The lake was deserted except for Violet, Jay and his economical car. She looked around and seeing no one there she pulled off her tank top. Jay was momentarily speechless over the sight of her large, perky breasts bathed in summer moonlight. He had felt them up, licked one and peeked at them but never had he gotten the full glory of her charms before. "Oh wow…oh Violet…oooh wow…"

She covered herself with her arms, "Don't be weird about it." Violet swatted yet another mosquito trying to suck her nephilim blood. Jay wasn't bothered much by them at all and she figured it was because his blood was too sweet for their tastes.

Violet got a mischievous grin as a bad idea formulated in her head, "Let's go back to my house and fool around."

Jay took a step back from the crazy woman, "That is an awful idea, Mr. Winchester will kill me!"

"Which one?"

"All three of them."

She shrugged, "Suit yourself." Violet slipped her tank top on and went back to the car.

Once they arrived Jay parked at the end of the driveway looking at the big old farmhouse looming in the darkness. It looked scarier at night and even worse Dean Winchester was sleeping inside ready to ring Jay's neck if he was caught in Violets bedroom.

Violet made his decision even more difficult by sliding her hand between his legs and giving his dick a squeeze, "Come on, we can do stuff without actually doing it. Park behind the trees here and sneak out in the morning."

Jay parked behind the trees, the virgin kept telling himself he was an idiot but his penis said otherwise.


They went in through the back and crept upstairs; Violet brought him to her room and shut the door turning the lock just in case. She turned on the little lamp by the door and then put some music on low.

Jay sat on the edge of the bed watching with rapt attention as she took off her top and jeans. Violet was wearing tiny black panties, she turned around and slapped her plump ass cheek, "If you want my panties off you need to take off your clothes."

He watched the slight jiggle and felt a jolt through his groin, "Don't take this the wrong way but you have an ass like your dad."

Violet turned around with her hands over her chest, "Which one? Then I'll know if that's a nice compliment or a really nice one."


She was flattered, "Oh good, Dad Dean has a great ass. A nice plump bubble butt and everyone enjoys looking at it. Dad Sam has a smaller butt and mom has a little round butt. I mean they all have cute butts but Dad Deans is top notch."

"You know Vi, all of that sounded really weird. The fact you know what their asses look like in detail is disconcerting."

She slipped off her panties and sling shot them in his face, "They walk around nude, nothing weird about it. Our family is pretty open and relaxed about things like that. Besides you know I'm an artist, I admire beauty where I find it. Right now I'm admiring a real beauty sitting on my bed."

Jay looked longingly at her pretty treasure. He reached out and stroked his fingers through the little patch of ginger curls then boldly ran a finger over the soft, moist lips. Jay surprised her by getting on his knees and pressing his nose to the curls, "Mmm…you even smell like Violets."

Violet thought her knees were going to give out when his tongue prodded gently at her opening.

He got up, striped then lay back on the bed and let her explore. Violet was soon touching him everywhere with trembling fingers. Jay had thrown her off guard and she loved it.

She gazed at his long, tan cock lying swollen against his hipbone. Violet returned the favor and nuzzled his pelt of glossy dark curls, "Mmm…you smell like musk and vanilla." Jay lifted his head, "Is that bad? I showered and my body wash has vanilla in it. I didn't think I was sweating too much so the musky smell is…"

She clamped a hand over his mouth and pressed his head back on the pillow, "It was a compliment, don't ruin the moment." Violet sat up and swung a long, strong leg over his hips then bounced a few times, "See Jaybird, I knew this would be fun."

Violet rubbed her pussy back and forth along the length of his shaft using him almost as a sex toy. Jay reached around massaging her bottom with both hands as he pushed up to apply more pressure. "Oh god…Vi you're so wet."

Violet worked all that much harder to get Jay off. His eyes were squeezed shut and his teeth clenched as Jay twisted the bedding in his fingers. As soon as she felt the warm liquid against her belly she rolled off and forced his hand between her legs showing Jay the right places to touch. Soon Violet was squeezing her thighs together and riding his fingers until she had her own release.

Afterward she fell asleep in Jay's arms.

The four tots were having breakfast before the parents came to pick them up. Alexander already understood Wyatt was going home as well as his brother and sister so he picked at his food having lost his appetite. Around them he didn't feel different and was an intricate part of their toddler gang. He was afraid to go to Rosie Daycare now and until his infection cleared up and he got a proper diagnosis his life was limited.

Castiel tapped his son's cereal bowl with his finger, "Angelos finish this." He shook his head of blonde curls, "No daddy Ange."


Olivia patted her father's hand, "Ange not Angelos."

Dean thought that was a much better choice than the mouthful of a name the boy had now, "He wants to be called Ange." He adjusted the toddler's tiara Ange took from Violets costume closet, "although from the looks of it maybe we better call him Angie."

Olivia started giggling, "Ange is a girl!" Wyatt hooted with laughter then gestured to Alex who got the gist of the joke from his nephews mysterious hand singles. Alex let out a giggle then clapped his little hand over his mouth.

Castiel held his sons face and turned it from side to side, "Ridiculous, I helped deliver Angelos and he is certainly all boy."

Sam popped Nick off a nipple and handed him off to his brother, "Burp him Dean, I have customer number two waiting." Chris latched on to the other nipple not yet abused and sucked like an old pro.

Dean flexed the fingers on one hand as he got nose to tiny nose with his son, "Are you ready for your back massage?" Nick puked up milk down Dean's t shirt and then gave him a little gum smile. "Oh I see, that's how it is. Upchuck on old dad's shirt and then laugh at him." Nick blinked his green and hazel eyes then began to coo and everyone at the table relaxed without realizing it.

Dean put Nick over his shoulder and started to pat so gently he almost wasn't touching him, then something warm trickled down his back. Dean lifted Nick up and looked at the dribble down the baby's chin, "He puked some more didn't he?"

Sam took a look, "Yeah but just a little bit, stop whining."

A milk bubble formed over Nick's mouth and then popped in Deans face, "Awesome, recycled Sammy milk."

Eros appeared dressed as a cheerleader complete with pom poms and ponytails, "Give me an O-L-I-V-I-A!"

Olivia raised her hands in the air, "Olivia!" She hugged her mother around the knees, "Mommy I miss you."

Dean usually got a chuckle over Eros and his antics, "What's with the sexy get up? You know my weakness is cheerleaders."

Eros bent over and flashed his red, white and blue panties, "I was cheerleading at an MLB training camp. I won't say which team but let's just say they do grow them bigger in Texas," he winked at Sam, "right big boy?"

Sam gave him the bitch face usually reserved for his brother, "They don't have cheerleaders for baseball and I don't know what you're talking about."

Eros snapped his fingers and was now dressed in jeans and a tee much to Dean's disappointment, "They do now. I gave it to them Greek style."

Dean got a dreamy look in his eyes picturing the little cheerleader with a team of big ball players, "I can just see it now, next time take pictures."

Eros gestured to the tots, "Ok kids time to head home, the centaur races are about to begin and mommy placed some bets." Castiel had been upset with Eros and especially Anteros for the lack of visitation despite their promises to Dean. "Centaur racing…what a good example for my children."

Eros wrapped his arms around the angel's neck and licked his ear, "Come on daddy don't be mad…besides the horses sort of ride themselves, they are half man you know. Wish me luck, if I lose the bet I have to bottom for the winning centaur and even I get sore after that."

"Well when can I see them again?"

"Anteros says Thanksgiving because it's an important holiday for you and the family."

Castiel looked heartbroken, "But that is so far away and I'll be giving birth around Thanksgiving." The angel was tired and nauseas so he gave in easily, "Alright but I'd like to see them sooner." He kissed and hugged his son and daughter then watched them vanish with Eros.

Dean was angry but he didn't fight with the god because his wife looked upset enough. When Castiel left the room Sam let out his anger for the both of them, "Damn Eros and Anteros, if I weren't pregnant I'd smack them into next year. I hate it when Cas is sad."

Chris started letting out a little cries when he picked up on his mother's anger. Sam wrapped his long fingers around the back of the boys head and kissed him, "At least you never have to worry about your parents fighting over visitation."

Dean swapped babies and Chris settled right down, "That's right; I love your mommy so much he can't keep me away." Chris' eyes noticeably brightened for a moment and then the light slowly waned until they were back to normal.

"Whoa…what was that?"

Chris stuck out the tip of his tongue then gave his dad a little smile.

"What is it Dean?"

"Nothing Sammy, I thought…I'm just overtired I guess."

Later that morning Sophia appeared with Isabelle in tow. The big, blonde angel had her head bowed in shame as her commander held her arm like a wayward child. Castiel knew something with wrong.

"Hello Winchesters, I have good news and bad news."

Sam closed his eyes, shaking his head, "Damn it."

"The good news is Sariel won't bother you ever again, the bad news is it's because Isabelle took it upon herself to stab him and he is no long with us. His essence now lives in a blackthorn tree growing in Lailah's retreat. Apparently they had been lovers for thousands of years."

Castiel had a moment of residual light flash in his rich blue eyes, "If I were still garrison captain you wouldn't exist any longer Isabelle now get out of my sight." She vanished before someone took a blade to her.


Violet woke up pressed against Jays back. She smiled into his warm flesh as she thought about their encounter last night and how wonderful it was to wake up next to him this way. A year into their relationship she thought this was long overdue. They still hadn't actually had intercourse but this was still a big step for them both.

Jay yawned as he rolled on his back and opened his eyes; it took him a moment to remember where he was. "Vi what time is it?"

"It's after eleven, don't worry you can go out the back and get to your car."

Jay got up and began stretching. Violet admired his ass and when he bent over to grab his boxers she got a nice show. He turned around and looked at his beautiful and unusual girlfriend, "Vi you know I love you right?"

She smiled giving him the dimples that drove him crazy, "I love you too Jay, I wouldn't do this with anyone else. I trust you…I don't trust many people."

Jay knelt in front of her, taking her delicate fingers and kissed each one, "When I see you everyone else melts away and all that's important in the world is right in front of me."

She was not a typical sixteen year old girl, everything she felt was magnified and the love that washed over Violet was felt tenfold.

They began to kiss and thoughts of escape vanished as Jay and Violet twined themselves together on the rumpled sheets.

The doorbell rang and there was Mini, Rahmi and Lola looking up at Sam. Mini handed him an envelope, "We were in a tree at the end of the driveway and saw Teddy put this in your mailbox."

Sam looked around and then gestured for the trio to come inside.

Castiel came out of the kitchen covered in flour and wearing only an apron. He was baking pies from scratch for the family dessert tonight. The angel was surprised to see the brothers there.

"I thought you had left, Sariel is gone now so it's quite safe to go back to the Maples."

Lola held up the Sunday sale flyers from the paper, "Could we go shopping first? I want new make ups and Rahmi wants popcorns."

Rhami held out a grocery flyer, "The kind that grows in a bag when you put it in the microwave…extra butters." Mini stuck out his little foot, "I want new sandals."

Sam yelled, "Dean, there's some cute guys here for you."

Dean rushed in from the living room, "Where?"

Sam pointed, "Right there, they want to go shopping before they leave, they need make ups, popcorns that grow in a bag and sandals."

Dean was happy to get out of the house and agreed to the outing. "Hey maybe I'll take you guys out for lunch at the Blue Suede Diner and you can meet my pal Benny."

Rahmi smiled and nodded his thanks; Mini began hopping around then flew into Dean's arms and gave him a peck on the cheek as Lola hugged his waist. Then the trio went to help Castiel make pies.

Sam held up the envelope and examined the return address then opened it up. He pulled out a card. "Dean it's an invitation to a Hunters gathering in this winter…it's an annual event. How come I've never heard of it?"

Dean took the card and as he read it his face went through a range of emotions, "Because we've never been invited before. I didn't bother to tell you because there was no point. After we ran away from Dad you and I fell out of favor with a lot them. Dad was well thought of in the community and we were considered wayward brats that didn't appreciate the honor of being a Hunter or coming from such a well known family."

Sam looked at Dean with a childlike expression that matched his voice, "What do we do Dean…do we go?"

"I don't know Sammy, let me talk to Bobby.'

Sam wrapped Dean in his arms, resting his head on his brother's shoulder. "It might be our chance to be accepted into the Hunting community."