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The first day of school in Magix had finally arrived and Harry, having semi-adjusted to Magix was getting ready to start his first day at Red Fountain.

Via Hedwig, he kept contact with Ron and Hermione. Of course, she had been disguised every time she went to them plus she had a special collar fitted that would allow her to pass through the dimensions, but using the resources now available to him, he was working on a method of communication that would be easier and less detectable- a different version of the mirror Sirius had gifted him with. If only he had known what it was then…

He sighed, but shook any sadness tempting to consume him off. Now was not the time to mope.

Packing up his things and coaxing Hedwig into her cage, he did a double check of the room before leaving to get to Red Fountain. It certainly wouldn't do to be late.

When he arrived, he saw most of the older students already dressed in their uniforms and mulling about in the lobby so he hurried to the elevator which would drop him off on the floor that his dorm was on.

Glancing at his Red Fountain ID- a black card with the Red Fountain crest in the background with his name and picture on it and also acted as a key to certain areas of the school, his mind began wandering to Hogwarts and his friends who were still there.

They too would be getting ready to start school now. He wondered how things were with them. He hoped they were safe.

Shaking off worrisome thoughts, he finally stepped out of the elevator and found the dorm he would be sharing with his squad for this year.

He stood for a moment in the living room, taking it in.

The walls were all a grey colour and black wall-to-wall carpeting covered the floor. There were a few potted plants here and there, with some simple furniture arranged around the room.

"Not bad for a paramilitary academy…" Harry thought.

He soon entered one of the two bedrooms and made his claim on one side of the room since none of his squad mates had arrived as yet.

He set Hedwig's cage on its stand near a window and was proceeding to make his bed when another roommate arrived.

A tall, lanky fellow who looked Asian in appearance appeared in the doorway.

"I see you've laid claim already. No matter. Plenty of room for my things still…"

He began pulling things out of what Harry assumed to be a bottomless suitcase and piled them onto a corner of his bed.

"I'm Aki of Electra. You?" He asked as he sorted through his things.

"Harry. From Earth."

Aki sat up straight. "Earth? Just like Princess Roxy?"

"Yes. Is this going to be a big deal when I'm here?" Harry half-sighed.

"It will if you go on about it, but I somehow don't think you're exactly the type who likes a lot of attention…"

Harry snorted. "Got that right…"

Minutes later, the other two young men who would be sharing the dorm arrived in unison. One had his navy-blue hair buzz-cut, brown eyes, a light brown skin tone and was slightly muscular.

The other had even more muscle mass and short, light blonde hair that hid his pale blue eyes slightly.

"So these are my squad mates, huh? You all don't look like a bad bunch…" Blond Guy shrugged.

"Thanks, I guess…" Harry said, unsure.

"No problem!" Blond Guy grinned.

Soon, all of them were in uniform and ready to go to their first assembly as Red Fountain students.

Harry swung on his cape and fastened it with a bright red cape pin as he stepped through the door, pushing any uncertainties he had to the back of his mind. He'd come this far, after all. Why stop now?

All Red Fountain students stood at attention as their Headmaster entered the auditorium, saluted and only took their seats when Saladin signalled that they could.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome to Red Fountain, students. For some of you, this is welcome again, for others; this is your first welcome. I hope you will learn all we have to teach you to the best of your ability and perhaps make a friend or two while here. Red Fountain School has a long, detailed history. A war-torn history where the school has been under siege multiple times. You can always read more about that in the library. But in all of those wars, no matter the damage it has caused us, we have always managed to rise from the ashes."

The students clapped politely.

"Now, go to your classes and do your best! We are Red Fountain men! We accept nothing less!"

"Come on! Are you little boys or are you Specialists in training?"

Cordatorta was barking orders at them as they ran through an obstacle course during Harry's first class: General Fitness & Endurance.

It felt more brutal than Oliver Wood's Quidditch practices and that was saying something.

Still, he pushed through. Of course physical fitness would be important in a paramilitary school. Can't be sending out weak, unfit soldiers, now can we?

He leapt through a large, floating hoop after scaling a climbing wall and encountered a small stretch where two lines of robots faced each other firing harmless lasers.

Before he went through, he pictured the robots as Death Eaters firing curses. He had to avoid the Crucios, Avada Kedavras and all the other unpleasant/lethal curses they would throw.

Entering sideways, he weaved his way through adeptly, bending over backwards, ducking down and even doing a few backflips when necessary. From playing Quidditch to having to dodge actual curses, his flexibility and reaction times were impressive.

When he finished with that area, he noticed Cordatorta watching him and looking impressed.

"Okay, that's a wrap, men! Come over here and I'll give you a briefing of what I observed." Cordatorta waited for less than a minute as all of the vigorously exercised students, some looking on the brink of collapse, trotted over to him.

"First off, if you think that this first obstacle course was tough, then you have no business being at Red Fountain. The first part of being a good soldier is being fit. You will be placed in situations where your endurance will be tested to and beyond the max. If a little obstacle course like this has you in bad shape, there's no way you'd survive a war under the harshest conditions."

Harry was feeling very winded and ached slightly as he listened to these words, but he didn't think he felt as bad as some of his fellow students looked. Of everyone in the class, his blond roommate and the one with the navy blue hair looked the least worn out. Looking at their physiques, they'd apparently done much more exercise than this before coming to school here anyway…

"Remember that your physical fitness and general health are extremely important and are not to be disregarded easily. I expect you to use the gym in your free time to build on your endurance, eat well and get a decent night's sleep as much as you can. You might be able to now, but wait until you're in a situation that you cannot. Learn your lessons well and enjoy not having to be an actual combatant while you can. Class dismissed."

"Welcome to General Magic. I may be your Headmaster, but I am also mostly responsible for teaching this class to those few people that choose to attend this academy who can cast spells that would register you at wizard levels."

Professor Saladin paced up and down the class of about thirty students, including Harry. None of his roommates were present.

"When I am unavailable for classes, you will have Professor Armand Lexagos here in my place. He hails from a highly powerful magical family of all sorts of magical alignments and he and his wife Drina are also well known for their work in Runes." Saladin gestured to a dark skinned man sitting to a corner behind him with wavy black hair who waved casually in acknowledging his introduction.

"You will find that some teachers share classes in certain courses and some are the sole teachers of that course, but enough of that. First question: how many of you depend on a wand, staff or other object to channel all of your spells?"

Twenty five of the students, including Harry, raised their hands.

"How many of you can cast some minor spells without your magical object?"

The rest of the class raised their hands.

"Well, by the end of this year, we hope to fix that to some degree." Saladin said.

"Some of you may have been taught that a wand or staff is necessary to channel magic. This is not so. For example, I cast spells through my staff as a matter of preference but I can perform magic without it if need be. I will demonstrate."

Saladin tossed his staff to Professor Lexagos who caught it neatly.

He held his hands in front of himself and conjured up a comfy looking, black armchair which he sat casually in as Professor Lexagos tossed the staff back to him.

Surveying the students' varying expressions for a few moments, he then spoke again.

"You will be able to do this and so much more by the time you leave this school. Now, any questions before we get into the heart of today's lesson?"

Lord Voldemort reclined in his armchair in a concealed room at Malfoy Manor, petting his pet snake Nagini, who hissed happily at her master's touch.

It had been several weeks now since that Potter boy had disappeared in Diagon Alley.

The door in front of him creaked open and he sat up straighter.

"You tell him!"

"No, you tell him!"

"But I don't want to!"

"You lost our duel! You get to tell him!"

"I knew we should have played Wizard Chess instead!"

Wormtail aka Peter Pettigrew came skidding in, holding a copy of the Daily Prophet closely to his chest and came to a stop just inches in front of the Dark Lord himself.

"My… m-m-m-my Lord, you m-m-might w-want to read this…" Wormtail handed Voldemort the paper, shaking all over.

Voldemort shook his head at his most pathetic follower and unfurled the paper, settling down to read.

Harry Potter Still Missing

By Benjamin Whitlock

Voldemort raised a ridge that barely passed for an eyebrow as he took in the article, which had a simple picture of the Potter boy in his school robes accompanying it.

"Harry Potter, also known to us as the Boy-Who-Lived disappeared from Diagon Alley several weeks ago and still has not been found.

This reporter was present at the event, which stunned all present. The Potter boy had an argument with Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, Order of Merlin Recipient and current Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

He accused him of not being truly interested in his welfare, placing him with abusive relatives, having substandard teachers at Hogwarts and simply turning a blind eye to troubles he might have had among other things.

For further details and to see pensive memory photographs of the event, turn to page three…"

"Wormtail…" Voldemort spoke calmly, but even this scatter-brained Death Eater could detect the danger in his voice as he approached cautiously.

"Y- y- yes, My Lord?" Wormtail whimpered.

"I take this to mean you have no new information on the Potter boy's whereabouts?" Voldemort said quietly, but even Wormtail could detect more danger in his tone than the Avada Kedavra curse.

"N- n- no, My-m-m-my Lord…" Wormtail stammered.



After a minute of Voldemort's favourite activity, he lifted the curse and sent Wormtail on his way.

"Now to get back to my plans. I do wish I didn't have such incompetent minions though…" The Dark Lord sighed, before reaching for a quill and some parchment on a small table next to his chair.

"Do any of you fancy a trip to Magix? I feel like doing a bit more exploring…" Harry asked, pulling on a black jacket and cap.

"I don't see why not. We can celebrate surviving the first day of school!" Aki got up to join him.

Navy blue hair, aka Lucas and Blond Guy aka Darian, as they had introduced themselves earlier, also decided to venture out and take the shuttle bus to Magix City.

When they got out, all of them found that they wanted to go to different stores so they all decided to split up and make their way back to school when they felt like it.

Harry found himself in a bookstore that he'd passed when he first arrived in Magix.

"Hello there! Welcome to Laurie's Books! How can I help you?" The perky female shop assistant asked.

"I'm just browsing, thanks."

"Okay, let me know if you need help!" She left him alone as he began to browse.

The metallic bookshelves extended to the ceiling and there were several search stands where you need only search for what you wanted and it would appear on a table next to the stand if you needed assistance.

Small platforms were also attached that would transport one to the higher shelves and back.

Harry was about to head to one of the search stands when he saw Roxy enter the store with a few other girls.

"We've been here before only once before, when we came to buy our books. I'm sure there's something in here all of us would want to read…" One of the girls, who was pale-skinned with dark green hair to her shoulders and light blue eyes spoke. Another girl, obviously her twin, except her hair was in a bun, nodded.

"Well, if you girls say so…" Roxy looked up and spotted Harry.

"Hey there Harry!"

"Hello Roxy. How did you enjoy the first day of your classes?"

"They were pretty interesting. I'm glad I came here after all. Look, I'd like you to meet my roommates. The twins are Athena…" Roxy gestured to the twin with her hair down. "… and Anahita." She gestured to the twin with her hair in a bun.

"Rainer…" She gestured to a dark-skinned girl with wavy black hair just past her shoulders and brown eyes.

"…and Krystal." A girl with lilac-pink waist-length hair and light olive green eyes waved.

"Pleasure. So, what brings you to Magix?" He asked.

"Oh, the twins here wanted to come to the bookstore so the rest of us decided to tag along and see what we could find…" Roxy shrugged.

"I see." Harry nodded. "Well then, don't let me keep you. I will see you again…."

As he walked off, he heard the girls giggling behind him.

"You know, he's kinda cute, Roxy…"

"KRYSTAL!" He could hear Roxy exclaim indignantly.

Harry chuckled and shook his head as he walked away.

Harry was the first to return to Red Fountain and he stacked his new purchases on his desk.

Tossing an owl treat to Hedwig, he grabbed what he hadn't finished of his theory homework and sat down to try and finish it. It might have only been the first day, but they had already piled on the homework.

"I imagine the homework load would be similar at Hogwarts now that they're doing NEWTS anyway. I almost want to go back now and visit them. ALMOST..." Harry thought as he tackled Professor Saladin's essay on basic conjuring.

He was about halfway through when Aki entered the dorm.

"Wait, you're doing homework already? What are you, some sort of nerd?"

"Nope. Just a bloke that wishes not to get buried in homework that's due the next day. I learned my lesson well from a friend I had on Earth…" Harry said, thinking of Hermione. Looks like her influence rubbed off on him after all…

"I see. I guess that means I'd better get started on the Military History assignment we have. What class are you doing yours for now?"

"General Magic." Harry answered, not looking up from his work.

"Ah. Well I suppose I'd better get started on my work too…" Aki rummaged around in his desk for his papers and tackled his own homework.

The next day, Harry, his roommates and a few others in their year were having their first lesson on how to handle vehicles.

"As you can see, there are a wide variety of vehicles you will need to learn how to operate though after this year, you can specialize in the types you are best at." Cordatorta gestured to the wide array of vehicles behind him.

Harry blinked. Sure he had been in Magix for a few weeks, but he still hadn't gotten used to seeing civilian people with what basically amounted to flying cars (That weren't Ford Anglias!), far less the military style ones…

"You won't be taking a ride in any of these just yet, but you will be allowed to have a look at their structure and basic mechanics for now. We have a demonstration for you by the current Seniors…" Cordatorta gestured upwards.

Harry looked up to see several of the air vehicles being operated. He wasn't too familiar with the terms used to describe them yet, but he wasn't worried as he knew he'd learn them later.

It was already a week since Harry had started at Red Fountain and he found himself setting into life there quickly.

He didn't miss Hogwarts as badly as he thought he might have- though having Dumbledore and Snape there probably helped…

In fact, the only reason he felt he missed Hogwarts for was his friends there. Ron and Hermione might have had their ups and downs, but they were still his friends. Plus Neville, Ginny and Luna had proven themselves to be loyal friends to him.

They would understand his need to get away and get the best training he could at least…

Hedwig hooted and flew over to settle on his shoulder.

At least he could bring one friend with him… He smiled as he rubbed her head gently and fed her an owl treat.

He had made the right choice. He was sure of it. It might not have been an easy choice and it might not have even been a choice he ever expected to make, but it was the right choice nevertheless.

All he had to do was prove that he deserved it.