course I have the angel with the low self esteem to deal with and Tristan the clinging mother."

Jenny rested her forehead on the desk and mumbled, "Nothing is easy with this family."

Malphas grabbed a letter opener and went to plunge it though her neck but he was stopped dead by the binding, he sat back down and stabbed it through the desk instead, "I hate you."

"I hate you too."


Dean rested next to the hooker admiring his body, "What's your name?"


"You remind me of someone."

"Is that why you picked me?"

Dean ran his hands over the toned back then squeezed his ass, "Your tall and thin…your face is nice but not the same. My brother, you remind me a little of him.

Joey looked at the clock, "You have an hour."

"Alright, can I just talk and you listen to me?"

"Sure it's your money, but you don't want me to blow you or anything? You're super hot so for once it would be a pleasure."

Dean managed a smile despite the pain stabbing through his hand and the circumstances, "Thanks, that's nice to hear from someone that doesn't have to say it. You know awhile back I would have said yes…now I just want someone to listen."

Dean talked nonstop for an hour about everything, his father, Castiel and Sam, the children, the twins on the way, and even thought most of it made no sense at all to Joey he listened thinking the poor guy was at the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go.

At the end of the hour Dean heard his phone vibrate and it was a call from Sam, he let it go to voicemail too ashamed answer, afterward he listened to the message.

"Hey its Sammy sorry we had a fight, will you be home soon? I love you…ok well give me a call at least when you get a chance I get worried…hang on…" Castiel was on next, "Dean…come home…hold on," there was a noise on the other end, it was Alex grabbing the phone, "Love you daddy!" Then the message ended.

Dean curled up in a ball and started crying; Joey put out his cigarette and went over to Dean, "Hey what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing I'm just a piece of shit is all."

Joey was not really in the mood for a crying trick but this one was cute and sweet enough that he decided to stick around. "Keep talking, I can stay and listen."

Dean had dark images flooding through his mind of John, every time he called him worthless or lazy, a whore or stupid. Dean ran to the bathroom and threw up until there wasn't anything left; he rinsed out his mouth and then took a drink from his flask to kill the flavor.

He went back out and sat across from the bed, "Tell me I'm a good son…please just say it."

"Sure, you're a good son."

Dean rubbed his hand, "I was a good son."

"Daddy issues?"

Dean closed his eyes, "Yeah you could say that."

"Well who doesn't? My old man hit me all the time…did other stuff, my stepdad was worse if that's possible. It sounds like you got a family, you're lucky."

"Did your dad ever trick you out Joey…mine did I was little but I remember everything. You know as the years go by I wonder if Sam and Cas get sick of my nightmares or bad memories because I sure as hell get sick of them."

Dean watched the kid open his legs and point to a nasty jagged scar on his groin, "We all have our shit don't we? Now you get to leave and go to a house with kids and a couple of nice guys waiting for you. I get to hit the streets and hope I don't get stabbed or beat up…I'd take your life any day."

Dean wanted to ask about the scar then decided it was best if he didn't, "Can you wash dishes?"


Dean felt the pain run up his arm this time, "I said…can you wash dishes?"

"Yeah I guess."

"Ok, if you want a job I might have one for you."


Benny looked over the tall, skinny kid, "So Dean knows you from where?" Joey looked at Dean and waited for the hunter to answer.

"Look Benny does it matter? You need a dishwasher and you're moving into Oliver's. That shitty little studio apartment of yours is going to be open so give the kid a free meal a shift and a place to rest his head."

Benny grabbed Joey's arms and checked for tracks then looked at his eyes and teeth, "You're clean?" Joey nodded, "Yeah I don't use anything."

Benny yelled over to the manager, "Belle I found a dishwasher take down the sign." He handed Joey an apron, "Go in the back and Belle will get you going."

The boy had gone from runaway prostitute to a dishwasher with an honest to god roof over his head and one guaranteed meal a day, he hugged Dean tight, "Thank you." He hurried to the back and Dean could have sworn he saw a smile on the kids face.


The vampire examined Dean's black eye from Afriel, "So who took a swing at you, an angry stripper?"

"Even worse, it was Cupcake."

Benny chuckled, "That pretty dove did that? Well he is strong Dean, what did you do insult his cooking?"

"No I tried to rape him."

Benny immediately lost his smile, "Dean what the hell is wrong with you?"

"I don't know, it started when Sam and I went to the clinic and everything was good…then I got that note meant for Sammy from that fucking Malphas demon."

Benny exhaled and rubbed his temples, "Damn Dean why didn't you tell me? Did you touch something of his?"

"Yeah he had a rose and a raven's feather rolled up in there."

"Alright now we're getting somewhere, did you get hurt or feel different after touching anything?"

Dean held out his finger with the tiny mark on the tip, "I got stuck with that quill, my hand and arm hurts now. I just feel so angry and sad all the time like I got a midlife crisis going on…between you and me that kid is a hooker I hired to fuck but all I did was cry and talk like a big girl."

"Dean could I have a taste?"

"Of what?"

"Your blood, I think you have a poison in the blood."

"Let me think…um…no!"

Benny leaned in, "Come on buddy I'm strictly bagged blood but I need to know, I want to help."

Dean pulled out a knife and cut the tip of his finger, "Alright go for it." Benny looked around and then sucked Dean's finger in his mouth and closed his eyes, he popped it out and spit into a napkin, "Poison…have one of the angels get that out."

Dean got up and tossed money on the table for the coffee, "I owe you Benny, for giving that kid a job and figuring out what's wrong with me."

Benny looked around at the dead restaurant, "Hey I'm done in five, let me drive you back, your shaking like a leaf. I can have my Amazon dove pick me up later."

Sam sat there staring at his plate and rubbing his belly slowly, "Why didn't Dean call me back?"

Castiel heard the front door open and before he could stop them Alex and Wyatt were out of their high chairs and zipping to the front door.

Dean remembered he didn't hug them goodbye this morning and made up for it, "Hey lookin' good boys I like your matching bib overalls." He hugged them both and got his kisses.

They looked funny standing together, both boys only a month apart. Big Alex and little Wyatt holding hands, their pockets stuffed with contraband.

Afriel appeared and watched Benny, he gave the boys that merry smile of his and Afriel loved the way the vampires eyes crinkled in the corners when he did. Benny did a bow, "Good evening beautiful angel, how are you?"

"I'm fine except for what Dean did to me, I punched him…what were you thinking Dean?"

"I wasn't thinking Cupcake; could I see you in private?"

"Why, are you looking for another black eye?"

Sam came up behind him and grabbed Dean around the waist, "I was worried about you, why didn't you call me back?"

Dean turned around and embraced Sam as if he had been gone for months, "I'm sorry, Sammy I need some time to sort a few things out, give me a few minutes and I'll be right in to feed you. I bet you didn't eat anything did you?"

Sam shrugged, "No not really, I don't feel like it."

"Go wait for me and tell Cas I'll be right there."

"Fine but we are going to talk Dean, you've been acting weird."

"Anything you want Sammy."


Benny kept Sam and Castiel occupied with his vampirate stories and a big banana cream pie he brought for everyone while Dean went Afriel's bedroom to sort out his blood poison with the angel.

Dean gave the angel the entire story of the feather, Benny's blood test and even down to the hooker Joey. Dean confessed he touched the prostitute's naked body and that he felt like utter shit afterward.

Afriel held Deans hand between his and closed his eyes, "You have a soul sickness from the feather but I can take care of that." Dean waited all of five seconds and Afriel said, "Done."

"That's it?"

"Yes, you should be fine now and back to your old twisted thoughts instead of all these new ones. Dean you should have come to me as soon as this happened. Don't worry I won't say anything to Castiel or Sam about it. If you want to someday you can but I don't take sides."

Dean rubbed his hand and was happy the pain vanished, "Thanks, I'm going to take a shower and throw my clothes in the wash. Hey Afriel, do you think if I explain it to them they would understand?"

"You didn't cheat Dean, you felt up a good looking young man. I believe Benny mentioned you do that at strip clubs so yes I think they will understand especially under the circumstances. Dean I know they are hard on you sometimes and you're not always as appreciated as you should be but Sam and Castiel love you."

Afriel unbelted his robe and opened it, "If it would make you feel better you may have sex with me."

Afriel offering any sexual favors was a miracle and Dean was tempted knowing it would be fine but declined, "I can't believe I'm saying this but can I take a rain check? I have to go feed Sam and make out with the little woman before Cas kicks my ass…I better shower first."

Afriel closed his robe, "Sorry, no rain checks Dean."

Sam was laughing at the vampires story, "And then what happened?"

"Then I said, hey that's not a salami that's my…" Afriel appeared and Benny stopped his dirty story, "Dove, did everything go alright with Dean?"

Afriel was staring up at a light fixture with a vacant look, "Yes he is fine."

"I saved you a piece of pie but Alex got to it."

Alexander was sitting on the floor with Wyatt eating pie with his hands; he stuffed a handful in the other nephilims mouth and started giggling until Wyatt slammed a handful in his face in retaliation.

They began wrestling and bickering in their own made up language until Dean walked in and lifted them both up by the back of their overalls, "Alright the sheriff is back in town and your both goin' to jail."

Violet came in and hugged Dean around the waist, "Dad I missed you!"

"I was only gone for the day."

"I know but you seemed like you were gone for a week, I don't know how to describe it but it's like you were somewhere else."

Sam grabbed his stomach and grinned, "Dean I felt something!"

Dean put the boys down and Violet let him go, he knelt in front of his brother and lifted his shirt, "What was it…are they moving around in there?"

"I don't think so it's too early for that, just a sort of feeling. Just think Dean in a couple days we find out what we're going to have. I hope Doctor Vargas gets a clear picture."

Dean rested his head on his brother's lap and held him around his waist, "Thanks."

"For what?"

"For doing this for me, it's only going to be four months but you've been through a lot and we got a long way to go."

Sam massaged Dean's scalp, "I wanted this too."

"Sam I really need to get laid."

Dean yelled, "Benny hit the road, Tris or Ross can give you a ride to Amazon Oliver's house. Violet, give the boys a bath and put them to bed."

After they left Dean swaggered over to the two angels, he grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze, "Cas I'm going to bang Sammy's new pussy, I'll drop a load in there and then drink some Gatorade and do you."

Castiel gave his odd little head tilt and frowned, "Dean you're so romantic today, is it a special occasion, is something wrong?"

Dean dropped his jeans and climbed on the couch straddling the angels lap, "Why baby you don't want me to do you? There isn't anything wrong, everything is just right, this is what I want now are you going to give it to me or not?"

Castiel was smacked in the face with Deans erection over and over again, Sam was already dropping clothes all the way out of the room, "Come on Dean!"

"Hey Sam be ready, I'm going to finger that neglected prostate of yours while I lick you and jerk your dick…then I'm going to bang you." Sam in his excitement ran into the door frame and blacked out.

"Sam…Sam baby are you ok…talk to me."

Sam's eyes fluttered open, Dean and the angels were over him looking down with concern, "What happened?"

You got all flustered and bonked your head on the door, maybe we should just skip the orgy."

"No I'm ok. Cas could you get me upstairs?"

Sam was in the bed naked, "There you go Sam, you just rest and let Dean do all the work. It's refreshing to see him so enthusiast and loving."

"Cas you know he's not being romantic, Dean just wants to get laid."

"Sam let's just call that Dean romantic, it plays out better that way in my mind. I suppose I'll have intercourse with Afriel while I'm waiting, have fun Sam."

Doctor Vargas was entering information on her most interesting patients file, Max came in and changed his blood stained smock, "Working late?"

"Yes I have Sam Winchester coming in next week with Dean…I have to say I was amazed at his new female anatomy. It's perfectly functional from what little I was able to see, he was embarrassed over the whole thing but this time I hope to take a better look."

Max slipped on his jacket and grabbed his messenger bag then shut off the light on his desk, "Have you mentioned the fully functioning part of all that to them?"

"I will this next visit, why?"

"Because my dear Doctor Vargas maybe his mates shouldn't go near it without a box of condoms on the nightstand. We don't know what's going on in there or what could happen, better safe than sorry right?"