This is a story I've been wishing to do for quite some time now. When I read Harry Potter/Winx Club crossovers, it's usually the Winx coming to Hogwarts, not Hogwartians going to Magix. So I wanted to do something different!

I hope you enjoy the ride!


That was all he felt right now.

It was all he could feel now.

Both Fury and Grief had been battling within him for the past few days, but fury had won out.

Sirius was gone. He was angry at himself for falling for Voldemort's tricks, but he was also angry at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore. He had been the cause, whether directly or indirectly of all the suffering he had undergone for the past fifteen years.

He stuffed his few good clothing items into his trunk and hunted around him for the books he was taking with him, as Hedwig sat in her cage, watching his every move.

Putting him with the Dursleys all those years ago, when he probably knew they'd never accept his "freakishness", never checking up on him during his miserable years there… Yeah, so much for Dumbledore being a bastion for the Light!

He threw in his good books, completely ignoring the Lockhart set he'd wasted his money on in his second year.

Once he was done, he grabbed Hedwig's cage and dragged his trunk behind him on the stairs, making sure to make as much noise as he could.


And here comes the walrus of the house…

Harry leaned casually on the outside of the cupboard the Dursleys used to make him sleep in, not disturbed in the slightest by the shaking of the stairs.

"VERNON!" He yelled back.

"How dare you take that tone of voice with me, boy!" Vernon began to turn purple.

Even if he wanted to, Harry would never be able to turn that shade.

Vernon tried to swing a pudgy fist at him, but Harry blasted him back into the wall hard enough to leave an indentation.

"I'm leaving this house. I've had enough of you. All of you!" Harry glared at Petunia and Dudley, who had also been roused from their sleep.

And with that, he and his possessions went off into the dawn.

Sticking out his wand hand, he summoned the Knight Bus and waved off Stan's usual preamble, before finding a seat.

Just as the sun was coming up properly, he got off and made his way through the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley.

His first stop was Gringotts to see about the matter of his finances. They didn't care too much that Harry was planning on leaving the Wizarding World, as long as he left his money with them. After about an hour or so, his affairs were in order and he left with a Muggle style bank card that would work with any ATM and POS as well as Muggle cash and Wizarding money in his pockets.

His next stop was to get some supplies for Hedwig.

After stocking up there, his next stop was Flourish and Blotts, where he picked up some books on Occlumency, Potions (both of which he was sure would teach him more than Snape ever did!), Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts.

At around mid-morning when he was about to get some food supplies, he spotted Dumbledore and a few Order members striding up the street, straight towards him.

Good. The current occupants of Diagon Alley were about to get a good show.

"Why good morning, Harry. We've been looking all over for you…" Dumbledore said.

"Oh? You've just now discovered that I've been missing from Number 4, Privet Drive?" Harry asked coolly.

"You can't just take off like that, Harry. You had all of us worried. Ever since the spells I put around your residence let me know that you had left…" Dumbledore trailed off as he noticed Harry turning a more vibrant shade of red than Vernon could have ever pulled off in purple.

"You… You had monitoring spells around that hellhole you left me in and never bothered to check in and see how I was doing?!" Harry spat.

"It was for your own good, Harry…" Dumbledore said in his best grandfatherly voice, which only served to infuriate him more.

"Oh?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"For my own good was it? Was it for my own good that you abandoned me on my aunt and uncle's doorstep in the cold November air, with only a letter to explain what had happened to my parents? Was it for my own good that I had to sleep in a cramped cupboard under some stairs for ten years? That I never knew my heritage until Hagrid broke down a door to deliver my Hogwarts letter personally? Tell me this, Dumbledore. How many other things have you done that were for my own good?"

"Harry, you need the blood protection that the wards will provide!" Dumbledore tried to explain.

"Listen to Dumbledore, Harry. He knows what's best for you!" Mrs Weasley pitched in.

"Under no circumstances will I ever go back to that hellhole." Harry snarled.

"But the blood wards…" Dumbledore started again.

"They won't protect me from my psychotic relatives who used to starve me and made me into their own personal house-elf!"

Quite a crowd had gathered to watch the confrontation eagerly.

"I must insist…" Dumbledore started, but Harry cut him off again.

"You can insist you way to Hell, Dumbledore. I'm sure Grindelwald will enjoy the company. Tell him I said hello while you're there won't you?"

Dumbledore stood there, stunned as the crowd began to chatter even more in their excitement.

"First year, you let a three-headed dog into the school to protect the Sorcerer's Stone. No enchantments whatsoever to prevent students from accidentally wandering into its little domain. What would you have done if Ron, Hermione and I had been made into dog food that night? And letting a professor possessed by everyone's favourite Dark Lord Voldemort teach? What kind of headmaster are you?"

Mr and Mrs Weasley actually let out a whimper at this.

"Do I need to even mention Lockhart, Ginny being possessed by Tommy boy's diary, giving a thirteen year old a time-turner, not noticing an illegal Animagus under your nose for several years, that bullshit Tri-Wizard tournament, your professor being impersonated by a crazy Death Eater, your ignoring me throughout last year, Umbitch and of course the antics of everyone's favourite Potions Professor?" Harry turned to said Potions professor, who was seething.

"Harry, calm down. We only want what's best for you, surely you must understand that…" Lupin said kindly.

Harry calmed down slightly. "I trust you, Lupin. I believe that you want the best for me. I do not trust the esteemed Headmaster, however. That's why I'm leaving. I don't know where, I don't know if I'll ever come back, but I cannot be around the Wizarding World right now!"

The crowd around him gasped.

"Harry! You can't leave! Voldemort's back! Who's going to beat him?" Tonks asked.

"Don't know, don't care. I'm sure if you lot all stood together, you could do it." Harry shrugged.

"Come now, Harry. Stop this nonsense and let's go back to Privet Drive? I'm sure your relatives miss you, somewhere, deep down…" Dumbledore once again trailed off as Harry floated off the ground and his face started turning red again.

A voice from the deepest abyss of Hell resonated within Harry as he spoke.

"Number Four, Privet Dive was NEVER a real home to me! It is not my home now, and it never will be ever again!"



The anger coming from Harry could be felt by everyone present as they began to back off, and rather quickly at that.

A couple of store windows shattered, Hedwig was hooting like a maniac and the magic radiating from him sent several of the witches and wizards there through the air, crashing roughly into the ground.

"Harry…" Dumbledore said, actually beginning to feel fear spread through him.


Dumbledore's eyes had lost their sparkle and were wide open.

"I refuse to be the Wizarding World's saviour! One minute, I'm the Boy-Who-Lived, the next, I'm the Boy-Who-Lied. What will it be next?"

Harry's fist was now clenched around his wand, which was spitting fire.

"I'm done with you people. I BLOODY WELL QUIT!"

A blinding red light knocked the few people still standing off their feet and when it cleared, no trace of Harry Potter or his possessions could be found.

When Harry opened his eyes, he found himself on a forest floor.

Standing up and brushing himself off, he ignored Hedwig's indignant hooting and took in his surroundings.

This was not the Forbidden Forest. That much was certain…

He could see the tops of buildings from where he stood.

"Well, girl. I don't think we're in Diagon Alley anymore…" Harry muttered as he began to walk.

It was another hour before he reached the edge of the forest and found himself in front of a giant, floating building.

He blinked.

"I guess I must have somehow transported myself to another magical community…" He mused.

He stood there for a few moments until a voice called out to him.

"You there! I think you're a bit too early! School doesn't start for six weeks!" A burly-looking brown-haired man walked up to him.

"Um, er… I'm not here to start school actually. I just kind of suddenly found myself in the middle of the forest behind us and made my way over here…" Harry said.

"Really now? What planet are you from? Perhaps our Headmaster can get you back home…"

Harry felt confused. "I'm from Earth…?"

"Earth? But their magic was drained ages ago and only started to return when the Winx Club and some Specialists I helped train freed the Earth fairies!"

Now Harry felt really confused. "But magic has always been on Earth…"

The man grew serious. "Perhaps you'd better speak with Headmaster Saladin."

He motioned for Harry to follow him, which he did.

"So you are telling me that there were hidden magical communities on Earth all this time?"

"You're telling me that there were other realms of existence where everyone is magical this whole time?"

Headmaster Saladin, as the old man with white hair as long as Dumbledore's but without a beard had introduced himself, was thinking and so was Harry, as Cordatorta, the large, muscular man, who'd brought him inside stood behind him.

Harry had just given the two men a very basic rundown of his life in Magical Britain and they had in turn explained to him briefly about Magix and its history.

"Well, it's obvious that you have no desire to go back there and from what you've told me, I'm not really inclined to send you back there. That is of course, if you don't wish to go back…"

"No! I'd rather stay here for now. Anywhere else is better than being their puppet!" Harry exclaimed, thinking of Dumbledore especially.

"In that case, might I offer you a place here at Red Fountain? From what you've told me, I think you could make an excellent warrior. We do focus more on non-magical means of combat here, but there are some magic classes that you may take. We do believe in teaching our students not to rely solely on magic as they might be placed in a situation that they can't use it." Saladin said.

"May I have time to consider? I mean, I'm just finding out there's other planets and realms out there with life that are purely magical and all…" Harry said after a minute of consideration.

"Fair enough. I can have someone escort you into town and help you sort out some accommodation for as long as you stay here." Saladin waved his staff and a few books and brochures about Red Fountain and the surrounding area appeared on his desk.

"Take these. I hope they prove informative."

Harry nodded as he stood up to take them and left with Cordatorta.

A few hours later, Harry was settled into a small hotel near the edge of Magix City that Saladin told him Red Fountain students liked to stay in when school wasn't in session, looking out the window in amazement.

These people had successfully combined magic and technology, both of the "Muggle" kind and technology that Harry was sure the Muggles had never even heard of.

Like that teleporter that had beamed him and Cordatorta up into Red Fountain.

The floating energy discs that acted like elevators.

And the magic these people could perform! They didn't even need wands most of the time!

If he stayed, he could learn that kind of powerful wandless magic and learn how to fight without having to cast a single spell!

Plus of course, none of Britain's Wizarding sheep would be able to find him here. Certainly another plus in his book as he thought of Dumbledore and his bumbling Order of the Chickens trying to find him when he was in a place they didn't even know existed.

Professor Saladin wasn't trying to manipulate him as far as he could see. He'd just barely met him, yet he'd laid out the facts and options for him as best he could, unlike what Dumbledore had ever done. Of course, he couldn't fully trust the man yet since he'd just met him, but he'd gotten off to a decent start at least…

He had left Ron and Hermione behind, but they would have understood his need to leave, surely. He hoped they would forgive him. After all, they'd stood by his side for several years throughout his Hogwarts career, even though their friendship had its ups and downs, like any normal friendship he supposed. He would find a way to let them know he was okay eventually.

He'd explore the city further tomorrow. For now, he'd be fine enjoying this room that didn't look like it hailed from the Middle Ages…

The next day, Harry set off to explore Magix.

He'd gotten some of his British Muggle money converted into Magix dollars (apparently, there was a small niche for Earthling tourism here that facilitated it…) and was going to find something to spend them on.

He was browsing through a clothing store in a mall that was bigger than Hogwarts when he heard some female voices behind him.

"Come on, Roxy! You've gotta have a new look for starting at Alfea!"

"But what if I don't want a new look? What's wrong with my look now?"

Harry turned around to see a girl with bright pink hair and long, blonde bangs being pulled along by a girl with fully blonde hair.

Somehow the blonde reminded Harry of Hermione in her tenacity, when she was in a bookstore or library, at least…

"Nothing! It suits you! But I want to school you in the fashions of the Magical Dimensions! If you think Earth has some good designs, wait until you see what's here!"

Yep, definitely the Hermione of fashion…

"I'm fine, Stella!" Roxy insisted.

"And you'll be even better once I get you a new wardrobe. You stay put." Stella commanded.

Roxy put her head in her hands and sighed.

"I can help you evade her if you like." Harry offered, stepping closer once Stella was gone.

"You would do that? Goodness knows I'm regretting tagging along with her. I really should have listened to Bloom…" Roxy sighed.

"I have a friend like that at home, except with books instead of fashion. I know how it feels…" Harry nodded, slightly amused.

"Oh, Roxy!"

Stella's sing-song-y voice signalled her return.

"Quick, hide me!" Roxy squeaked, ducking behind him.

Just before Stella reappeared, Harry shoved Roxy into a clothes rack.

"Hey, where did she go?" Stella, with at least a dozen clothing items on her arm reappeared.

"That girl with the pink and blonde hair?" Harry asked.


"She went that way." Harry thumbed over his shoulder, in the direction of the exit.

"Thanks. Roxy will have that makeover yet!" Stella cast a spell to make all the clothing fly back to their racks and walked briskly out the store.

Once Stella was gone, Harry helped Roxy out.

"Thanks. I owe you one." Roxy smiled gratefully.

"You won't owe me one if you introduce yourself properly to me." Harry smiled back.

"Sure. I'm Roxy." Roxy held out a hand.

"Harry." Harry shook it.

After Harry made his purchases in that store, he and Roxy strolled around the rest of the mall.

"Earth's last fairy, huh? Quite the title…" Harry commented.

"I know. I get people staring at me all the time now…" Roxy pouted.

"I know exactly how that feels…" Harry thought.

"And since fairy magic has been revealed on Earth, I can never be anonymous there either…" Roxy sighed.

"There you are!"

"EEP!" Roxy ducked behind Harry as Stella reappeared out of seemingly nowhere.

"So that's where you ran off to! You know, I guess I can't blame you. With a little help, this guy could be really hot…" Stella smirked.

Roxy and Harry both turned red.

"Stella! I just met him! All I really know about him is his name!" Roxy exclaimed.

"Yeah… I'd better go…" Harry waved to Roxy as he hurried out of the mall.

"See you around?" Roxy called out.

"I hope so!" Harry called back as he disappeared from sight.

A blue-eyed young man with shaggy dark blonde hair under a navy blue hooded robe sat at a table in The Leaky Cauldron drinking a Butterbeer.

His eyes were weary and he kept his head down as he eyed the other patrons while he waited for those he was to meet with.

"Ron, he's not going to just come back after he made such a dramatic exit…" The door opened and in stepped Ron and Hermione, arguing once again.

"But he sent a message to us with Hedwig, telling us to meet him here! He wouldn't do that and then not just show up…" Ron argued. "It must be really important if he put all those charms on her to prevent her from being hurt or tracked!"

"But why take that risk?" Hermione asked.

The blonde got up and snuck up behind them.

"Well, I…"

"Psst! It's me…"

Ron and Hermione nearly jumped out of their skins and had their hands on their wands before their brains clicked, recognizing the voice.

"Harry, is it really you?" Ron asked, but Hermione had her wand out and pointed at the unfamiliar face discreetly under her robes.

"How did you and Ron get into the Slytherin Common Room in our second year and why?" She asked quietly, maintaining a firm grip on her wand.

"Ron and I got in there during our second year using Polyjuice Potion that you brewed, taking the forms of Crabbe and Goyle in order to find out whether or not Malfoy was the Heir of Slytherin. He wasn't."

"He's the real thing." Hermione pocketed her wand and dragged the two boys in the alley itself.

"Harry, what happened to you? Why did you leave? Did you really tell Dumbledore to sod off?" Ron asked.

"Ssh! Not so loud, Ron! Call me Jason when we're around others!" Harry exclaimed as he drew down the hood.

"Sorry, Ha- I meant, Jason… I mean, what really happened to you? Everyone wants to know and a lot of us are worried sick!" Ron said. "Do you know how hard it was for us to persuade Mum to let us come here on our own?"

Hermione nodded. "When you just disappeared like that, it sparked a big panic! People were sure you walked right into Voldemort's hands or something!"

"No, I'm fine. I'm somewhere far, far away from Voldemort and his little pet Death Munchers…"

"Plus have you heard? A new type of magic was found in the States. Fairies. Not all of them are like what we thought after all…" Ron said.

"It's causing lots of ripples across the Wizarding World! The Muggles know magic exists now, though they don't exactly know about us…" Hermione exclaimed.

"Deliberating whether or not to reveal themselves as well, plus our problem with Voldemort here…" Ron trailed off.

"And Voldemort might try to take advantage of this new magic…" Harry shuddered.

"Exactly! So you have to come back! In the little while you've been gone, Voldemort's been causing pure chaos- well, more than usual! I mean, look around the Alley!" Hermione gestured around and it was only then that the changes had truly hit him.

It had started from even before he left, but now, the change was tremendously different from what it was before.

Several stores were boarded up and the few stores which remained open were covered in both wanted and missing posters.

Fortescue's was completely obliterated and Ollivander's wasn't much better off.

People walked together in groups, huddled together as if that fact would prevent Death Eaters from attacking them.

Mothers kept their children close to them, terrified that the worst could happen if they let them go.

The few Hogwarts students in the Alley at the moment moved quickly as they did their shopping, never stopping to have even the briefest of cheerful conversations with their friends.

The expressions on most people's face were all negative. Sadness, fear, anger…

The Alley had lost its usual brightness and cheer and it was blindingly obvious. No one could ever miss the dour mood that had fallen on Britain's premiere magical community.

"He's been doing massacres left, right and centre! A few days back, he destroyed the Brockdale Bridge- during their rush hour!" Ron exclaimed. "Picture the amount of people who died because of that!"

Harry's stomach did a double flip.

"In… in that case, it's all the more reason for me not to come back. Hogwarts doesn't exactly provide the kind of training I'll need to defeat Voldemort, does it? I can go elsewhere and learn to fight. And I'll fight him when I'm damn well ready to, not when the Wizarding World commands me to." Harry stood firm.

"Bu…" Hermione started, but Harry interrupted her.

"No buts, Hermione. My choice was made for me even before I was born because of that stupid prophesy. What I can do now is choose how to go about fulfilling that prophesy."

"Where in the world will take you and train you that Voldemort won't be able to get to?" Ron raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you worry about that, Ron. I will be fine. I may not care about the rest of the Wizarding World, but you guys… I'm doing this for me. For us. Not them." Harry muttered quietly.

Hermione looked like she wanted to cry as she threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"We'll miss you something awful, Ha- Jason…"

Harry patted her back awkwardly as Ron spoke.

"Yeah mate. Take care of yourself, alright?" Ron and Harry shook hands.

"I will keep in touch." Harry smiled weakly and turned away, slipping into a nearby lane to Apparate to Magix.

"Well, Harry. Have you made your decision?" Saladin asked.

Sometime later, Harry and Professor Saladin sat together in the latter's office.

"Yes, Sir. I have. I want to attend Red Fountain." Harry said.

"Very well then. I will make the arrangements." Professor Saladin waved his hands and handed him a folder.

"Booklists, uniform requirements and other orientation material. As for your tuition fees, I believe we will be able to arrange a scholarship for you once we evaluate your Earth school records." Saladin smiled.

Harry nodded. "But what about everything? I mean, the kind of fairies here that revealed themselves on Earth, Voldemort… What if, I mean, what will happen when he finds out that Magix exists?"

"We're preparing for that, Harry. Some of the Magical governments on Earth have revealed themselves to Tir Nan Og and us in turn and are now looking to arrange diplomatic and trade links with us. Of course some of them also had a lot to say about the Boy-Who-Lived…"

Harry groaned.

"Don't worry about that here though. I think your fame on Earth would be rather overshadowed by the Winx Club and their doings…"

"Right…" Harry muttered.

"Anyway, off you go! The next school year starts in only a week after all!"